Romance scam letter(s) from Kurt Muller to Kitty (Germany)
Letter 1

Thanks! I am a very easy going individual who loves life and all the challenges life has to offer. I consider myself to be honest, trustworthy and extremely loyal…and anyone who treats me in the same manner has a sure ticket in as a partner for life. I am a very strong and independent man with set goals in life and I have never been scared of a hard day’s work. I can be pretty straight forward at times but I do have a sensitive, more compassionate side that shows when you least expect it. I have a great sense of humor and love a good laugh (the harder the better), I can be cheeky at times and love to have fun with good company. I am always up for picnics and meeting new friends also. I love challenges and i can face anything as long as its no beyond human power. The reason I am writing you this letter rather than just send a message is because I am serious about wanting to establish a quality friendship with you, I am serious about my intentions. I have ever had 2 different relationships but ended with betrayal (cheating) and also ended because the love was not there to grow.i know this sounds strange to you, I live my life through the word of God and through my spirituality, and I refuse to have sex with anyone if I am not in a relationship...I really want to know you more, You seem nice...I hope you're having a nice day.
Letter 2

You're a sweet lady but you have to understand that nobody is perfect in this world, I honestly don't need friendship, I want to love you with all my heart....Please can you just give me your heart and trust me?
Letter 3

Honey look into my eyes and tell me what see....
Letter 4

Guess you're already at the office now, Thank you so much and to be honest i am so GRATEFUL...I want you to know that the money you're sending is never a waste, I talk to the manager here about the (western union money transfer) and he told me that you cannot send more than 2500 euro once, So you will have to split the money into two and send one after the other...2500/2500 Honey i hope you understand...? So i am using the manager's name here in the hotel where i lodged, He's a good friend since i came here...And you know i don't really know this place that much...Lol You will have to send through western union and here is the details my love. first name: Collins
Last name: Esezobor
Address: 102 Mark Haley close, Johanessburg, South Africa. From a grateful heart... I will never forget this favor!
Letter 5

Listen, I have paid some money already 10.000 euro, I just want to know if you would help me to pay the remaining money 5.000 euro
There you're getting it wrong again my love, I never told you that the money for the operation is 5000, I said i needed only 5000 to complete the money with me so that i can send to the doctor in charge, Well...I have already sent 10000 euro The money i told you i have with me, I know it is very hard because of the distance and other obstacles but you still have to trust me at least, No relationship can grow without trust especially such as ours.... i will never stop loving you.
Nedbank acct Name: V P Umeh. Acct number: 1066666121. Branch Code: 162145. Swiftcode: NEDSZAJJ. Address: Centurion Mall Shopping centre
Honey don't forget you will have to give me prove after sending the money, So that i can tell the manager that you have sent it. I hope you understand. My (heart) is all yours! Sweet dreams my (*)
Letter 6

Thank you so much for this great chance to, To be honest, I don't think i can love again. You're too perfect for a wife, Just too sweet,.The doctor's first name is (Susan) and her last name is (Ursula) and her phone number +4915211354626, The name of the hospital is (Kliniken dr, erler) I hope you understand. Thank you so much and please say me well to the beautiful kids. Big kiss!
Letter 7

You're a greedy ass!
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