Romance scam letter(s) from Dennis Hans to Nikki (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello my dear are you doing? I hope you are doing great. Good to know that your computer can work now and that we can communicate more and more often. And yes, i got all your emails. I will attach a picture of me and Emily to this email and i hope you will like it. Good to know that you are back from bingo. Never mind when you go with me, i will be your good luck charm and you will surely win something. Good to know that you are simple and down to earth. Then you are not into to many make up. But some times, i will also love you to make your nails. Depending on where we are going to. I can even take you to nail shop and wait for you while you do your nails. As long as is not something that you do very often. Lol. Then, i am not sure i will give you the kind of surprise that you wont like. Of course i know that some surprises can really be embarrassing. Good to know that you agree with me that age is just a number and that its not a problem to you and your family. Its not a problem to me too. The fact is rarely care about a woman's physical appearance. What i care more about is a woman's character and seems you have a great personality. Which is one of the things i admire about you. Plus your honesty and humour. And i need you to know that your family will like me because people tend to like me as i am easy going i get along easily with people. You will figure all that out when we meet and spend time together. I am happy you are young at heart. But you wanna live up to150 years? Is that what you really want for your self? I hope you know that at 80 you might not be able to dance as much as you want. Haha. Never mind, i will stand by you. Since your uncle lived up to 108. I know you can do better. Because what a man can do, a woman can do more better. Hahahahaha. Then about your husband death and how long you wanna morn him. Trust me, i wont hold that against you. You have all the time that you need to do so. I will for sure wait for you till you are psychologically and emotionally ready for me. I guess you are worth the wait. Although your husband wants you to move on and be happy. But that happiness has to come from within when you are ready for it. My late wife told me the same thing too. But i just had to move on, because i know that's what she wants for me. I must say that you were very detailed in your email telling me more about you and your family to the extent that i feel like i have been a part of you and your family for a long time. Good to know that you are willing to catch up with me when am back from my business trip. That will be nice. I am so looking forward to that. Have you thought of where we will go to? I will love a place that is not far from you because i need you to be comfortable and free on our very first date. Ok, i have some few more questions for you. I love the fact that we are getting to know more about each other. So, what kind of wine do you like? Red wine or white wine. Or you just do Vodka? Now to the uncensored questions. What are those few things you enjoy doing with your partner when no one is watching? (Smiles) Do you love PDA when you are with the man you love? (Public display of affection) I hope you are not upset with my questions? I just need to have an idea of what the woman i intend to be with likes and dislikes. That's is all for now. I hope i haven't asked too many questions? I just love being upfront. I hope you don't mind. Do take care of you. Looking forward to your reply. Lots of hugs from Denis
Letter 2

Dear Mr. Hans Denis, We are pleased to inform you that your goods have been received in our facility for clearance exercise. Also, we wish to notify you that the clearance process will take up to 24 hours. As soon as this process is over, your goods will be forwarded to your shipping company for shipment. Thank you.


Shipment contents: 2 boxes of raw Gold and 5 boxes of gemstones.
Shipment Weight: 150 kg Customs Division,
Import/Export Unit,
Royal Malaysia Customs
Letter 3

Dear Mr Hans Denis. We want to remind you that you have goods in our facility pending to be cleared by our management and you have four days to clear them. Failure to do so, will result to total confiscation of goods. And our department reserves the right to dispose the goods by sale or auction if goods are not cleared within the specific time given. Thanks for your cooperation. Customs Division,
Import/Export Unit,
Royal Malaysian Customs
Letter 4

Dear esteemed customer. Mr, Hans Denis. In line with our commitment to excellent service, we wish to inform you that your request have been granted. You now have five more working days extra to clear your goods. You are hereby advised to comply with the terms, conditions applied to our rules and regulations. Contrary to that, The Royal Malaysian Customs reserves the right to hold you responsible for your action. Thank you. Customs Division,
Import/Export Unit,
Royal Malaysian Customs
Letter 5

