Romance scam letter(s) from Mario Bertolini to Susan (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hi Baby,
Am on site and seriously thinking of you and our vacation, and it just puts smiles on my face knowing am going to have the best moments of my life soon.
I have received the vacation itinerary , and it's very cool with me. I am a little bit confused about the exact car we will use, lol
I think i like all of them , ha ha Ok baby, you make a choosing of the car OK, and place an order so when i come, we will go take a look. I am so happy and you have put life inside of me again. I love you so much! I love you so very much!! I love you my darling wife!!! Jy is die liefde van my lewe
Letter 2

Hi baby,
remember we talked about it, eh the price range should be btw R2m - R2.5m.
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