Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Hammerstein to Lora (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Lora, just wanted to write you to confirm your email address. It was nice meeting you on the site and even though we havent had a good time for a good conversation i still think you are a nice person to be with. I think you are fun to talk to. You are easy going and interesting and i enjoyed my chat with you. You have been so busy lately but i would want you to know that you always have to make out time for yourself and rest up your body. Thats the only way you keep your health and strong enough to handle everything going on in your life. I have been busy too trying to be there for my mom.
You look so beautiful and much younger than your age. Am actually thrilled with your smiles and body type, am gonna enjoy getting to know you. Dont know why i feel that excited but i think you are more than worth it.
I will send you some pictures of me when i can tomorrow. So have a good time and make sure you get a good rest for yourself. Good night and sweet dreams.
Your New Friend,
Letter 2

Hello dear how was your day, just wanted to send you some pictures of me. They are pictures of me from the early 30's till date.
I hope you like them and i would like to get some of your pictures. Am trying to imagine your picture from the site. You are such a beautiful young lady and taking a look at your beautiful face always would be an honor for
You have such a nice body and sweet smiles that enhanced your beauty.
Hope to read from you too. I found a 25 online questions that i have been trying to fill in the answers. Once am done with it i will send it along for you to take a look. I would want you answer the same questions and i think it would help us to get to know each others interests and likes.
Hope you had a good day today and that you are taking good care of yourself out there.
I hope to read and get some pictures of you in the morning.
Have a good night and sleep tight.
Your New Friend,
Letter 3

Oh gosh you are such a beautiful young lady. I love your pictures. I cant believe how beautiful and young you look. Who is the guy beside you? You both look good and i cant believe you were still single until now. I would have thought that a sweet lady like you wouldnt be but maybe that was for a reason.
I wouldnt have met someone like you if you were already taken.
Gosh your smiles are the cutest in the whole of the states.
You look amazing and i cant help but amaze and wonder at your personality.
Hope you had a good time at your shows and that you are taking good care of yourself from all the stress you are going through.
Try to eat well and rest well too.
Have a good night rest and hold your pillows tight for me.
Your Friend,
Letter 4

I found a 25 question thing online and I thought it was a good way to answer the things that you don’t get asked on the dating site. I tried answering them for you. I would like to know the same answers from you if you have the time. 25 Questions 1. Are you divorced,separated,widowed or never married.Do you have kids?....I am widowed. I lost my wife to the cancer of the lungs 5 years ago. I have a daughter who lives away from me but we do get together every weekends. 2. Do you work or retired?.....I used to work with Eastland Energy Group Inc. but i quit from working because i thought i needed some time on my own to take care of myself but i think i was wrong because i have been so lonely being on my own so i made the decision to get back to work and keep myself busy. Its like an opportunity to fulfill my long life dream from my youth. Loneliness is really something you know. 3. Do you exercise regularly?....Well i do like to exercise and i think it has helped me in so many ways health wise. Am hardly sick. I either go for a walk or go out jogging.I also go biking like three times a week, i rarely go for gym. 4. Are you considerate and thoughtful of others?...Well elaborating might have to show myself as bragging about it but i take pleasure in looking out on other people. We all need one another in life from time to time. 5. Do you treat others as you would like to be treated? Oh thats the Golden rule. I respect it a lot. I do treat people nice and i do hope to get back what i give out in return. 6. How often do you lose your temper?. Rarely 7. What do you do when you are alone?....I do a lot of cleaning, washing, reading, play on the computer, watch movies and most of all there is always a background music to help me while doing any of them. I am not a TV person but get to watch the news. 8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?...I think i would really want to live in a beautiful and warm environment. Its pretty cold in Ohio and might have to move to a warmer environment someday. Its always freezing here in winter and its not fun. 9. What are your three favorite states?...CA (Los Angeles). NV (Las Vegas). and Florida. Well i believe there are a lot of nice places but i think am carried away by the feeling i got in these places. I think i like NC and MO as well. 10.Do you have any pets?..Yes i have two Lab dogs(Murphy and Jack).I also like cats but never had one for myself. In summary am a lover of animals. 11. Do you enjoy cooking?...Yes i do but with my woman. I really missed those days because i like helping with the cutting and washing of the dishes. I think i would enjoy having someone to cook again with after all these years. Its not fun cooking and eating alone. 12. Are you patient?....Well it depends on the context where the patience is needed because i might not be able to in certain circumstances but i can really be. 13. Are you romantic?..Ummmm am a very romantic person and it would be a bonus to have someone romantic. I do enjoy love stories, i cry over a good love stories and i never want them to end. 14. Do you love unconditionally?. Love with condition isnt true love. When i say ''i love'' i give it my all. That word means a whole lot to me. I dont love conditionally but i dont fall in love blindly, i tend to love after you have meet up with my expectations and conditions. Once am in love with a person or something, then at that point there is no more condition. 15. What's more important to you,Love or Money?....I think if i could ever fall in love again, it would seem to me that i have everything in the world. Love breeds happiness but money would never make you happy. I am not that rich but am not a pauper. I can have all that i want. I am not a person to be swayed by money. When you get older you would really know what matters most in your life. Love will give you all that you want in this life. So at this point i am seeking for a true love that is free of all kind of material attachments. I am not that kind of person that cares about what you earn and how much you have in your bank account, i just want love and care from my lady. 16. Have you ever been unfaithful to your mate?...Never. Am a one woman man and thanks to God i have really been lucky and blessed when it comes to faithful partners and i wouldnt settle for something less than that. I love honest and faithful women and i always fulfill my duty as her partner faithfully. 17. When you go anywhere are you usually on time?...Am always early. 18. How often do you like to go out?.I have been alone long enough that even going out usually doesnt quench my thirst for a company. Am either out shopping, visiting friends, going for a ride, eating out with friends or for an official reasons. Apart from that am always home either reading, cleaning, washing, listening to music or watching movie. I dont have a static schedule of my going out. I go out when i feel there is need for me to or have an appointment. 19. When dinning out what food do you enjoy?. I like having steak, chicken salad, BBQ, Mexican. Am not really too picky when it comes to eating but i maintain high hygiene. I like to keep clean and i dont eat out just anywhere. 20. How much do you enjoy a walk on the beach?..Its always fun to take a walk on the beach and the sight and sound of the wave are really nice. I think its best enjoyed with a company, especially someone so dear to you. 21. How much do you like reading?...I love to read all kinds of books but enjoy fiction stuffs the most and romantic books. 22. Have you ever dated anyone online before?....Never. I was only able to talk to very few of them. I have been skeptical about online dating. My daughter told me about the site and wanted to put me up against my will and i disagreed with her but i was finally convinced after a friend of a friend got married from the online dating last month and my attorney friend also got engaged there. So i wanted to give it a try and i think you will have to be the first woman am gonna date online. So far i think it has been nice meeting you and i want to believe that it was worth 23. How long have you been on the site?...My daughter recently helped me signed on to the site. I asked God to give me that special someone before joining the site. Am a one woman man and i love to give my all to a relationship but we are only friends but if it turns out good in the future i will have to give my all to our relationship and make you the happiest living woman. 24. Whats your favorite color?...Colors has to do with the material or substance involved. The color you like for a house might not have to be the same for a car and probably different from the clothes you wear. I like grey or ash color for a house. I like light green, pure dark red or black for a car. I like to wear any color of clothes depending on the event, time, weather, atmosphere and time of the year. I put on anything that feels appeasing to me with the current situation. 25. Favorite movies.....I enjoy more of romantic movies like The Beauty and the Beast, Nashville, Titanic and more. I also like action movie like Nikita, 24 hours, American Sniper and more. Take care of yourself and hope you like my answers. I will be looking forward to your answers too. Good night. Your Friend,
Letter 5

