Romance scam letter(s) from David Nickolozo to Jezebelle (USA)
Letter 1

Hello my sweet friend Jezebelle...
Letter 2

Good morning My Dear New Friend ,
Is already morning here in Las How was your day went so far?? Mine was splendid!Sometimes dreams are been stolen,People get separated from their beloved ones,But some things are so nice that we are forced to remember them and a good example of such special things are family and friendship.So,Here i am this morning sending you this message just to wish you a very lovely and pleasant day ahead...A clay pot having milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison...Not our outer glamour but our inner virtues make us valuable...Thanks for your time you took out to chat with me from the dating site,I really do appreciate it!!You added more colors to my day and i wish you understand how pleased and honored l feel right now that you gave me your email for a strong and better communication.Like l wrote on my profile,l was just trying to express how l feel about that special woman whom I'm searching for in the shortest form and i meant everything.You`re a very attractive woman and i wonder if you fly just like the angels..Lol.. Although,the most important beauty to behold in women is not what people can see from the outer body,but the treasure which the flesh conceals and l wish to know how beautiful you are on the! you look so sweet in your pics and your smile is so amazing. Meanwhile,l would really be pleased not only chatting and talking with you but having a great friendship with you on the long run in future which is the utmost purpose for writing you my first letter after looking into your profile and chatting with you on the dating site.I`m a normal spirited man who`s loving,caring, compassionate, understanding and also likes to listen and respect my woman.I wants to meet an average woman to share same experiences and common knowledge to create a more fruitful and beautiful future for the both of us.Like i mentioned in my profile,I'd rather be single all my whole life than to be in an unhappy relationship.I'm not here for night stand,mind games,drama or flirt because i don't have patience or time for such irrelevant activities because I'm not getting any younger.. I need a serious woman who is caring and loving to spend the rest of my life with.In my own world of relationship,communication,understanding and Honesty is the key to a successful and lasting relationship and i have alot to offer to that special woman because I've always learn to accept the fact that friendship should always come from the heart and must be filed with trust.Another thing that I love so much is HONESTY,that is something that is HUGE for me..I don't think you can have a relationship with anyone be it family,friend or lover if you're not honest with yourselves...Honesty is the foundation to any healthy relationship.From honesty grows trust,out of which beautiful things develop...I'm a very straight forward person. I call a spade a spade!! I think I'm pretty black or white,either it is or it isn't,but I'm not usually on the fence on things.I have an opinion and I share it. My motto is "treat others the way you want to be treated" I am like every normal person but i have my own unique qualities, I'm also a very straight forward person who always live and stand by the truth.I am looking for a good woman who is honest,kind,caring and responsible for himself and his family and who is very serious and wants a serious woman to spend the rest of my life with so that we can both grow old together and we can go through happiness,joy,sorrow,good days and bad days together and forever hold each others hands no matter the weather or condition.... My parents are very religious people,they are very honest people,kind and willing to help others, although my family is not rich ,but my parents and my sister have given me love and attention after i lost my wife which is most important to me and i have been very appreciative for this ..My parents and teachers always said that I was a good and obedient boy when i was little.My parents never hit or curse me,we have been very close.But i was just very independent in my childhood,i remember i could not only take care of myself but can look after my younger sister Sarah right from when i was 6 years old ,I remember most clearly one thing is i just could go to clinic for injections alone when i was 7 years old,because my parents had been so busy with work every day that time.childhood was my happiest times in my life because there were many neighbors children around to always play with me ..We had many sorts of games,we also often went into nature to play,so till today,i still miss that times was your childhood and background ? About myself,i am very honest,kind and willing to help people and i am very caring,understand and respectful too . I have rich emotions and inner world,i love children and nature,I also love animals and i have many interests ....such as reading books( book is one of my best friends,it makes my inner more rich and peaceful ,it just like food for my body ) ,music and good movies is something i also love so much.. I love some sports:yoga.swimming and football is my favorite,i like jogging too.watching a few ball games,football,volleyball,table tennis ..I also put into consideration that as a woman,you must have you own interests and hobbies,i like a woman to have her own hobbies so we can learn and share each others interest,but such hobbies must be good ones..I like a woman to have her own thoughts share them with her partner,ideas and rich emotions and inner world.. More about me,I grew up in a city called (Palermo, Italy) which is my home country i was born and brought up there my birthday is September 19. My daughter Joan at the moment, she's currently living with my parents in my home country after i lost my wife...My dad and mom live in Italy and i will visit them before i come over to United Sta finally,after i lost my wife i date a woman from British who hurt me so bad after i lost my wife well i will tell you more about what she did...I'm relatively new to the area for my new job which I've just secured....And I'm a professional Aeronautical Engineer .Sincerely speaking,I'm currently yet settled in Los Angeles as stated in my profile..I'm only here at the moment for the final face to face interview with my new employer whom I've just secured a new job with.I have just secured a new job with an aeronautic firm (Two different aeronautic firms here in USA)..Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA respectively. However,I will be traveling back to finalize my resignation process with my previous employer in Greece but i will be relocating back finally to United States in 2-3weeks from now for my official resumption... About my daughter her name is Joan she's will turn 13 this year and she's grooming to be a nurse in future. I'm so proud of her because she's very intelligent and fun to be with...i have no family yet in United States. Do you mind to take this communication to the next level?? Ohhh,l wish you know how much l love playing with waters and l love fishing as well just for fun.... l can tell you`re a good swimmer ,Are you???? but trust me l`m a fish when l get inside the waters..Lol..I got really intrigued after chatting with you and l can`t wait to learn more about you and your ideas about life as well as the person inside of you.By the way,l love to laugh,Dine out,go to movies.I`ve not done camping before but i`ll love to do it sometimes,l love swimming and above all soccer is my favorite sport....Please tell me more about your childhood and your background?? Attached are my pics with my daughter own Take care for now and I'm looking forward to read back from you,
