Romance scam letter(s) from Ryan Branagh to Gillian (UK)
Letter 1

Hello Gillian

That's was a hilarious Joke and my sincere apologies for my late replies.I have observed that you are very straightforward in your emails,I always respect a woman who know what she wants ,That's a trait i admire in ladies.
We both have a lot of things in common and that is a very good thing.
I am tired of waking up in this bed all alone, I am tired of eating alone and sleeping alone.
I always dream of the day ,I would to bed and wake up in the arms of a lovely wife. I miss going to the beaches ,holding hands and public display of affection.
I have a very fragile and tender heart and once i fall in love with someone,I always give all of me to make sure the relationship is successful.
I have to stop here , emailing cannot be compared to talking,Here is my Tel Number: +1 410-988-4725.Give me yours too.I would love to call you and you can call me any time too so we can talk,but i must warn you, i have a funny accent due to my Roots.
I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Letter 2

Hello Gillian.

How are you doing? My Sincere apologies for my late response.I was away to another state for Business.
Here is my House Address ,322 S Exeter St, Little Italy, Baltimore, 2120
But I would be Home till Next weekend.
I am sorry for missing your Phone Call, Can You provide me with your Number so I can Call directly?
Also let me know when its best to call you.

Have a Nice Day.

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