Hi dear,
Had just wanted to write and tell you a little about myself. Recently i had felt kinda relaxed and good because i have you talking to even with all the things going on around me. Am not sure how you did it but am always looking out for your emails and messages and when i see them am happy. Its good to have a lovely friend as you. So far its been nice getting to know you. With the 25 questions i sent you i was hoping for us to get acquainted with each other through that. Not sure how much i have known you but i know we still have a long way to go. What surprises me is that i find myself thinking about you when i go to bed and as i wake up from my sleep. Your face keeps surfacing in imagination and i imagine your voice in my
I believe there is always a lot more about someone and i want to be able to learn all i can about you. I think i will be enjoying having you to talk to now. The moment i came across your profile i felt like there was something in you that my life needed, i am set to explore and learn all i can about you and to find that thing that i needed in you. I want to have a friend i could talk to and share my life experience and activities with and maybe someday we could be more than just friends. I do hope that we would be best of friends and communicate always with each other and see how sweet this turns out in the future. As you already known, i am Hammerstein Mark. A German-American from my dad and a Hungarian from mom. I am of mixed heritage. Well i was born and brought up in Canal Winchester. My mom had a misunderstanding with my dad at our growing age and it was really hard for us to grow up without the fathers love because mom moved us all to Hungary and did all she could for us. She is 93 years old now and have been so helpful to me. Recently she had been very sick like i had told you. She had to come down here when she started getting weak so my sister could look after her. I had to leave all i had to do back home to be here by her side because that was the least of things i could for her. I feel so sad that she is being this way and i always pray for her quick recovery, i hope you pray for her too. I owe her my life. She took care of us when things were really screwed up. She stood still at the hardest moment of our lives. When life became so hard she didnt give up but took good care of us. I have two sisters and are all married now with kids. I have a small family but they are the best and i love them so much. They mean the world to me. I have missed having everyone around me to do things and spend time with them. I have a 27 year old daughter who means the world to me. She is all I've got in my life and i have always tried to be there for her. I try to give her the best she deserved. She lives in Cleveland, just about 2 hours away from me back in Ohio. I do visit her every weekend and sometimes she comes over to stay with me for the weekend. She is a daddy's girl and she is so fond of me. We are so bonded together in love and we never seize to share wonderful moments when we are together. I have been widowed for five years now. It has not been an easy one for me because she was my all. I loved her so much and i found it so hard to get through her loss. We were married for 26 years. She was like a sister, a mother and a baby to me. She was so caring, loving and understanding. She was an honest and faithful woman to the core. She was simply the best. She was my lost soul mate. But i believe i would be able to find another soul mate. I missed her so much and when i lost her i felt like there was no life for me anymore. I found it so hard to continue but she encouraged me to find a woman to grow old with me,'find happiness and always live on for our daughter' she said. I don't know if you ever experienced that before?....having your lost loved ones appearing and talking to you about your worries?. Well it might sound crazy but it did happen to me. She used to come to me and talk with me. Mom was also there for me, consoling and helping me get through her loss. She also made me to understand that i was still a young man and needed to get through it and find someone to keep me company as i grow old. Hey am i still good looking?. She said a lot of women out there would give anything to be with Well its not really as easy as she thinks. There are a lot of women, yes but they hold no values and morals. Mom saw how lonely and miserable i was and had to persuade me on the need to get someone to keep me company just like my daughter always do. When i decided to move on with life, i met like two local women and they were really not a match at all. Its so frustrating how people live their lives. They were like bunch of gold diggers and sex maniac. They were either after my money or out for a night stand. I think at this point of my life, that i do not need that. I am old enough for such games. I am a one woman-man and have never been able to double date. I still believe that there are still good and responsible women out there who hold good morals and values... Women who are as sweet as You. Sex is a do without in a relationship but there are things that really has to be there before that. You have to be able to get along and have certain interests in common and also be able to handle and respect your differences. The two partner should be able to feel the connection. I always enjoy your emails and conversations. You brought back some sort of feelings back to me but you might not know and am grateful. Well i think i have to stop here but still a lot to write i guess. Its late and am sleepy now. I will be hoping to read from you in the morning. I will always like to read from you, you are a wonderful woman. Have a good and peaceful night and take care of yourself for me. Please tell me more about yourself. I am enjoying everything about you. Have a lovely night sleep and sweet dream.
Your Friend,
Letter 6

Hi Dear,
I am so glad to have you talking to me now. And thank you for all the sweet things you do tell me. You wouldnt know how it makes me feel. I have grown to like you and feel much comfortable with you. I am used to you now and it has been nice talking to you. I feel so special and important again. Thank you for coming into my life. I now come to value my life so much. Just like you know, everyone needs someone in his or her life to make him or her feel good about themselves.....I think you are making me feel that a lot now and i bet am gonna enjoy spending times with you. As far as i have known you, you are an amazing woman. I like your company and i really want you as my BFF(Best Friend Forever). You know every morning that i wake up i always do kneel down and prayed to God for a lovely day ahead and for his blessings upon me. This morning i asked him to bless the woman i have in my heart. I always begin my day calling on the Lord to bless it and bless the people am gonna meet through the day. I do believe that God can do all things. Did you make it to service yesterday?. How often do you pray or go to church?. I do go to church service almost every Sunday though i do not believe that you must go to church to be God fearing. I do not believe that you must be a church goer for the spirit of God to be in you. I do believe that we already know the will and commandments of God because they have been inscribed in our hearts.
I had gone to service yesterday with my sister and nieces and it brought back a whole lot of memories holding their hands as i walked into the church. I missed having someone close to hold while i walk into the church. It was a wonderful memory to me in the past when i usually hold my wofe and walk onto the church. I hope i can find another sweet lady to experience such things with.
I would like to know more on what your relationship with God looks like. I went to service yesterday and i prayed for you, my family, for my dreams and for our future(family friends, best friend or something better than!....i like to believe that we have a future together....I feel good talking to you and am always happy with your company. Even if we didnt continue with relationship, i would want to always be a best friend to you and also get involve in each other's life. I have known happiness talking to you. I was born and brought up in Roman Catholic teaching. I wont say that am too religious but i will say that am more of spiritual. I believe in doing what is right and standing by it no matter what happens. Ever since i was born i have been under the guidance of my lovely mom who believes so much in what God can do. The Lord have been my strength. I cry to him when am in need and he comes to my aid. I pray to Him always and He've never left my side. He've been so good to me and my family, no matter what. Whenever am in a situation that seems to hold no hope for me, He always find a way to come to my aid. Whenever am being misjudged, He always find a way to vindicate me and put my enemies to shame. He've been my joy, courage, strength, help, savior, protector and so on.... I can never say enough of Him because He is a supernatural being. I feel that my faith has been tested many times, but through all this my faith has become stronger. I have a wonderful church family that is there to lift me up when I'm feeling down...and when my faith is low...they are enough to get me through, now the faith i have in Jesus Christ is even more precious. It is my personal expression of trust and dependency on Him, which transcends all human friendship. I know what He did for us was sufficient enough to pay the penalty for our earthly sins yet He goes a step further by offering us a helping hand on our perilous journey through life. In turn I give Him my faith because I feel confident He will never disappoint or let me down. Whenever i remember this passage, i feel that God knows my problems and so i let them down to Him to take care of it. It is time for us to stop focusing on our problems but start building faith in Jesus Christ. In the gospel of St. Mark 4:35-40 it tells us a story of the disciples who forgot their faith when their boat came into trouble even while Jesus was with them. They forgot about the mighty power of the One who was right there in the boat with them. St. Mark reads ‘The disciples took Jesus along in a boat and other little boats were also with Him. A great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him,“Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”. Then He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace be still!” and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Jesus Said “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” If our Lord can get the wind and sea to obey Him as He did in the bible, how is it that we do not have faith in what He can do for us? Why are we fearful? Why are we afraid? Why worry for what he knows best? So knowing of all these things i fully believe He can do anything that we ask him to. We should also be wise, because we may not have all that we ask, but be lest assured that there is a reason behind any unanswered prayers. Well it looks like am trying to be a preacher here, but believe me i was just carried away because of my unwavering trust in Him. I also want you to worry less about any problem that you might be under-going because i have gotten that inspiration that i need to step up to what He will do and have been doing in my life. Its gonna be well my dear.
It has not been easy for me with my mom's situation but i know its all gonna be fine. He will never let us down. I know you are not a christian and wasnt raised with any religious belief but you know that the universe is at least governed by some sort of force and power. Everything happens for a reason and there is always something behind anything happening. I do believe that we have right to worship. Having different religious believe isnt something that can stop us from being friends and more. I think it will even turn out to be fun to at least share your thoughts at every given time your take on any situation and we can compare our thoughts and belief on that. You are simply fun by nature and i know am gonna enjoy spending time with you.
I have nothing against your way of life and belief and i hope mine doesnt bother you as well. What matters is being a good citizen because Jesus told us to give to Caesar was was Caesar and to God what was God. I do hope to read from you in the morning. Have a good night sleep tonight and try to take care of yourself.
Your Bestie,
Letter 7