Your New Friend,
Letter 3

Good Morning my dear ,
How was your day yesterday?? Mine was splendid and productive!!! I just thought of replying to your email before going to bed..Thanks for sharing so much with me,i truly appreciate it! Once again,thanks for your reply,it made me smile...I'm sending you wishes early this morning and wish I could be besides you as you will be closing those cute eyes of yours ,I would brush my fingers by your hair and lay your hands aside,Then I would say a prayer for today to protect you from falling.And Lastly, I would take your hand in mine and wish you a very sweet and loving night rest and a loving day ahead once it's dawn!! I Just want to send you this message so you can have something to read back from me by the time you wake up...Thanks for opening your heart for a communication with me,I consider this as a very good start for getting to know each other.Life never seems to be the way we want it,but we have to live it the best way we can!!!There's no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect and special Moments!!!..Right now,I was just asking myself what else I need to tell you about myself.Nevertheless, I haven`t said much about my immediate family and job in a more elaborate form although,i do know that you can never know anyone completely but I`ll tell you as much as I can and if there`s anything in particular you`ll love to learn, do not hesitate to ask because this is usually the first step of every relationship that leads to marriage or long term relationship and both partners living together forever.... Firstly,I want you to know that everything that I'm telling you are all true and I'm saying them to you with all sincerity because I'm not in for head games or a night stand,I see myself to be above that extent.I want to start a new life and I'm searching for just one real woman who can bring love back to my life with trust and honesty and i won't settle for less.I'm searching for that someone who i will spend the rest of my life with ,that woman that is not afraid to admit they miss you,Someone that knows you're not perfect but treats you as if you are!!!Someone who couldn't imagine losing you,Someone who gives their heart to you completely,Someone who says I love you and proves it. Last but not least,That special someone who I wouldn't mind waking up to you in the morning, seeing her wrinkles and grey hair but still falls in love with her all over again......I'm a hard working professional who is physically fit, sincere, and has a passion for life. I enjoy listening to live music in small venues, as well as having dinner in fine restaurants. I enjoy taking off on spontaneous short trips for a weekend. I am as happy, optimistic, energized and powerful as I've ever been. My job seems to flow with ease despite the complexity of the nature of my work. Little about my Job,I work with a private company back there in Larissa Greece as a professional Aeronautical Maintenance Engineer.However,I've filed in for my resignation so that i can relocate back here permanently for official resumption of my new job which I've just secured here in Santa Monica, CA.I`ve been working for that same company for over 3years now..The apartment that I live there is being cared for directly by them, I don`t receive directly any further allowances from them, car, Medicals,etc, such a bad people to work for Huh?.Today,Larissa is a major commercial and industrial center in Greece. Legend has it that Achilles was born there, and that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, died there as well.The street is nice and beautiful on sight but it`s not one of the best places to be as some of the natives there treats strangers with much disgust thinking that their race is suppose to be the only existing one. Greece is a very peaceful country but I really dislike most of their approaches especially to foreigners,but sometimes it seem like I`m down with them cos I can`t change anything about much more reason why i need to leave there soonest and relocate here that been said,i will still be traveling back to Greece to cancel my job position which is still valid and plan for my permanent relocation because i've officially tendered my letter of resignation even before coming down to the states to attend to this my new job.job. I've informed my employer back in Greece that i will be returning back to them after the conclusion my new job here which is already guaranteed...I only need to submit my field inspection report, aeronautical impact analysis and my professional report for assessment to my new employer here before returning back to Greece...If i travel back to Greece,it will only take me say 2-3weeks to plan for my relocation back here because i will need to finalize my resignation process with my employer there and pick up my benefit which will be due to me upon termination of my employment with them..It has always been my dream right from my childhood to live a greater part of my life here in USA and this is just a dream coming true for me... I`m from an average home and was brought up as a Christian,My father is a strong Baptist,My both parents are still alive and happily married and living together in my home town in ( Palermo, Italy ) i.e my nationality. My Dad is 74 and mom is 68 years old.My Dad has been having some serious artery and valve problems and overtime I`ve been trying to deal with it economically and morally since he`s pulled out his pension during my Engineering training in Germany to support me.My Mom is a full house wife but used to do some little baking occasionally for events.Just so you know,my Mom is an awesome cook,I have some of her kitchen skills too, so don`t be surprised if i cook better,...LOL...swimming,Cooking/baking is a huge passion of mine..Lately I've been making a lot of homemade soups & bread, since I love hearty and nutritious food Lol... Childhood---- My childhood wasn't a spoiled one. It was not rich with money but love, laughter, it was grounded, it was filled with warmth and humor ... importantly i was thought what matters. Chores was thought and learned to help out when the need arises . Our house was always full of kids as my mom and dad would take in the less fortunate and help for while as well . They always took in families to help. We learned alot and received good experiences from that as much as it was frustrating and felt more deprived i am glad it was like that i know and understand certain values of life that others will never have the privileged to comprehend and not take accountability for but blame..I am happy to say that I'm comfortable and i am glad i never got everything or was born with a silver or golden spoon in my mouth. I understand money , respect it , i poses certain qualities that carves and make me who i am. I am exactly where i am suppose to be in life and have No regrets.

