Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Cathryn (USA)
Letter 1

hello dear one ,
Am James from from mingle 2 , please let me know when you get this mail okay .
Letter 2

Hello dear,

Thanks for giving me your email: and I really appreciate that, I write to tell you all you need to know about me. My name is James Brown, I was born on the 20th of April in 1956, I come from Chicago, USA. I am a U.S. soldier force with 3rd Army Infantry Division. currently in London on a UN tour investigation that will take through from London , Amsterdam to west Africa which will end by the end of the month .I am a widower, I lost my wife 9 years ago in
a car accident, May her gentle soul rest in peace .I gave birth to a son who 19 yrs now, he is studying in Canada. I contacted you because I'm seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army. I have been in the USA army for 28 years , i have just one month to my retirement from the army.
I really need a Woman who is passionate and caring for a serious relationship which may lead to marriage, someone that is ready to spend the rest of her life with me. Someone who can accept me for whom I am not for what I am. I don’t believe in distance being a hindrance in a relationship. The most important thing is to know each other and understanding, every other thing can be taken care of. Let’s talk and get to know more about ourselves and build a successful relationship. My height is 186cm,my eyes are brown,my body type is average.I like to drink red wine,fruit juice and coffee. I don't smoke anything,I like salad with fried rice and chicken,pizza,Burger,potato chips,and fish. I like football and basket ball. I like to be in Museum center,Cinema hall and Amusement park. I'm a Christian Catholic church member, my parents are dead longtime ago. I love friends and family, I am a lot of fun and make friends easily, I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and it's issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people..... I'm a man that is living life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrow, for it will be here no matter what I do. The best days of my life are yet to come. I'm not always online due to the nature of my work, I prefer email communication when I'm free i will send mail to you, as I am always busy with boys here. I have attached my photo for reference .
also like to know more about you. I would be expecting to hear from you soon…
I have attached my photo for reference . Kisses SGT. JAMES .
Letter 3

Hello dear , I quite appreciate your sense of humor , and this have increase my level of curiosity about you. You must be a wonderful woman , and i believe that little John my son will be glad to have you as a is quite unfortunate that little John is my only family , my wife is an orphan even before i married her , i lost my parents when i was still young , my mother died in child birth , and my father some years later out of heart break, i managed to pass through the military academy and moved on with my life. I have no relatives , and to crown the sad news , i lost my wife five years ago. it is a very horrible experience all through my life and the psychological trauma is affecting me and my son , that is why i seek and honest woman that can calm my inner fears and bring love and joy back to our life. I have been here in London for 2 months , and i have few time left here , so that is why i leave my fate to God to give me a woman that will love me and my son , so that i can go back and build a happy home with here together , and also to give my son a sense of motherhood and love . I am a very affectionate person, love to hold hands, cuddle and kiss. I have lots of love and attention to share with the right woman which i think is I'm not too quiet, and not too loud. I might be a little shy, "tongue-tied," the first time that we talk , but once you get to know me, I'm not a shy person at all. I would also make a good camping partner.I love the sounds of rainfall and steel drums. My least favorite sound is an alarm clock, My favorite flower is Casa Blanca Lily. My favorite smells are fresh cut grass, coffee shops, vanilla, and cinnamon. I cherish my friendships, and consider myself a very loyal friend. I love all types of arts & crafts projects. I prefer cooler temperatures over hot. Honesty, trust, care and love means a lot to me and I hate liars. I am shy but outgoing, timid but strong, a loner but loves to be around people. It all depends on who I am with and how familiar or comfortable I am with them. Send me you picture and also tell me more about yourself . I believe that Distance , race , age is never a barrier to true love , as i am ready to travel to any where to meet my true love. For security reason over here at the united nations camp , we are not allowed to use phone and webcams, so our communication will be strictly on email until i am out of the war zone. Please your constant prayer for me and my colleague here is very much appreciated because , the record of death here increases every day as a result of the attack from the Taliban. I have attached a picture of my son , and my house in USA. Kisses
Letter 4

i have been in 28 years now and i lost my wife 9 years back in an auto accident .
why is it that ,been an orphan make you suspect me . You seems to be so harsh with your words and the way you use them to instantly judge your new friends . I don't want to rush into any relationship for now because of what I've been through in the past. I will suggest we get to know much about each other first to see what happens next, but would love to travel all over the world. I can live in any part of the world as long as I find happiness and the only place to find happiness is to live happily with my partner. I will not take much of your time but i will like to get know you more and see what the future holds for us , please let me know your mind about this . Stay blessed my dear and hope to hear from you again soon . sweet kisses James .
Letter 5

My dear (Cathryn) To err is human to forgive, is divine. Forgiveness is not something we do for other people , but we do it for ourselves to get well and move on . Am asking for your complete forgiveness because i relaise i have sin against God and human kind . I am not who i said i was ,i got introduce to this new way of making money from the internet by an old class mate which i meet some few days ago after i explain my financial problems to him . Am so stupid and a shame of my self and i see no reason why i have to continue this because i do not want to offend God and human as a whole . Am not a military man and am not in Iraq or London as i post to be , all those are fake pictures and words they just sit back copy and paste to make good money out of . Please don't take my apologies as yet another selfish attitude, and as if am only thinking about myself . if you are noble enough to forgive me you will find out that I can really a good man .
I know you must be upset and I can perfectly understand why. Am aware of the extent of my mistake and I have even tried to put myself in your shoes. I understand the sad and uneasy situation that I have put you through just because of my
stupid and ungodly act , am so so sorry dear one . Am a young man of 34 years old from Ghana,an electrician as profession ,widower with a son of 4 years old and good christian . I lost my wife an hour later after my soon has been born . My business is down now and my son and i are living from hand to mouth , that is the main reason why i got my self into all this . Please do not report me to the authorities , i seek for your forgiveness because am ready to change and find a something to do and take care of my son . please i will not like you to get hurt by another on the internet , so am explaining all this to you and you have to be very careful about online dating ... 60% of dating profiles now are fake and i will like to draw that to your attention . Nb , i will not attached my pictures for you to see me now until you have accepted and find a place in your heart to forgive me dear one ...
once again am so sorry , wish you a Blessed evening and may God be with you . Yous faithfully , Enoch Etornam .
Letter 6

am so sorry my dear , i will not have time to ask for your apology if i still want to continue this my dear ...... and if you will not forgive me too that is okay .
Stay bless . NB : once gain am so sorry dear one , and i want you to know that i am a change man from today .
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