Romance scam letter(s) from David Mavah to Del (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear how are you today?..How are you today sweetie have been going through a lot since yesterday ,I don't wanna bother you about anything because i don't want bring my problems to you i don't know what else to do i think you should look for someone else, Have no choice than to let you know this. You might find someone much more better than i am. Am sorry for saying this but i still want to let you to know that i love you.......... i hope you had a good sleep i woke up today with an annoying call from the supplier i went to make payment of needed materials on site telling me that the amount i paid will not be enough for all the materials i need for work to progress all because of the increase of Dollar against their currency which is Turkish Lira and now i have a short balance of 6700$ i feel so mad and worried because i have used up all the cash with me i have invested over 400k$ on this project and also paid the workers their daily payment in a total of the required time they are supposed to use which means i have given them their daily payment calculated times the three weeks i am expected to complete this project and if they come to the site and don't get materials to work that would be a loss on my side right now i am so confused because the contract agreement states that i have a specified time to work on this project to a satisfactory stage with everything at my expense till the satisfactory level right now i need help from anyone who is kind enough to save my job on the line because i cant access my bank account and if i need to contact my bank it will take some days and normal bank protocol what i need now is an urgent help of someone to lend me money and i will sure pay back i really do not like doing this but i decided to tell you because at this stage i need to swallow my pride and ask whoever i believe could be of help because it is said pride goth before a fall i really don't like involving my woman in my problem and i hope you dont feel mad at me for seeking help from the lady i have planned to spend the rest of my life with........thanks David........
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