Myself---- I am not total a extrovert but some what a quiet and timid individual and i am very warm hearted and place others need in front of my own...when you do hear me its when i laugh out of my belly and really enjoy what ever it is that brought me my laughter. I like to help out , but also very vigilant not to be manipulated.I don't like to play on peoples emotions and would not appreciated if that was done to me. I hate being lied to. I am very respectful and appreciate that in return...I love with a true heart and believe every thing we feel and experience should come from there and a good place. I try to avoid negativity at all cost..its not worth my time /effort and patience. I must confess to you that God has been very wonderful to me and my family as we've managed to live within average standards of life.I do have a younger sister (Sarah) who`s married to a German..hmmm .....that guy is another bad news to my family cos he`s a weirdo but I`ve told my sister to hang on till the kids are a bit grown up then she can do whatever she wants,they both live back in Germany his home country and a divorce would be too bad for two kids at same time.My parents has been so supportive and it's has not been very easy for me..I'm opening a new chapter and page again in my life because I've learn to understand the fact that no Real Man live with his past!...I've learn to believe that In life,we have a lot to Lose & very little to Choose..Whenever you get a chance to choose,do it wisely & see that you NEVER Loose What YOU CHOOSE!) More about my job,I love my job so very much not only as a job, but also as an hobby which I've nurtured from when I was As little child.As a young boy,I usually ponder why so many fire and natural disaster around the world occurs..When i was growing up,I witnessed a very terrify fire disaster where lives and valuable property were severely damaged and i couldn't do anything to salvage the situation ..I have always wanted to be an engineer but i took it upon myself to manage environmental risk, eliminating or reducing it to acceptable levels. And so you know, I love this job and even as people thinks it`s risky, i`m loving it more and more everyday cos i know it`s the safest job one could ever have if you would let me educate you about this in the future you`ll know what i mean.I love the good and simple things of life,I love looking good and have some few designers clothes and shoes but nothing too fancy nor exotics, I like living a simple life, I love natural colors like white,yellow,purple. I love good musics especially romantic As for my expectations in a relationship, I need you to know that i`m not looking for someone who's perfect cos I`m not.I'm very far from perfect!Nevertheless,every normal man wants to be attracted to his woman and I want same too.I know it sounds like a cliche, but intelligence & humor are essential.I want someone to talk to & share things with, & I think it's important to be able to find the lighter side of situations,even when things are tough.Genuine kindness,maturity, and respect for others are also high on my list. And in a relationship,I look for honesty, loyalty, ability to communicate, affection & romance. It's also important to have common values & interests.Obviously,it's healthy to have some individual pursuits in order to maintain balance. I think couples live more happily and fulfilled when they share many things they both enjoy doing.I want to love and be loved again!!! ..I do long to find the love of my life someday & share that kind of sweet relationship with that special woman of my dreams. But I do have a full life of my own,I am very independent & accustomed to taking care of myself. I have a good education & a professional career. I have a wonderful family ,I have hobbies & interests to keep me busy but i still know I'm incomplete because that special person is missing out. Life isn’t perfect, but for the most part it’s very good!!. In a relationship I am not “high maintenance” as far as needing material things or someone to take care of me & I’m not needy or overly insecure.But I do admit I like lots of attention because i give it back in return. I like the special little smiles, winks & caresses; I like someone to hold my hand;I like thoughtful little gestures that make me feel cherished and appreciated. I am very affectionate because i have no trouble letting my mate know she is the most important person in my life.She will never doubt for once that she is loved & appreciated. I believe at every point that relationship should be 50/50.I like side-to-side walks, maybe holding hands, Vacations, movies, wine tasting.I can`t wait to go for dinner outing on Friday evenings.I want my partner to always look attractive when we`re alone and when we go out by having some nice dresses on and some pairs of jeans (Just anything attractive), ohhh nice undies sparks my fantasies want her to always appreciate me and reproach me when I`m wrong. Saying "I`m sorry" doesn`t hurt especially making up. we have to be able to always talk about everything mostly during hard times and handle domestic issues domestically, listening to good music with her.I don`t want a lazy or dull partner more importantly i`m not looking for anyone who`s perfect.I'm not possessive or controlling in a relationship and i always ensure i treat my partner with respect,Love and care!!!!I don't want a woman that will walk behind or in front of me as i may not lead or follow....I need a woman that will walk beside me,stay with me and be my best friend!!!I'm not looking for a woman to live with,I'm looking for a woman to live without!!!.I Guess I`m not asking for too much now??? What I mean by an average woman is that,I want a woman who is simple and down to earth,very open to communication and has no self pride in respective of her age,race,or social status. Let me stop here for now,I really would love us to communicate always so that we can get to know ourselves more better.Take very good care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your day because Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE,But the truth is,the things that really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations. Hope to read back from you soon.Have a good night rest! David
Letter 4

