Romance scam letter(s) from Remi Gablin to Heidi (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi Heidi,

It was a real pleasure reading about you and hearing from you again. Hope you had a lovely day? I'm just going to tell you a bit about myself right away and hope we get on to a good start. Im easy going, funny, warmhearted, open-minded, bright with an outgoing personality. I'm an art dealer.... I'm into arts in general.. paintings, sculptures and the works.. also deal antiques. I'm very single with no drama or baggage lol... And I try to keep things as simple as I can. I am a true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle disposition. Definitely not into games and I believe that honesty is the best policy. Just like you... I love to laugh! I really love the outdoors, sports, fitness, reading, swimming, camping and I loooove beaches, love the sunshine and white sands. I've not really been into the club scene until recently.... I love dancing a lot and I have found out its good therapy when you are feeling down. I love dining out, particularly seafood at ocean side restaurants. I am kinda like in the middle of introverted and extroverted but am good at communicating one on one or in small groups. I have been told that I am an excellent listener and problem solver, which I think is a plus.

How are your kids doing? I don't have kids and I have never been married... My late brother's son (my nephew) is the only family I have in the world and we are as close as close can be. The last relationship I was in lasted for 4 years and ended quite terribly... that was enough to make me forget about my quest for true love.... but I am more determined than that.... No one wants to be alone. It was a terrible experience for me but thats in the past now. I'm originally from Seychelles but I have lived all over... Just left Montana, U.S. three months ago and I'm presently handling a project in England. I will be coming to NZ in about a month from now for a job and I'm thinking about settling there. You have done quite a lot in your life Heide... From working with the army to being a dental nurse and now handling accounts...! Do you like what you do? What do you like to do for fun? Email me soon and you can send pictures too. Take care, Goodnight. Its me,
Letter 2

Hi Heidi ,

Well thank you for writing again... Im pretty new to this so its exciting for me. I really enjoyed reading from you again... You are am amazing woman and I have to confess that I am intrigued. Thanks for the photo's, you look great.... I loved them. A woman who can wield an automatic weapon like you do and still look so sexy in a dress is sure to drive me crazy anytime anyday... lol..

I can certainly say that I have been through a lot when it comes to relationships.... but I'm not going to settle for less. I am trying not to ramble here for you but I am looking for the "One". What does that mean to me? She is the person that you can't wait to get home to and spend an evening together. The person that just calls to see how your day is going but knows that it just got much better because you are talking to each other. She gives you a lift when you are down and can always make your day at least a little bit better. The person you can simply lay in bed with, with her head on your chest and our legs interlocked for hours and talk about what's on her mind. She is your best friend, your lover, your equal. My intention is not to scare you by being this upfront but if this is something you find interesting then we could probably hit it off! I'm not afraid to go after what I want and this is a part of it.... because we all deserve something special. I'm looking for something real, something that can last for the rest of our lives. I looking for a woman with a good heart, that is all that matters to me. People tend to pose as someone they are not at the beginning of relationships, when the relationship matures they change and reveal their real identity. I want someone who doesn't play games, a woman who knows how to treat a man right. I know a woman's worth and never treat women badly... A woman capable of showing love and affection. A passionate, understanding and sensual woman.... just that!! This is almost a page long already, lol.

Now I have a better reason to check my email.... thank God! I have been quite eager to read from you again... and now I am happy that my anticipation has been well rewarded! You strike me as a interesting person. Someone whose company I might actually enjoy.

I envy you.. You have such a large family!! Both my parents were the only children their parents had so I and my brother never had cousins, uncles or aunts. Okay more about me.... I should say that I am affectionate and I have no trouble showing whenever and wherever. I'm certainly looking for something long-term and I hope you want the same. I know it takes time and a lot effort to form a good relationship. I want someone who can be my best friend at all times, my sweetheart, love of my life, my partner and my soul mate all wrapped up into one woman... and If I'm lucky... the one to start a family with!

Its nice to know your kids are doing fine... My nephew Maxwell is like a son to me as well eventhough he likes to think he is all grown up! We are really close. When we go out people actually thing we are brothers... I have had to take care of him since my brother died... He is with the U.S. army, a great kid. So a little bit more to know... What kind of food do you like? How do you like to dress? What kind of music do you enjoy? And what do you admire in a man?

