Romance scam letter(s) from Goffredo Orlando to Maria (USA)
Letter 1

I know its been a very long time since we last touch base. if you are still single and want to continue to know me, am still very open. I have been so busy with work and I think am 100% ready now.
Letter 2

LOL you are very funny to have said a thing like that. I was actually busy and I wasn't trying to work things out with some other girl as you think. How was your weekend? I really would like to continue and get to know each other
Letter 3

Dear Maria, There must be a great reason for us to still keep contact. From what I can remember about your profile, I know we have quite a lot in common and I would love to know how much that is. Thanks for accepting my offer of friendship. I hope it develops into something much more. Thank you very much for sending a well detailed email, you gave me a clue of whom you are, the kind of life you lived/live and what you want in a man and you future. I would really want to take my time for us to know ourselves better. Am really very sorry about your C-spine surgeries and I hope everything is fine with you? And I agree with you were you said you are taking life one day at a time Well, I am an Italian/Canadian. My father's Italian and my mom's Canadian. I was born in India January 10th, 1970, when I was 15 years old, dad and mom got separated, so my sister and I moved with mom to Canada, to live with my mom's brother uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is a furniture maker and that was how I learnt how to make furniture. I have just one sister and no brother, while mom, my sister and I moved to Canada, we never visit dad and dad also did not remarry so dad died few years after we left India due to loneliness. Then I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland when I was 27 years old for greener pastures and that was where I met my late wife(Jane). I'm a 45 years young at heart gentleman, Still want to enjoy all that life has to offer with someone special. Someone that can't wait to see you at the end of the day! I am a very affectionate and romantic man who loves to laugh and have fun. Nothing better than soft warm kisses and holding hands. I have a great sense of humor to the point of being sarcastic and silly at times. I'm down to earth and easy to talk to. I believe you only have your name when you leave this earth and that character counts a ton. I always have a song in my head or heart. Seems I'm always singing a part of some song.(that means I don't know the whole song) :) I like to try new things and spend time outdoors but also like staying in and just kicking back. I'm looking for a lady with a good sense of humor who takes pride in how she looks. I love when a woman can go from t-shirt and jeans (very sexy) to little black dress for a night on the town! Someone who enjoys being outdoors and trying new things as well as staying in and cozy up on the sofa with a great movie. I enjoy cooking up something for the lady in my life and appreciate when she does the same for me. Cooking together can be fun and sexy. A woman who appreciates being treated like a lady and doesn't take it for granted. I believe in chivalry and enjoy opening car doors for the woman in my life. It's not unusual for me to give of myself unselfishly. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I'm NOT boasting or arrogant; it's just how I treat someone. I want to treat the woman in my life in a special way. I'm not perfect and I'm not looking for perfect...we are ALL imperfect people. But one can encourage the other when falling down. I'm more impartial around my religious beliefs and trust is my PRIMARY valued, personal asset and I desire the same from a dynamic, sincere, fun loving woman. I LOVE traveling and especially I love the unknown, so I am always discovering the coolest places and adventures even in my own home town. Some of my favorite destinations have been Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Australia, Fiji, Israel etc. I am fortunate to do what I love and feel an incredible sense of fulfillment while enjoying the freedom to travel an take time to smell the roses. I love to exercise and workout. I love the outdoors. I like to hike along nature trails, or walk along a beach. I also like sporting events and concerts. I also enjoy dining out and movies. Want to experience all that life has to offer! I love all kinds of good music with the exception of rap songs. I love watching sports on television. I own an incredible pack of dvd's collection with lots of movies from 80's to 2015. It got all kinds of movie in it. I could borrow you if you are into movies LOL... I also love the theaters or cinema; I think it's romantic to take a lady out to watch a romantic movie. Do you agree? That's just about me that I can write. Please feel free to ask me any questions and please send me more pictures of you. Looking forward to your reply.....
Letter 4