Good day , How was your day??mine was splendid!...I don’t care whether the sun rises or not because lately, my evening starts only after I say that I must have greeted you and prayed for you and my family.Regardless of life’s ups and downs and my busy schedules here, you’re the sunshine that wipes away my frowns and gives me reason to wake up every morning to say i'm a blessed person.... The reality of life is that,If we don’t have Problems, we would never learn Strength;If we don’t have Struggles, we would never learn resilience;If we don’t have Delays, we would never learn Patience;If we don’t have Hopelessness, we would never learn Faith;If we don’t have suffering, we would never learn Compassion!..From your email,i'm of the strong believe that you're a very strong woman and i appreciate that alot about you because family means alot to me... Do you know that God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day???...And I think I just caught one that's so nice and's YOU !I'm Sending a warm wish this morning to your way,may it comfort you and brightens your morning just like the morning rays.My dear Jezebelle,I appreciate your reply and also sharing so much with me,I look at life this way,as we go through difficult moments in our lives, we learn how to cope,how to take it one step at at time, how to go through our healing process and learn to lean on others for encouragement,comfort,support.In the process we learn more about others and become more appreciative to what we have in life. Let me start by saying that i also appreciate your sense of being open with me because communication is very important in every relationship!!!We are two matured adults and i believe we both know what we want in life.Like i had earlier mentioned,Honesty is most important to me and i won't settle for anything less even though i know the truth is sometimes very bitter..I will be honest 101% with you and i want the-same in return.In all honesty,I think Age,race,Religion,distance shouldn't be a barrier when it involves issues of the heart!!Love is a beautiful feelings because when too matured people get involved with each other for a long time,they fit into each other like hand gloves..Lol..To me,True Love should endure at all time!!!True love should be fulfilling and positive,love should enhance each other and not diminish who we are as individuals.I'm a down to earth man who's very dependable and honest!!!I want to share my life with someone special,I want to wake up next to the woman I love every morning and kiss her every night before going to bed.I am not afraid to tell the one I love my feelings and i think romance should be something shown to each other in those small special ways as well as in gestures of love and affection.I want someone to hold hands with and have picnics and walk in the rain with,I want someone who is going to enjoy life and who wants to live life as if today where our last..To me,a perfect relationship is that one that progresses through the courtship stages. I would like the dating (real dates) and then gradually move into a more serious relationship but I strongly feel that when I meet the right person I will know and it won't take a long time to move to a deeper relationship. I would like to find a woman who is open,fun,respectful and who makes me feel protected, even if I am strong enough on my own.I like hand holding, cuddling on the couch for movies, and just spending time together. Do You Still Believe In LOVE after those horrible past with your Ex husband? As for me,the answer is YES!!!I have experienced it and I know what that feels like and i want to have it in my life again!!!I still want the thrill of a blossoms and the prospects of the future,the butterflies,the sleepless nights only to wake up feeling great and excited about another new day,the anticipation of seeing that special person,touching them,holding them,smelling them,tasting them,watching their mouth move when they talk,watching their eyes flutter when they sleep,missing them terribly when they are not with you,Feeling their pain when they hurt,sharing every wonderful minute when they are happy,hearing their laugh and the way they frown at a problem.All the quirks and delights ( even the annoying ones) and the intensely secure feeling of knowing how much you love this person and even better knowing they feel the same about you.My Dear,i want you to know that God works in a wonderful way beyond human understanding and i guess his timing has brought us together at this point in time in our lives and that is why we are having the opportunity of communicating with each other.other. I've never done anything like this before since i lost my wife...As an adult,i know what i want in my life and i have no patience for drama or games...To be honest with you,I'm actually thinking of deleting my account from that dating site so i can concentrate/focus on talking with you without even visiting that dating site again in search of any friendship because the site itself is too overwhelming...What do you think about that???? What more can a man say to the woman who opened her heart to him for a communication with me? You truly have no idea what or how i feel I've never been into any relationship since my wife passed away.Although sometimes the feeling of been alone at nights come on me but I always try my best to curb it because I'm one MAN made for just one special WOMAN..Cheating,Drugs,One Night stand or fling has never been my thing,I'm just taking my time to find that true woman who will LOVE ME TRULY and I will LOVE back in return!!!..I went on the dating site to see how it goes,I'm not desperate about meeting just any woman because I'm not driven by want or desire to be with someone... True Love ,trust,honesty,commitment and intimacy is what i seek in a partner.
Jezebelle ,I digest each and every of your letter to me and I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably.This feeling of being both scared and at peace of having both butterflies and a sense of calm.This is a feeling that I have only dreamed about.You're very strong,courageous and charming woman!!!My Dear,i want you to know that i don't base my point of attraction for you to only beauty alone,i see beauty to be skin deep..I look beyond beauty because the inner heart is where the true beauty lies and that's what matters alot to me..I have a made up mind in communicating and getting to know you and i will go all the way discovering you and i hope we are right and perfect match for each other... If i may ask,Do you look forward to share with someone your soul? your heart? your every thought and emotion? your body and know that person and their arms to surround you is the safest place in the world?. A place of complete contentment where no matter what belongs to you and you alone can always go there unconditionally and with warmth and compassion?.I’m sincerely searching for a woman who likes to do a lot of different things ...
To answer your questions?
1,What things does a woman do that show you she loves you?............. Caring and always make me happy when i'm down
2,What traits in a woman pleases you?.......... Always show me love!
3, What offends you?.......... When a woman lie to me or cheat on me
4, What is your favorite dish ?..........Pasta, Meat, Rice,Pizza,Chicken,Fish and seafood ,Vegetables, Chinese and spaghetti
5, How was life living in Germany?.......I like Germany then when i was schooling also it just that most of them speak dutch
6,about my job what will you be responsible for?.......I will be a project manager
7, Where will you live?.................I want to live in Santa Monica, CA I will stop here for now while i hope to read back from you with answers to some of my questions..As you already know,I will be traveling today and this might possibly be the very last email i will be sending to you from the states..I will let you know once i arrive Greece ..However,i'm getting ready to set out for Los Angeles where i will be submitting the hard copies of my Aeronautical Impact Analysis (AIA) report ..My flight from Los Angeles to Greece has been fully booked,I will keep in touch...