Take care and email me soon. My heart tells me this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Its me,
Letter 3

Dear Heidi,

Put me off?! Its going to be hard to pull that off considering the fact that you are just my type of woman. I dont know why reading from you is always such a pleasure... It makes my day. I might just be getting addicted to it. There is just something about communicating with you that draws me in and makes me feel comfortable to write whatever I want to. To express myself in any manner I feel like. I guess what I mean is that you have sunshine in you.... and I want to be a part of that.

Okay I think I'm going to answer my own questions now... lol. Firstly, I'm a fan of food....Good food! I always make sure I try out a new cuisine wherever I travel to. love seafood the most and I love Italian, Mediterranean cuisine, Japanese, Thai, Indian and I think pizza is great! My favorite choice of clothing now would be jeans and any kind of shirt. I just noticed I stopped wearing much of jeans when I moved to Montana because I had to put on a business look practically all the time, so I wore more suits, shirts on pants, cargo pants and all that. Later on I decided to change and got a shit load of jeans lol. I feel most comfortable in jeans, novelty polo's and sneakers or drivers. So if I choose to describe the way I dress now... I would just say "Trendy"! Okay... music...! I love rock, the classics... especially punk. The ramones, Sex pistols, The Clash, The Replacements, Chelsea, The who. I have always loved Coldplay and U2 too. And recently, lots of tracks from red hot chilli peppers and snow patrol have been sneaking into my playlists lol..... I am big on music and very ecletic in that area. I enjoy R&B, soul, rock and reggae. What I want in a woman isnt really much. She must be someone I can confide in and someone who would believe me 100% when I tell her I love her. Someone who doesnt entertain doubts so would not have to be jealous or petty... Trust is very important to me.

I like the fact that you are would rather be with someone smart. Its the same thing for me... I really can't stand being involved with a woman I cant have an intelligent conversation with or someone I have to explain everything to... We could really hit it off Heidi. It's funny that I have never seen you, we've never met, never shaken Hands or even touched, yet I know you would be a nice person to be around... I feel kindness in your words... its either that or our keyboards are doing a hell of a job by connecting us this way lol. So I am emailing you to put a smile on your face and to let you know you have a special place in my heart already.... Thank you for making my day with the thoughtfulness you've shown since your first email and I think that is the very reason why I always want to reply you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 4

Dear Heidi, Thats nice... As long as you still have interest I will as well. How are you doing today? How is your weekend and easter going? Have you been up to anything fun? Yes its true... I do feel very comfortable communicating with you... Maybe its becuse I have a good feeling about you. I just know that there are things in life that are inevitable, we are powerless to control them. The Sun will rise and set, tide's will come in and go out, seasons will change, the birds will fly south for the winter and return in the spring, and a caterpiller will transform itself into a handsome butterfly. The thing is many things in life are so transient, so momentary. Something that started with a simple exchange of emails might just be the beginning of something a lot more special..... You could be a star which can bring light to me in this dark world, and warmth when I need it. So I'm not looking at our communication as ordinary, I'm taking savouring every moment and looking forward to the next. I do understand what you mean about jealousy and all. I'm really not the type to play games. I'm the type of guy who puts his cards on the table and what the other person decides to do is up to her. People tend to make matters of the heart and relationships a lot more complicated than they really are. If you really care about someone then making them happy should be your priority at all times. Relationships can be hard work sometimes... but so is everything else in life... Its ups and downs, good times and bad times. So as long as you cherish what you have and care about the person you are with you just have to savour the good times and work through the bad times to make what you have last. My typical working day? Meetings, meetings, meetings. Other days you will find me at auctions, shipping companies, galleries or on a plane... lol. I run my own business. I work mostly directly with clients(individuals or organisations). Services I render basically entail helping my clients acquire pieces they normally cant get own their own or helping them with the hassles you can come by when you want to get certain artworks... I do this by being their broker. I also do business with other dealers and work with musuems and galleries. I'm going to be setting up my own gallery next year along with a website hopefully. Thats why I'm working my butt off right now... lol. I usually have a lot of free time on my hands except when I'm in the middle of something big. I usually wake up quite late unless I have meetings or things to sort out in the morning. Then I jump out into the crazy world and get to work. My day usually begins with meetings mostly at lunchtime and I usually have a lot of those. After that I'm usually attending to deliveries of shipments or find myself shipping out stuff. I spend some afternoons supervising casing and packaging for storage or sometimes shipments. I have discovered that over the last couple of months I haven't been going out a lot in the evening. I guess this is because I don't really enjoy doing the things I love alone. Maybe that will change if I have someone to share my time with. I mean dining out, concerts, going to the beach or even movies are not things you can really enjoy alone. What about you... what a typical day in your life like? Take care darl... and a lovely evening. Remi.
Letter 5

