Romance scam letter(s) from Willies Meyersen to Gina (Canada)
Letter 1

Name : Willies Meyersen
Place & Date of Birth: Berlin-Germany/28th Aug. 1956
Nationality/Marital Status: British/widower
University College London BSC (Hons) Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering 1985-1990
Kingston University London Masters in Civil Engineering Construction 1992-1994
University of Manchester,
Manchester, England,
U.K. PhD (Hon.)International recognition in Civil construction & field Researches 1998-2000
City University London Diploma In Computer Science 1991-1992 POSITIONS HELD & EXPERIENCE:
Position Held Employer Date
Public Relation Officer N. London Construction.Co.UK Ltd 1995-1998
Project Manager Ethical Corporation 1998-1999
Private Contractor in Construction Self Employed 1999 Till Date PUBLICATIONS People usually need to refresh their memory to be faster, therefore they have to grasp information quickly and recall more of what they read. So find out the help may yearned through the bellow table contained on researches, papers, participation in workshop papers and articles published in national and international periodicals written by: Engr. Dr. Willies Meyersen from (1998/ 2006 NO. Subject / Abstracts and / or Articles. Publisher & press. Ed. & Date Remarks.
1. The needed tools for building and sustaining successful managerial service quality. Manchester Club Pub University Press. No.3,Feb. 1998 Vol.8
2. Training and management development methods. Manchester Club Pub University Press. No.7,
April 1998
3. Quality management & Construction, tools and techniques. Kingston University London. Press. No. 10.
May 1998
4. Construction career development steps - case study - about United Kingdom Revised by Prof. Niglse Nicholson, Kingston University London Kingston University London. Press. No. 12
June 1998
5. A brief summary for strategic directions, keys, ideas & practical examples in United Kingdom Construction Profession
Revised by: Assist. Prof. Dr. Wallace Raymond. Manchester Club Pub University Press. No. 16
Aug. 2001 Presently, I am practicing technical work for LDCs programs, as development cooperation programs with an excellent interpersonal negotiating and consultative skills to facilitate coordination, negotiations, and participation of collaborations with the solid medical background, in addition to the development issues with its applications especially in research findings. Super employee productivity with better communications to increase visibility as sharing ideas as by raising clients’ satisfaction as well. Generate enthusiasm, imagination within the teamwork to gain public support for the full employment of common policies and activities to improve reports, memos, presentations, letters and publications. Performance fund-raising ideas to make them more productive and coping with all types of critics, researches, ways of gaining power, marketing and public relations to be developed; more easy to follow suggestions to speed up work. WHAT I DO: I undertakes building/design contracts, heavy civil construction, & highway construction contractor. Offices, homes, roads and bridges are just a few examples of what I do within Construction. I offer construction services in all of our home markets – UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and in Latin America. CONTRACT PREVIOUSLY EXECUTED (1) Construction of a private mini estate Located at Shoreditch, Brick Lane E12
(2) Maintenance of an inter state express road in Poland
(3) Construction of 450 kilometres of rural roads in collaboration with 13 major contractor . This contract was executed in Finland.
(4) Building of a 40 blocks of flat , Czech Republic .
(5) Construction and maintenance of 200 Kilometres road in , Czech Republic Languages and computer skills
- Fluency in English, German & Translations capabilities.
Computer Excellence of PC applications including MS office
- Excellence in Internet search and usage.
Letter 2

How are you doing Gina? I hope you are fine and you enjoyed your weekend. It is a beautiful morning here in London and am about to go to my office but I decided to write you a long email about me and send you pictures as well like I promised in my previous email to you on match site. Thank you for replying to my email on and I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to express myself to you by giving me your email, I really appreciate it. I need to be very open with you Gina, I live in London¬England but distance is nothing to me at all as regards relationship because my business permits me to travel around the world and besides, love is more than everything in a relationship and I believe that when love binds 2 lovely souls together distance does not matter and does not exist in the picture. A business friend of mine introduced me to, he found a great relationship in there and presently they live together in Hawaii but he was present at the conference meeting were we reunited again a couple of weeks back in Lancaster Kentucky, USA. I do come to United States from time to time for conference meetings and engineering workshops. I was in Lancaster, Kentucky for 2weeks for a conference meeting like I said above, but I live in London and am back home in London now. I will be coming back to USA soonest for engineering submit for 2015. I registered my account in Lancaster, Kentucky were I put up for 2weeks as I was not allowed to use my London home address by website as at the time of registration, so I had to use the address of the place I stayed while I was in Lancaster, Kentucky for my matchcom registration. I have decided to give it a try and I know with God by my side I will be able to find my match and my soul mate. Like I said distance is nothing to me at all because I can travel or relocate to any country if I wish because my business permits me. I never really had the time to go after ladies here in the UK because I am a busy man and travel out of England a lot to attend to business and am planning on making USA my third home country hence, looking for my soul mate there, am even planning to buy a home in the USA soon, but will pause for now while I search for my soul¬mate first then I take it up from there. There are so many women on the site, but believe me Gina you are the only one that intrigues me and have captivated my heart and soul, no other held a candle to you in any way, and the funny part is I am not sure why, maybe when I finally get to meet you face to face I will know the answer to that certainly, maybe I will never know, that I am leaving in God's hands and directions. Let me tell you few things about myself Gina? I am originally from Germany but now a British citizen (British¬German). I was born and brought up in Germany, came to England for my university Education and I have been here ever since. I attended my primary/secondary education in Germany and proceed to England for my university and higher education. I lost my parents and my only younger sister in a drastic auto¬car accident on their way back from shopping in Germany. A truck ran out of its way in an over head bridge and landed on my family's car and some other cars on the run way, it was a drastic incident but I have gotten over it now because its been a long time now, that was when I was 24yrs. My late dad was an engineer and a contractor before he died and I have taken after him to become an engineer too so that I can continue from were he stopped. So right now I am a certified civil engineer, an international private contractor in building and construction engineering and I love my job so much. The only family I have now is my only 9yr old daughter Lilian and I love her so much because she is all I have got and she stays with me whenever she is back from school because she is in a boarding school, I have solely taken care of her since she was born as a single parent. I lost her mum, my wife at child's birth. That would be a story for another day. I love going out for dinner but never had the time to go with someone special for 9years now, I like good food and eat healthy, I like chicken soup and I like fish BBQ and fruits and lot of vegetables too. I love traveling most especially on business trips and enjoys horse back riding too and I own a horse and a fish pond and I love water. I love swimming, camping and boating. I drink wine and champagne occasionally most especially when any contract is being awarded to me, let me say I am a social drinker. My turn off are cheating and lying, I hate lies and dislike liars with passion, I know what I want in life and when I see it I go for it. I have a great sense of humor but the only thing I do not know if my soul mate will like about me is that I am left handed. Its a turn on for some people and a turn off for some too but I hope it will be ok with you. You have a lovely profile and charming looks. It will be very nice for us to get to know each other more. Attached to this email are few of my recent pictures, my daughter's pictures, my house I live in London and my CV Resume so that you can know me better and see more of the person you are corresponding with as am not too comfortable displaying my personal and private life on the website. Please let me know if you like them in your reply email. My best regards as I await your response. God bless you. Yours Truly, Willies.
Letter 3