Hello Maria, Good day, how are you doing and how is your day going? Thanks for taking out time to send me such a beautiful email. Am a widower like you already know, I lost my wife (Jane) 4 years ago as you already know and I have been single since then, the reason why I stayed single was because I wanted to dedicate my time to my little girl and to my job to enable me take good care of her. Now my daughter Sofia is 7 years old and I also want to start life afresh by relocating. I was in California 2 months ago, that would be April on vacation to get a house to buy or rent so I could relocation the the US permanently and start a new life. Hope you're not bothered by this because deep down in my heart, I still want to continue with you and see what the future holds for us. I Love to dance and slow dance is my favorite and am very good at it. I do go the the gym 3-4 times in a week and I also like to work out in my room with push up and sit up. My favorite food is Italian and I love cooking, I think I should be called a chef. I have never been on any dating site beside My mom lives with my sister in Canada, my sister is happily married and blessed with 3 kids which are 2 girls and 1 boy. My sister and I are not good friends because she was not in support of me moving to Scotland, she made a statement the day I left for Scotland saying "If I love and care about this family(ours), that I should not move to Scotland, that if I go to Scotland that she will never talk to me again" I tried to contact her severally but she never wanted to talk to me so I stop contacting her. I still check on her when ever I speak to my mom on phone. Its good to know that you have faith and you are a Christian. For me, am a catholic and I go to church every Sunday and some times I attend weekly masses and I still receive the holy communion. I like Scotland as a country and as a home but all that stopped when I lost Jane. Jane's absence still hurts me when I come across her friends and they still ask me how life has been for me and Sofia. its been 4 years since I lost Jane and I have stayed single and I have not dated ever since. I have to move far away to be able to move on with my life. I don't have any friends or family in USA but I have always loved to live in the states. In the next 5 years I want to be happily married with right person and be able to build one happy family that will always stick together both in good and bad times, I want to be able to fall in love with the right person. I would want us to take our friendship to another level of friendship by God's grace. A healthy relationship requires a great level of trust, faithfulness to partner, affection, care, respect to one another, communication and commitment. My mom is 100% Canadian and my dad Italian, mom was a trader who buys jewelries in India and sell them in Canada and my dad was a miner before his death. Growing up in India as a child was okay and very economical with good standard of living. My passion for wood work grew just looking at my uncle do his work and by assisting him at his workshop and he was making good money from his furniture business. beside learning how to make furniture from my uncle, I have a Bachelor degree in computer science, from the University of Winnipeg. I work from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday, I work mainly in Aberdeen and sometimes other states around Aberdeen. while I use media advertisement on local television and cable television for publicizing my work. You seems like a very nice, affectionate, romantic and caring lady to me and I would love to know more about you, let see if you and I would be able to create chemistry and then see where it leads us. First we must start as friends and if everything works well between us we can be best friends and build a wonderful future together, I have a attached to this email a picture of my last work I just finish and I hope you will like it. From the way you composed your mail, I could tell you are an adorable girl, Hope to read from you soon. Have a pleasant weekend and enjoy the rest of your day with smile....... Warm Hugs
Letter 5

Hello Pretty Maria, Thank you so much for the email and your words of encouragement. You didn't say anything about my recent work that I sent you pictures, maybe I could help you renew your kitchen cabinet on my next visit LOL. I would have loved for us to hangout for a cup of coffee when I was there so we could both get to talk and know more about ourselves in person, I guess we still have more time to hangout when next I return to the U.S hopefully soon. Relocating is not going to be a problem to me as I enjoy living close to my partner. well I like to share with you about Scotland Aberdeen is a city where you’ll find the very best Scotland has to offer. From vibrant modern city life and romantic hideaways, to tranquil country breaks and a host of adrenaline packed outdoor opportunities. Aberdeen's list is endless, the choice is yours. Home to the country’s largest national park, a dramatically imposing coastline and of course the city itself, there is so much to explore in Aberdeen. I cant say am happy or sad returning to Scotland, the most important thing that made me very happy of going back to Scotland was for me to see my daughter whom I have missed so dearly, I also have to take care of business, I hope to find my way to live in the US and make a fresh start soon. I promise my next visit would be your place and I think Sofia would like it. So I think what am going to do now is to call my agent to help me look for a place in same area where you live, that way I will definitely have the chance of seeing you and also living close to each other. My friend Frank has been the one who always help me take care of my Sofia when ever am out of the country. I love getting to know you. It is great to make a new friend and even gives me a moment to dream. Am not like you who have so many friends to hang out with, as for me, I only have one close friend whose name is Frank, Frank is a very simple person and also easy going, I try my best to support Frank and also make him happy, business for Frank has been slow for sometime now and I do hope God hears his prayers. The reason I do not keep too many friends is that some friends seems to be back stabbers after taking them as your own brother. Though I love meeting people but I don't get to keep them very close, I have learnt from my mistake. I see you have done a fine job raising your kids on your own to make sure you give them a better tomorrow because I know that is the joy of every parents to see their child/children grow to become a success man/woman. parents should always cherish every moment spent with their kids because when they are grown, they will leave to start a life of their own and raise own kids. You didn't tell me about you kids dad. I was in Solana beach, San Diego, CA, for 2 weeks on vacation to get a house to buy or rent so I could relocate there permanently and start a new life. I want to say a special thank you for what you said about my sister and I and I totally agree with what you said, just as the saying goes blood is ticker than water, your brother will always be your brother and sister will always be sister. I understand people say things they really don't want to say or do but when they really get angry they don't care and they do what they want to do. I also know that I do have patience but my patience is running out because she don't care about me but I do hope that one day that we would become friends again like we used to when we were little. Thank you for still wanting to remain friend with me and I really appreciate and hope that it will one day turn into a long-term serious relationship and then lead to marriage, to see ourselves holding hands and grow old together and see our grand children. My main reason for joining match was to find that special person that I will love for the rest of my life and its been 4 years since I lost Jane and I say thank you for your condolence. I will tell you how she died when we get the chance to talk on phone. I really look forward to meeting every member of you family. Am really not into social networking especially Tweeter or facebook because to me its boring. Please, I think I have to rest here before you get bored with my mail. enjoy the rest of your day with smile and have a splendid day as well and thanks for the beautiful pictures. please can I have your cell phone number lets talk on phone. Kisses and hugs
Letter 6