Take care of yourself for now, David
Letter 5

My Dear,
How are you doing today?? As for me,I'm very tired and i need enough rest because my flight back to Greece was long and tiring...morning allow you to forget the bitter worries of the day and get ready for the sweet dreams of night so here is my message which conveys my evening greetings to you straight from my heart...I just want to send you this short message as promised to let you know that I arrived Greece safely..we had a delay in France ,Paris because the flight was a transiting flight and not a direct one to Greece...However,I've notified my company here in Greece of my safe arrival and will be with them by tomorrow to resume work so that i can conclude the few things i have to do with them so that my resignation letter can be approved for my move....If not for my Benefit money,i wouldn't have even gone through the resignation process because i don't really like anything about this Greek guys..If i don't get my benefit money,it will seems as if all my years of working here were in vein...Although,i have great plans for my benefit because i intend to buy a nice house with it when i finally relocate with my daughter so she can have somewhere very comfortable to live in America.. I am a person of integrity,I am loyal, and caring.When I fall in love I give of myself completely. I love to dance,the theater, movies, the ocean, reading and quite a few other things, the list is long. My desire is to find my "Happily Ever After". If there is anything in particular that you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask, essentially I am an open book.The things i read from your profile was really fascinating...Aside from your pictures here.Of course mutual physical attraction is key -- but beyond that, my true interest is in the mind behind the face. What makes you tick?......Feminine is appreciated, beauty is subjective, but outside of the physical, attraction includes the emotional and intellectual connection. If you know how to stimulate someone's mind, and make them laugh, then you've commanded my attention. Seeking a woman whose confident and comfortable in her skin. Can you laugh at yourself (even sometimes)? open-minded soul? Painfully Honest? I hope so!!!!!.....We don't need to have the same interests or personality, It is fine to have our own and share some....Just be yourself, and the other will (or will not) love you as you are. If you don't (stay yourself) in order to match your partner's expectations, or what you think they are (because often, it's what you imagine, and it's wrong), then your true self will want to express itself one day or the other, and that's exactly when it's going to hurt and become problematic...I believe When it "clicks" between two persons, it's because you feel you can be fully yourself with this person, the person accepts you as you are and allows you to be yourself, and even loves you as such and encourages you to be yourself - and grow. I believe that it is the mind that connects two people and the heart follows after the mind has been fulfilled. Love is not instant, that is lust. Lust is short lived, but long term passion comes from a full mind/heart/soul connection. After all..When two people are above 90 years old it is not the physical that matters then, its the twinkle in their eye and the shared laughter . Wish you all the best....... David
Letter 6

Good morning pretty,
My time here now is 10:28am Greece time
I have been wanting to write you a letter as I find there is so much I want to share with you about me,I hope you won’t mind me taking the step to share certain aspects of my life with you and about me...It's weird...But now I feel I can talk to you and feel relaxed enough to share and be open which is my natural self (I am a very open person, and real).. I believe there is so much to learn from others and to share there is so much beauty in the diversity on this planet and scope for integrating the best from every nationality .I truly feel myself a citizen of the world...Lol . Meanwhile I think I should let you into a bit of my life furthermore....Let me take you on a little journey of my home/life.. Honestly,what i'm about to share with you right now has brought tears to my eyes,not because of happiness but memories of the past.I want to be upfront and open with you because I know there will comes a time where you would want to know how I lost my wife.My wife died during the process of child delivery..She had some complications during the time she was putting to birth and couldn't push the baby...she was in the labor room for more than 24 hours and the doctor tried their best to save the unborn child couldn't make it alive, after she lost the baby the doctor told her to have some rest at the hospital for some days before going back home, she refuse to stay...The next day she go out of the hospital unknown the doctor or nurse took her own car driving home due to the pains she was going through about the lost of the baby she loose control on the high way hit a tree and she die instantly...It wasn't easy at first coping or adapting to the new change since she passed away because it was very traumatizing and it took me so many years to get over it...I miss her so very much because each time i look into Joan's eyes,i see the photocopy of her mum and it reminds me so much of her....since I was young I truly knew that my match would not only be true of heart, playful of spirit and strong of mind, but who would match my compassion, my strength, my optimism, my eccentric ways, and ever loving sense of humor, I had thought, if I was made to be single, for the rest of my life after my wife passed, that would be my course as I could never stray from my path and still be true to myself... As the only male child and family relatives far away there was only the two of us. Though I was born in a small village called Bisacquino...But we moved out to join my dad in the city (City of Palermo ) at the age of 10..That's the God I thank today for my English language, even though it's my third language, because I was registered into English classes that same year when I was still 10 when we moved to join my dad in the city...So I'm from a typical village where I was born...But was raised in the City.There were many things to get through and overcome,which in time we have. Many friends disappeared as they do during these times in life and we were left alone to do everything. There was no one but us. You might be asking yourself why? My father moved very much he was always looking for a place to feel settled because that it is the typical life experience around Italian. Being a land where most people move every few years so friendships become difficult to maintain for many reasons... My father was a very dynamic and big risk taker in his life. My mum was 19 and my father was 27 when they met...