Romance scam letter(s) from William King Bunckner to Fay (England)
Letter 1

Hi Faye, Its Wills from UsMillitarysingles,,site thank you for the morning ..full name is William k Buckner, am 55 yrs but still kicking, Am someone who wants to learn new things in life ,Divorce for about 5 yrs now, Single with one Son am proud of but as i stated ready to Mingle again , probably with you hehe....
Am am generally an optimistic person with great sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work. My friends tell me I'm funny on occasion, intelligent, laid back, and confident. I work hard but I love to laugh and have a good time. I take pride in the way I look and I stay in shape. I love the outdoors, seeing live music shows, dining out and having a good intellectual conversations..I would like to learn everything about you what makes you thick and thin ur daily Life..
Am free lancer telecom Engineer who deals in everything concerning telecommunications and also get the chance to travel more ,see the world , have a feel of how some people live their lives... this is just that start ... ..Hope we can make something out from this beautiful chance ..please you bring it on from an open book ask me anything ..surely share more with ya, am gonna drop you few of my pics ..just to keep your day going ,,.My lady . Wills
Letter 2

Hi Fay, well said and sounds like we have a connection already from the way we have shared ourselves ..with words that best describes us details ..I love a woman who likes to read , its makes us more even . you love to travel ..which is also a turning point for me ..well Blonde,,Hmm never had the chance of kissing a Blonde woman ..Guess there is always a first time..
I said i wanted to move on cos ..i needed a new start after been single for the past few years now ..i was thinking it was right to move ..I have a wonderful Son, Jason who is 29 going 30 and he lives and works in Canada,, I come from along traditional home ..raised with good morals... I was raised by an American -Swedish Parents....and its was always nice in Europe.. And also my work has taken me places ..Fay..better experience..
I live a very comfortable Life ..have a better and blessed work .which i don't need to complain ..I would love to get to know you more ..its just like we were meant to find one another .Life is a cycle,,, Please feel free to ask me anything am Open book. Fay my lady there is this App by Google called Hangouts..thought you should get it so can could use to communicate more ..thank you and will be waiting for the ..Pictures Wills
Letter 3

Hi Fay , I just got the chance get back online ..sorry about the missed messages i had from you ..well i think the emailing ..before coming On Hangouts....
Letter 4

Hi Darling , Good Morning to you its your California Man ..who is seeking a better solid relationship with you ..sorry i showed up late Sundays are another working days for me..just to prepare me for the coming week, How was your night sleep , Hope you had lots of dreams sweet ones and future ones as well..I will be looking forward in connecting with you this morning before you start your daily activities ..Thank you my lady be waiting for your reply Wills
Letter 5

Hey Darling ,Initially i was working in the home office when i started talking to you this morning my lady and this is the case my power ..Plant
Letter 6

This is a direct number can get to me ..+1 213 -394- 6768 can call , leave voice mail
Letter 7

Hi Fay, what do you call games ..well i was invited by this group from Hangouts and i was surprised self it was the reason the network acting up ....I had to check back on them this morning i asked them to take me out from their Group
Letter 8

Hi Honey, Good evening to you and i must say you have been a great addition already to my world ..and you making my morning and evenings , nights much more meaningful ..what a world we could had if you lived closed but i love and appreciate how you have handled this communication and relationship so far ..very matured ..I love that .. I'm already starting my day now and had to come check up on my Email even before my Fav Coffee meaning you come first ...I will be looking forward to talk more with you .my lady when if it cool , okay to call you by that name ..Missing you already . Wills
Letter 9

Hi honey really going to sleep this soon ..I just got done with stuff and errands and had to come quick to check on you ..How was your day my lady
Letter 10

Hey Honey , good day and how are you today i know its almost into the noon activities .Missed you already .How is the day going on for you ..I just woke up and i had to first check on you ..Love

Letter 11

Yes honey day is starting beautiful .already .I will be going to my other house in the other side of Los Angeles ..going to check up on my warehouse ..I had coffee before i sent you the email..Missing you ..Purchasing adviser looking into it darling...
Letter 12