Dear Heidi,

The feeling is mutual! The feeling that comes with reading messages from you is not one I can easily put in words.... Its not really about the things you write... I just think there is some sort of connection. You have succeeded in drawing me into you.. lol. I spent a lot of time today just thinking about you and you should see how wide my smile is right now just because Im reading from you..! Lol! I never thought talking to for just a day or two can make me feel so happy when I get an email from you. I guess this might be because the person I am getting to know is interesting and this is the first time I'm getting to know someone online.

Seems like you've had a pretty busy weekend. Its good to know I haven't spooked you with the way I write.. Lol. The truth is every time I write to you I find it quite hard to hold anything back. I express myself so freely and before I know it I have written stuff that I'm not so sure I should even write about. I guess I write what my heart thinks you should know about me. I too thought about seeing you today... you dont have to exhaust your savings to come see me though as I will be in New Zealand soon and seeing you is definitely there on the top of my lists of things to do first. So we can save your savings for your son. lol.... And congratulations on that by the way!

Wow! The way you listed out what you do during a typical working day looks like you do a whole lot of work! And most of it is paper-work.. I don't envy you as well as I really hate paper-work lol. What I do might look interesting but sometimes it can get extremely hectic. Some clients can be very difficult to deal with especially when I'm dealing with corporations. A couple of years of the games? What does that mean? It really doesn't take much for someone who is my partner to make me happy. I have very simple needs. Its all about reciprocating all that I give to her on the same level. Care for me like I care for you, listen to me as I listen to you, share your heart with me as I share mine with you, trust me like I trust you. I give my trust very easily and too many times people have taken advantage of that... Thats why all I want this time around is a woman with a good heart... Because a good heart cannot harbour bad intentions or preconceived evil..

I look forward to reading from you again too Heidi.... It always makes my day.

Its me,

P.S.: I have just added you to on messenger and I have skype if you want to connect their sometime.
Letter 6

Dear Heidi, I will be looking forward to that time as well... You won't have to save or spend a dime dear. I can make it to Australia instead of you having to come to NZ. As soon as my work there is done I will come to Australia. Its good to know that we are on the same page when it comes to games and trust. Jealousy is for the weak and insecure. I'm a grown man... Regardless of the fact that I have been a victim of unfaithfulness more than once jealousy just has never been a part of me. I'm not the overprotective type because I have found out that people will do what they will do no matter how much you try to keep tabs on them! I cannot love someone without trusting her as well. The problem is that the women I have been with have taken advantage of that trust too many times. But I have no doubt in my mind that there is a special connection between us.. You need to know that life is unpredictable. Changes always come, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that makes me feel the kind of conviction I feel but this sudden change is something I have decided to welcome. I can't really tell what it is though, it just hit me! But there must be something about you, something that goes beyond the emails you send to me. This started over the web and all.... but to me it feels like its more than that. I felt for a moment that this might be going faster than normal but then I chose to ignore the thought because these days I have learnt to let myself go and let fate take its course... what will be will be. We have never met... yet I feel so drawn to you and for the last couple of hours all I can think about is seeing you. I am very happy for all the time you have used to respond to my emails. I have spent a lot of time today thinking about meeting you, laying my eyes on you and knowing for real that you are there. We will probably have many perfect days and we will know it could only get better and better as we get to know eachother.