(Didn't got married that instant time though) in Spain. And it was true love from the beginning for them. They had only me and Sarah as their only children. My father had a lot of Spanish racial discrimination against him. They did not like his light chestnut hair and they were against his race of people even though he quickly learned Spanish and spoke it well enough to be understood.My father was a Watch maker,he trained with a company in Spain and became a great specialist in repairing Seiko and Swiss Watches. But when he returned home to Bisacquino,he had not enough Watchmakers so he came to Palermo on a contract for 5 years leaving my mom behind in Bisacquino. But life and many other reasons decided for him that he stayed in Palermo even after the contract has expired. So when I was 10years old, we moved to join my dad. so many things were brought to light for us all on this trip...My father being naturally altruistic, people mainly wanted gifts and money from my father but not him. He lived 20 years thinking of his family and friends he had left behind when he left Bisacquino on foot with a good friend of his (who ended up in America ).They first crossed the country for 2 weeks living in the mountains and then made it into Spain, where they were held for 11 months to be checked by united nations and be assigned where to go in America. But 2 weeks before my father was to leave for USA,he changed his mind and the Spanish delegation came to look for workers and he wanted to still remain in Europe. Life happened for him and my beautiful Mother where he found her at 27...My father often spoke about the difficult time in Spain, he worked what- ever he could find,he volunteered to work to be busy..In Bisacquino my parents worked together. My father opened a Watchmaker business even though he had not enough Watchmakers. He repaired all watches and sold watches. It changed his life and his health forever...a big risk with big consequences...I would like to share them one day with you?...So, from all the moves and the changes that happened in our lives,I was always the new student in schools and always had to adapt to the new ways everywhere and friends were made but then I had to let go all the time.This was hard, but today it has made me into a person who is very adaptable and enjoys change if I have to. I am good in my own company but enjoy the right people around me and I make a wonderful friend. Anyway, I wasn't lucky going through school and coming all the way to where I am today...literally I have suffered much in my hasn't been easy. But I have come through...As I've always maintained ...I am fulfilled in my personal life,with values of being friendly and helpful. Helping others is something that comes naturally and makes me feel good.Today I have no friends left as many people fell away during these intense years... I am very fulfilled in my personal life and on the other hand because that has made me the better and independent man that I am today...My reputation both professionally and personally is everything to me. I strive to be of the highest regard,at home,in my community,anywhere I found is what I instill in my daughter. Always present herself honestly, with honor, and grace, with humility and pure of heart.Stand firm, and strong in her convictions,even if it means standing alone. Strength of character is everything.It is now what I sense in you, too. honor...Each one is an individual, no two alike. Ha ha. My parents are very lovely people and very motivating in any life challenges that comes their way..My dad has been having some serious artery and valve issues and overtime, I`ve been trying to deal with it economically and morally....My dad is suffering from coronary heart disease which is medically also referred to as angioplasty in medical terms...overtime,his diagnosis results shows he has rupture,I mean a kind of hardened plaque that has narrows the coronary arteries and reduces the flow of oxygen rich blood to his heart.lately the apparent symptoms has been so disturbing that my mom has always been frighten each time we talk over the phone and I'm looking forward to find a way of dealing with that because he's always on continues medications,but he's also very stubborn about going to hospitals each time he's required to go for check up and treatment.The last test results carried out on him shows he may now have to undergo quadruple bypass surgery instead of bypass graft depending on how many of his arteries that are blocked, but I'm working toward it financially..Today I'm very grateful today even though now my family responsibilities are solely on my shoulder since my dad pulled out all his last savings during my education even then he could no longer continue with his work due to health issues... I finished from an engineering college in Italian, but even after I graduated I was not regarded as a certified (professional) engineer,so I had to further and read engineering degree course in my field that includes Aeronautical Engineering for another 4 years.At that time, there was no source of income in my family and the only option left was my dad's life savings, so he pulled out all his savings for me to run my professional degree course in Aeronautical Engineering, so I moved to Munich, Germany where I spent 4 years to finally graduated with Bachelor's Degree as a Aeronautical Engineering even on field related matters and 18 months MSc in Aerospace programs that provides me today with the expertise/skills needed to effectively lead a Engineering project or business. Although I did returned and worked into my country for few years doing some minor environmental maintenance and field reports yet I couldn't secure a permanent job, that is the major problem the less privilege are facing in my country even before the sudden almighty recession strike Italy and left a bad taste on our economy with 5.9% unemployment rate till date despite all bailout by Euro-zone, so when life was no longer comfortable financially for me and my family with the little income I earn, which my late wife, my Daughter and also trying to deal with my dad's health condition overtime, I had to registered with an employment agency that submitted my CV to two companies in Greece and i was gainfully employed and I've been working with one for over 3yrs now..same way I registered with an employment agency that helped me searched for my new dream there in the United States. Since all these while I've not had the chance to check on my daughter ,However,i will be traveling down to my home country to pay them a visit just after my resignation letter is approved because i miss them so very much and i can't waite to spend some time with them..I intend to spend just 3 days with them when i visit.I miss those special times that are been shared with that special person..If you and I will go an a first date,I will choose to treat you to a dinner date so we can get to know more about ourselves in a table set only for the two of us..This kind of date is where the two of us feel so attracted to each other, comfortable in each others company, in a relaxed but fun atmosphere.The kind of date where time would just simply slip away through good conversation and lots of laughs! (You know the date where you don't want the evening to end and you can't wait to see that person again!) That's the one I'm talking about!. I will send you more of my pics and if that is what will always take you to that overwhelming site..I'm actually thinking of deleting my profile from that dating site...I don't have much plans lined up here in Greece..I just want to finalize my resignation process so that i can get a hold of my benefit cheque because that is why i took upon myself to follow the due/official resignation process.I don't have much belongings to pack,i will only be traveling to the United States with my Personal belongings and documents because the apartment I'm living here and all the furnishes and home equipment inside it belongs to my employer..And once my letter is approved,i will have to vacate the apartment without taking anything out because it was included in the contract agreement upon accepting to work for them..I've been having thoughts of where i should buy a new house in Santa Monica, CA but my thoughts has not been very yielding good results and i guess it's because i'm not to familiar with the neighborhood..I actually will prefer a very safe and comfortable place to live because my daughter will also be living with me and i won't anything that will pose a threat to her life...To answer your question as? you asked to Help u understand what you do as a project manager. I want to know what you do on a day to day basis. I want you to be able to come home and share your day with me. I want to be able to understand your industry....Answer= As the project manager's role in a nutshell, is the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project...You still ask if i live in New York before i only went their some few days ago when i came to United States Why am I sharing this?? I feel I want you to know a big part of my family’s story... Already, I class you as a very special friend and feel very lucky to have met you from the dating site which obviously is very new to me...