Its amazing for me to read through your words. You communicate with me to a certain level that makes me marvel. I wonder what sort of woman you are and what life actually would be like having you close by.
You drive me to wonder what a beautiful sweet lady like you have been doing all alone. I keep wondering why the men around you have not taken you away until now. I know you are extra ordinary and must be in and attracted to extra ordinary men. You made me believe i am one. Didnt believe there was such sweet woman still out there. Maybe that was for a reason and that reason have brought us together. I want to believe that there was a reason our path crossed. One thing am sure is that am enjoying and i believe i will enjoy getting to know you better always.
I havent been with a sweet lady such as you in a long time and its making me feel good all the way. I wonder what it would be like to have you close to spend a whole day with you. Oh its really amazing of you to say that you wouldnt want to keep your hands off of me. You got me thinking that might be tempted to think same and when i do we might be in
You know if that feeling is mutual we could do crazy things even in the public not minding anyone. Well good thing you make people feel amazing with your hands. I am already thinking about your hands running through my whole body and making me feel amazing and breathing so hard. I will let you do whatever you would want with my body, i will allow myself to enjoy it all.
Yes sometimes on the phone we lose each other and it becomes very hard to get and understand what we say to each other. Yes i said we could do anything we find interesting on that day and i really wonder what we would do together. What is gonna be the first thing we do together?. I am not sure what i want us to do but i will have to go with the flow. You have always called me what pleases you so you are always free to call me whatever you want.
Well you are right and heard that well. I had told you that you neednt worry about long distance where we are concerned. I for one wouldnt want to miss someone that means so much to me and i wont want to be away from you so i had told you. I told you i wanted to move to a warmer state because its always very cold in Ohio during the winter. I do not wish to grow old in a cold weather state. I had told you it was one reason why i was never decisive about moving and where to move because i had wanted my lady to make that decision with me if i could find one. So if it pleases you, you can be open minded and straight forward about that while dealing with me. However and whatever you feel about that you could feel free to tell me.
If living is CA is your final decision, am as well comfortable in CA, so i will have to buy a house here and move in with you and grow old together. If you think you are a good kisser, wait until i kiss you and you might have no choice but to give me your whole body and soul. I have been told i kiss passionately and long. I could initiate a whole lot with my kisses and i do send my partner to heaven with just my kiss.
My mom would be so happy for me to actually find a woman for myself. She've been worried about me and have always wanted me to find someone and fall in love. She always said that am a loving passionate man and that she just hopes i can find a good lover to make my life a good one as i grow old.
I think you had a wonderful woman for a mother and i think she must have been a great woman judging from what i see in you. She must have thought you a lot and have managed to build up the most amazing lady ever that will always stand the test of time.
You are good at a whole lot of things and its really amazing to know and hear you say that. You could teach me a lot of skills that you had acquired back then as a child.
Your idea of sitting in a roaring fire is really amazing and i would love to experience with you all we could image to share together. I am this crazy and spontaneous guy and am easy going and free minded like a child.
I like the way you dream and imagine us feeling all those emotional rush. I wonder what spending time with you would be like. I cant really wait to be with you and to do things with you.
I enjoyed reading from you and i will try to respond your emails when i get a chance to do so. You can always write me and share a whole lot with me. Hope you have a lovely night sleep. I will be thinking about you and maybe you could dream of us together tonight....winks
Sweet dreams!
Letter 8

Hi sweetie, Its really been a while since we wrote each other. I bet we have been waiting for who writes first and what topic to discuss. I have been happy ever since i started talking to you. It was nice talking with you this morning. I always enjoy your company and each time i do feel that it shouldnt ends. You are so tempting and irresistible. Well like always i sleep and wake with the thoughts of you. Through the day the thoughts of you keeps lingering on my head. I cant seem to take you off of my mind. You have actually rented an apartment in my head and your bills are actually piling I woke up this morning thinking of you and a whole lot of things that has been going on between us. Its always amazing to hear those sweet things from you and it never seize to make me feel so special with you. Considering a whole lot of things i actually wanna write you to let you know my choice of woman.I believe you have dreams and you pray for them to come by. I am no different because i have my dreams and i have always wanted them actualized. I just wanna tell you my expectations and desire in making my choice of woman. I have always imagined a lot of thing that i would like to experience from that woman that would be mine for the rest of my life. I know you also might have experienced such thoughts but yes it might be silly and crazy thinking of it, but we all still want that dream to come true. I'm looking for someone who is happy with herself and isn't looking for someone to make her happy, but to enhance her experience of life with lots of laughter, cuddles and love. The woman that wins my heart should have God as the pilot, herself as the co-pilot, and myself as her reinforcement. You mention about your higher self and all that and the power of the universe and that is God but you do not acknowledge Him in the way i do but we are all serving the same Almighty God because there is not two gods. I admire the way you relate with your Universe. She will know where to seek wisdom and how to gather bees with honey instead of vinegar. She should be strong, yet tender, her no should be no, and her yes should be yes, while understanding the importance of love, care, tithes, offerings and charity commitments. I would hope that she could tell me stories that would encourage me to dream and fill me with security that would persuade me to want to stick by her. I could only hope that throughout the years, that whenever she enters into a room, her presence would ignite a spark in me and in return, her eyes would search for mine. I would expect, in times of temptation, trouble and hardship, for her to weigh what is most valuable and most important in life. Knowing what she will gain, against what she will lose, you cannot take back infidelity, it leaves a permanent stain on the relationship, and there is no prosthesis for a broken heart. All men are not created equal, Some men are afraid of honesty, some men are so honest they'll make you cry. Same goes for women, please! Do not generalize when it comes to gender and please do not make decisions about "what Men do" based on one ex-husband, an ex-boyfriend or an old experience encountered with some unworthy men. I am looking for a soul mate, someone to share my life and experiences with, someone for me to look after and for her to look after me. She must be attractive, intelligent, funny, grounded, and down to earth. Practical, loving and yet need to be loved. I need a woman who would accept me for whom i am and i will accept her for whom she is with all my heart. Who we are is when we take away all our achievements, glory and worth in life and still find out that we are still worth a lot to the people around us. A good partner is also someone who would hold on to you and stay by your side when all your worths and achievements are taken away from you. Its hard to some extent but i know and believe that there is no other way out for partners that really love each other. I would want that kind of person in my life. All i seek from a woman is happiness and support. A woman who would stand by me through thick and thin. My expectations in a woman is not only based on her physical look but her mental, spiritual and psychological endowment. I want a woman who will strive to make me smile and be happy. A woman who could study my feelings and be able to dictate when something is wrong. A woman who will give me support in achieving my dream and be able to make out solution to any problem that comes our way in the future and not being dumb. I want a smart and resourceful woman to complete me and i will also be her completion in her area of life. I want a woman who doesnt depend on others to live. I hate lazy women, who stay idle and hope for a man to tie down...No. Its very bad to have a gold digger in one's life as a partner. If you have someone like that, she will only be there for you when things are right and when things turn around they will disappear from your life. Thats why the vow is made thus ''in riches and in poverty, in health and in sickness i will always be by your side". But it must be effective when it's based on a fair and no false ground. One must be aware of the partner's condition before the vow is made which is why marriage has always turned to be null and void when its discovered that one party lied in some serious and important areas of life. I desire a hardworking woman. I want an independent woman in my life. I want a woman who can take care of herself financially, mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. I want to be a support only because i would only want a support from my lady, you must not depend on someone to get you only need support. I know i derive joy in doing things for my woman but its not the same when it turn out to be that she cant do anything for herself. There is bound to be discomfort and misunderstanding in a relationship when it comes to that. I want a woman who can help me with my dreams and i will also help her with her dreams too. I like to believe that am a caring man....though am not trying to brag here. I always strive to carter for my woman. I always wanna take care of my loved ones. But in as much as i like to do that, i wouldnt want a liability for a wife. I love women who puts up a challenge; although i dont always give in but i enjoy it. I take it for fun. I used to have hard times with my wife, because she always try to do everything herself. I must admit that i dont allow her to do things herself but i will also not deny that i love and have always enjoyed her zeal. She always wanna do things for me, but i always try to curb her off with my actions and some offensive words that will make her quit, yet she wouldnt. Oh...i think am blabbing nonsense! I want a woman whom i could trust with my life. A woman whom i could let into my privacy and feel safe. I am not the type that conceal things from the woman i love, instead i love to involve my woman in everything i do. I love to get her own view in all i encounter; two heads are better than one you know and thats what it should be if you really value someone. I value you so much as my close friend whom i hope to get closer with and build up something more together in the future if its God's plan for us. I will try as much as possible to always be open minded with you. I will always try to let you into my world. I will never try to conceal anything from you if you really wanna get involved in my life. I also would like to get along with yours if you would let me. I would expect us to be two body with one mind. To always let out our problems and figure out a solution with each other. I will always be there for you. I want us to get involved with each others life and welfare. I want us to get along with each others life. I believe that the future holds a lot for us both... I am not looking for the most perfect person because i believe and know that no one is perfect, I know I'm not perfect but I live to be and before I start pointing fingers to someone...I need to make sure my hands are clean. When i stop expecting people to be perfect, i can love them for who they are, That's why i am looking for someone i can make feel perfect and we both can feel the perfection, because if my primary look on individual or relationship is for perfection, Then I'll never be contented, It takes a lot of work to be perfect. Hey its more like impossible to attain perfection since we are fresh and blood. With this e-mail, I hope i do not demand too much nor anything apart from your primary expectation from me. I am being me and likes to express myself to the best of my ability. I like to write because i think its something worth doing and that leaves me with no option since it has been my intention to expand our horizon of friendship into something bigger and from relationship into what everyone is looking for. I think it will be better and best if i give my all, open up to become an open book, try as much as i can to always say how i feel yet be careful to use the words in order not to utter words that might hurt you....we all have our negative sides and flaws. I think am gonna stop it here, It is actually taking up my whole time and am beginning to get tired and sleepy. I vowed never to go to bed today without writing you and am looking forward to reading from you too. Tell me what you desire of a man. What quality must your man possess? I want to know what you want from me. I want you to tell me what your dream man should be like, i think it will help me a lot to be able to deserve all of your being and sweetness. I will love to live up to your expectations and i can only do that when i know more about you and what you think and expect from your dream man. I would like you to be sincere in replying this email because i will study it well and try to live by it. I should know if i deserve to be that man for you, i want to be everything to you. My heart always lead the way and it never seize to lead me to good fortunes. He led me to you and i dont want to let go.
I will talk to you soon because that sexy voice makes my day so complete. I would be expecting to read from you in the morning telling me all that you wish and desire from that man of your dream. Of course i will be thinking about you all night as i fall asleep and i hope i sneak into your thoughts tonight. Have a lovely and peaceful night rest my sweetheart! Your Best friend,
Letter 9

