Romance scam letter(s) from Cort Henrick to Ana (Spain)
Letter 1

I'm zack hentzell from Tampa florida USA single with one son currently working here in north sea off Scotland as a marine engineer .My son is 18years old and he study art and culture here in the unviversity of preston Uk .I'm honest and kind person who love watching football a marine engineer and I've also work in Africa Ghana under shell , I travel cuz of the kind of Job I do and I'm new here in Skype I lost both parents and I don't have any sibling .
Letter 2

I'm 6.1ft and 200pds. I'm so sorry about what has happen to you and I lost my wife 3yrs back when she is about to deliver my second son and I lost her with my son but all thanks to God for always doing his miracle in my life and my son too .Yea kk means ok or yea ,yeh
Letter 3

Cuz my mum is from Uk and my dad from Florida . Now is 4:49 am here in Aberdeen Scotland . and yours ? Thank you so much I feel you in my heartbeat and my thoughts but I just don't know what is happening now in my life since I chat with you last night . I work from 8am to 4pm and I work from mon-sat my ship is now station in north sea off Scotland and our job is oil drilling .and thanks for asking cuz Ii already know about your Job. I didn't think my life had a purpose until you came into my life and made me realize it was you who I was missing and the purpose of my life was to love you. I'm glad you are so honest but I want you to know that you are the best woman here on earth and please be strong for me and don't share tears cuz I'll always stand with ya and cover you with my late breath. But I want you to know that you've more beautiful years ahead of you and you still look younger than your age and I'm so glaI don't understand what you mean and if you want us to chat so that you can see me than creat a yahoo messenger cuz I can't fraud you and as for your daughter she wrong so is let for you but I want you to know that is not a crime for me to love you when I first melt youd to be with you now and spend my life with the one and only angel send to earth to leave with human .
Letter 4

Honey I want you to know that I can't kill you or neither will I break your heart cuz I'm not a baby and I'm not getting younger at all and you are the one I need now in my life but you can take more time and study about me if what you are thinking of me is wrong ,ok. I can't skype see you cuz my skype does not support video cam but I'll be greatful if you can creat a yahoo messenger Ana so that we can just see each other for a moment . why do you unfriend me here in skype ?
Letter 5

add me ok my love
Letter 6

Yea we have but I just can't forget about it my love and I want you to do somethings and when I'm out here I'll pay back ok. But it happen that my son is now in Africa Ghana for excursion and I have to get to him first and receive the payment detail on how you can send him the money my love. I need to sleep now and I'll chat with you tomorrow and send you the detials on how you'll send the money to my son in Ghana please send money to my son. what happen if you send to Ghana and why is it not allow
Letter 7

You can used Western Union and is always allow to send money to anywhere in the world. So do you mean you don't love me ? Let me know and if you'll not marry me too cuz I'm not getting younger ok. So when are you going to send the money tomorrow to my son in Ghana my love ? Frist Name -Christopher
Other Names -Okiki
Surname Williams
Test Question-We Answer Are One
Address-Block 224-spintex Rd,Accra Ghana.
Letter 8

So all you'll do is to make sure you used western union money transfer my love. That's the detail he send to me cuz his friend will help him to receive the money my love. Ok just go there cause you have to used question and answer before you can send the money and when you return send me the detials. I TOLD HIM FROM MY COUNTY I CA NOT SEND MONEY TO GHANA. I told you send money to my son and you are saying that you did not know the person you are sending money to what is wrong with you
Letter 9

If you don't want to send than fuck off cause I already told you that is my son. Ok my love am so sorry for what I write to you just that I was upset and I want you to forgive me and send my son the money ok my love and is true that you don't know my son yet but soon you'll be together and you can know more about him.
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