Take care of yourself for now,
Letter 7

Good morning pretty,
To answer your questions about that site you past to me, yes i open that site when i was in Rochester NY after two days before i came to Los Angeles when i open uniformdating to search for my soulmate and when i found you on uniformdating site i forget about that site i speaking with you now i don't even know the password to that site anymore, how wish i still remember the long details i love to delete myself off there..But i will still do my best to figure a way out if i can still get the long details to delete the PerfectMatchForMe. Babes you have nothing to worry about ok! ..I hope you understand what i explain to you? also you mentioned facebook account the other of my facebook account someone hack into that my facebook account that is the reason why i'm not using it anymore if you want me to take that off i will do that as soon as possible. How was your night?? Mine was great as usual because you creeped into my thoughts and i still can't explain why up till this minute..Lol..Though i love the feelings because thinking about you gives me a warm smile and a sense of calm and i pray it last like this till the rest of my life here on earth....If early morning sky was a representation of every person I know, you are the sun and everyone else are the fading stars, soon to disappear by your blazing smile. I'm just getting ready to set out for the day just to be able to put all my logistic into play so that i can conclude my resignation process with my employer here.I'm so happy to read back from you and i must admit to you at this junction that I'm finding our conversation more interesting by the dawn of every new day.I hope all is normal and no worries with you??? .Each time i say the word 'Hello' to you,It simply means H=How are you? E=Everything all aright? L=Like 2 hear from You again. L=Love to see you soon. O=Obviously,I think about you!!! I encourage you Never to blame a day in your life because Good days give you happiness,Bad days give You experience.Both are essential in life! All are God's blessings!..I think the Road that leads to everlasting Happiness( LOVE) is wide open to all but we all have our individual choice to either embrace and find it or shut our heart to it...Like i rightly said in one of my previous email,we are adults and we can make decision for ourselves regarding our feelings and thoughts..Nobody has the right to manage our emotions because we all have the rights to our life and to express our individual emotions as well as our feelings..My dear,Never get discouraged when things go beyond your expectation,always remember that the greatest glory in life is not winning alone but rising every time you fall because a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.. To be honest with you,I'm not here to make you fall into my arms or compel you into doing anything against your wish but I'm here to prove to you that not all men are the same..I'm just one caring,loving,honest and romantic guy,I'm only defining my relationship likes and dislikes,dreams,aspirations and how i would want to be treated by my soul mate because i won't settle for anything less than what i deserve!!....As I said before,I'm one woman Man!I truly say what I mean and mean what I say,make no excuses for myself,and have a very big heart.I have come to learn that many people just say what they think is right but don't follow up with their actions.These people are not for me,in any relationship ( friendship, love, etc).Life is a learning experience but also provides us with so many treasured gifts,including love,and I don't think we should take it for granted as many people do nowadays.As far as trust goes,this is extremely important and it is something that is earned, much like respect.If its with the right person,it is a piece of cake.Do you know that saying? Life is to short not to move on.I love life and everything it has to offer.I am a genuine guy and have a difficult time accepting those who are not as I don't understand it.It Is important for my daughter to grow up to be "real", to be genuine, honest,and the best that she can be.I believe everything happen for a reason.. I believe in kismet (fate or fortune) and what has been written in the stars, ..I also believe very well in Fate and Destiny....I believe that soul-mate can come from the most unlikely and unexpected places....where one is not really looking out from....starting from a picture, the face of a familiar stranger,from far across...The law of attraction knows no geographical knows no time zones,cultures or are matched to the vibration that you send out...matched perfectly to that which you seek especially with someone who's right for you and you are meant to be with.. Again,Let me start by saying a very big thank you for sharing your past so far with me ,I want you to know that I'm not saying this words to impress you,I'm very open and I hate lying or cheating!!! Jezebelle,I understand your situations and feeling towards men based on your sad experience with your ex ...I also understand that you went through alot of hurts,tears and pain in the hands of those men who doesn't see your WORTH OR APPRECIATE you.I can only imagine how bad and hurt you will feel when the Man you trust so much ends up letting you down .To be honest with you,my view about relationship and marriage is that the MAN is suppose to be the LOVE of the woman's life,protector here on earth,best friend,soul mate,companion in good and in bad times but sometimes most women experienced it the opposite way.The sincere truth is that your EX was too blind to see your worth even up till this minute..Have you heard this idiomatic expression before?? " OF WHAT USE IS A WHITE GARMENT TO A SWINE"??They say you never know what you have until you loose it!!!I guess your ex was too blind to recognize he was having a Damsel,A treasure,an Angel in human form as a partner.. I know from your previous experience that You might probably be thinking that men are the most scariest monster on earth,greatest lairs,cheaters,too proud,and they simply love too many.I use to think and feel even more worse about this with women.But the truth is,when a man truly loves a woman,He will forever be proud of HER and love her in too many ways like no one else would ever do.... I used to feel very bad that women are all the same but with you,I'm beginning to see things a different way now. When you’ve Lost someone you LOVE and trust with all your heart,it’s easy to focus on the great parts of your relationship and life together,but there was a reason you broke up — maybe even several reasons but the best of it all was to meet the right man for you!!!That special man who will LOVE you,treat you with respect, care for you,cherish and Adore you for the