Romance scam letter(s) from Dominic Benson to Maria (Philippines)
Letter 1

Nice to have you here, Hope you are always in best of health.? I am always happy each time I got a message from you, and I don't know how to start this message, because I'm afraid it might be the end of our good acquaintance, or if I'm lucky, the realization of my dreams, which is for you to love me as I love you. I told myself I might as well take the risks because it's the only remedy I know that could unburden this feeling I've for you Jemely I love you. I know you'll find it hard to believe me if I tell you now how much you mean to me. I could hardly understand what I feel for you, knowing how to endure those long sleepless nights just thinking only of you. I've never been like this before. I just don't know how to pour out my feelings for you. I wanted to find the perfect words to make you realize how much I need you and love you, but words continue to elude me, what would they be Something poetic I'm sure it should be heartfelt and out of the ordinary. I'm afraid it's no use, every time I look at your profile picture, the words came out the same I love you! No one in this world knows the feeling that I get when I see you. Nobody has ever made me feel like the way you make me feel and that is such a crazy feeling. It feels like I just want to grab you and you be in my arms forever and forever and never let go. I want to kiss your lips and never end. Every time I think about you, it gives me more and more strength with which to carry on my life. It makes me happy to be alive knowing that you have came into my life and all I know is that I want to be with you Darling I Love you with all my heart and will always do!
Letter 2

Hello darling glad to read from you here, First of all I'm so sorry for what you are facing right away, Don't worry almighty God will always be your helper to achieve your goal in life okay. frankly speaking honey I don't really know how I fall in love with you, I commit this relationship in that hand of God, I promise to always be your lover and friend, nothing gonna change my love for you, I also promise to visit you soon so that we can plan ourselves together as one, I am still on my knees begging for your love, you have been in love and know it's fun. Each night and day I hope and pray that you'll be mine forever more. I know it's hard to trust a man giving your heart, body and soul, but know it's me that's on my knees swallowing my pride, begging you, please once again Jemely be mine. and remember one thing In a relationship and marriage is trust If you won"t trusted your partner no need of accepting the person into your life. I have lived for a long time, responsible for and dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself. During this period of my life, I considered the world mine for the taking and truly believed that I was living life to the fullest. Then I meet you, and all of a sudden, I realized that I was deceiving myself. I find that my life is not all that I thought it was. In fact, it is terribly lacking in many things, the foremost being love. Now through some great fortune, I have found that love and along with it, the one person who can make my life truly complete, You are that person, and I have somehow fallen in love with you. To be honest, I never thought I would ever utter those words, but now, they come forth effortlessly and with great sincerity. I'll be forever be grateful to you for showing me just how shallow my life was. At last, I have a chance to give it depth and purpose.Until I hear from you, I remain totally yours in thought and spirit. always take care of yourself and do know that I care about you a lot!
Letter 3

Hey sweetie frankly speaking I feel so hurt after reading your mail.? But I am still hoping that one day the truth most prove it self.? I gave you my heart, body and soul use it but handle it with care. Your friend told you this and tell you that. who told your friend about me, not you. I feel like seeing that stupid woman that you called your friend right away. But it OK just very soon I am going to prove here wrong, and please tell her to learn how to talk to people, Once she see me she can't stand and talk to me that way, I love you not because that I can't find any woman here in my Country just that I fell in love with you and I don't want to get married any more in my Country that's why I focus all my attention where you are right away and to see what the future hold for us, Honey I really love you with everything that I am and will be, My feelings are growing stronger and stronger every day. You confide in me. That melts me inside. No one has ever in my life talked to me about their hurts and sorrows and I love that. We both have gone through so much, and I feel like I relate to you on a much higher level than I have ever felt before. We have the same interests and the same likes. I know I am a person that needs gratification, and you seem to fulfill my needs in every way. I think that if we take our time and do everything right, this love could blossom into a fairytale romance. All I ask and I know I have said it before is that you be true to me and be true to yourself. I have put all my trust in you, and I have opened every fiber of my being to you and only you. I am after a love that will give me a reason to breathe. I want a future Wife in my life, someone to hold confide in laugh with, cry with someone I can watch football with, walk along the beach at night with. I want it. I deserve it, as do you. I sincerely hope that you feel the same as I do about you. You are beautiful, you leave me speechless, you turn tears into happy bliss, you make bad things seem not so bad. You astonish me and you brighten every aspect of my life. Honey it"s amazing that we've grown so close in such a short amount of time. The feelings blossomed rapidly and I don't want to lose that. I have fallen madly in love with you. You are everything and more than what I have dreamed of my entire life. You would make me happier than the richest person in the world by sharing your love with me. I know I am not perfect, but I do have goals in my life. I take good care of myself and my mom and daughter. I am honest, sincere, and true, and I have a lot of love to give if you are willing to be on the receiving end. Please take this to heart Darling.
Letter 4