You are the sweetest Reading through your emails made me cry, i cant believe such a sweet woman like you have been in existence all this time and i had been lonely and bored and wanting to have a company.
One thing is common we are moving with same flow of energy and there is the mutual feelings and attraction. I cant help but think that we are a match made in heaven.
You relate to me in the most amazing way and you touch my heart so well that it sings out so loud.
Your response to my email is such a beautiful one and it simply made me believe you have all it takes to be the best woman any wonderful man would want. I wouldnt say you are the woman every man would want because a whole lot of other men doesnt deserve you. Sometimes i keep thinking if i really deserve someone like you while you unfold the person you are to me the more. I am actually happy to know some of the things i was yet to know about you and i cant help but be amazed at your personality.
I want you to know that no one that has you will ever want to give you away because you are a gift to the world, to any household you enter.
You have managed to become indispensable from what you built yourself to become through all this time from when you were little. I want to tell you that you were amazing and your parent so that in you and kept you by their side. I bet you were such a smiling baby that never cries. You are simply a gift to anyone that is opportune to have you. I hope to work things out soon when you come down here. I wish to see where this leads us to. I want you and thats all i know and who knows how happy i would be to know that you would also want me in return. Its strange that i somehow feel convinced and sure about you well maybe because i always know what i want and always go for them , but this time i hope i can actually have it and not just want
That would happen if you want me back too,,,cant wait.
It was amazing reading through your encounter of rebirth as a Christian back then. I am glad it could clear your head and give you a direction to follow.
Like i had told you i have no big family but they still mean the world to me. I have two younger sisters that are married. My youngest sister has been taking care of her husband going through cancer for over five years now. I have always been a support to her to help alleviate her suffering and pains. I feel so sad for her and my other sister the one in CA have been the one helping with my sick mom for over a year now. My family is turning into a burden to me but it used to be one sweet happy and healthy family. My daughters name is Carolina. She takes after her mom a lot and lives in Cleveland Ohio. She works as a clerk in the hospital while trying to get her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Her mom chose that name for her because of her experience when she was in Carolina State. My parents are still alive but i have never seen my father past four times since we made it back to the states. He had abandoned us when we were still young and my mom had to bear all the pain and suffering of raising us up. Thats why i admire and value her so much. She went through hell to see us refined and made me what i am today. Thats why i cant let her suffer, thats why i wanna be there for her. My mom is Elizabeth by name. I used to call her Queen Elizabeth of England.
Well had just wanted to tell you more about my family and i wish to have you as one of us someday...would that be possible only in my dreams?
Well my mom got so bad again today and she was rushed to the hospital, i had come home to get some rest while my sister stays with her but i have to go back soon to be by her side. From what the doctor said it seems its very bad and critical. I have been sad and moody but reading through your emails i cant help but cheer up. You are the only positive influence in my life at the moment and i want to thank you for coming into my life.
I am falling for your sweetness with each passing day.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Your Best Friend,
Letter 10

My Frustrations Reading through your email i can really feel that you are the only woman out there that was really meant for me. I too want an elegant woman who is happy with her life and thinks her life would be happier to spend it with me.
I want to put a smile forever on the face of the woman that loves and wants me.
I actually want to fall in love with that special lady and i will only hope that she feels the same way about me as i feel about her.
I will always be by her side through hard times and happy times, through thick and thin and my love will never waver no matter what we go through.
My love for her will be true and unique and i will never have to lie to myself about how i feel because i will always want to express them to her.
I want us to laugh together and hold hands together and walk around the beach and on the streets feeling proud for being in each others life. I like to show off my woman and when i fall in love with her i want the whole world to know that she is my woman and that i am proud of her. I am that kinda man that will come out in the public and make a scene to let everyone know that i found the woman of my dream and make it clear that she is taken for the rest of her life so no one would dare get close to her again. I dream that woman to be you someday. I hope it could turn out to be a mutual feeling for the both of us. Its wonderful to want someone who wants you in return.
All through the year she is the only woman that can turn me on whenever she enters into my room and i wont have to hold it off because my body and soul is hers to meddle with. I could say to her do with me whatever you want because am all yours and no one else's.
I love to hear you say and write sweet things about me it takes all my pains and sorrows away. This has turn out to be a very sad day for me.
Yesterday like i had told you my mom got a bit worse and she had to be taken to the hospital and the doctor said she gotten worse and can only be saved through surgery that continuing with medication alone wouldnt help her anymore. She was diagnosed with Ventricular Fibrillation. She had her surgery this afternoon and until now still in coma. I have been moody and sad the whole day and all i could think was talking to you and sharing my situation with you but then i know i would sound awful. I dont want you to hear my voice in this condition.
Had also gotten an invitation from one of the companies i applied for a job with in IL. I have wanted and waited for that opportunity for a long time now but now that i have the chance even though it has been everything i wanted i still cant leave my mom in this state. She is first in the list of my priority. I have been so confused and depressed the whole of today. I wish that all of this could go away so i can be able to think straight again. I am left in two difficult situation and making a decision here is hard for me. I had waited for a call of for the interview for a while now but never thought it could come at a point when i will have to be left with no choice but to decline it again. I have always been so lonely since i quit working and for the sake of saving my long lost dreams had taken up the decision to go back to work in the most amazing way. But right at this point i am left with no option than to deny it unless my mom gets better. I have the interview coming up on the 17th but i have to be there on the 16th. I am left in a difficult position as it is now. I hope you can help me think and give me a helping hand to overcome this.
Missed not talking to you today and its been hard on me. Feeling so tired, sleepy and worn out from all the stress today. Have my sister watching my mom so i can get some rest for the day before going back to her in the morning. Please pray for my mom to survive this. I dont ever wanna lose her. She is everything to me and i wouldnt want to lose her. I still have a lot to do for her and am yet to show her my grand kids. I promised her i would do that before she leaves me.
Thank you for being there for me and for being my friend. Its not easy to have someone you can confide in and voice out your problems and frustrations to, especially someone who understands and really cares about you. Thank you for coming into my life i will always be grateful to you my sweet lady.
Your Best friend,

Letter 11

Hi Babe,
Reading through your emails, knowing how much you care and hearing your sweet words to me does a lot to me and more and more you make me fall deeper and deeper. Your words have no rival and it makes me feel so special.
I told you what i wanted from a woman because we needed to build up our relationship to a certain level that we both can appreciate each other and strive to be better person. I love your thought and believe me, i think you posses all a man could ever want from a woman. You are amazing and i really cant wait to meet you and look into your eyes and see the real woman in you. I cant wait to meet you and share my thoughts and moments with you. I cant wait to spend time with you babe. I feel that my date with you would be the greatest and happiest moment in my life..I cant really wait to be with you babe. I know we both have been into relationship and marriage and trying to get back on our feet and am really sorry for your loss. I know how hard it could be to lose someone whom you thought was going to be with you for the rest of your life. I know that just like me you still want to find happiness and fun. Its hard to live in this beautiful world without happiness. I think life has not been fair to both of us but i can only promise you that as far as we are together, you will never seize to laugh and smile. I will always be a friend that stay by your side in good and bad times and a friend that understands you more than you understand yourself so as to help you feel better with which ever situation that you encounter in your life. I love to make my woman feel loved and comfortable. Women need to be happy and treated like ladies. I have come to understand their feelings and i have always tried to be a good man the best i can. Well i have been in two different marriages and i can proudly say that i have my experience and good knowledge of it all and i can say that it was fun apart from all the bad memories that surrounded mine. I think Marriage is a sacred gift from God and i really enjoyed my days then which is why i felt the need to have a woman in my life again. Well not necessarily marriage if you dont wish to get married again but just having a companion that blends together with your way of life and expectations. I wish and hope that i can get involved in it again with the right person so as not have any regret in the future.Just wanna grow old peacefully with a good woman as my wife. I believe that i have found that woman already. I enjoy each moment i spend with you. I am always comfortable and happy talking to you. I am already used to you and cant wait to spend time with you and be by your side forever. I know am gonna enjoy you so much. I will like to explore you more and more. Like i would want myself i will always support you in whatever thing you set out to achieve. I will always be by your side to give you whatever support you need from your man. Once more thank you for being there and supporting me. It has been a hard week for me but your words and care and concern have been my strength. I know that life would be happier and much more fun with you by my side. I want to let you know that your support and understanding would always mean so much to me and i will always appreciate you. I really dont know what you did to me but i know that am going through some changes and transformations. You must have actually used a spell on me. Its nice to feel all these chemical processes happening to someone falling in love because i guess i am falling for you. Its really a good feeling and it makes me feel like am on top of the world. Thank you for making these things happen to this poor lonely soul. I never thought that life would be this sweet again even though i had high hopes. I think we have really gotten closer to each other, and i would want us to build our friendship and relationship in a way that will be great. I want us to always open up our heart and mind for each other, in that way we can build a relationship that will last no matter what circumstance we come across. I know its not gonna be easy, but we are in this together babe. I want us to always exchange our view in certain things so that we can adjust to serve each other better. What is your view for a perfect relationship. What can we both do to build ever lasting love and make our friendship glorious. I just want to know about anything that can make you happy. I want to experience the goodness of life with you. I want to be a caring friend and lover always as i promised. Left for me i think for a perfect relationship we both should, Love unconditionally, Be forgiving, Be caring, Communicate effectively, Maintain honesty, Be understanding, Be accepting, Keep passion and romance alive. Be supportive and get involved with each other's life, Choose a partner for the right reasons, Express our feelings and emotions for each other because if we form the habit of going by what we hear others say about people, or going by what others gossip about us, instead of searching that thing out for ourselves and seeing for ourselves, we might be making the worst mistake of our lives. The most important thing we can learn to do today is think for ourselves and follow our heart. Trust and love in a relationship is always the foundation of a lasting relationship. Now and then families have always been destroyed because of the bad influence of the third party. Bad advisers could turn a happy relationship into a rebellious one. Some people in our lives might be so jealous for all the good things we have and for the good life we are living and would want to take it away from us because of jealousy. Some would seem like a friend to you but in truth they are your worst enemies who doesnt want any good for you. They pretend to be happy with you but within they are wishing that you cry. They are like wolves in sheep clothing. That is why i have always been an introvert because my heart always leads me on. If you have what you think about a perfect relationship, or something you can contribute to make our relationship strong and bind us forever, please do share it with me...I hope to read from you in the morning. Thank you for being a friend because i cherish you so much. Hope you sleep tight and do dream about us because i will be holding you tight in my arms. Your Man,
Letter 12