Dear Maria, Hey Beautiful, I just wanted to do something simple to say I am happy that we are getting used to each other and that we are able to put a smile on each others face. Ever since you have entered my life, I've been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet because am really enjoying our emails and that you for the beautiful pictures. Please send me your mobile number so we would be able to talk on phone. I have already talk to my daughter about moving to the States and she likes it. Having a Canadian passport would grand me a stay(resident permit) in the US, by the time I move to the US all I have to do is apply for a resident permit and renew it when ever it expires, I love travelling and I can do my work anywhere. I have been living in Aberdeen,Scotland for 18 years, I moved here when I was 27 because I wanted to work abroad. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my daughter alone. though I have a nanny that helps me pick my daughter from school and stay with her at home until I return from work but she don't live with us. I am definitely going to continue with my work because I can do my business anywhere in the world. I will come back to the states on or before the 30th of August. If I could choose to have a home anywhere I desire, I will go for LA and my favorite food is Italian. I speak only English and I do not have any special reason for choosing Solana beach, I Just like California and that is it. I love to exercise and workout. I love the outdoors. I like to hike along nature trails, or walk along a beach. I also like sporting events and concerts. I also enjoy dining out and movies. Want to experience all that life has to offer! I would tell you this everyday, because you are the most beautiful person I have known for a very long time, inside and out and I see that more clearly with each passing day. I love everything about you, about us getting to know each other. You do something to me that no other has, you have made me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of wanting to know you more and more everyday. I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life as a friend and I pray it grows and lead us to greater height, it seems to me like a dream come true... I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together, I have grown so much and I can't wait to always read from you every day, like I said earlier am happy we are knowing ourselves better each passing day and to see what the future holds for us. You are a great person and I appreciate that quality in you, with all my heart and soul, always and forever, I promise I will keep the emails coming and keep the communication clean. Warm Hugs
Letter 7

these pictures was taken this past weekend. Please send your number lets talk on phone
Letter 8

I sent you 2 pictures of me. Please let me if you got the pictures. please send me your number lets talk
Letter 9