There is something everybody is better at than all other things... The hard part is finding something you are good at but you also enjoying doing and turning that into a career. How do you have time for another job?! Are you superwoman or something... lol. Anyway, I will be looking forward to the photo's of the carport then. I need to stop here now, I'm its almost 4am in the morning and I'm still up doing some reading. It was really good to read from you again today... send me something again as soon as you can.... Anxiously waiting to read from you. Yours,
Remi. P.S.: I will add you on skype... Fixing a time to talk could be a little hard cos of the time difference... But we surely can make it work. I have added you to messenger too... Lets chat on there sometime as well.
Letter 7

Hey Darl, Nooo! I'm not doubtful of anything and neither have you given me any reason to be... I was online for a long time trying to catch you on messenger but apparently you could see my messages but I couldnt see yours. I gave up with the hope that I would catch you on later and I'm just reading your messages now. So you quit your job??!! Wow! It must have taken a lot of courage to do that...! But I know that it makes you happier and I'm all for anything that makes you happy. I'm sure you will fine another one soon... You have a positive outlook on this and that brings positive energy and that in turn brings favourable opportunities. I got here fine and I have been quite busy ever since. I have met the consultant and we had a meeting together with the curator of the white house. So I don't need to tell you how big this is! I'm quite excited at the prospects of this project and I'm hoping everything works out well. I realized after reading your emails today that you are a blessing that my entire being is thankful for. Its almost like we have shared more time together than we ever will and I know there are many more special occassions and moments in our lives that will surprise us and bring us closer. Nothing feels more right that this right now. I want to get the chance to be with you and show you how much love I have to offer. We haven't met, yet I miss you. How does that work? I have absolutely no idea. My love will reach any distance and fly to be in your dreams and heart everyday that we cannot be together. I physically long for your presense, for some kind of contact. I believe and have faith in what we are sharing at the moment because I know that neither one of us had it in mind we would meet someone through the medium that brought us together... I never knew someone would come along and make my hearts skip a beat but it has happened. I am greatful to the forces that brought us together.... the dating site included lol. In fact, it is one of the best things that has happened to me this year. For this, I have you to thank. In the past week, you have brought so much joy to me.... so much that words cannot explain. You have brought so much happiness to my heart. I never thought what I felt from the beginning will still be as strong as this but it has. This is a clear indication that what we are building on is real. I hope we get the chance to see this thing through. You sent me a video message??! I didnt get it... would have been great to see that. I have added you to my skype now so we will be speaking soon. I can give you my number but it will have to be my UK line as I'm still roaming... But we can still talk over skype anyway. I have to stop here now Heidi. I think I probably had too much wine... lol. Im very exhausted Anyway, you have a great day darl.. Talk soon. Yours,
Letter 8

Hey Darling,

Wow!! Thanks so so much for making that video... It absolutely made my day! I actually got goose bumps after watching it eventhough I could only see your for a few seconds... lol. How are you doing today dear? How is the search going? Anything yet?

Yes I do miss you... I don't know how that works exactly but thats one way to explain the feeling. Now I know that my emails might have sounded like I was begging for love, not to a stranger though but to someone I want to know..... This is because it seems I havent been able to control my fingers since I started writing to you. Believe me, every one of my emails wasnt composed to impress you, all those words (including this one) come from the most sensitive part of my heart. Who am I to hinder my own heart? . At most times I pray and hope someone who is capable of bringing me happiness will cross my path and I promised myself I will be open enough not to miss that moment. Before now, I have been very cautious of opening up to just anybody except my heart points me towards that direction. Except my heart proves to me beyond reasonable doubt that that woman is the one for me. But with you You have totally captivated my mind.... I find myself wondering if I am simply losing it or if I am falling in love? Is this real? Most importantly is this feeling vice versa or is it just me... I can't help what I feel or help the fact that my heart tells me you are someone I would love to be with. One thing I am sure of is that missing you is bitter sweet.... I love it and hate it at the same time... I love knowing that there is someone out there I care about so much that missing her makes me feel alive.... I hate it because I wish we were together already. There are so many emotions I want to express... as long as the chemistry we have now remains when we meet... I have no doubt in my mind that it will. Things are starting to look up over here. I might have to return to England before the end of the week, finish up there and head towards you until I get a response from the curator we had a meeting with here. I havent heard from the people I am to be working with in Wellington either so we should be able to meet before I start the project in NZ and that is something I would really like. What is life like in Toowoomba? What is there to do for fun?

You take care now darl... Have a great day.

