Romance scam letter(s) from Lawson Kennedy to Jennifer (Australia)
Letter 1

Hey Honey..Happy Easter to you to my darling..No i didn't go to the mass today as i was very tired..How are you doing there?Is good to know that you are enjoying yourself over there..How i wish I'm right there with you there to take a walk with at the beach..Well i know that special day is a DAY closer today..I have to go out now dear and i will be back in 2 hours..I hope you will try to be here for us then honey?If YES..Talk you then babe...xxxxxxxxxxx
Lot's Love
Letter 2

My darling Jenn,you will never know what you do to me every time i think of you,but it kills me that right now we can't be together,but i just want you to know that no matter what i will always have something in my heart for you, and it would make my life complete if you were in it.I love everything about you, and i miss getting to see you......I just want you to know that i will be here for you tonight..I have to wait to morning calls to come and send this message to you,I couldn't get you out of my mind for a second till this morning..Your thought filled my heart all through the night...I will go now babe..till i can send you another email again..Have a wonderful day..Thinking of you.....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Lot's Love..
PS:Babe I forgot to give you the phone number last night after our long chat..Here it is +16123538635..When you tell her your name,she already know who you are okay..I think you can call her your 7pm there.
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