Dear Maria, Thank you so much for having taken so much time exchanging emails and text with me, but I really miss your sweet voice. Thank you for making me a happy person, and for dedicating your time to know me and opening up so much. Over the last few days, it's been wonderful, I never expected to feel this way nor actually be with you in this way as a friend, still wanting and hoping to be your best friend and a lover and still wanting to know more and see what the future holds for us, experiencing life with you. You are wonderful to me and to my daughter. You make me really happy and even though we are apart, you still show me that you care about our friendship and I pray that distance would not be a problem between us as I have promise to always call and talk to you on phone even as I am back now in Scotland. Sofia is my little sweetheart, she plays by herself and some time she falls asleep right where she is playing, she is very clean, clever and ask lots of questions. I love my Sofia so much, she has her mother's face and most of the weekends we both go out together, maybe visit friends in our neighborhood or go shopping or take her to amusement park . The feeling that I get is overwhelming every time that I do get to look at your picture. I was thinking so much about this earlier this evening, when I am going to meet you at the very first time. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of holding hands and walk on the street together. You make everything complete and I can't imagine spending time with someone else and having these feelings for anyone else, all I want now is to know you more and more let see where it lead us. I'm anxious to look into your eyes and say, you are beautiful. Time is ticking, and it's going by really slow. It takes a strong woman to accomplish everything that you have in your life, I am proud of you that you stick to your goals, you have improved your life so much. I am so happy that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours. I know that you are going to make me a happy man ... well, you have already done that, just by being you and showing me care and opening up to me. You are whom I have dreamed of having when I was a little boy, someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, pretty, and with such a charming personality. Am going to tell you to follow your heart and be rest assure and have it at heart that I Goffredo will never do anything to hurt you, tell me why I should hurt you when you have been very good and kind to me. the least I could do is to be on my very best and try to always make you happy and put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. I will be kind, gentle, loving and be good to you for as long as we are together. I have believed that you are for real and I believe every thing you have been telling me right from the onset. I never thought I would find you, but here you are. I love to read from you, and can't wait to read from you again. I want to give you my best. I don't care about anything else now because I am enjoying my communication with you. Thank you, for you are making all of my dream come true. I could not ask for more. I am the luckiest man in the world to be called your friend, I'm truly honored. Thank you........ Thinking of you,
Letter 10

Good day Maria,

How are you doing? I hope you are having a good time? How is the weather over there? I hope you will be enjoying your day at the time you will be reading this mail. It’s a beautiful night down here. I am wishing you a very lovely and peaceful day.

The weather here today is about 52 degree Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius) right now. I understand there is a great distance between us, which seem to be a blocking storm. But I just want you to know, that will only be for a short period of time. If we could dedicate our time for each other and try to keep a good communication between ourselves like we are already doing. There would sure be a reason for us to meet and try to create a chemistry that would last a life time. I believe love is chemistry and it takes an honest commitment, love, understanding and great levels of trust between the two. I know it exists and I will find it (LOVE), one does not need to settle for less. For me a big part of loving is knowing and understanding. I enjoy visiting the farthest corners of your soul. True love only exists when you know someone and accept every aspect of them without the need to change and modify them. I want to be able to look at your quirks and feel love. I am not a stand-up comedian but the people in my life usually laugh a lot. Sometimes there is humor hidden in the most serious things to help us handle and adapt to it.

I have lots of energy and fundamental strength which a lot of people depend on. I have learned that the more you offer to people around you the more you get back. I am no prince but I do like a comfortable life and am willing to work for it. Well, Thank you for the beautiful and sexy pictures you sent, I like the big smile on your face. You have a very nice hair and sexy eyes. I better stop here for now before I start to bore you with my email.

I am looking forward to reading from you again, soon.

Hugs to you baby,

Letter 11

Dear Maria, I want you to know how much I sincerely miss you and am always very happy when ever I read your emails, I like texting too but I really cant wait to hear your voice again which I know is a very sexy voice and I like to hear. the times we have spent writing each other means so much to me. I find myself looking at your pictures every night before I go to sleep, I like your hair and I love that you have a big smile on your face. Beside my daughter, am very close to my mother, Frank and few other church members. my sister and I are not very good friends because she was never in support of me moving from Canada to Scotland but I still do ask after her to know how she is doing when ever I talk to my mom on the phone. If you were here I would like to show you my work and how I spend everyday of my life. I knew Frank from the group we both belong to in the church and we were both assigned the work of evangelism most of the time and that got me closer to him and he also work in the church as Catechist For the past few days now, we have been exchanging emails, It truly seems like I have known you forever. Do not be scared. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that takes you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me about your capacity for caring, understanding and kindness never ceases to amaze me. I have truly been blessed by finding and knowing you as a real friend and I do wish for more, I want to be able to find my way in to your heart, and be your best friend. because I can't really find the words to explain the way I feel about you, but all I can say is that I like the feeling that I feel for you. Kisses and Hugs
Letter 12

