Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Davies to Connie (USA)
Letter 1

It's so good now that you have been able to write back to me on Christian mingle. I really thankful for the time you took to write there. I thought as much to take this time to share a few question with you. I will write the questions and answer to them so when you write back you can also answer them for me.. 1. What is your full name? Eric Davies 2. When is your birthday? October 12 3. What is your favorite song? Comforter by Cece Winans 4. What is your favorite color? Blue 5. Where were you born? In Baltimore, Maryland, grew up in Germany with my grandparents and I have traveled and live in different places. 6. Are you a Christian? Yes i am 7. What is your favorite movie? The Godfather 8. What is something I would be surprised to learn about you? I have a great sense of humor towards life. 9. What would be your ideal vacation destination? Anywhere would be adventure with the right partner. 10. Do you like the beach or the mountains? Both, because they both have beautiful sunsets. 11. Do you like silver or gold? Gold 12. Are you a happy person? Yes 13. Are you a giving person? Yes 14. Do you find it hard to share your feelings? Sure, but when i know that i can't hold it anymore i do share it. 15. Are you open to a new relationship? Yes. 16. How would your friends describe you? Understanding, fun loving, caring, nice, well-mannered, imaginative, affectionate and reasonably fit 17. What is the one goal you hope to achieve? The one goal I would like to achieve is to live up to the full potential the Lord has for me,and also to build a new home with my future wife. I will stop here for now and await your reply. Hope to hear from you soon
Have a Great night
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