Romance scam letter(s) from David Austin to Ingrid (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Dear, How are you doing and hope you having a lovely day ahead,I am so sorry for taking this long before getting back to you.I am so new to online dating so i don't know much to say about myself but here is a little about my Background (Father - USA, Mother -Italian) born to the family of Mr Calson and Mrs Cecilia Austin in the year 1956, I am the only son and child of my parent, I lost my parent when i was 20 and was trained by my Maternal grandparent who took care of me until i am old enough to take care of myself, I knew my grandparent, who are everything to me, i am an humble, caring, loving , easy going guy who loves life and want to enjoy it with the woman of my dreams. I am a man looking for a serious relationship and looking for my soul mate, my everything, and my future partner though i am not supposed to be here looking but i guess who knows where my future partner is. Though Relationships are very hard this days, true love is hard to find. Well i believe people grow and change with time. people have their own minds, dreams and goals.To have a solid relationship the two people must commit to it. They must work at it and try to find the middle ground between them. People must be able to give and take and to trust that the relationship is what is most important. If a career, or a goal or a idea becomes more important then the relationship itself, then it will fail. The two people must nurture and care for the relationship like you would a flower. Feed it always , water it and help it grow with lots of love, attention and sunshine. I look for a friend, a companion, a sultry lover, and a woman who respects me as I do her. I work hard and will work hard for the relationship. But i also want you to know im not ready to rush into anything, I will want to know you as a friend, things about you and watch how it grows

Communication is necessary and most important, no cheating or lying. Work through good and the bad times. I look for peace and harmony in the woman i want to share my life with and know she cares for me as i would do to is a fragile issue , when you have it,it takes hard work to keep it shining or else it will lose its glow ,people needs to know it very well before jumping into it that's why their is a high rate of divorce this days there don't seem to be communication between partners about how they truly feel ..Sometimes partners act very selfish and self centered that they don't carry the other lover along in what they do and it seems that they just shut the world out on them I want a woman that can make me feel secure , a woman that wherever and whatever we go through her love will never change , a woman that without telling me with words i will see it in her eyes that she really love's me, i hope we can get to know ourselves a lot better . I would like to get acquainted to you and maybe we can have a chat on the messenger, Bye for now and hoping to hear from you David Cares
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