Hello Maria, Roses might be red or violets could be blue. But I’m certainly glad it’s weekend again, Here's hoping your day will be blessed with family and friend's packed with so much fun. Glad I have you in my life. We still have so much to know about ourselves. I fancy your friendship that I would want the very best out of our relationship. We do have so much in common, knowing you is quite interesting and I get to find out that we are similar to each other in so many ways. I just can't wait to meet you and do all those things you love doing for fun. I believe our meeting would be fun filled based on the natural chemistry we are already creating between us. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. Every moment in time gives us the chance to love, to learn, to dream, and to become more than we ever imagined. I drink socially and yes I drink alcohol, it could either be beer, wine or champagne. I was born 10th Jan 1970 and the name of my business is Goffredo enterprise of furniture and interior design. I do not own a website but I do advertise my product on cable TVs and local TVs. Well I do take Sofia to her grand parents house and sometime for the weekend or when her school is on holiday to spend a week or two. My wife's family are very kind and generous to us and they give us all the love and support but I dont just feel very comfortable visiting them all the time because I feel bad in my heart to go there alone and it hurts me because it used to be Jane and I that normally visit each time we go there for visitation. I have attached to this email a picture of me and Sofia, my mom and I and Jane and I and I do hope you like the pictures. Am ready to enter into a whole new world with you, are you ready with me?
Letter 13

Good morning my dear Maria,

How are you doing and how is your morning? I hope all is well with you and I am wishing you a beautiful morning and no you didn't scare me away. My day is great and I have you on my mind all night and all day long. I really enjoyed talking to you briefly the last time we talked but I would have preferred if we had talked for a long time. Anyway, I was still glad we talked because you made my day and my night sweet... Well I just want to quickly send you this note to let you know that I am thinking of you and missing you, and my day started and will end with the thought of you on my mind.

Sometimes I wonder if you also think of me as well, I understand you are a busy person which is a good thing. And I am willing to take my time to get to learn all about you, and share with you all you want to know about me as well...Honestly, it would be nice if we have a chemistry that would last till the end of time. I believe love is chemistry and you seem very much like the kind of woman who would fit in my life.

I also want you to know every night before I go to bed, I always think of you and I long to be in your loving arms some day soon. I know it would be so peaceful and loving to be in your arms and have you hold me close to your body and never let me go. I must say you are a dream come true to me, you are everything I ever wanted in my life. You give me this feeling of fulfillment like nothing else in the world can. I hope that in the future we would be able to go out jogging in the morning and go out for a walk in the evening and have my hands wrap around your shoulder.

I am sending you this mail with all my affection, it was written with the soul intention of declaring my most pure and devoted feelings for you. I so much look forward to be in your loving arms which I know would be good for have you as my one and only Mrs Maria Orlando...Lol because I have found what I am looking for in you and my search ends the very moment I found you...and I am falling for you more and more as the day passes by.

Kisses... ... and hugs to you lovely Maria
Letter 14

Sweetheart, I want you to know that, I am falling in love with you in each passing second and every hour in between. As we get to know each other and give our hearts to each other, I want you to know that, what I feel for you is so strong that nothing could break it. Thanks for coming into my life and filling it with so much sunshine. It doesn't matter what I went through in the last four years of my life, all bad experiences don’t matter anymore, now that I have you. I love you for being my sweetheart, my partner and my best friend. I love you today and forever for being caring, I also want to say thank you for accepting me as your friend. I love you today and forever for the the things you say or tell me when ever you send a mail to my mailbox, I thank you for the way that you help all my dreams to come true and for filling my world with your love today, tomorrow and forever. I'll never stop loving you. I love you with all my heart. I care about you and I adore you. I cherish and treasure everything about you, most especially your beauty, kindness and also for praying for me and Sofia. The way you talk to me when we are talking makes me smile and that tells me I am yours and you are mine. These memories will always stay in my heart. Though you are far away from me, nothing will change. I will love truly and you will always be a special part of me. I think about you always. I long for you, my Love. Each night I long for the sensual passion of your kisses. I long to feel the comfort and peace of your loving arms. I want to hug you and kiss you and hold you tight but I have to wait… until we meet!!! Lots of Love
Letter 15

My dear Maria, No matter what happens and how long we will still have to be apart, you will always be in my heart. But I had to write to you today and, in a way, try to sooth this feeling that took over me so strongly! To miss someone is something you can?t explain; and being a painful consequence of love, it may even be harder to describe than love itself...To miss someone is the desire to be close, to see and touch the other person. It's a wish to repeat certain moments, to relive situations that uplifted our souls. And you know how much your presence has always calmed and, at the same time, cheered my body and soul. I needed to tell how much I am missing you right now and how good it would make me feel to have your skin close to mine, to hold hands, to feel you breath and to look into your eyes. I miss the simple things. Yet, simple as they may be, they can only come true when you are near. I hope it won't be long before I can experience those pleasant feelings! You have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me handsome. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me. I also want to thank you for the wonderful emails you sent, it was really nice and lovely and of course it brightens my day when ever I read from you and I love it. Please keep the emails coming cause I love to read from you. You show your care to me every day. I thank God that I have found a woman like you. All that I can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other everyday. Honey, that's all I can give and I hope that’s what you want. I really wish that you were near me. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there. However, knowing that you care so much is enough for now, and if I can be your husband and like a father to your kids, then I would wait forever to be with you. You're the only one that I want. With a tender kiss, Love Always.
Letter 16

