Romance scam letter(s) from Eduardo Luna to Maria (Italy)
Letter 1

Thanks for the insight and sharing about yourself personally,Probably the most important thing to know about me is that I love the Lord and desire to please and obey Him.I would love to be with someone who feels the same.The second thing is that I am a good man.I have my faults but pride myself on my honesty and my ability to express my feelings.I don't date a lot.I am looking for a mate. I don't believe in cheating on a partner, in other words when I am with someone I am faithful. I am not interested in one night stands or playing the field. I am a widower and sometimes I ask myself "Why?" I'd have to say that it was just not a problem earlier, and I just never seemed to notice that.I am a person who does pretty well on his own and is not afraid of being by myself, but the desire to really connect with someone and be in a relationship is sometimes overwhelming. The loneliness can get to you sometimes.I am a person who enjoys communicating on a physical level, a touch or caress can mean so much whether given or received. I also love to talk and truly enjoy good conversation on a variety of subjects. I can be quite direct.I love animals. Would love to find someone to share everything that life has to offer.I'm all about pleasing the person I'm with!Not at all a jealous type person.I'm pretty much old school, what can I say... I really enjoy just staying home at times,rainy days,nice to stay in bed and watch movies,cooking dinner together or just me cooking a nice romantic meal.(I'm not a couch potatoe!) Cooking is one of my passions, possibly sip on some wine with candle light and smooth jazz music in the background.I'm a very romantic person that is even tempered,funny,passionate,secure,adventurous,and spontaneous!!!Romance is so important to me and hopefully is to you as well.
I like to hold hands,cuddle and kiss,I'm a very compassionate and physical type person.Chemistry, Passion,Romance is so much fun and has to be there followed by friendship.I trully believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship. Anyway, I'm pretty much a simple type person, I'm not into arguing and being with someone that's negative.I can dress up and dress down with a pair of jeans and flip flops. Honesty is so important!I do love to travel when I can,
So,you MUST love to travel!! Lol..I like romantic weekend getaways and enjoy going to the beach and especially love going to the islands on occasion. Aruba has to be one of my favorite islands that I've visited. I just love to spoil,I'm more of a giver than a taker. I've always worked hard for what I have,financially secure,and believe in giving it 110% in anything I do as far as your job or a relationship.If you like, we could also talk on the phone or do skype. I think voices make a lot of difference in really getting to know someone.Have you ever been to Italy before?Do you like Italians? Your new friend.
Letter 2

Hello Maria,
Its nice to hear from you,I thought we had difference on faith,but that really isnt a problem for me if its not for you either. lm originally from Italy and I've learned so much from my grandparents and a great grandma. As a child, they were always there. My grandpa had a 3 story house, my family lived on the 3third floor, my aunt and uncle lived on the second floor, and my grandparents lived on the first floor. My grandfather, in the basement , make wine. It was awesome having family around.I still have fourth and third cousins,back in Italy.I have just one daughter and shes my world! I take life one day at a time but I take it as fast as it comes!I am a man, who knows how to love,care,listen,& stand beside that someone in my life. I know for a relationship to float it must be held up with Love, trust, open honesty, communication, & the will to forgive ! I am a very romantic man looking for that special one, to grow together! learn together & stay together! holding, laughing,loving, sharing,& bearing, each & every moment in this life!I have what I call country moral values. I believe a man’s word is his honor and a handshake is as good as a written contract. Women and children shouldn’t be abused and lying to people for your own profit is just plain wrong. I just wanna be happy Maria,I was watching an older gentleman at the party hold the doors for his wife,get her drinks, help her with her jacket.He sat and held her hand.They had to be in the 80's.It was so sweet. I would like to know more about you.Do you have skype on your phone.I would like to talk and hear your voice. My best
Letter 3

Hello Maria,
Thanks for lovely note,I am glad you re able to set up Skype.I think you need to create an account on skype. You can add me on skype with my email address.I cant wait to hear your voice and I hope you like my Italian accent.whats your favorite color? Sleep well, ease into tomorrow ready for whatever presents itself and be grateful for the adventures and opportunities. Your new friend
Letter 4

Hello Maria,
Hows your day going?I was in Miami Florida for a business conference. Heres my cell phone ## 5138981327 you can text and call me.whats your number?Do you think we can skype this weekend? XoXoXo
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