How are you my sweet Gina and how was your night? I hope you are fine baby. Thanks for your lovely email my love, I enjoyed reading it as usual. My night was good and am happy to be up this morning dancing to the tune of our love for each other. I have been thinking a lot about you this morning, I went to bed with sweet thoughts of you and woke up with beautiful sweet thoughts and dreams about you as well, sweet lovely thoughts baby. I can not wait to finish up my job here and come to you. I love to wake up in the morning with you by my side in bed and make some sweet passionate wake up love to you and sleep some more knowing that the world is ours, and not having to rush to work site every morning. I truly need a vacation with you when am done here. You better think of a place sweetie. Where do you have in mind? Hawaii? ha Am happy you noticed the way I changed the subject in my previous email to you, I love to change your sad mood to happy ones, to try to make you well when you are sick and get you up when you are down. I know am more or less not doing that very well but I am trying and improving baby by the day and I will get I want you to know that as a matter of fact, you will always have your space and free time to do girlie things alone if you know what I mean, and that does not stop my unwavering love for you baby. It is just something to let you know how much I trust you and honor you and how much I want you to be independent when you truly want to baby. I will send you a postcard ok. I will let you know when I send it so that you can be expecting it my love. I attached two of my recent pictures in this email for you to see baby. I found this ones on my email folder so I think you should see them. We are in the most difficult days of our lives at the moment due to the distance and thousands of miles that separate us and we have never met. However, it is during this time, at our weakest, we can also be our strongest. For we have our love and if we remember that love, draw on that love, continue to be in that love unwavering, we can get through this and truly be one and the waiting would prove to be worthwhile baby. We can get there by working together the way we have been, trusting each other without doubt, honoring each other, respect each other, be faithful in our love for each other, God loving and we can conquer all that life throws our way. The irony of it all is that we have all these qualities and we exhibits them and they reflect in our daily lives already baby and that is something I call God centered relationship. I thank God for what we have my sweet Gina, it couldn't have been more beautiful. You are a wonderful woman sweet Gina, a virtues woman, the beautiful and loving one who through 9/6/2015 Print Message¬us 2/2 everything going on, has stayed by my side as much as possibly allowed when I was down. One who has loved and supported (still loving and supporting) me and given me strength and a shelter for my heart to come home to. A safe haven for my love to grow within. In the short time that I have known you that seems like forever, not a day has gone by that I wasn't already in love with you. At times you have wavered but your heart has always led you back to me. Your patience in this situation has been unbending, beyond what any other woman would have been able to handle and comprehend. I am honored that you have given me your heart, and that you have taken mine with such a gentle kind love. I would be proud to call you my wife, to bear the same last name and and spend our last years on this earth together loving and caring for each other baby. You are my heart, my world, my soul, my spirit, my best friend, my every breath and my wife to be Gina. I can't wait to reach that moment in time, that time when I come to you when I get down on my knee trusting the beautiful band forward and ask you to be my wife. The stars of joy will explode in my eyes, my heart will sing songs of unremitting joy forever more baby. I am honored now to be your one true love. I will be ever more honored to one day be your husband. I love you more than life itself Gina. There are no words that I can say to truly tell you how much I really love you. I couldn't picture myself without you in my life. You are perfect for me in every way possible and I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you. Have a nice and wonderful Sunday ahead my love and God bless you for me. I have to run along to work now, I will give you a wake up call later. I love you forever Gina, Your husband to be, Will.
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