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Letter 17

My darling, How are you doing and how is your day going and I hope all is well with you? I really appreciate you as a person, a sweetheart and as a friend and still hoping for more. Just so you know, am staying in the capital city of India, which is New-Delhi, Delhi. A lot happened and now I have to stay here and work on the house, I will give you details when we talk on phone hopefully before I sleep. Am going to be here for 2-3 weeks as the inspector/engineer has assured me, that all I need to do is to get many laborers so as to fasting the work so that the work can be completed in three weeks from now and then I will be flying to the states to finally get to see your spotless beautiful face for the first time. I am so happy about the renovation that work is really going well, though it has also been a busy day for me as well, Am happy that I got the chance to read your email and I really miss our phone calls, and it brings me big smile when ever I get to talk to you on phone. I am sending you pictures about the house's present state and I will be sending you pictures from time to time for you to know how far I have gone about the renovation. Telling you that I miss you is not something new because you already know I miss you all the time. But, today I missed in such a special way that I never get enough of you. I longed to see you, to have you… to have you kiss the tip of my ear and then, I’d offer you my neck, my shoulders and my arms for you to kiss ten, twenty, a thousand times until you get tired! We both know what happens when we start doing this, don’t we? My love, please don’t think I’m shameless and don’t make me blush when we meet, but I miss your breath, the smell of your mouth and of your skin, your soft hands pulling me closer to your body. I must confess how good it feels to love you and how great all the affection that surrounds us is, even when you’re not right here by my side. You know, loving you and being care for by you is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. With you I feel happy and strong. I feel free, I feel safe to make decisions, take directions, knowing that I’m only doing what’s best for us both. I always miss you terribly, but it’s a sweet feeling, a quite feeling, that’ll go away as soon as I see the shine in your eyes and that clear white smile on your face. My sweet and adorable creature, may this pure and reciprocated feeling last forever, fully and intensely. Am glad you think the same way as I do, because my mom already knows about you. This isn't "CATFISH" because you are going to be the one pick me up from the airport and I will instruct the flight company to send you my itinerary like they did the last time so you would know what time am arriving. Missing and longing. Yours,
Letter 18

Maria, As I sit here, I search my heart for the words to express my inner most thoughts. My hand glides across the paper in short strokes, it all seems so trivial and ordinary compared to what I feel for you. I crumple the paper and start over seeking for "that" word that will say it all. That word that when you read it you will instantly know how I feel. Its so close I can almost touch it and its on the tip of my tongue but I cannot find it. No matter how hard I search, it escapes me. I will have to be a thief stealing age old words shared by millions. They are not original, but as I think of them it feels as if I created them. I treasure you as a person and I cherish you as a soul. I long and desire to hold you near for as many days as God allows me to breath, I immediately realize that my last thought as I write this, was the same as my very first when I started this letter because I care so much about you, I sought for words to express that but decided to choose the three very words that have been chosen for centuries they are simply "I love you" And I do and Forever I will!!! I'm really missing you today. Basically, that?s what this letter is all about. I?m exactly the same, there's no distance that can make me forget you. I'm the one who loves you more and more and these words are meant to do what my voice whispering in your ear the things I like to say and you like to hear. You are the most gorgeous girl in the whole world, the most desired and most loved one. It's hard to translate all the love I feel for you. When I'm thinking of meeting you, I see through my heart's eyes, I feel your enchanting tenderness and I feel like you were created to put a spell on me. It seems the time does not pass. The days are too long, the nights too sad when I'm far from you. Your absence is my only evil. You would not believe the distress I've been bearing these days, sometimes I become so anxious no one with me can stand me at all. When reciprocated, love is what it is, a huge pleasure that enraptures and inebriates, vulgar and refined at the same time. What is hard about love is the distance, but when this separation is temporary, the hope of seeing you soon snaps me out of it and invigorates me. Quite soon I'll be hugging and kissing you, with so much love and desire. Goffredo
Letter 19