Letter 9

Hi Darl,

I looked up Toowomna and was able to read a bit about the town. It will do just fine for you and me... lol. How are you today dear...? I'm still in D.C.... Crossing my fingers and hoping things work out fine... Should be heading back to England this weekend... then I will let you know when I will be coming to Australia... I'm looking forward to that first date as well.. Its honestly all I can think about right now.

Its good to know you are not really worried yet... Some people would be freaking out already by now especially after seeing there old job being advertised. You just have to keep focus and maintain a positive mindset and something will happen. I don't mean to be forward or anything but hoping things work out well between us (as I believe it would), if we are together you wouldn't have to work as hard has you have had to. I would like to take care of the both of us.... this is the time of your life when you should be thinking about enjoying life more and taking things easy. Maybe travel, do some self-discovery and spend time with people you care about and the special man in your life. I would like to do something special for you Heidi... I dont know I just think you are the kind of woman who deserves the beautiful things that life has to offer...

I would really like us to chat on messenger soon. I just checked if you were online... I guess I just miss you and I'm looking for ways to feel closer to you...

Letter 10

Hey Darling, Remi'O... Hmmmm... I like it... lol. Heidi, you need to know now that should feel free to express yourself in anyway you like without having to apologize afterwards. I missed you too dear... A lot. The last two days have been quite hectic but I had a lot of time to think about things and gain some clarity. Before now, I was kind of in a state of confusion trying to figure out the feelings that were stirring up my heart... but the storm has calmed and a clear picture has emerged. I know what I feel is real and its nothing but affection, attraction and chemistry. I am falling... faster than I ever thought possible considering the fact that we are miles apart and yet to even lay eyes on eachother. The best part is that this factors do not even smear the way I paint you in my heart. Maybe its simplier than I think.... maybe all I feel is love. Wow! You on the guitar... That was great to watch.... I think I have a good idea what I will dream about tonight... lol. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten in touch for so long... you don't even know how much I missed sending you an email and getting something back. The airport lost one of my bags. I had my laptop, phone, camera in the bag... So that completely destabilized me. They say they will contact me when it is found but I don't know how soon that will happen. But here I am again writing to the very person who has got the essence of my heart and soul. You mean so much to me Darl... I miss you. Even though you are miles away and we are miles apart what I feel for you has no boundaries, it cuts the distance down because love has no limits, no matter how far apart we are. We have managed to find something rare... This kind of connection. I try to imagine what it would be like... us ending up together its the kind of stuff you only find in hollywood flicks lol. I pinch myself everyday and know my what I feel for you is real my darling and I thank God everyday for sending you to me. Your idea sounds very good and it seems you have done your research. If no one or not many people are doing it yet then you will be able to build a large clientele base in a short time as long the business side of it is well strategized. I would like to help you with developing the idea when I get to Australia... As long as you are okay with that. Please don't take too long to write me again... you are all that is sunshine in my life..... I am sending you this to let you know that I have been sent an angel to be with me, and you are that angel.


Letter 11

Hey Darling, Just like I said I probably would... I had a dream over night and you were there...! We were having a picnic.. You wore a beautiful white dress with red flowers all over... similar to the one you had on in one of the photo's you sent me in your second email.... it was a beautiful dream and you were sooo beautiful in it... Too bad you didn't play the guitar though... lol. So now you are not only constantly on my mind but also engraved in my subconscious... How about that? lol. Good to know you girls have been spending some time together... So Alex is off to school then... right? How long will she be gone for? Sounds like you are really gonna miss her. The luggage thing is really frustrating, I have information on that laptop that I really need. Plus I have to get a new phone... Will try to do that today if I'm not too busy. How are you tonight darling...? Thanks for the grand tour video.. I really like your place... its nice... Everything is organised and clean... I like that. Plus I could here the birds in the background! Its always good to get videos from you like this... Seeing your beautiful face and watching your lips move.. I love that. I have to jump in the shower now and prepare for the day.... I'm off to London. I have a very busy day ahead of me... But I can never get too busy not to find myself thinking about this woman... Heidi... Take care now my dear... Love always,
Letter 12

