Romance scam letter(s) from Allan Williams to Sheilah (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Sweetie,
How are you doing and how was your day been i am sorry for not respond to your mail my phone is dead and i need to charge it now, Hope you are enjoying our daily conversation.Tell me what this new Friendship means to you.Do u feel any connection ? I am really ready to invest much time into this friendship because i see future in it.I know we have alot in common and when we meet in person,we will be very compatible.My daily routine is the same every day from Monday to Friday..
I get up early in the morning around 6 am. I read for two hours which require meditation, prayer and putting thoughts in my journal. Then I go out for a morning walk. I take four rounds of the park. I stroll in the park. When I return, I take milk and refreshment.I get ready for office around 9am .
I leave the Office by 5pm.When i get home,i check my emails and reply to my messages.Then i take a short nap and after that,I watch the TV. I usually go to bed around 9pm.By weekends,i go shopping and do house cleaning.
What i do at work is this.For over 10 years,i have been working based on contract.I seek contract locally and internationally.When i get any contract approval,either locally or internationally,i travel to execute it.I have travel down to Dubai, Bulgaria and Mexico to work for Companies.I have a project i will be working on very soon.It is also an International contract from Egypt.I am still waiting for their approval.Once i get an approval,i will be travelling over to Egypt to execute it. My work involves the design and testing of electronic circuits that use the properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors to achieve aparticular
functionality. Some examples of high-tech projects that I work on are global positioning systems that can pinpoint a car's location, giant generators that can power entire cities, or the lighting and wiring in buildings.Tell me about your daily Routine too. Yours affectionately. Allan
Letter 2

My Special Friend,
Good Morning Sheilah and how was your night ? Thanks for your lovely letters am glad we are enjoying an honest communication.It is so lovely to share alot with each other.When I came in contact with your profile from the site, I felt a connection.I never use to believe in love at first sight.That is why i am ready to take this slow.I know there is a bond between us that no one can break if we put in out best in building this friendship.I have think of the possible ways we can build a strong relationship based on trust and honesty.
Although,It has only been few days since we met online that truly took my heart away, but now it seems that it was more than that ... as time flies faster, it's getting deeper and greater.
Let's continue communicating and fixed a regular chatting schedule once a week just to share each other's thoughts and dreams. Once in a week when you are less busy, we can call each other to hear each other voice and that will make the relationship stronger.
I love the way you put in every effort that you can just to make everything work for us. With just the thought that somebody like you would always be there to lend me some of her time just to make me happy and complete is incomparable. I really appreciate that. Let's continue walking our different paths,i know very soon,we will get there and sky will be our limit.Once again,thanks for sharing your life story with me.It means alot to me.I will look forward to your next message.Tell me what you think about this Friendship.
Have a nice day.
Letter 3

Dear Sheilah
Hope u are having a nice day over there ? how have u been and wat have u been up to? thanks a lot for writing back to me and i am so happy that you could share so much with me about what you wanted in a man.I am not scared with that because i possess almost everything you have mentioned.Your message really do show me how interested you really want to know my kind of person and i am so happy u really do have an understanding mind..ur words are like music unto my heart and i feel so warm reading your message.Well..its has really been great keeping in touch with each other through email and hopefully we will both meet in person and get to start a lasting relationship there.Since you have listed all you wanted in a man.I know you are not looking for a perfect man as i am not looking for a perfect woman either.
More about my personality..I am a dynamic, confident, passionate, adventurous, spontaneous, energetic professional man! The ideal woman for me would be driven, funny, brilliant, happy, spontaneous, and successful! My "perfect" woman would share my values of life which are integrity, honesty, and loyalty. I am often described as a very strong Man of immense perseverance! I NEVER give up!What I look for in a woman is one who is secure with her career, she must have self-confidence and a good self-esteem and not looking to find that in another person. That should be inherent in you. You should be happy, active, optimistic, supportive, loyal, honest caring person who likes to laugh and can laugh at herself. It's very important that you're young at heart and you get extra points if you like to cook and good at it. I hope i didn't scare you away.I don't expect you to be 100% in this.I am not looking for a perfect woman.
Well,with time u will get to learn a lot about me and i know u wont regret sharing ur feelings and emotions with me my new contact will take me up to 4 weeks in Egypt but i don't how soon it will be...and i know i will do enjoy getting to know ur kind of person..cause i know u are really sincere and honest about ur words and feelings towards me I am really a sincere and honest caring,kind, friendly very easy to get along with...
