Scam Email(s) from Christopher Smith to Julie (UK)


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Letter 1

Hi sweetie, I noticed that I couldn't sign on face-book anymore, I don't know why, seems like I'm having a problem trying to access it but anyway, do you have yahoo messenger or skype ? If you do have any of them, I think we should chat there but if you don't have, you can create one okay. How are you sweetie ? I hope you are fine whatever you are doing right now...You have been on m mind all day. Kisses you! Please write me soon sweetie. Hugs!


Letter 2

Oh well sweetie, I don't know what face-book wants from me, Mark Zuckerberg needs to improve his administrators else he loses his clients. Lols....I have search for you on Skype and found so many Julie White, Couldn't Identify yours but anyway I'm giving you my skype Id so you look for me and add me okay sweetie. q123457543....Kisses you

Letter 3

I'm still waiting to receive your contact request on Skype...Anyway I sent you a request, Did you receive it ?

Letter 4

Okay sweetie maybe you should give me your login, I mean your skype user-name and your password so I login and find out your id and search on it with mine and send you a request. What do you think ?




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