You are simply amazing. The very recent best thing that happened to me is having you in my life. Am ever grateful for your presence in my life and i will always be in your life too to make you feel better whenever you need me.
Letter 13

My dreams and aspirations Hi babe, just as i had promised you to write you and tell you more about my inspirations, aspirations and dreams. Its so nice to read back from you and reading through your email means a lot to me. Like you had said each time we get to read from each other we definitely have something new to learn about each other. I will always tell you more about me and i hope to learn more about you too. Whatever you would like to get to know about me, you just have to ask and i will answer you.
Tell me do you have any dream as a youth? Have you ever felt the need to accomplish something? Tell me about your inspirations and aspirations and the things you dream to accomplish in life. My inspiration in life came from what i went through as a kid. Like i had told you i was born and brought up without the love and care of my father and only my mom was there taking care of us as we grew up. Its hard to be abandoned and as a child it had some emotional and psychological effects on me. Often as i was growing up i would hear other kids telling stories of their encounter with their father and things they did with their father but that was not for me. I never had any precious memory of my father. Sometimes some would mock me and i will cry in a corner. I often turn out to be violent because of the things they had told me and i would go into fight with them. Now knowing how i felt as a little child i tried to compare my experience with that of the orphans who have absolutely no mother nor father to take care of them. Well having gone through a lot as a little child i wasnt built to break and i was so optimistic. I had this dream from my youth to be an independent Engineer. I wanted to establish a construction company that would be reliable and efficient. A company through which i can reach out to less privileged. I wanted to build an orphanage home where i can care for little children that has no one to take care of them. I wanted that so much but because of many difficulties and hardship i went through earlier in my life i couldnt see that dream come true. I really had a lot of hard times as a youth and i mean serious setbacks. When i lost my wife i was so down and sad and had no zeal to live anymore. I felt like i have no reason for living on again. I lost the way and the will to continue living because of all i went through. I hope to tell you about that someday because sometimes i chose not to think or remember them. So after i lost my wife i took a leave from work because i couldnt concentrate most of the times. I later went back after mourning her but that was for a while. After some time, i felt like i needed to be on my own and have time for myself and rest up myself. I thought it was a good decision for me but at a point i became so lonely and bored because i had no one by my side to spend time with. My daughter got divorced with no kids. If i had grand kids it would have been better because i will have them come over to keep me company. I missed not having them so much because i love little kids. I only get to see and spend time with my daughter only on the weekends so i decided to get back to work again. Thats how the inspiration to dust off my dreams came back to me. I started working on it and i didnt want to go back working under someone else anymore. I had worked with Telfer Oil Company back in California and with Eastland Energy Group Inc. hence i made the decision considering how uncomfortable it has been for me all those years. I made the resolve that i would achieve that for myself. I met with my attorney and we started working even though he had wanted to retire from his job i tried to convince him and he agreed to my plea. He has been a friend over the year and he agreed with me and told me my idea was good and that he was ready to help me achieve my dream. Through his help we were able to apply with many firms all over the country. Lately i have been waiting and hoping to hear from any of them for an interview. I know that one would be wondering why i had to begin this quest at my age. Well i know am not getting any younger but i still feel like a boy. I am vibrant and strong and I believe that i can achieve whatever i make up my mind to do. I am young at heart and my body have never told me anything different so am still strong and i know i will be fine since i have the motivations from within my hearts. Well i have always felt so bad for little kids who have no parents to look after them. Right from when i was growing up,i hated the fact that our dad didnt care about us and it was so hard growing up without a fathers love. It still pains me until now and sometimes when i imagine not having my mom around to take care of us and do those things she did for us,i used to imagine what it would have been like without her. And so i have come to realize the pain and suffering the orphan would be going through and if i could be able to help even one of them in that perilous situation then i would be happy that i did. I want to be able to set up a home for them where they can be taken care of and looked after. Its not going to be easy but it has been the reason why i came out even stronger struggling to be successful so that i could do it for them even when it seems so hard and difficult. I have no grand kids and i missed that so much but yet i love little children and would be glad to be able to treat those orphans as mine. Well i hope you will get to understand more reading these now. I sincerely hope to have someone to assist me and help me realize my dream. I am hoping and praying that the woman i would fall in love with and live together with would have concern for the less privileged and care for the needy. I am hoping that she can support me to see my dreams realized in any way she can. You have shown me so far that you could make any man happy. I have realized that you make my heart stable and stronger with your words and company and i appreciate all your times with me. I cant thank you enough for coming into my life because you have made it so beautiful. I hope you take good care of yourself for me and be a good girl always.
Your Best Friend,
Letter 14

Hi babe
how is your day going. Have been depressed from yesterday losing out on the job but on waking up this morning with the plan of going for my flight arrangements, i was called by the company supervisor telling me he would like us to go out for breakfast.
I cant believe this, he dramatically turned up my mood and i can tell you that i really feel so good with myself. He made me believe that i am still the best.
On talking to him this morning i was made to know that i was really the best man through the screening. He told me that he actually admired me through out the whole process and he actually fell in love with my personality. He told me that left for him that i was really supposed to have gotten the job and as a result he feels bad that it has to turn out this way. He told me that the guy that got the job was actually supposed to be my runner up and just because of his acquaintance with the company chairman he was given the job.
I felt bad but knowing and seeing how this guy commended and recognized me i was uplifted. He made me believe i was still the best. I was depressed from losing out the job and as a result i had felt like i was worthless and incapable but he told me i was still the most capable man out there.
I am feeling so alive and better now and i want to tell you that i have always wanted to make you and my family proud. Coming to this place what i had in mind was going with the job proposal and nothing less which was why i got so depressed and sad. I had wanted this for a long time, waited for the opportunity for a long time and so now that i was here and even though i was so close i didnt wanna accept the fact that i lost the job to another guy because i trust myself and i know i had the ability. I am very proud of who i am and like i had told you am a go getter. I know what i want and i usually go for it and get it as well.
Well it turned out that the supervisor wanted to meet me because he felt bad for me and had pity on me. He expressed his sincere apology for having to open up to me after losing out on the job. He then told me about his friend that works in an oil company in Texas who once complained to him about an oil spill few weeks ago. Having watched me through the skills and process he was so sure and convinced that i would do a good job and had wanted to recommend me to his friend to see if i could be given the opportunity to a kinda do the job for them.
So he told me he felt like my skill would be wasting if it werent put to a good use. He told me the first thing he did was call up the friend to find out if they were yet to fix the spills and fortunately enough he told him it was yet to be fixed but they had been receiving applications from many contractors for the same particular job. He tried to call him up for me to have a word from him but he didnt pick up his calls. So finally we planned to go out for a dinner tonight. I am praying that it turns out to be success for me. He hope to get a hold of him and tell him more about me and as well understand the chances of getting me involved. Please pray for me that it turns out well. I will let you know how it turns out but i want to let you know that you have been my inspiration and my will power. You are a very sweet lady and you always make my day thinking about you and hearing your sweet sexy voice. You always make my day complete. Thank you for being there for me always.
Have a beautiful day ahead and take good care of yourself until i can do that for you.
Kisses all the way!!!
Your man,
Letter 15