Honey, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great? I just got your email. And i need you to know that i truly understand that you have to get busy with work. You gotta do what you gotta do to take care of work. So your email coming late shouldn't be a problem. Because i know what it feels like to be busy with work. I know honey. I have also been busy with work too. I have been trying to sort out my issues with the customs to stop them from confiscating my goods. I must confess. Its taking a tool on me right now. I really wanna get this over with. I wanna be open to you. I cant keep leaving you in the dark. So honey, i wanna confide in you and tell you how bothered i have been lately even though i try as much as i can to be happy. Especially when i think about you and us...I have been thinking about it lately and barely sleep. Yet, still very optimistic that i will pull through. Yes the thought of you and us meeting soon makes me even stronger. HONEY, Its about my goods. My gold and gemstones. I might lose my goods soon. All i have worked for, my hard labor, all my life savings. My heart seems so heavy. Ok. Honey, i am having issues with the customs at the moment as regards the final payment for custom duty clearance charge. Although i have paid most of the money on my own and my mom sent me all her savings yesterday. My friend also sent me some money too But it wasn't enough. I have just 800 AUD left to pay. Then the customs will clear my goods and forward it to my shipping company for shipment. Then i will just fly back. So honey, I will love you to loan me this money. I will pay you back as soon as we see on Saturday. Because i will be back on Saturday and have a brief meeting with my clients. Then, after meeting on Saturday with my clients, they will pay me half of the total money. That is after giving them the documents of the shipment. With that, i will have enough money to my self and also pay you back. Then also, when the goods arrive after 3 weeks they will pay me the full balance of the total money. So honey, i will pay you back on Saturday. You don't have to worry about a thing. Just trust and believe in me. I am sorry am asking you for this help. I know i shouldn't be doing this. Rather, i should be the one giving you. I have never done this before in my life. Its just that i am in between the devil and the deep blue sea at the moment. And you seem to be the only hope i have right now to meet up with the deadline given. I have exhausted all other options. The customs duty charge for gold and gemstone and some other items increased drastically. I just found out not too long. I have been trying to be strong and not let this bother me. But right now its taking a tool on me, because i have few more days left to clear the goods. I didn't wanna tell you much about it all along, because i don't want anything to affect what we have and the beautiful life we have been building all along. but what if i end up loosing my goods? What if i end up not coming back as planned because of my goods? How do i explain all that to you, how do i explain the fact that i hide such huge secret from you. When you might be able to be of help. If i don't clear those goods in few days. My goods will be confiscated by the Royal Malaysian Customs. Then i will loose all i have worked for, all my savings. I know you wont be happy if you figure that my goods was confiscated and i never mentioned it to you. So that is the reason i swallowed my pride to ask you for this help to sought it out before its late. And also knowing i will pay you back in less than 4 days with interest. So we will be killing many birds with just one stone. This is the least thing i expected. It came like a shock to me. As a matter of fact, i was so surprised when i figured that the price of most things have changed compared to my last business trip. Even the hotel bills. So i didn't plan for the extra fee. Plus the extra labor fee because i hired extra men to make the work faster so that i will fly back as planned. And I had paid all my hotel outstanding bills, booked my flight before realizing the customs extra charges. I will say, i was caught of guard but this wont happen again. Although i might canceled my flight to be able sort this out then renew again it after sorting it out. So honey please. I will love you to send the 800 as soon as you can, so that i will get the money on time and pay then i will have my goods cleared. Because i really wanna fly back this weekend as planned. I wanna be able to kiss you a big thank you on Saturday evening. I wanna be able to celebrate us. Look into your eyes and tell you how much you mean to me. My mom and my friend Ruben sent theirs to me via moneygram and it was very fast and easy to get to me. I will really appreciate it if you can send it before going to work. I will be forever grateful to you if you do this for me. I know you wont let me down honey. I will be waiting for your reply while thinking about us. Because nothing can stop me from thinking about you and nothing can change the way i feel about you. Do have a great morning. Kiss and hugs to you. Yours Denis.
Letter 6

Hello my love..How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great? Am really sorry about your husband as he left you without money and also put you in debts. I am sorry. You don't have to be embarrassed to tell me that or other things. If you don't tell me, then who would you tell? Relationship is about shearing in both each others joy and pains. I hope you do understand that. So feel free to tell me anything. I will never hate you or use it against you. Never. I will rather be your shoulder to lean on. Give you the attention you need and the ears to listen. We have come this far. We can only get better. And i also need you to know that there is nothing new under this earth. I need you to know that, everything will be fine when am back. I hate to make promises. I love actions rather than words. So in no time you will see it your self. Because, i will always be there for you so much that you wont notice that your husband left you without anything.Then about the money and you telling your parents. I must confess, i really don't know what to think or say. Because i need this goods so much that it will kill me totally if i loose them. I really hope there is another way you can loan the money from them without you telling them you wanna loan it to the man you are dating. You know am not suppose to be loaning money from you. Rather, i should be the one giving you. So to me its a shame. And will prefer for it to stay between us. So that no one will use it against us in future. If not for the fact that i have tried every other option. I swear, you wont know about it. I will never bother you with it. Now i even long for you more than ever. I hope you are feeling much better with your voice because i long so much to be with you. I long to hold you all night and day. Make sweet love to you. Never mind i wont be that hard on you, till you get use to it. I will rather be doing the slow and steady thing and making sure it touches all the walls. Omg. Baby, i have to stop here. I am already getting carried away. I long for you.
Do have a great day. Hugs, kisses and love from me. Denis
Letter 7

My love, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great? For me am doing great after reading your email. My love thank you so much. You are the best. You are just one in a million. I love you so much. You just saved a whole lot of things. You just saved my future, my happiness and our new found love. You really don't have the slightest idea of what you just did in my life. Thank you so much honey. Honey, about how to send the money. My love you can send it through my customs clearing agents bank account by bank transfer. So as soon as that is done. He will receive the money immediately and make the final payment for me instantly, then process the release documents of my goods with immediate effect. Then he will move my goods to my shipping company. Then i will renew my flight and fly back immediately. OMG, i cant wait my love. Below is my clearing agents account information that you need for the transfer. Account name: Aminu Abdulkareem Habeeb
Account number: 7603699357
Swift code: CIBBMYKL
Bank branch: Prima 5-B, Jalan Teknokrat 5,63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Malaysia.
REASON: For Hans Denis Honey, the above is what you need for the transfer. I will be so glad when this is done. My joy will know no bound. I just cant wait to be back to give you a big kiss thank you. Spend the whole weekend with you...Make sweet love to you... Rest in your arms of love. Honey, i long so much for you. Thank you so much. I will be waiting to hear the good news that you have done it. OMG...I just cant wait. I love you so much and you mean the world to me. I will stop here till i hear from you. Lots of hugs, kisses and ... from me to you. You rock my world the angel of my life.
Yours forever Denis
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