My Love, How are you doing and how are you enjoying your day? hope everything has been wonderful around you? I cant just wait to build a family with you and also get to see our grand children. I went to the market today to get more building materials that the workers would need to work. Places in the house that actually needs renovation are as follows. The bath room, the living room with two other rooms, the roof, the ceiling and the kitchen. I would do the kitchen renovation personally because that happens to be my job but I would add three(3) more workers to assist me in the kitchen because I need to finish the work so soon as possible. Presently, there are 23 workers working in the house, but previously, they were 20 workers in the site. it made 23 workers because of the additional three persons that would assist me with the kitchen work. I get to pay the workers equivalent of $240 USD each per day because I pay $20 USD per hour and that makes it $5520 USD that I pay the workers every day but previously I was paying $4800 USD before I hired 3 other persons that are going to help me out with the kitchen. Things are very expensive here babe, the materials I have bought has really cost me a lot of money and the standard of living here is very high compare to how it was before when my dad, mom, sister and I was living here as a family before we moved to Canada. I spend a lot of money every day here sweetheart, the money I pay for my hotel bills is also much, I would not pay that much for an hotel if am in Scotland, its kind of hard to live in India. It takes me one(1) and a half hour from my hotel to the site, I pay a lot of money for the cab(taxi) also and I need to be at the site everyday. I did not know that, renovating a house in India is very expensive but I am glad that I am renovating the house and I would make more and enough profit by the time I finish with the renovation because am going to sell the house for $2,000,000.00 USD. I miss you everyday honey and I cant just wait to finish this renovation and sell the house so that I would just come over to be with you for a month or 2 weeks depending on how long it takes me to get a house, because I want to make sure I get a house and an office space for my work so that I don't have to be traveling always. Actually, am thinking of renting a house first and get used to the area before thinking of buying a house where we would all live as family, then go back to Scotland to get Sofia and every other thing that I have to take with me before I will finally come fully and live close to you in the US. So that we would get to talk about every thing that we have been talking on phone. Things like going out to have a cup of coffee, go to the cinema to watch a movie, hold your hands and walk with you on the street, I would kiss and hug you, I would hold you tight to my body and cuddle you, make love to you like forever and also go to a very nice restaurant to have dinner and we can also go on vacation, you are amazing babe thank you for coming into my life and for making me very happy. Another buyer showed up today babe and am very happy about it that, the renovation is not yet completed and I already have buyers that are really interested to buy the house. The first buyer said he is willing to offer me $1,850,000.00 USD for the house when I finish with the renovation and the second buyer wants to pay me $1,600,000.00 USD for the house when its finally complete. I am very happy, but the second buyer kind of like shown more interest because he wants to move in with his family. That area where the house is built is an amazing and a very nice place to raise kids. There is a tourist site/attraction. The government is really working very hard to make sure he brings out the beauty of the area, bring in modern amenities and also for people to live happily in the area. I love and miss you terribly baby and am so happy for everything so far. With all my LOVE
Letter 20

Hi Babe, I want to start by saying that I miss you, and you have no idea how much I love you. I know you don't need another reminder because I tell you a thousand times a day how much I love you, but I do and that is my only way to show you. I love the hundred ways you show me how much you care about me, and I know my simple words can never compare and thank you so much for always making me feel comfortable, now I would be able to sleep like a baby. From day one, I knew there was something in you that no other girl had. You are the most AMAZING girl I have ever known. Thinking back to the strange way we met, how we grow so close in just a few short days, and how you were the first one to show me the meaning of true love, it makes me smile and fall all over for you again. Baby, you make my heart beat faster each time I talk to you, and you give me butterflies when I think am kissing you. You are the one I want to hold for the rest of my life. In your arms is where I belong.You melt me every time you tell me about the future that you want to spend with me and how we could show the world the real meaning of being in love with the right person. I don't think I could live a day knowing that you are not in my life. I know that anyone that tried to replace you would only be compared to you in my mind, and I know they could never live up to you in my eyes. Every time I look at your picture I know that is where I want to live and die, and every time I dream of you hold me tight I don't want you to let go because that is the only place I feel safest. I want you to stay in my life forever, as you will in my heart. I know forever is a very long time but it won’t be enough time for me to spend with you, showing you every day how much I love and care about you. I hate being far from you. Knowing that I will only see you when I come breaks my heart. I look forward to the day that we would finally be together. Love Always, good night lovebird
Letter 21