I am,social,romantic,passionate,smart,intelligent,cool headed,adaptive,have a big heart and i do believe in the truth and honesty..cause honesty is the only key to human success and with honesty..our dreams will just be the greatest and the best of all..I'll really love to hear more from you and hopefully get to know your motives and intentions towards me cause i really wud want to work towards getting to meet you in person and hopefully see wat happens next.I know chemistry is very important in every relationship.I will wait for your next message.Have a lovely day and take good care of yourself and say hi to everyone over there and tell them someone handsome is coming to your life soon..
Your New and Special Friend.
Letter 4

Hello Sheilah,
Thanks for your letter and how was your day been .it really do show me how serious you are in finding the right man and living with him forever..How was your night..I am so happy to read such a unique letter from you.I will be willing to build a relationship with you and hopefully start it with friendship.Well,Here are some questions i think we should know about each other.Some may sound too personal but at our age,we shouldn't have anything hidden to share with opposite sex.We are at a golden age where true love isn't easy to find anymore..True love is something everyone talks about,it is only few that has experienced it.I hope we can be part of the few.I will love you to read the questions and answer them with all sincerity.This is the best way to build a lasting relationship.
Q. What is most important to you?
A. My work is most important to me..Also,when i find the woman of my dream,my missing rib,she will be the most important in my life..And Guess what,i know it is you.
Q. What makes you happy?
A. hmm..I am always happy when i hear from someone i love and cherish.Also,most times,i am happy when i secure a new Job.The market nowadays isn't very good for Electrical Engineering & Construction Management.There isn't a favorable market.So most times,i tried to send out proposal to construction companies just to seek for contract from them.When i get an approval,i am always happy.Generally,i am Jovial and when u see me,u see a smile on my face.
Q. What happens when you get angry with someone?
A. I leave the scene whenever i am angry with someone.I will keep silent and rather not respond to that person.
Q. How do you handle situations like that?
A. After Some hours,i will call the person that annoys me on the phone and make him/her understand what she/he has done wrong and when she/she apologize,i move on with my life.
Q. Do i think You could be the right person for Me?
A. Yes.I know u are the right person because my heart tells me so.From the first hello and goodbye from the site,i know we had a lot in common and i am ready to pursue an honest relationship with u based on trust. If so, how do you know? Well, Meeting each other was fate, becoming friends was a choice, but falling in love with each other, we had no control over it.You don't plan to fall in love,you just do that is why they call it fall in love.
Q. For how long have you been on the site ? were u on any other site before ?
A. Just 30 days and i met you on the last day..
Q. What are your experiences so far from the site ? Are you on any other site ?
A. No experience yet..
Q. How many girlfriends you had before?
A. In the past, I had 4 girlfriends, but nothing was really serious.
Q. Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
A. 3 of the ladies cheated on me and the 4th tried to clean out my bank account (I am a trusting person, and when I think that a relationship is going strong, then I allow that person access to everything that I own, including my heart)
Q. Do you know what you want in a new partner?
A. I believe that a woman should be independent yet dependent, to be domineering as well as submissive.
Q. Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
A. I do not smoke Cigarette. I do not use drugs.
Q. How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?)
A. I have one brother and we have not been in contact for many years.Both of my parents are dead.
Q. What year were you born and how old are you?
A. I was born in 1950 and i am 65 years old (or young depending how you look at it)
Q. What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
A. I enjoy most music (except rap), most movies (except horror, blood and guts), dancing, movies at home or the theater, concerts,indoor activities as well as the great outdoors.
Q. What is your goals or dreams in life?
A. My goal in life is to find the woman of my dreams.
I am already successful
Q. What do you dream about at night?
A. Anything that comes to my mind
Q. What's your favorite foods & drinks?
A. I enjoy seafood and Italian food, beer once in a while, wine once in a while (I have a wine room with 300+ bottles of wine) and a vodka and grapefruit one in a while.
Q. Can you drive a vehicle? Do you own one ?
A. Yes I can . I drive an Infinity Jeep.
Q. What's your religion?
A. Christian
Q What languages do you speak?
