Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Presten to Donna (USA)
Letter 1

Hello angel,
Kisses to you first while you sleep,Yh your mail makes sense and I understand what you meant,it's was important and very wise of you to secure yourself first but not with me you safe with everything,am a real gentleman,you need not to worry about anything because you are in same hands my gorgeous angel. I might be hot but with you I'm cool, And to fix my wrongs, you're sure the tool.If it will make you glad, I am ready to be your fool! And I sure won't graduate, if your love is a school! For your sweetness, I don't mind turning a bee. For your morning warmth, I wish I am a tea.For coolness, I don't mind turning a serene sea. Your source of strength and comfort, is who I want to be. Morning night and noon, I can't keep you off my head. For your love is fantastic, your love is cutting-edge. You can be the butter, and me your bread.Be by your side every night, with you to share my bed. I just can't wait, baby it’s you I want to wed. Have a good sleep honey,this chip in was to tell you how I feel about you,am insane yes! I know just for you and the love is real! David.
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