Dear Sweetie, I want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. I've been trying to find a way to express my feelings for you. I've always wanted to create something unique to show you just how much I love you. Now I've found the right place, and I’m going to tell the world that I LOVE YOU! It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection I have for you. I cannot tell you exactly how I feel, but I hope that you feel the warmth of my love whenever we are together. I will be right here beside you any time you need me, and I will be with you until I breathe my last breath. I promise to share my life with you no matter what tomorrow may bring. Always remember the good times we've had and how we bring out the best in each other. Stay in love, babe, and keep that tender, sweet smile on your face. Know that I will love you forever. From the day I laid my eyes on you, I knew that you were incredibly unique. I did not realize it then, but I recognize now that you are God’s extraordinary gift of love to me. You have shown me love all the way through the sunshine and the downpour, and while at times I may not say it, I love you with the whole thing that I am. You are my best pal and the most adorable and caring individual I have ever known in the last four years of my life. My love, you give the whole meaning to my life. It will be a credit to have you as my treasured sweetheart, and the mother of my Sofia and I would the father to Vanessa, Daniel and Zachary. Lots of love for you darling. Am sending you pictures of today's work at the site....... Goffredo
Letter 22

Sweetheart, How are you doing and how are you enjoying your day? I want to reassure you of my Love for you. So, Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine… I love you. You're still the one for me Babe… Words alone will never be able to express the depth of my love for you. In case you didn't know, I'll be loving you always and forever. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you prove me wrong. Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part. Even though we are apart, my love will never part. I'll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever. Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness. Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines... it all comes naturally, just like loving you. Simply said I love you... Being with you is like having every single one of my wishes come true. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me! Just had to let you know... you're the best. There is no long distance about love; it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. Thank you for being the one who calms all my inner fears. I wish I was there to hold you tight instead of just send this loving email. Your love is all I'll ever need.
Letter 23

Sweetheart, I miss you. I miss you deeply! I wish I could be with you to fill you with kisses and tell sweet things in those pretty little ears of yours. If you had any idea how much I’m missing you right now, you’d be flying over here, to hug me and kiss me and reassure me of how much you want to be with me and care about me one more time. How can you miss someone this much? How can love, such an “abstract” thing, take up so much of my thoughts, being as rational as I am? What makes it such a strong feeling? And why this constant need to see you, to be with you? Am I going crazy? I think I am... And if so, going crazy over someone as special as you are is a sign of good taste, to say the least, for there must only be a few number of people in the world with so many special characteristics as you have. I can’t stand being away from you, because when that happens it’s as if time doesn't move, the hours become longer and boring and there’s nothing – not even a fine glass of wine – that can bring some comfort. I fight loneliness and can’t wait to be with you face to face, to touch you and kiss you gently and softly. Be sure, there will be very special kisses because you’re worth it. Since day one we've shared something incredible, something that most people only dream of. I had been searching for someone like you that will fill my heart with songs of love after Jane died and believe me I never thought I was going to feel this way towards any girl because I thought non exist and then you proved me wrong. You have made me the happiest I have ever been. You are sincere, caring and a loving girl, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. I am so thankful and blessed that you care so much about me like I do you, and that you made me your friend and soon to be best friend. I have cherished every moment since the day we met. I love you more and more everyday. Thinking about our future fills me with anticipation and excitement. We would make the perfect husband and wife team, and I cannot wait to bring Sofia with me so that your would finally get to meet her but that will be after I have a home in the U.S. We are going to have an amazing life together raising a family. All of our dreams are coming true, baby! I just love you being yourself and want to thank you so much for making it possible for us to live in such a wonderful place! I know that we can make it through and get to that place where we’ll have all we ever wanted. Look how much we have already! We have so much to be thankful for! We will just continue to lean on each other, loving and supporting one another with all of the love we have, and we will be just fine. Our life together is already amazing, and together it will only get better and better. I will forever be grateful that you came into my life and made all my dreams come true. Together we're perfect, and I will enjoy enjoying spending the rest of my life with you. I love you more than words can say. Am happy too that you like reading my emails and am able to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside. I understand you are busy and that is the reason you don't write me on time, so no worries. Okay? You have always taken care of me all the way and you still continue to show me more love and care everyday, I want you to know this and I want you to understand carefully that no one born of a woman, in fact no one can ever take your place in my life, my soul and my heart because you are the one for me and you will always be the one I will love and cherish all my life. I don't need or want anything from anybody but you are all I need and want in the whole world to make both of us happy forever. Please I want you to please listen to these songs because each time I play the songs, I always think about you. I love you and miss you
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