A. I speak English.
Q. Are You left or right handed?
A. I write with my right hand, I throw with my left
Q. Are you financially stable?
A. Yes
Q. Are you intelligent and smart and educated with common sense?
A. Yes
Q. Do you any tattoos and body piercing?
A. No
Q. What's your interest and dislikes?
A. I enjoy debates.
Q. What is your favorite Positions in Sex?
A. I like to orally do a woman, I enjoy eating a woman and licking a woman. I like when a woman is on top so that I can see her eyes when we do it,as well as taking her breasts into my mouth
Q. Have you learned something about yourself from YOUR past relationship?
A. Not to let my guard down too fast (but i am not getting any younger)
Q. What work do you do ??
A. I am into Electrical Engineering & Construction Management
Q. What's Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy?
A. When the woman of my dreams walks into my office, while I have a client there, excuses herself to the client, walks the client out of the office and politely say to the client to return in 2 hours, closes and locks the door and begins to take her clothes off, lays down on my desk,spreads her legs and says to me "I hope that you enjoy eating your lunch"
Q. What's Your Favorite Way To Be Touched?
A. anyway.
Q. Do you own a house or rent an apartment ?
A. I own my house..
Perhaps I can know a little more about you
What is most important to you?
What makes you happy?
What happens when you get angry with someone?
How do you handle situations like that?
Do you think I could be the right person for you?
For how long have you been on the site ? were u on any other site before
What are your experiences so far from the site ? Are you on any other site ?
How many boyfriends you had before?
Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
Do you know what you want in a new partner?
Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs
How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?)
What year were you born and how old are you?
What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
What is your goals or dreams in life?
What do you dream about at night?
What's your favorite foods & drinks?
Can you drive a vehicle? Do you own one ?
What's your religion?
What languages do you speak?
Are You left or right handed?
Are you financially stable?
Are you intelligent and smart and educated with common sense?
Do you any tattoos and body piercing?
What's your interest and dislikes?
What is your favorite Positions in Sex?
Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship?
What sports do you play or like?
Where did you go to school/college?
What work do you do ??
What's Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy?
Where do you live right now ? Your address ?
What's Your Favorite Way To Be Touched?
Do you own a house or rent a flat ?
Waiting for your response and some more pictures of yourself.
Allan Cares.
Letter 5

Good Morning Sweetheart,
I've been in "hopeless romantic" mood all day. I've watched three different movies throughout my trip that have centered around relationships between two guys. This isn't typical of me, but I guess I'm just in that state of mind where I want to be reminded that such love and tenderness really can exist.
The last movie I watched before i landed-- It was a nice British film called "Beautiful Thing." It was slow in places (which seems to be common in just about every British film I've watched), but it was a wonderful and touching story. It was about two teenage boys who were neighbors and their struggles as they discovered they loved one another, but had to deal with all of the difficulties in pursuing a relationship.
The scene that really touched me, though (well, other than the scene where Jaime rubbed creme into the welts on Ste's back and told him he was quite attractive) was the final scene. This is the scene where Ste and Jaime end up slow dancing in the middle of the square near their home. As they start to dance, a crowd starts to gather round them, and Jaime's mother and another neighbor (also female) end up joining the young lovers, dancing with one another. And as they danced, the four of them talked back and forth, laughing (mainly about what Ste's abusive father would have to say if he was there to see the scene) and just enjoying one another while the crowd watched in wonder.
I'd love to be a part of a scene like that with you, Sweetie. There was a tender intimacy and sweet love wrapped up into it. It's something that could never be expressed half as adequately in all the grandiose "romantic dates" and nights of
passionate lovemaking in the world. It's a gentle beauty and sense of serenity that can only come from those small, simple things, those moments that create a perfect moment of intimacy and love simply by the fact that they are an instant of absolutely sweet and genuine togetherness. I long for those moments, and I revel in the thought of someday finding them with you.I just wish to share this with u first before i forgot.
Actually,I have landed about 2 hours ago..I have a lot to tell you about this country.How i wish we came down here together..I am sorry i haven't email you since when i landed,the Taxi that brought me down to the hotel left with my tools,my Apple MacBook Pro A1398 15.4" Laptop,valuable things include all my credit/debit card inside my document bag. Right now am inside hotel cyber cafe send you message to know what is going on with me my love. I went down to their Police Station to report the Taxi but they asked me to come back in the evening. I hope they get my tools/ my document back because i needed them here for the contract.
