Romance scam letter(s) from Culbert Antonio to Debbie (Aruba)
Letter 1

Honey, Please try and understand that i cannot pick money, so am sending u the details of someone that works in the hotel and have talked to the person and has decided to help me. Below are the details First name Ntswaki Middle name Lovedlolia Surname Sekgotodi Country South africa State Pretoria Test question From answer my wife.
Letter 2

Hello my angel,
How are u doing my love, hope everything is going well? miss and love u and also want to let u know that i am not angry with you...i could not get online last night cus my internet didnt work......just got it fixed...Hope to chat later and thanx very much for obeying me concerning the profile...Love u and miss u and will be with you soon..kisses and hugss

Letter 3

I am really sorry if i hurt you, the person u saw on the cam is not me...I am really depressed he is the person that helps me on getting online so i could chat with you..that night i left my messenger signed in and thats how he got my password. i really want this to work btw us but we have to take our time and build the trust again...i have hurt u so much and i dont want to anymore, sometimes when i think about how sweet it was when we started chatting tears fall dwn my eyes..i just want things to get better is my number +277838683481 hope to hear frm u soon.
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