Romance scam letter(s) from Gary Wernher to Joyce (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Joyce ,

My name is Gary Wernher and it is my pleasure to meet you. I was originally born and raised in Oslo , Norway where lots of greatness were instilled in me and it has positively influenced the strong man that i am today . I have lived in the states for couple of decades in pursuit of better employment opportunities and i acquired my architectural degree in addition with interior and exterior design from University in Oslo, Norway. My hope for the future is to find the right partner for a successful relationship after all we deserve to be loved . I want to be loved and i would love back in return . I have experience the euphoria of love before therefore i believe in love . I have been widowed for 4 years and i was married to a wonderful woman and the mother of my two sons for 28 years , we lived in the Greater Hollywood for more than 20 years where lots of memories were built. My late wife lost her battle to cancer within weeks of being diagnosed with brain cancer. It took a while to get over the shock but as time pass by , i started to realize how much i miss the companionship of a special partner. I have worked very hard on numerous remodeling projects over the last few year as a way to escape from my loss and to also help me concentrate on something different. Furthermore, i was awarded a project in Manila, Philippines after some Government officials saw samples of buildings i constructed in Singapore 7 years ago . I am currently living and working in Manila, Philippines, my project is scheduled to be completed in 2 weeks and i plan to return back to the states once my project is complete. What are you looking for in a partner ? Yours
Letter 2

Hi Joyce , This is all new to me and i was encouraged to give online dating a try by my sons. I decided to give online dating a try as a way to step out of my comfort zone. I know and i believe someone is out there for me waiting to be awaken by a kiss, hopefully it wont be too long before i find her. Distance doesn't bother me when it comes to the quest of a life partner and if things works out, we will become a new chapter in each others life and not a replacement. I understand trust has to be earned but hopefully we can get to that point with time. I would love to find someone to grow old and to build memories with . Why are you still single ? Have you had any encounter on the website? I haven't had none in fact you are the first person i ever communicated with through email . My sons are 28 Tom and 26 Fred , they were born and raised in California and we have a very close relationship. My sons are presently studying abroad (United Kingdom) for their professional degree which was offered by their institution California institute of technology . I am very proud of them and their accomplishment and i am thankful i had opportunity to be their Father. I look forward to your next email . Yours
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