I was thinking about you throughout my trip.I slept off twice inside the plane and dream you were beside me.sincerely,am crazy in love with you.Well, hope everything is fine with you.. I am so Glad to read from you. I just want to let you know that I had a nice trip to Cairo and I arrived there safely today and I am staying in an hotel now, If only I'd known that you were out there, then I could have been searching long before I met you. If only I'd known that there was a woman like you, I could have searched the ends of the earth. If only I'd known that I would someday meet someone like you, who gives me everything, would do anything for me, gives me all your love... I could have done anything and everything in my power to find you sooner. But, now that I have found you I'll never let you go. Because of you all of my wishes and dreams have come true! I love you with ALL of my heart i love you so much . Thinking of you everyday is my problem i love you so much and i miss you..Hon,there is a lot of time difference between Egypt and USA.It is 01:40 am here. As soon as you got my message reply me back my love.I can't wait to hear you my love.I am glad there is cyber cafe internet nearest the hotel.I will keep you updated about my welfare here..
I love you with all my heart and i will never stop loving you.
Your Future Husband.
Letter 6

Good Morning to you my wife,
I miss u so much my Angel.You are a gift unto me.See things as they are, not as they could be. Look around, see how lucky we are, fortune is on our side, not fighting against us.Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game play it. Life is a challenge meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it.I want to be the sun that brightens up your life, but I'd rather be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hours.Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love.",Remember, if you intend to follow the flying of a dragon, be careful, you may hit a mountain in the midst,Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God...I was at the Police Station for my missing tools and all my valuable document but to my greatest surprise,they told me they can't do anything about it since i don't know the description of the Taxi and the Plate Number.I felt so bad..After much deliberations, A worker that will be working with me came up with the suggestion that i could get the tools rented for the period of the contract.I was so happy with that idea and we went round the city to find a place to rent the tools. Unfortunately,We found a very good store that has an exact description of this equipment which i'm needing for the project that i came here for honey..After much inquiry,we finally agreed that they would be collecting the sum of $12,500 for renting out the equipment to me for the duration of a week which will be really helping me a lot honey,Love for oneself is the beginning of life-long romance.",When loving someone never regret what you do. Only regret what you didn't do.","Be who you are and say what you feel, for those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.","
Do not break the bridge that you might need to cross someday,cause without the Main Equipment i might end up loosing this Contract which will end up as a Great loss for me coming down to EGYPT which i don't want to happen to me honey.After checking my budget and finances i discovered that the money that you sent me to buy phone and laptop 2500$ for my personal need here..But since i have this unforeseen circumstances.... Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong doing. It does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres.If you spend your whole life comparing yourself to others, you'll never be worth comparison.",True greatness is experienced through simplicity,"It is better to reach for the stars and to drag your feet on the tops of the trees then to reach for the tops of the trees and drag your feet in the mud.I was thinking if you would be able to assist me by loan me a sum of 10,500$ or any amount you can afford to help,assist and support me to add with the cash in my hand here and get the tools rented so that i will be able to get the project brought me down here started and return to you in time spend the rest of our life together my love.I will refund you back with 50% interest upon my arrival back to the states.
I know it sounds too blunt and plain but i feel behind every successful man there's a woman to support..Now is the time i need your support and i believe you'll give it to me right."Values are only measured by the importance it has to you."Love is not something we find, love is something we DO.Love Conquers All.",Sometimes the people who you thought you knew...start becoming the strangers you never wanted,Do not lose your best friend,Lover, soul mate, life mate over your own carelessness.",Two fellows on a ship will not make it safely to shore unless they agree.Take care of the minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves.","He who shines, will let the light fall on those next to him.",Charity is a song learnt by heart, while altruism is a hymn sung from the heart.I'll be awaiting to read back from you soon.Love from one side hurts, but love from two sides heals.No matter how hard things seem, true love will aide us through it.honey i will be waiting to read the good news from you so i can tell you how to get the money send to me here in EGYPT because there is no time to waste and i promise to pay you back
with 50% Interest compensation and appreciate your support.because i have been paid half of the money into my bank and i will not get paid here again until i finish my work here or else i will loose the job and that will be great lost for me this year,i pray that will not happen.My Darling,i need to hear from you soon.I miss u so much...If we have love, we'll live longer and forever till eternity.I hope you're had a sweet dream about us together.May the lord help us through honey(AMEN).
I love u and miss u so much.
Your Husband.
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