Hi babe, i really do not have much time on me to begin explaining all of this to you but because i really care about you and wanna actually have you in my life. I can understand how you feel but i really do not have any part to play in making you feel that way. Maybe your past is actually tormenting you and you still linger on with the experiences you might have in the past.
It was crazy for you to tell me you called the hotel and they said i wasnt ever there. First of all its not done that they have to disclose that information to you. Its not done anywhere for you to call up a hotel you have nothing to do with and demand information on someone. Its out of the line and they are supposed to protect the interest of their customer.
But even at that its not my problem at all how they had to run their management.
The point is that the company made the reservations on my arrival and i spent the night there. They had to pick me up the next day and moved us to their apartment close to the site.
I only spent my first night in that hotel and the arrangement was made by the company but even at that when i moved in that night one of the reservations was allotted to me so they should completely say i was never there if they were being realistic but then i believe they shouldnt have gone ahead in any way to disclose any information related to me to a total stranger.
I hope that at least explains your confusion and makes you feel better. Am sorry that i havent been able to tell you everything about the kinda family i have until now but it wasnt something i was proud of. They are bunch of dark energy in my life and i hate to know that no matter what they still exist in my life.
We dont get along but i try to accept them within my heart because God admonished that we love everyone even our enemies as he loves us.
I have never accepted their presence in my life which is why i never bothered to talk about them or tell you about them being in my house and in my life because i had believed they had nothing to add or take away from our lives. They have no contribution to our both lives babe and i want you to know that what matters is our both company, happiness and the love we share.
Even thought i have them in the house i still entrusted my neighbors with the responsibility of looking over my house and taking care of everything. I also didnt leave my dogs there even though they were there. Their presence simply means nothing there to me because they never accepted us and never plan on getting along together. The house phone which was out of use for a long time when i got the house and i never tried fixing it back after it got damaged back then have been fixed and here is the number 614 861 0385. If you call it up you can reach my house through them. I believe that if i succeed in bringing you home someday you will be able to get to meet them. But then i know that its not something worth looking up to.
I want to let you know that you are all that matters to me and i know i had promised to make you the happiest woman on earth and i mean it. But then in my present situation i feel so depressed knowing that am simply unable to do anything as it is. I want to be able to do things for you and show you how much i care about you and not just say them to you. I missed not having spent time with you in person already until now. I really wanna meet you too and have a good time with you. Sincerely i would choose you over any other thing in the world because you are the only one that completes me so much but i hate to go through stress with you over minor things. It also hurt my feelings that you dont believe and trust in me. I only hate the hardship this whole thing is causing me coupled with my job quest. Its really not a good time for me to start entertaining such distractions but am really doing this to tell you how much you mean to me and how much i really want you. I believe that you were sent to me from heaven.
Yes am really that man in the green shirt that drives you crazy and i have promised for us to at least chat over the messenger and get things straightened out.
I am looking forward to you getting the messenger so we can get this right. I hope that all my sacrifice trying to get this right wouldnt be in vain and that this explains things for you.
Have a lovely day and take good care of yourself.
Still your Man,
Letter 16

Thanks for taking the pain of compiling all our emails. I really like you a lot and i know you are the woman that i would like to spend my entire life with but you have a lot of setbacks and am not sure i wanna continue a relationship just because i wanna prove myself or please you. I am being me and if you think there is something wrong, you might need to recheck yourself and your attitude.
I dont wanna let go of you and i wouldnt want you to make me.
When you get the yahoo messenger lets video chat over the computer. I promised that was the only way i could clear your uncertainties. I dont have much time to keep wasting over the internet and if you are ready for our relationship and made up your mind that you want me, then lets move ahead.
I have a lot bothering me and i ve got to work them out myself and i wouldnt want other sort of distractions. I would think you wouldnt wanna be a distraction to my endeavors.
I hope you understand.
Anyways, just got back from seeing a movie with my daughter and read your emails. Thought i should write you back and let you know my stand. I have missed you a lot though.
Still Your Man,
Letter 17

Hi babe,
I wouldn't want you to be mad at me for not getting a hold of you. I've tried all the possible means to get a hold of you since yesterday I set my leg in Texas but all to no avail. My flight time was adjusted I guess because of the weather so came in a bit late. As soon as I landed in the airport, the company car came and picked me up. When we got to the company Seadrill Americas Inc. located at Equity Drive, Houston Texas, it was already late and only few staff was waiting for me with excitement. They gave me a warm welcome. They took me to a temporal apartment where I met other contractors for the same job. The battery to my phone was dead so i couldn't call or text you. I had to summon courage and walked up to one of the directors of the company requesting to use his phone for a minute call. I couldnt believe how stupid i made myself look after i was given the phone because i had to keep mopping at him. I didnt have your number off heart and my battery was already dead and there was no way to retrieve your number. I really disgraced myself but i didnt care and it didnt bother me because all i had wanted was to be able to talk to you and let you know that i was really safe. I didnt want you to be worried if i was safe or not. I had longed to hear that sexy voice as soon as i arrived there safely. Am so sorry if i got you worried dear. There was an old computer in the company temporal apartment issued to us in the company staff quarters, unfortunately for me, there was no internet connection in the computer and it's been long it was last used. I contacted the company technical Unit to fix us an internet connection last night. While waiting for their response, I rushed to my luggage with excitement to get my phone charged so I could at least text or call you and let you know i was safe. I realized I forgot my cell phone charger. I cried out of disappointment and rushed to the other staffs living in an apartment next to mine. Asked if anyone uses my kind of phone..but there was not..No one!. I became moody and laid on the bed. Everyone that saw me last night would know how sad and troubled i felt and no one was comfortable with my mood..I was on the bed thinking about you all night. I couldn't even concentrate in anything. It was so strange to me why i had to feel that way but i simply realized how much you meant to me. I was not comfortable because i didnt want to cause you worries. We worked on cleaning and arrangement of the apartment, it was funny why they had to make us do it on our own. It has been quite long it was used and a lot of things needed to be cleaned. We got a new sheet last night and this morning they brought another one for replacement. I did and have been doing everything i was doing without much concentration. I must have gotten my daughter sick with worries too because i know she must have called my phone a thousand times. I was supposed to have called my sister too to let her and mom know i was safe. I just hope she was able to deceive mom so she wouldnt have to get worst not knowing my where about because she told me to give them a call once i make it here. I havent been concentrating, all i could think of was you, my mom and my daughter. I feel so bad because i havent been able to reach you. I know you must be worried and i hope you arent sad since i couldnt contact you.You have never escaped my mind. Please forgive me for my carelessness. I couldnt believe that i left my charger behind. Brought along the charger to the other phone I didn't come here with. I had forgotten to take it off from the wall after charging it the other night. Its such a pity. We had our first presentations earlier this morning and my turn was around 11:30am. It went well and i know i did my best and handing it over to God. The company technical Unit came to our rescue earlier and started fixing the internet connection in our apartments. They just rounded up now so i got on here to email you right away. I regard you as one of my priorities..I must involve you in anything I do because i feel inspired by you. You lighted up my world. Not being able to contact you was like hell for me. I was able to tell the role you have taken up unknowingly in my life. I missed those lovely and sweet words that you have always spoken to me. I don't know what happens but each time we talk or chat, you sound extremely sexy, sweet, hot and inspirational and it makes me want to be with you because they make me feel safe..I have sent for a charger to my phone so that i will get my phone charged so we can talk.
LSweetie, i just realized how much you meant to me last night that i missed talking to you and didnt have any way of communicating with you. I felt so lonely and strange. I cant wait to come back home to you after the interview. I want to be able to spend time with you and hold you tight against me. I want to spend time with you, hold your hands and walk to a dinner or a movie with you. I want to do a lot of things with you and I know it would make me feel so good...I sure will be ready to laugh my ass out because you are so funny....hehehe. I love how you make me laugh and smile. I am a hard working man. I am here because of the long dream i had and i just made the first move. My dream is to set up a construction company that will be efficient and reliable and through it be able to reach out to poor orphans and motherless homes. I have always wanted to do things that normally would be hard. Sometimes i think am being too ambitious. I like challenges and i believe so much in myself. I am not a quitter and whenever i set out for something i never give up until its done. I will make sure to see this through this time too. I have always wanted to make my family, friends and everyone around me proud. Am here to make some money to start up a new world for myself. Hey am talking about our future here. I am so willing and hoping that you will be a part of that new world...yes having you around me will be like a dream come true. I have always wanted to live a happy and fulfilled life. I have always seen my family as incomplete and i have always wanted to make it will always pressure me too. I think my family needs someone like you for a perfect but am a patient person and i know that a lot of things have to be considered. If there comes a time you take me in and tell me that you would be mine and stay by me for the rest of my life, i promise to give you the best the world have got to offer you. I will always be a good partner to you and love you in a way no other man would ever love you. Am a responsible man and I feel it's my utmost responsibility to take care of my family. I work so hard to carter for my family and always provide what they need. I am not trying to brag here but am not like all those men who likes living on their women. I feel ashamed each time my partner or family member takes up the responsibility meant for me. Thats why i always had hard times with my wife because she was always like that. Am not always comfortable having people do things for me. Instead it has been normal for me to do things for other people around me. I would want to live the rest of my life happily with lots of fun and laughter with un-seizing smiles up my face. I wonder if that dream of having someone special in my life would ever turn to reality but am so hopeful that God will not abandon me since i have you. I do not want grief and sorrow anymore in my life because i have experienced that a lot. I still want to believe that she is out there and its only a matter of time before we meet each other. Babe are you the special one?. Can it really be you? Just like i promised you, i will always be a good and true friend to you. A friend who understands your pain and sorrow and makes you feel better in whatever situation you find yourself. A friend who will always stay by your side regardless the time and no matter what situation you are facing. If given the chance i would want to make you my woman and i would make sure you never stop laughing all through your life. I would want to make you a happy woman again because you deserve so much happiness.You are an amazing woman with wonderful personality. I respect you so much my sweet friend. This contract means a lot to me and i hope you'll understand if i wouldnt be able to give you a lot of time. I will always try as much as i can to talk to you because i also need your company to make my day complete. It has become like a routine and a part of me and thats why i have been feeling so strange and uneasy because i noticed something was missing in my life. I hope you will always be there to support me. This is my second time in this kind of challenge and i bet its not going to be easy for me just like the previous one but i will put in my best and with your support i hope that i will be successful. All i seek from you is your understanding, love, care, prayers and advise. All i need is for you to support me emotionally, mentally, spiritually and psychologically. I need your support and courage please! The company is holding a brief meeting tonight, and i will try to contact you once am out. Then again, i knew it was not going to be easy but i didnt expect it to be this way. Its not the way i thought it to be from the beginning and am a bit nervous. This is like a competition, there are eight of us here for the same contract. Its not going to be easy but am not afraid of competition because i am good at what i do. I trust in myself and i believe i can make it. Ohio is an hour ahead of Texas, so i think i have an hour difference to tackle now. I know you may have wondered why you havent heard from me or might have been worried and might have missed me because i have missed you so much myself. I didnt mean to ignore you at all. If we end up together i promise that i will love you, care for you, cherish and adore you until the day I take my last breath but if not i will be a friend that you can always count on no matter what the situation is. Real friends are friends forever! Hey i missed you so much and it has not been easy on me without communicating with you. I did all i could but its what it is. I hope you will understand reading through this now. I didn't mean to hurt you okay. I missed you so much. Please pray for my success in this endeavor. I hope you have been having a great day ahead, looking forward to chatting you tonight or talking to you over the phone if i got the charger by then. Please in order for me to communicate with you at least for now, we would need to use the messenger until i get my charger. Please get your messenger working so that we can communicate and always be conscious of your messenger in case i messaged you. I wouldnt wanna sleep off tonight after the meeting without chatting or talking to you and knowing how you spent your day. Please once again am glad i could get to write you now and i hope you understand. I have to stop it here, i guess am being over excited that i got to write you. Hope i havent suffered you leaving all this behind for you to read once again. I have to get some rest before the meeting tonight. Have a lovely day ahead. I really missed you babe!
Your Man,
Letter 18

