Romance scam letter(s) from Steven Brown to Natasja (Netherlands)
Letter 1

My name is Steve brown i was born in Spain 50 years ago i think that tell you my age..Lol..... I have been in US for 20 years, i am in the military i am single but i had a son i meet his mom 10 years ago in Kenya when i was deployed and she got pregnant for me, i told her to come with me when my due date is end in Africa but she said she can't because of her business and i left her with my son but now she has gotten married to a black man she meet him after i left the country but the man is from Nigeria and she moved to Nigeria after her wedding with my son, My son is now with them in Nigeria...........Now am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life together with a woman that will always make me happy. My dad and mom are from Spain and that make me a Spanish guy, Lol........My mom is dead but my dad was still alive but he's old i am the one taking care of him, though we aren't together but i sent him money, i have two sister but they are married i am the only son......Ask me anything you wish to know am here to answer you................You have told me about you....What are you really looking for on dating site?...Are you ready to fall inlove again?....Hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2

i really have interest in you and wish to get to know you more better, you are a very beautiful woman and i wish to get married to you, though i know there is a distance lies betweeen us but this is why the distance is better for now distance is a dagger in the heart of two lovers....Kiss*
Letter 3

My love,
Its 12:15 am over here in Nigeria and i just got to a nearby hotel where i can rest and put myself together until i make some contacts with my Son. i am really so tired from the jet lag so i need rest.The internet facilities are not working efficiently here,so i am using a dailup connection from the hotel so i can send you this mail as i know you will be worried if all is okay with me and if i had a safe flight.It has been a very boring flight as this is my first time of coming over to Nigeria.I was so amazed with the black skinned people as i got down from the plane at the airport,they really look alike,it was so hot and at the time i was happy after the journey of about 11 hours sitting down inside the plane. My love,wish me good luck in my adventures in this strange land,and i hope all will be fine with me if there is nothing to be scared of.I dont know the time difference here with your time, but i will figure it out and will tell you,so we can be on safer side of our communication..... Though i wanted to pay for the hotel with my credit card but they said my card can not work here in Nigeria but i told them to just allow me in and i will think what i can do to pay them when i woke up...... I love you so much....Kiss* Kiss*
Letter 4

Hello babe how you doing today?...I know you will be very busy at work right now and we really need to talk, i text you with the Nigeria number but i don't know if you get it or not.... well i just want to tell you that in the hotel i lodge here the hotel manager came to me this morning that they want me out of the hotel because i have never pay my hotel room bills an i think i told you about my card the machine here didn't accept my card though i have contact my account manager so he can help me do something about this but he said he will get back to me later....... My son is coming to the hotel in the evening and i pray my account manager can do something about this card because that's what am going to use to pay for my flight.....And i just think about something now babe, do you want me to come to you with my son when am coming so we can meet then i will be going back to Us when we meet?... I really want to see you....if there is anything you can do just to help me to pay for the hotel bill now to avoid embarrassment because the guy said they will force me out of there hotel if i don't pay them, you know i this is my first time in this strange country and i have no place to go.... I love you so much... kiss* Kiss* Thanks
Yours steve
Letter 5

Hello my beautiful queen, hope you have a wonderful weekend?... Sorry for the late reply i saw your message and i was trying to reply you but the internet facilities are not working efficiently here so i am using a dailup connection from the hotel so i can send you this mail as i know you would have been hoping to hear from me. I need $500 to pay for the hotel bills now so they can allow me stay here you know i have no place to go, please i have get the hotel manager info that you will need to get the money send to me at western union and please try to do this for me before you go to work in the morning so i can pay them here..... Here is the Info.. ( Name; Taiwo Sikiru Moronkola---- Country; Nigeria----State; Lagos----City; Lagos------Zipecode; 23401----Question; Who created us?---Answer; God ) ..... Thank you so much my queen i promise to love you for the rest of my life and i will never let you down.. Good night have a nice dream and wonderful bed rest and babe i will be very happy if you can allow me to come to your country direct from here so we can meet.. I love you so much..Kiss* Yours
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