rest of his life!Don’t ignore the “bad” parts of the relationship but idealize the best parts of it …instead, keep reminding yourself that you’re letting go of the past and looking forward to a brighter future with your SOUL MATE because holding on the past isn’t good for you.The greatest use of our life is to LOVE,the greatest expression of love is time,communication and understanding.And the best time to act is now because life is too short to hold on to the past and I've learned to live my life to the fullest and open a new chapter with it.No matter how “good”,smart,helpful,giving,or attractive you are,You can’t control other peoples emotions.If they leave you,they have their own reasons and sometimes those reasons have nothing to do with you.Your losses, heartbreaks, setbacks, and disappointments have made you a different person — a better, more unique, more compassionate person! Jezebelle,Instead of mourning what was or what could have been, start something new in your life and the time is now. I know it's very hard to gain back the trust again after passing through heartbreak,but i want you to know that when someone walk away from your life,let them walk away!!! Don't talk another person into loving you.Love is natural and it comes directly to you!!!When that special person you love so dearly walks away from your life,Just know that he was never destined to stay.....people walk away from your LIFE and hurt your feelings because they were not joined to you from heaven above.The simple truth is that your destiny was never tied to any one that left you because No matter how hard you try to hold them back,they will surely go because they were never destined to be part of you.If someone does not see your worth,let him go!!!if someone does not love you back the way you want to be loved,let him go!!!If someone does not appreciate you,let him go as well.Love is when you fall asleep thinking about that person and you wake up and think about them until you fall asleep again.You have to learn to understand that your ex was never destined to be yours and that was why he HURT you,caused you PAINS AND HEARTBREAK.It doesn't mean He's bad people,it only means he gave way for the right man to come in and occupy the right position in your life.I wish I could see through your eyes so I would know what you like to see,I wish I knew your wishes, so I could give you everything you want!!!I wish I dreamed the same dreams you do, and together we could make them come true,I wish I knew what makes you happy,so I could make you the happiest person in the whole world,I wish I were a cell in your blood,so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart!!

I want you to understand that if you want to enjoy a life time (lasting) relationship filled with TRUE LOVE, happiness, care, trust and commitment, then you have to focus on why you even fall in LOVE with your man in the first place..Let it sounds so obvious in your head every passing moment of your life, cos if you devote too much of your time thinking about your past relationship errors that did not work and the un-amenable loopholes,then you will find those things you used to love so dearly and yet the things that frustrate you in that past relationship and those things will now seem to sit at the forefront of your mind making it difficult for you to move on or love again....Imagine how wonderful, beautiful and lovely it will be when the only romantic woman left on this planet will meet with the romantic man left on this planet...WOW....hhhhmmmmmmmm.....I really do believe in LOVE and communication and getting to know each other to ascertain the compatibility between us to see if were are capable of existing or living together in harmony.This is one of the reason why i always want to take my time to make a relationship develop from friendship before confessing my true feelings if i feel any connection with that person.I'm a very affectionate man with a fragile heart..once I'm in love,I love with all my whole heart till death.I cannot take any heart break or lies from any woman and that is the major reason why I've decided to build walls within my heart and let no woman comes in..I'm trying to be very honest and up front about who I am and what I want and need for the rest of my life.I want to Love and be loved back in return,I hope this is the last time I ever have to do this, I want to find that one person I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. That person that I feel safe and loved with, that person that is the first one I turn to when I'm happy or sad. That special person that I am the first one they turn to when they are happy or sad, that I'm the person they feel safe and loved with. I want to give as much as receive. I'm very smart and strong, I believe I will find what is right.. Like i wrote in my previous email,I'm not a perfect guy,I'm just a simple,caring,honest,a fun loving man designed and made for just one real special woman.I'm independent and very comfortable with my life but just missing that special soul mate...You have to learn to open your heart to love again and let the right man who truly deserves your love,care, attention comes into your life and treats you good like a queen which you truly are.I'm not after fling, night stand or a sugar mummy,I'm here to find a special woman who craves same life style to find a perfect man to spend the rest of her life with..I always try to look beyond daily behaviors to the wonderful person beneath in you.I know God has made it possible for us to meet and i believe destiny has brought us together and we are just dancing to the tune God has destined for us.Destiny can only be delayed but can never be denied! Just for you to know,My favorite food is rice,i love Gefilte fish ,it is a cake or ball of chopped up fish. My sister-in-law describes it as Jewish Scrapple, although I suppose that is not very helpful to anybody outside of the Philadelphia area.It is usually made with white-fleshed freshwater fish, such as carp or pike. The fish is chopped into small pieces (a food processor is good for this), mixed with onions and some other vegetables (carrot, celery, parsley)The mixture is held together with eggs and matzah meal.It is then boiled in broth for a while.It can be served warm or cold, though it is usually served cold with red horseradish and garnished with carrot shavings.I love sea foods too,like crab and shrimps..Do you like sea food? I will teach you some of our local made food so you can also explore my culture ..please do tell me about your favorite food also???...

I have to stop here for now, i will be looking forward to read back from you.

Take very good care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your day !!! David
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