Oh my God honey so lovely you are.? I love you more and sweetie, Nothing gonna change my love for you. You will always be my lover and friend, I love the song darling, also I have forget and forgiven you sweetie from deepest part of my heart, Thanks so much for your word of trust in me now. and for your dream of get a son for me I do appreciate a lot, I promise to take the best care of you until my last breath, I feel you every blessed day that in my life I want to take your hand for the rest of my life. I want to spend all night, and maybe the next day, making love to you with an undying passion (sorry to be so blunt). I want to be old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy. I want to cook a meal with you and us totally ruin it and end up doing take out. I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something stupid, and I want you to bust out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together. I want us to go skinny dipping in a hotel pool and get caught and streak back to our hotel room waking everyone up because we're laughing so hard. I want us to go and pick out the hot tub we want with the biggest grins on our faces the whole time. I want the sales rep to get embarrassed when we sit in them and make sure we have enough room to do the things we want to do. I want to hold your hand and let you scream at me, I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a love like we do. I want to be walking into a store with you and trip and fall on my face and turn around to see you rolling on the ground laughing at me. I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked, and when we come back in stripping down to nothing as we stumble into the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the balcony, or the dining room table, or an office desk, or the shower, which ever one we feel like at the time. I want it to take your breath away every time I say, I love you because you know it's coming from the heart. I want us to sit down with a box of strawberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a thing of mint chocolate ice cream. I want to love you and be with you for forever and ever. I couldn't really express in words what I'm feeling right now so I decided to share with you SOME of the images and thoughts that have been running through my head. LOVE YOU always!!
Letter 5

Hello Darling how are you doing, First of all I am so sorry for asking help from you.? I feel so Shy right away. But it OK I don't have any other choice that's why I ask for you, I promise to send it back to you immediately before visiting you okay, also honey please don't Tell anyone that you send money to me because I am feeling so Shy hope you do understand me my love. Just send it through my Name Dominic Benson. Address Swiss garden hotel ampanga kuala lumpur malaysia. just send it through western union I will pick it up. I love you more and more and will always do. I remember when we first spoke, as if we have known one another for years. Our conversations went on as if the seasons were changing with no disconnection of the line. Never could I have asked the Lord for anything more assuring or hypnotizing than the soothing tone of your voice and the words lingering off them. You made my days sunny even though the nights rained on endlessly, We completed one another, How I long for you to know that the feeling is mutual, that I have never met a woman that can read though me and explore my inner core. Please keep in mind that I will not take your heart, that I hold, for granted. I will replace it with mine, so you know I wouldn't be able to breathe without it, Never would I let a soul take you away or bring harm near you. The day I looked into the blue recesses of your soul correction, my soul, I knew no force could ruin the joining of two souls, Soul mates do exist and now I have learned that there is beauty behind all imperfections. It took us both years of hurt and pain and it has paid off. It's true when they say, God makes you meet a few wrong people, before you meet the right one, so you will be able to appreciate and understand their worth, Thank you for all that you have given me and that you continue too, Just very soon we all will be happy once and for all, also thanks so much for the lovely picture you sent to me, You really look gorgeous darling, I love you always!
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