My Darling, I'm so sorry for what I have put you through... I know you must have been worried about me and I have been worried because I know this. I can never change my mind about you Heidi...? Shouldn't you know that already? Or what do I need to do to prove that I'm in love with you? I guess showing up in Toowoomba is all... and thats exactly what I intend to do... And I'm working my ass off to make sure that happens before the month runs out. You are all that matters to me right now. If I havent already made a commitment to the White House job I will be on my way to you already. I havent been able to email you for the last couple of days because I had to go back to Washington because the job with the white house was approved... yes darling! (I attached the letter I got from them so you have an idea of what I'm doing right now) Eventhough I feel great about this, my head feels like its about to explode now because I am facing some problems executing the job and its been very difficult for me since yesterday. Hopefully, I will be able to sort it out by tomorrow though.... I cant give much details right now. I will send you another email later and tell you more. I miss you loads and cant stop thinking about you... You might not know how much I want to be with you too... I just have this feeling that being beside you everything will be alright because even from across the ocean I feel safe with you. I know we'll have a great life together and can't wait for us to be with each other every day, sharing everyday problems and joy, without having to leave eachother's side. Take care of yourself for me darling... Until I can take care of you myself. Forever yours,
Letter 13


I'm forwarding the email and approval letter I got from Mr. Allman to you. Please print out the letter and give a copy to Grant at Sotheby's and another to Sue and let them know I am doing everything on my end but I will need them to let me know how soon I can get the paintings (death of general wolfe and Burchells Kora). Have you heard from Maxwell? I called Cole at HSBC today... the situation is still the same. Hope things will be sorted by tomorrow though. Let me know how things go with Grant...

Letter 14

Hello again love, Oops! The last email I sent to you was actually a mistake! Lol. I was trying to email someone I'm working with but I was so carried I didn't know I clicked on your contact when I wanted to email him... Lol. Anyway, I'm very excited too darling... I can't come on messenger right now my love... I'm heading out already right now. I will be online later though and we will be able to chat better. I miss you and love you lots... Yours,
Letter 15

Sweetheart, So so good to hear from you and send you an email back. I'm doing okay darling, I just miss you.... A lot. Thinks aren't going particularly smooth over here and that's driving me crazy... There is nothing I wouldn't do to be by your side right now... I will be online in a min hoping we would come online as well... Love always,
Letter 16

I have attached the statement... The circled area is the money I lost...
Letter 17

Hey Love, I thought you knew you had enough yesterday night? I will appreciate the $900 but we both know it won't do. There must be away you can come up with more darling. Please try for me and send it first thing in the morning. Then let me have the transfer information so I can fax it to the auctioneers. Love you and miss you terribly. Forever yours,
Letter 18

Hello darling, I don't understand....? Remi.
Letter 19

You aren't giving me money Heidi... You are getting it back. I have explained this to you already... I'm guessing you are worried about how you will cope... I'm telling you now that you will be alright, I will get the money back to you before the week runs out okay love...?
Letter 20

What are you talking about?
Letter 21

Hello Heidi, What's going on? I don't know what you are talking about in your emails... Talk to me and let me know what's happening here... Yours,
Letter 22

IP address? What does that have to do with anything? I have never told you a lie... Not one!!! If you have insecurity issues you don't have to take it out on me. All I have for you is love... And I meant it when I said I want to be with you... Together with you. If you don't want that anymore all you have to do is tell me you don't instead of making a big deal out of things that don't matter.
Letter 23

Darling, I'm not sure you do. Because if you did you would know in your heart you can trust me. Why are you enternaining so much doubt and disbelief in your heart? What have I done to you to deserve this? I wish I could get on skype for you but considering the time difference and the shitty situation I'm in right now that's going to be hard. Not only do am I worried about losing all I've worked for, I now have to worry about losing you as well. I'm really hurt Heidi. Remi.
Letter 24

Darling, I'm not sure you do. Because if you did you would know in your heart you can trust me. Why are you enternaining so much doubt and disbelief in your heart? What have I done to you to deserve this? I wish I could get on skype for you but considering the time difference and the shitty situation I'm in right now that's going to be hard. Not only do am I worried about losing all I've worked for, I now have to worry about losing you as well. I'm really hurt Heidi. Remi.
Letter 25

I have attached the photo you asked for.... I hate that you are making me do this..... But I still need your help.... I honestly do... If you can still make the transfer today I would appreciate it.... if not.... fine... Just know you arent giving me the money, only borrowing me....
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