Hello babe here is the picture of us and the company supervisors the other day at the site. I didnt remember it until now. I thought you would want to have a look.
It has been a hard here but good thing that am still in for the struggle and i hope to keep doing my best so i dont have to disappoint you and my family again.
I know everyone is looking up to me for a good news and i do not want to disappoint any of you. I wish to make you all happy and proud.
Letter 19

Hi honey,
How are you doing. I hope you had a good night sleep like i did after hearing your sexy sweet voice. I went to service and prayed and thanked God for the gift of you in my life. No words and actions would be enough to explain the kind of desires, hope and trust I have for you babe...You are the only one that makes my heart beat so fast and my day filled with good lucks and happiness...Ever since you came into my life, I have always experienced a positive change and happiness. I will never betray or cheat on you forever. I believe we will always be faithful to each other and always stand by each other through the hard and good time. It was 5:30am in the morning when i found myself asleep holding on tight to my pillows..A lovely dream I was having last night woke me up. Due to the fact that I miss you so much darling and I guess because I was thinking about what it would be like to cuddle you to bed..I didnt have enough time for us to chat in the morning before i left for service and since i came from church and praying in the chapel i went for lunch. Tried coming online but you werent on so i tried wru and fell asleep. I had promised to write you and tell you about this awesome and strange dream i had last night. I am really falling for you completely more than I ever thought I could ever fall again. You mean so much to me and I am having this weird feelings. Even though we haven't met yet but I consider myself to be a good judge of character and I believe you are the type of woman I will ever be with and be happy the rest of my life. Thanks for making me feel good. I can't wait for us to be together soon. You mean so much to me babe.
I had an awesome dream about us last night and its worth sharing with you....Oh my God....A sudden sensual emotional feelings flushed down my system each time I think about my dream last night...You came to pick me up at the airport wearing a long, light, transparent pink gown with no underwear and panties...You were searching for me and suddenly our eyes met. In amazement you made a loud noise and shouted..OHHHHH WE FINALLY MADE IT, HERE COMES MY HUSBAND MARK!!!. The crowd in the airport turned and everyone started staring at us.
We didn't mind the staring crowd, we held each other so tight and kissed each other so hard. In excitement, I pulled your sexy long gown up a little bit and caressed your laps. I swept you off the floor, held you in my arms and kissed you like 2 teenagers experiencing LOVE for the very first time. You were in my hands like a little baby with our lips together while we made it to your car....(but i cant imagine where i got the energy to carry you until we made it to the car) My cock was hard that the passengers in the airport could notice it. We finally made it to your car..We fell in each other's arms inside the car..You were on top of me. It was already getting dark SO we pulled the car seats downwards while we made slow and steady love to each other. I was kissing your lips and forehead, caressing the back of your hair, pulling you closer and closer to me. You were busy unbuttoning my shirts and rubbing the hairs on my chest. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweetheart....Am melting in your arms..I pulled up the sexy long and transparent pink gown with great sexual urge, ran my fingers on your laps towards your butts, squeezed your soft butts with great sexual urge.
You gently unbuttoned my trousers exposing my long,hard and bald cock that has been starving for the taste of your wet,deep, tight and sweet pussy. You squeezed my cock with great sexual urge while I finger your clits so hard..Oh my God...This feels good sweetheart. You grabbed my hard long cock and guided it gently into your pussy while you ride on me so hard with excitement. I moaned and screamed. Oh sweetheart, I have been longing for this for a very long time. You pushed me harder and harder and harder while I was busy shouting and rubbing on your soft breast. Sucking your hard nipples...Oh my God darling..It feels good..I cherish you so much..I want you more than you will ever know....We finally reached the state of orgasm. I exploded inside you. The pleasant aroma of our juices joined together filling the car...We rested in each other's arms for a while and finally drove home...We made it to a nice Italian Restaurant for dinner....I have missed you so much babe and cant wait to be home and have you in my arms..That was my dream sweetheart. I believe we're gonna be together soon. I desire you more than anything in the whole world because I have waited so long for that right woman for me. I have never been so sure of something in my life as I am about us. I am not sure how you would think about this but I felt there was no need hiding anything from you. I cherish and adore you.
Your sweet and loving man,
Letter 20

Hi Babe, I do not know how to express the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart all through the night. I couldnt believe how i fell asleep like a baby after talking to you last night. It was as if it were real. I only know that first and foremost in all that my thoughts has been the glorious confirmation you gave me last night - without effort, unconsciously, of course - of all I have ever thought of your mind and heart. I woke up in the middle of the night stayed up thinking about you and imagining a whole lot of things before finally falling back to sleep again like a baby. It was so nice to sleep off after you made love to me. It was more like a dream to me and i cant believe it really happened. I never thought that someone like me could do such a thing but still it was my best night with you and i still feel like disappearing and appearing right beside you every night. I wish i could have what we shared last night all the time. I wish i could hold you tight suck your nipples and squeeze your boobs and butts always. I cant believe we made love over the phone but yet it felt so real and was so sweet and memorable. I could really feel your presence around me and i felt like i was with you in my arms through the night and until i woke up. You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever met, and my feelings and admiration for you have increased so much in such a short time that it still amazes me if not scares but i like to believe its a good thing. Tansem, you have become more wonderful and lovely in my eyes than you ever were before; and my pride and joy and gratitude that you could make me feel like a man again in such a long time with such a perfect love are beyond all expression. I cant really stop thinking about you today. I think your spell got at me so well, maybe its not a bad thing because it brought back to me such good feelings. I would love to read from you later because it makes my day so complete. I hope you dont hurt me or break my heart and i will always pamper you like a baby and take care of your heart. I have fallen for you for sure and i hope it all turn out to be a good memory. I really wish to make you proud and happy too. Have a nice day today and do take care of yourself for me. I have to get my day started, today is very crucial because i believe that i have to prove myself today during the field work. I beg you to please pray for me as i try to give in my best today. I hope to make you proud.
Your Man,
Letter 21

