Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Burns to Tamsen (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning , how you doing there ? I hope this short letter meets you in the best of health.It's really nice we make it up to this stage of the communication .How are you really doing and how is everything around you?Hope you're doing great as l am.However,l would like to thank you for choosing to communicate with me and guess what?I'm promising you that you shouldn't be afraid,because l strongly believe that I'm the right person for you upon all carefully selection and recommendations made by us and with me you will be securely dated and through all hard works,this relationship will last a lifetime so take a breath and express your thoughts to me.. I have being widow for about 4 and half years till now and am new to this online dating thing.I like listening to music,watch some movies. This is my first time trying online dating but I think it's manageable.We can get to know each other a little through emails and when we are OK we can plan to meet and see if we click.I hope I make some little sense here..... I'm the only son of my late parent and the family I have is only my son and maybe you .. I Lost both Parents when I was young So I didn't enjoy the parental love as other did and it was my uncle who catered for for me till I was 20 years old and moving from his place. I have a number of things I like to do, camping, reading, going to the gym for a workout or swim Have a good day and bye for just now.....I would also love to know the same things about you ..Until then Bye for now.. Regards, Dan ....xoxoxoxoxox
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