Hello Honey, Good morning , How did my lady slept .Hope you had a better sound rest cos today is a bigger, well i just thought i should just check up on you this least get to know how your morning preparation is pawing out ..Yesterday .i think we had a better mode in our conversation..every single time we communicate we get to the higher climax which says it all how we receive each other in Warm heart..I respect you for you are ..I want to be able to share my other half of my life with you ..since we have already spend the other half of life already ...This is a new beginning for you and I ..and Honey am Up for it ..thank you for choosing the right move to have a life after ..its doesn't get better than this Loving it so far...Please make sure you are on Lock ..down ..I will be hoping to hear from you before you leave...Have a wonderful Morning Wills
Letter 13

Hello Honey, Fay Good evening or afternoon to you ..well thats was a short summary of how you feel about me ..this is the most important person email i have received from a woman in years ..A woman to sit down and create this beautiful Email for a Man with Mixed Accent thank you

You have already made my morning a blesseed one with your choose of words ..Love words has much understanding than the Poems and Novels i read..It more reason why am into you due to the time you have been creating for the Both of us..We can achieve , get results and anyway we want to ..if we make up our minds set for the Target ..I feel already like i can trust you and Have a life with you .... Wonderful paintings are well., its really speaks of the gift you have in you ..I loved it ..and i will print it Now..Starting my Morning in Beaumont with Morning Oatmeal..and fresh Milk....I hope we get to connect later when you ready to leave town Your Man ..
Wills ..
Letter 14

Hello Love, Good morning from California and i know you have a vast majority of the time difference but am trying to catch up with the time and you as well..I dont want to ever lose anything you have or experience getting ..I would have love to be there ..Beautiful EXPERIENCE
Am glad you having a great day my LOVE ..i just woke and it just 6AM here in C.A.. and loving the morning Breeze ...its always beautiful on this side of California ..or i should say its my home which is beautiful.. am living a very beautiful healthy life i dont need to complain about non,, missing you already i know so far we managing it with the communication level and loving .it ..Its Sunday morning Honey and i will doing some slight gym, .workout..i have a full workout Gym at my home very comfortable huh
after workout i will be doing some ..paper works with some fine wine ..just like ..i will be going to my basement get a fine wine who looks like you ..very slick like you ..Fay ..You name or the pronouncing of your name just gives me goose bombs ..How cute ...Please i will be able to the internet all day so try and reply so i can at least write back ..on an instant level Love.. MISSING YOU .. yours handsome Wils
Letter 15

Hello Love, Fay,,,,
Uhmm I should Good morning to you and applaud for a great step you took moving with this your life adventure its makes me have much more respect for you cos what you doing is beautiful ..I would have loved to be there with you holding hands ..and going thru this wonderful cities ..with decade and centuries of History ..I had a wonderful sunday , all i did was work a little bit and had time also to relax ..cos tomorrow is a big working day for me and my new crew who came on board for this small project in Arizona..
I miss you already and you did mentioned some food you had ..good rice ..and beans, meat, fish sound like my Fav..I will love to have a woman cook such for me at my Comfort..Honey were we have come now in this is really looking very healthy ..and i want us to keep it that way and work on just making more strong and never let any thing come to distract our mind set..Love is beautiful ..Stay with me honey ..i will always worship a woman who follows her heart ..I love you and missed your voice ..thank you for sharing loads lof pics on this Adventure you taking ...Please stay safe ..I will be here waiting to hear from you Love ..
Yours Love
Letter 16

Hello LOVE,
Fay ,,, How many times do i have to tell you ..when you cry youb look beautiful too.. and My head is under water but am still breathing fine ..You are the only woman on my Mind ..So all of me ..Loves all of you i give you all of me ..
Its morning here my darling and i wanted to drop you this short verse in my head just like a bring the best in me by making me feel am a music Man...i try to be Good and do my best in your presence ..Love is all i seek for ..and unconditional Love ...I hope you having a great evening ..already ..i will be connecting thru with you later in the Hangouts ..i dont want you to get pissed of Love..I love you and will always do ..tomorrow is gonna be a big busy day ..will be looking forward to that ..stay put ..i will be be back ..
Yours Lover Wills Bucks
Letter 17

