Romance scam letter(s) from Terry Wright to Krista (Finnland)
Letter 1

Hi love, Good day honey, sorry i haven't been able to call you, am really short of funds now and you know you are the last person i wanna talk about money to, but i had to write you to explain clearly what the situation here is like now, Actually it's hell since i got here, firstly my passport is now expired so i dropped it off at the Embassy, i hope i get the permission to fly with it when i need it, secondly, The bank explained to me that the money in that account can only be transferred into a normal functioning current account so i had to transfer into my personal account before it can be used, So they started the transaction but told me that their correspondent bank in Canada has a document that allows for large sums be allowed through their bank and i still need to get 2,600 to them, so this is why i haven't got the money yet.. I was scared to call you yesterday because i never thought any of these was going to happen, and i don't know what to say to you because am really sick after this, but i hope you will understand me... honey i know this is going to be hard for you but please try to understand me, and try to see if you can get that amount to me, also honey I am living in a very very low class hotel but i don't mind... today i had to eat breakfast at the Lawyer's house, although we were both very upset and almost couldn't even do anything because we were there when they made the transfer, all together, it's about 4 million dollars, but you know i have to pay workers and a little tax back home, but won't be much since i haven't registered my contract with the Embassy,
Honey hearing your voice was very very satisfying and right now i still picture that sweet voice in my head when you said i love you, i almost lost my breathe, honey what is left now is our meeting and my first kiss... so i hope we will meet before this month runs out... I love you more and more every passing day and now that i hear your voice even much more.. kisses honey
Letter 2

Hello love, sorry am writing you now, i just saw your email, the Lawyer was in Court, Well i understand your pain, and i feel more pains than you because the money does not disturb me but our love, because i want to meet you and show you for real that am not because of the money but you, after all if i have you, i have all of you...
about the 5,000 am very worried and really sick about all these money issue, I was so certain the last time, and i told you i was very sure now this, it really hurts my love, but i want you to know that these things happen, there are two choices tough if you can try and go to Canada for me, I would love it, but i thought of the costs and so on, but please honey i want to tell you not to give up on me..please honey I am begging and i have thought to myself to do all possible... but i want you to please still try to look.. this is really hard but we need it.. so much and am very sorry am asking again but i have no other choice, please honey there must be something we could do, I have tried spending my last calling, I was able to get 600 euros approximately, and the lawyer paid 400 out of it.. but i have done all i can, i was hoping i will call you not to worry, but things didn't work so please honey try to do what you can please because i want to give your money, and make you see that your love is really all i need and i hope to prove that to you really really soon... I don't know what to write now but i want you to understand that the emotions are high because all i thought was that by now i would be half way home...
.... And love please KNOW this am not a SCAM and i can never be...
please think of something for me I am begging you have spoken to me now, and you know i will be with you, please don't let this feeling die, please honey please.... I hope you will think about us, and make this work.. You are my last hope.... I hope to write you again in the morning ... Loving you
Letter 3

Hello love, very sorry I wasted time before writing sorry i have been waiting, the internet was slow and also i had to have dinner with the Lawyer because I don't have anything on me anymore, and so i can reduce cost of living, also i was thinking about going to sea, atleast there i can chat with you and be happy, I feel very lonely here and it's affecting me,... I love you honey, and tell me did you see my last email? you didn't reply early and you didn't tell me about the kids,.. I need you to write me too
Letter 4

Hello love, I have waited to hear from you since last night but till now i haven't heard a single word from you, I miss you and i wish i was at sea so can chat more often, my heart aches I love you so so much and i wish above all things that am home before next month, please honey try to ask your friend again maybe he can lend us 2,000 then i will be able to pay all back, i miss you... I can't describe life here, it's hell please understand am not okay, and please do something my love
Letter 5

Hi baby, sorry i haven't written since morning, the internet here was bad so i couldn't open my email.. It was very nice to hear your voice yesterday, really gave me a good sleep although i was thinking so much about the issue at the embassy, because they said since i was going on a business i should have a basic travel amount is 2,600 euros that's about 3,000 usd , and i need to present that at the point of entrance in Canada, but i will be able to return the money after that.. it has really got me mad but there was nothing i could do and knowing you don't have money makes it very tough for me to tell you but right now i have no choice knowing my flight is Saturday, so please honey i was thinking if you would ask that man that loaned you 2,000 if he can loan you the amount and i will send back when i enter Canada I know it won't be easy for you but please try for me i beg you... I hope we can get this over with then we can meet next week... because that's only my heart now .. i felt really lonely last night but i know it won't be long now before i have you by my side... i don't know when i can get access to internet but i will try to be here in the evening so i can read your reply... and honey when you want to send money now you will use Mr Benjamin's brother... the name is AKPOVWERHA OVUAKPO ASKIA the address is HSE.17 TESHIE-NUNGUA ESTATES ACCRA,GHANA, I hope we can go through with this and am really bothered,,, but i pray for the best... I love you so much honey and much much more i will be dreaming of you and me in Canada... Kisses honey
Letter 6

Hello honey, I know this is very hard on us both but like i said i was invited by a bank on business so i cannot travel as a tourist, secondly i told you i will send the money back.. this is very hard on me and if Saturday passes and i don't fly then i have to pay extra for re booking, it is making me mad here and it's not easy to send emails because the lawyer is not always here, i was able to locate an internet cafe but the internet is slow as hell, i know this is almost impossible but please think of us and our kids our plans please you have done too much already and this will not stop us from meeting, i miss you so much and i hope am able to see you soon.... I love you to my bones and am dying to get a kiss from you ... write me back
Letter 7

hello baby, am there now... trying to download Skype
Letter 8

Hello Madam Thanks for your mail am in curt but not yet site. Please look for for money let me get Terry out he we pay all the money leave him there. Means nothing please you have being good to him . Help him God we not let you down God we help you too please just try for the last time please madam just do all u can to saver is life please jail is good please . Thanks for understanding I we send you the information to send the money let me leave to night . I promise u mr Terry is a good man . U we not lasts everything you we be happy at the End thanks . Regards
Letter 9

Hello Madam Thanks for your mail. I understand you very well please if u can help time is going. Let me go there this week end please I don't have I use the money I have for some project . Before I get money now we be too lest . Just let me give u the name I we do my best when I get there. To get him out of the problem u know am a government lowery . I we do everything within my best to it. I we send you the name for the 3,800 to finish up at once . I we need Your understanding to complete the matter at once. Regards
Barrister Evans Esq.
Letter 10

Hello madam,
Thanks for your mail, I assure you that once you send the 3800, I will not demand for another fees till l leave for London, to get your man out. Once again thanks for everything and when I arrive I will get UK number and put it on my mailbox, so you can reach me. Below is my secretary name . NAME: EDDY AWALA
ADDRESS: 27, Grader Estate, Teshie Nungua, Accra Ghana. You can send it two times to this same name, you can make first payment to be 2000 and the second payment would be 1800, so I will pack my luggage tonight, as soon as I receive it I will leave and I have also talk to my Sir. Moe Green to let him know that we are making all arrangement for me to come. Thanks for your understanding and I believe when Terry is out, he will be very happy and I assure you all what you have paid, Terry will pay it back to you as soon as his out because he has money in the Bank which I confirm with all documentations, so nothing to worry about because he is a good man at end of it you will be very happy of yourself too, I wait to hear from you tomorrow with the payment information. Good night Regards,
Barrister Evans Williams, Esq.
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