Romance scam letter(s) from Sean Nicolay to Jayne (USA)
Letter 1

you look so cute and i have come to know more about you ans the secret of this beauty,let me start by introducing myself. Am Martins by name, The (Executive Director)SEAN DEVEROUX HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION ,A rigistered Company with the following REG NO:SCAC/SEC/27/06.I come across your sexy and nice looking profile and i decide to drop you this little note of mine to let you know that how sweet you appear to be...I am a man of about 51 years of age and i am once married with a son of about 13 years, her mum left her six years ago due to the way she chooses to live her life leaving my son behind for another man,Eversince, i decide not to go into any relationship with anyone,not until i met a friend of mine in keller virginia who told me how he fine the woman of him dream over here on the internet and that makes me to believe that there are still the good once out there, that is why i find myself here on myspace to look for the woman i can love again and share my love life with her, I will like to know if you will be the one to be loved my me, and i promise to make you the woman of my dream, I will be looking forward to read your reply,Though, there are much to talk about but i think it will be better for us to know more better before going further. Best Regards.
Sean Nicolay.
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