Hello Love,
Its Morning again and i have already sent you an email but it coffee time here and already been missing my darling , all night long make me feel complete..and i shall be with a woman who gives me joy and happiness all the days of my life ..I wish you knew how good and far you have made my life a better one have really shown me ..i can love from across the distance ..and its working .i cant wait to meet up with your family so i can just steal you away from them to the United states ..cos i you are the kind of woman ..i want to get to know, be with , and make love to..
You RE, a complete woman ..and i was happy you choose me first ..Am a very jealous type of man .but i also a have a gentle jealous not the furious time ..I will be hoping we connect in the evening your time.. just early morning here and am starting my day with you just a blesssing ..cos you are a blessing ..already from above ..i love you Fay. and remember that Darling .. Yours Lover
Wills Bucks
Letter 18

Hello Love,
Good evening ..and seriously calling me such names cos i asked for a favor ..I thought you loved me and wants to be with me how come come up with such harsh and insulting words...I just came back from the working site...
With you i figured i have had a woman and good wife but here is the case i asked for a simple favor ..for me and you start calling .me ..So you telling i also wasted my time in getting to know you ..what a shame ..i thought you were my choosen one ...I never knew you could even use such harsh words on me ...but am not offended cos am a person ..
I will just pretend you never said anything about me or my work ..or my life ..i trusted you so much ..wanted to be with you ..
You can decide on anything, I know after i found you my problems are over...cos finding a good woman is hard but i did well to hold on but you justed showed me the real you ..
Letter 19

I have heard you ..since you never trusted me you can say anything .but please never use such words on any Man again ..cos yet still you dont know me much or cant use me as an Issue of ur past ..If you want to help fine but if you not then never Insult ..cos you dont look like such a person ..I was very disappointed on how you even handle this in the first place ...guess my thoughts about you was wrong ..
Letter 20

Hello Fay.,
well also if you only mean the things you said to me ..and after all this while ..and i seek for favor .from you it not that i cant afford what am asking you to but it the Availability of the product from this side of the ..Planet..
This a third world country ...and meaning its lesser developing country ..i dont need to prove who i am to you ..cos i have been there for you enough , proved something ...My love alone is what i wnt...and nothing ..been truthful and open with every little thing i say to you ..You made me the better person,,,what more can i say ..I truly Love you and nothing should change that . Wills
Letter 21

I have everybody but i asked cos i wanted to ..but since you dont have any solution to my favor ..then i will understand ..and thank you anyway ..for even checking on my issues..Hope you get better .we talk later
Letter 22

Hello Fay .Yes we should connect on that time ..,thankyou ...and stay positive
Letter 23

Hello Fay,
Maybe you never got me right ..I was never mad at you just being ..harsh an a wonderful person .and do i need to react to how you handling this ..No ..I just had to take it Cool ..and never say anything in return...In this world if someone offend you .or insult you ..the best you can do is just to hold on your Ground..I really appreciate you checking up on me Fay..Glad you able to leave the Hospital ..We thank God .. Wills
Letter 24

Hello Love,
This is the address my driver asked me to send to you and i know it going to be useful ...thats his name and the street name cos he is a citizen and knows around town..

ZIPCODE -- 00233
Letter 25

What do you mean i came ..up ..You never cease to amaze you know what a Scam person is ..if i was would you think i would be here talking to you ..Guess you bringing this up can have another situation at our hand ..I never will doubt you or say something wrong to you cos i respect who you are...if you want to help me find ..but stop looking down on me....Guess what we talked about was nothing good for us Is it ?? you still on that conduct again ..what more can i say

Letter 26

Hello Fay,
thank you for the short email and its been a sunny day here been up and down already for the day and i think i have had enough..too much sun...i will see if i get the chance to connect ..
Letter 27

I have been experiencing some power outage here ..i dont know if i will still be connected to online thats if there is power ..i hope we can communicate before it gets too late
Letter 28

Hello Fay ,
Good evening i know you might be busy getting to what you said .you will, be doing last nite ..Well just got back to my Guest House and feeling tired already ..Felt like i needed to check on you and see how far are we ..You Good ..stay in touch ..Love you
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