Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Aruso to Yenny (Canada)
Letter 1

Hey there Yenny
How are you doing and how is everything with you, thanks for your email, and also nice to be in communcation with you, am presently in bradon, seems you had your taste of travelling itself, would it be as a result of work or just something you like doing, My names are Michael Aruso, 51 yrs old and a sinlge dad, am new to this and not sure of how its really works, would try to introduce myself and elaborate as much as i can, am a geologist by profession, i do travel alot too because of my kind of work, have a son and his name is Shawn, lost my wife about 4 yrs now and my life has mainly been about the both of us and work, was a very rough period for the both of us but we are doing quite great right now, Well am a simple and easy going person who values the core pricinples that are meant to make us live through life, although most people have lost thier sense of belonging and respect of other peoples beliefs and personality, i believe that understanding, trust, being open minded and ones personal efforts are the key factors that keep people together, either between a couple, friends or a parent and child.
I want security and trust.I'm looking for someone who is sincere, honest, caring and easy-going, i know these are things that are not easy to find these days and definately have to happen over time, guess it would be ok for one to enter into enter new tins with most care and belief too, am not sure if am off tone now or what to really say, probably i could stop now and send you some of my pics, then if you have any questions you could ask me too, looking forward to read from you and hope you get to tell me more about yourself too, do stay sweet
Letter 2

Hey there yenny
how are you doing and how was your week, hope great, becoming a very nice exprience waking up to read from you, thanks for taking out the time to tell me more about you and i can see that we have somethings in come about our view of life and personal values, i too love honesty and am a very sincere person, take life sep by step and try to work towards attaining the best for myself and family, because family and hope it the most important things in a mans life, also very content with myself and present being, very sorry about your sepeeration with your husband, sure it would have been a very difficult experience for you and the kids, loosing my wife some years back wasn't easy for me, and shawn, i myself don't beileve in separation sorry to say, but we have a lot of it happening these days and so rampant, i believe that with understanding communcation and respect for the other persons values and beliefs are very important, so most times i wonder how things get so bad and the leads to seperation even when tey have started a family together and probably gotten kids, yes am an of an italian bakground, brandon is located in manitoba, where are you located?
Would be looking forward to get pictures from you, do you have any plans for the weekend, would be nice to get to chat with you if you got free time..
have a lovely day ahead
Letter 3

Hey baby
how are you doing and how are you doing and how is everything going on with you, am really sorry for my silence these past days and it has been as a result of my computer being bad, i had it fixed twice at the HP shop here but it was still very bad, so i just got a new one, couple with the fact that work has been really crazy, i didn't have you number would have just called you directly, i have been burning up crazy these past days not hearing from you, i meant every word i ever told you and i do want us to make the best of what we have, you are always in my mind and you mean so much to me already that i can even hardly explain, i hope to catch you later in the evening love, do have a lovely day and stay sweet, i hope my silence hasn't hurt you in any way, and if i did, i want to say am sorry, you are still very dear to me in heart as always, do have a lovely day ahead my angel, we have a lot of catching up to do later....
Letter 4

Hey baby
how are you doing and how was your yesterday, sure you had a fun filled day, was really nice when you took me everywhere you went, i felt so much love and your presence here too, my day was great and had lots of fun with Shawn at the beach, of course there are beaches here and the one we went to is jubilee beach about 44 miles out from the house, so sorry i wasn't able to reply your mail yesterday, had an early a very early start and then came back to pick up Shawn, said i would do so at the beach when i have some time for myself or at the beach house we spent the night but unfortunately i left my computer charger and Shawn didn't take his, am sure you might have been wondering why you didn't hear from me, thanks for the beautiful line you left me, and i very much understand your standing and worries, we are both human these thought then to come to mind from time to time, i choose to follow my heart as it has never failed me, you came into my life and brought joy i haven't had in a very long time, i let the worries to sleep and allow my positive thought get the best of me, i told you once that, i would do anything in my power to make us get the best of what life can give, you make me whole, and we promised to always be honest with each other at every time so we both know what is running through our mind at every point of the relationship, and that's why we are there to support, encourage and guide each other, have to run along now, came out to look for a charger this morning, have to get back so we can head home, spent the night out, would talk to you later in the afternoon my time that's if you are not in church too, let me know your plans for the day sweet, , have a lovely day my angel as i know that you are sound asleep, gave you a kiss on your left cheek, sure you would feel it when you wake
Letter 5