Am so so happy to see myself where i am today. I owe everything to you. So come celebrate with me and raise your glass with me in joyful celebration. You made everything possible my love. Without the love, care and understanding you showed me and without your inspiring words and advice and courage i dont know if i would have made it. You boasted my confidence and told me to believe in myself because you believed in me. I will never forget your support. You brought back lots of happiness and good memories and made life worth living again for me.
I would never let go of your warmth hands and arms that has held me thus far. I feel you are a part of me that would never be cut out. I will never stop loving you and making you happy because i will only be returning the gratitude you have shown me.
I feel so safe and secured with you in my life. I feel so comfortable and i think there will never be anything i can hide from you because we are one now. I dont think i have any secrets to hide from you anymore. I know normally i could never think of letting anyone close to my private life talk more of something important to me but with you its not just the same. I feel that i can share anything with you without any problem. That why i tried scanning the document to let you take a look. But i hope you can protect it and keep it safe too because its my private life. It is supposed to be a confidential document but there is nothing confidential where you are concerned. So i hope you keep it safe too.
Well i have to get some rest and i will talk to you in the morning.
You mean so much to me now, always and forever! Your Man,
Letter 22

You flatter me when you say all these sweet things to me. You made me what i am today and you have enriched my life so much in a much bigger way than you know.
You dont know what it means to have you in my life right now.
Well if you have never been so important to anyone else it was because you were reserved just for me because am supposed to be the only one who would be so important to you and treat you so importantly like no one would ever do.
I think we were made for each other.
Well if really i want you in my life i have to be open minded and hide nothing from you. I feel your sense of sincerity and honesty and the faithfulness of having me as your man which is why am so intoxicated with you. I will always value you in my life and promise to make you happy always.
Trusting you as my woman whom i i plan to spend the rest of my life with is the real first thing i should if really anything love should exist between the both of us. Loving and trusting someone goes hand in hand.
You exaggerate when you talk about not knowing if you could live up to my expectations. You know that you are the only one for me babe and yes you are a very important part of me. I will never also let you go.
I promise to always be there for you in appreciation for being there for me through this rough times. I hope that in two weeks i can be able to get things to normality so i can come home. I have missed you a lot and have waited so much for you but i have to do what i have to do for the good of the both of us and our future.
I will talk to you before i leave. Michael is going back to Ohio this morning to gather resources together before heading to China to purchase the materials. Do pray for his safe trip okay.
Have a nice day and take care for me.
Yours Always,
Letter 23

Here are some pictures of me and my attorney with some of the staff at the party the other night. I think i was kinda celebrated that night and i was so happy and over excited because it was amazing. They are really bunch of nice people and they treated me so well. You needed to see my smiling face that night and yes i was so happy. I missed not sharing that moment with you babe.
It was a happy moment in my life and am still so grateful for having you make it possible for me. I owe it all to you my sweetheart.
Thanks once more for being there for me.
Hope you had a lovely day today. Take care of yourself and be a good girl out there.
Yours Always,
Letter 24

Hi Babe,
Things are really working out for us right now. I am really grateful to you for all the positive vibes you put in me during this period of struggle. I am so grateful for having you talk to me. You made me peaceful and relaxed and i was able to overcome a lot within this period of time.
I was also embarrassed by the favor shown to me by my attorney. He was able to offer me that much of help without asking anything in return. He really showed how much he cares for my welfare. I cant thank him enough. He had to put in his savings for me to be positive and he persuaded me and made me see reasons why i shouldnt give up at that point. I owe him a lot and i will surely repay his kindness to me. We made a lot of arrangements and i am so happy that everything is in order. He made it safely to China already and wrote me. Am just so happy that he is safe and sound. I was worried about him and also pitied him because of the long distance. I just imagined how tired and weary he must have been after taking such a long flight. I cant wait for this to be done with. Please pray for us and the success of this endeavor. This is like a realization of my dream. I am so so happy babe. Thank you for all your support, it means the world to me. We have been making arrangements for some Texan local workers that will be working with us when the materials gets here. While he is trying to secure the materials, i am recruiting workers who would help us with the execution of the job. As soon as am done recruiting the new workers, I will commence training with them on the rudiments of the installations of the new materials,operation of the machines and other equipments..They will also be able to separate oil from water and disperse the chemicals on the oil spilled area.
I will be drawing sketch for the work areas,i want this done in the most efficient manner. I am trying to also make it quick to be able to come see you before i continue with the job. I plan on getting the site and everything ready so that with the arrival of the material i would be able to take a break as schedule so we can be together and have some good times together. As soon as my attorney is done with purchasing the materials and is back here with the cargo details and materials purchasing receipts and documents then i will take a break to come spend time with you. After submitting the receipts and shipping documents to the company, I will be getting a contract check equivalent to the half of the contract sum. I will also hand over the supervision of the workers to my attorney and take a permission from the company for recuperation. I want to spend some time with you. I think i held on enough. I have been longing to spend even a day with you,it will mean so much to me babe. You awaken a lot of thoughts in me and i appreciate it so much. I like that i met someone like you. You are too kind and lovely and i love what you make me feel with all my heart. After i spend few days with you and mom, I will go see my daughter and will come back here to complete the job and get my final payment. We can talk at length and make further plans together when I get there. I really want this whole thing to work out for us. I cant wait to be with you babe. I want to show you how much you mean to me when i come over. Have a nice rest and be happy always,knowing that someone out here has your interest at heart. You have cared and showed me you love me and I will always care for you and show you that i love you as we spend everyday of our lives together. I wont stop loving you. It's late and has been a long day for me. Will be holding my pillows tight for you.
Have a sweet dream and make the girls happy for me as well as "Lucy".lol Your Man,
Letter 25

Hi babe, still home moping hopelessly at the ceiling. I cant seem to get anything done from worrying about everything going on right now in my life. I really do not want to be a burden and a worthless man in your life. I had wanted to make you and my family proud. I do not want to be seen as an incapable man.
I really wished that you were right here beside me to hold me tight and whisper sweet things to me telling me its all gonna be fine.
I dont know if you really understood what happened. Its really driving me crazy for sure and am scared because am helpless as it is. I know you care and wanna help me but i see no way of you helping me out. Michael is also feeling sad that things are turning around this way. The company that we made inquiries with on the materials with didnt have the heavy duty suction pipe which is really a very important supply needed. It turned out that the one we had the price was the inferior quality and we cant use that or i will get everything ruined. It turned out that they didnt have the superior quality and he had to check it out to get it from other companies but it was a very different price from what we had calculated. He didnt want to be specific at first until he checked with three different companies and it turned out to be same story. There was an increase by 42,000 dollars from what we had expected. Well we will be settling with that because there were two different prices from the three companies he checked with. There was an increase of 45,000 with two of them while the other was by 42,000 so we will have to buy from the lesser one. Its driving me crazy because i know what i went through to get things together to even get it started. I am helpless and dont know how to go about this at the moment. Everything i ever worked for is right on the line and i have no good credit to get this resolved. I really dont have much time to handle this because we have only within 20 days to get the materials back here. I certainly need miracle to take place because God knows that am financially crippled. I hate to be in this kind of situation right now because am not that kind of person that opens up to others and ask for help from them. It has always been normal for me to help others but have never had anyone do something for me. Its gonna be very hard on me for sure but i am just asking for Gods guidance and provision. I will have to resort to family and friends for help and support because there is no other way but yet am afraid that it would have to be a rather hard thing to achieve and i hate that so much. I hope you pray for me on this, i will commend everything to Gods guidance and let Him take care of the situation. I believe He wont abandon us at this point. I hope you have a good day and please do not be worried about me. I will sure overcome it even though am scared. Take good care of yourself for me please. I have to try and see if i can get something done today. My mind is simply not at rest. Very nervous and stressed and i cant seem to relax myself. But i have to be calm for sure to be able to tackle this and get it done with.
Your Man,

Letter 26

Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin. I am so sorry for missing out on you today, was a busy day for me. I wanna tell you that i cant get you off of my mind and i am thinking about you day and night. I simply dont know why my heart race so much when i think about you. I really want you so bad in my life and hoping that you make things right for us soon so we can be together and hold each other soon.
You mean the world to me honey and i will forever be yours and the man that takes care of you if you let me. I really do want us to experience a whole lot and i am looking forward to it. I know that i can handle you and that i am capable of taking good care of you. Hope you are having a fun weekend. I love you Lora.
Your sweet man,
Letter 27

Well I can really understand all of your fear and insecurity but I was really so surprised to read all this from you. You already judged me and I see clearly where you have placed me in your life and I don't even want to hurt myself anymore. That's why I just have to let you go because you have something to resolve with yourself not me. Go fuck your past because that's your problem. If you have been scammed in the past, you have to learn how to move on with your life and improve your thinking because absolutely not everyone can put up with you the way I did.
I really loved you but I guess it's not just meant to be.
Take care!
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