Romance scam letter(s) from Gregory Spencer to Brigitte (Germany)
Letter 1

Oh My God , why do you think so negative about me , the problem we have in this relationship is You...I told you in my last email i do not have free access to the Internet, Carmen has returned back to the hospital , She is seriously Ill , No money to take care of her , and you are there assuming wrongly ? and telling me BYE ? If Aaron was the one with such problems and I talk like you did would you be happy ?
Letter 2

First of all i did not mean any harm as per Aaron, You misunderstood me , Language barrier. I told u my phone was stolen from me , If you don't wanna believe me then its fine , I have tried all i can to make this relationship work but if you don't want it to work fine , we can all go our separate ways , Im not ready to die , U keep talking about dieing , bla bla bla , I'm fed up of it all , if its not possible for us to meet then fine .you claim to to be sick , can i compare little girl and an adult like you ?? Woman , do not waste my time , if you re not in love or have any feelings for me then let us go separate ways dear. Good bye
Letter 3

Thanks for finally understanding , She is dieing , and if no immediate attention I might loose her , I m just a single father , Maybe I dont know how to care , Carmen Needs U, she needs US. Please hold on I will go to the business center and make scanning of bill for the hospital. Doctor told me If she starts full treatment, she will be totally fine. Give me 30 mins I will be right back
Letter 4

Hey Love , I have attached a scanned copy of the Hospital BIll of $650 balance to be paid, I have paid some , you can see that on bill , If I don't pay this on time treatment wont commence .

Send Payment by western union to First Name: LIQING
Last Name: YU
Address: Yuexiu Dist, Guangzhou City, 510010
Country: CHINA

How is your health baby , Hope you are feeling a bit well ?
Waiting to hear from you.

Letter 5

Jesus Christ Oh My Dear God You Surprised me , I owed the hospital a small balance of 250 after which the new bill was added , If we go thru numerical addup of the Bill then it is 400 $. You have from beginning doubted me , You ask of Bank Account ? Do you know how long it takes if you send via bank account ? Carmen Needs urgent treatment bank transfer takes 2-3 days that was why i said use Western Union. With western union it would be faster .Do you think your money is gonna make me a richer man for life ? Do you think I will waste my damn time to talk to you If I wasnt real ?

Why on earth Do you ever distrust and Doubt me , This receipt is not a Fake , Because of your doubting mind you call it fake . I swear to God , Keep your money, Keep your distrust and I will never ask you for anything anymore hence forth, I will not blame you for this , I just know maybe me and you are not meant to be together , Due to this situation I have known the kind of person you are. Love with no trust is like an empty fig tree
Letter 6

and more so this is not Germany , things are not done that way over here . Account numbers are never stated on bills it is given separately , who is Liqing Yu?, Thats our family doctor . So woman Im done believing you as well. Have a good life. Carmen will survive no matter what . With or without you . I think your character makes your husband always hit you. as far as you have a bad character you will never get a good man BYE
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