Hey honey
how are you today and how was your night? am sure you had a lovely night sleep as always, my bad when i said in almost everything, see how little mistakes could put on in trouble, and am sure never to make that kind of mistake again, so i don't get a smacking from you, my sweet and adorable angel, my beauty queen, the more i get to see how beautiful you look everyday, the more i get to fall so much in love with you, i i was so loving the pictures you sent me until i saw someone arms around you, good to know his gay, didn't know i could get this jealous with the sight of another mans hands on you, even before the thought of who it might possibly be, you mean so much to me that am not able to say and the distance doesn't allow me show....
How happy i was reading about the couple in your front, hope that didn't distract you much from the play, they sure were a good replica of us, me with no hair and you totally blond, the only difference is that when you not seeing me and am staring at my beautiful you, i would kiss yours ears, and remind you 1000 times of how happy i am to have you in my life, baby i would keep kissing you so much for a long time when i come over, you should be ready to get use to it, we are so in tuned to each other that you think exactly the way i do and would picture this, i know that you would make the most wonderful wife, mother to mine and yours and a strong pillar to hold us all together, HONEY, words cant express what i feel you just need to out your hands on my chest and see the way my heart beats for you, how tight i would hold you, so you can feel the strenght of the kind of love i have for you, i hope we would not have issues getting out of bed of leaving each other for work in the morning, am happy that the kids are good with you and happy that you have found love, i must say i have had my worries if they would take me in or love me just the way you do, but am sure we would do great, i see the union and evening barbecue's.. please never feel you are boring me with when you write me, i know that this is not enough for us to express our love, but we do our best, Had a nice time at the Chessington Zoo and water side yesterday with Shawn, honey am running late for church, would be on-line later today, but am sure that you would be going to the beach, hope you have fun, are you going swimming or you would just sit and relax, sure you would look so sexy in bikini's you totally have an amazing shape, i do tend to look at your curves all the time, got to go love, talk to you later, stay sweet my queen
Letter 6

Hey baby
how are you and how is your day going for you so far, am sure great, was really gald to hear your voice today too after 3 days, and now i think i can see everything and hear everything more clearly and that is something you only have the power to achieve, would be expecting your call and yes i know that the time difference is crazy, feel free to call me anytime you can honey, and would be there, if am not by the phone i would return the call when i see it, would definitely find a way to reach you while am out, because am not sure that i would be able to coupe or concentrate myself..
Am most honored that to be the one to lift you up and give you a change of looks and the glow that everyone can see and appreciate, i understand your son position being a man and being protected of you, one thing you can count on love it that i would never give you the slightest pain or heartbreak, this love we share, smile and glow we give to each other forever, as i can count on the fact that you would always be there for me too, it seems like am going to face a disciplinary committee as everyone is expecting a lot from me, LOL, don't worry honey would totally kick some ass for you, as am coming to show you what it is to be in TRUE and LASTING love, i know with time we would all be happy and everyone would appreciate what we have, so lets be counting the day BABY, we have got a long ride, hope you are buckled up, Am 5'9 honey, you don't need to worry about height honey, i know that you want to look you best, but you would always look most wonderful to me, dressed sexy, corporate or even in your night gown, made up or not you LOVE / HEART is all i want and a family with you, every other thing is a plus, would be nice to celebrate my birthday with you, well am sure having you as my one and only would be an everyday celebration.
Letter 7

Dear Mrs. Talbot,
I have made a 1000 pound transfer to your account this morning. Please advice once its well received.
Thank you
Yenny Varela
Letter 8

Dear Mrs. Talbot,
A second wire transfer for the amount of 1500 GPB was sent this morning through Scotiabank to your bank account.
I will not be able to scan document today, if needed I can do so on Monday.
Thank you and have a nice day
Letter 9

Dear Yenny Varela,
We have received payment from Mrs Dorothy Angela Talbot,This is to inform you equipment has been cargoed. Find below tracking details
Tracking number - 2147483647
To track item, pleasse visit our website : You will
find a search bar, insert tracking number and click on track suppilers.If you have any difficulty please let me know.I will issue you a receipt and also bill of lading once it has been delivered.
Thanks for doing business with us and hope to serve you better.
Yours Faithfully,
James Brooks
Sales Manager
Phone Number- 447924452380
- 4420 8133 4934
Fax Number ; 4487 0479 5053
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