Romance scam letter(s) from Nick Riva to Karen (USA)
Letter 1

Happy 4th July! How are you doing? Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write you. It is my pleasure to write to you this email.I am sorry that i delayed my response which as result of my schedule. I know it was unusual for me to request that you email through my personal email when you do not even know me. I am glad that you did because I would have lost contact with you as my subscription has expired and I can no longer access my account. Anyway, that is by-the-way since I can still reach you via your private email. Once again, thank you.

I hope you are having a nice weekend, mine has been a busy one as my office is relocating to a new building which is a permanent site. I have also been In and out of town this past week so it was really a long week till yesterday. I have sorted my busy schedule out and now free so let talk about love .Lol.

It seems I have been rambling instead of telling you more about me as I promised in my email to you on the site. I am a bit religious, affectionate, outgoing, active, energetic, positive, generous man with a healthy sense of humor who is rediscovering all that life has to offer. I'm a bit of a clown, and playful, I love to laugh even at myself .I am a Fun loving, humble man with the belief that a woman should be treated like a lady and that it is always ladies first. I am a Fund Manager by profession; a work I love to do the way I love to enjoy life. I am generally a happy, upbeat person who has achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally. I am fun to be with and can be very romantic.

I am positive on everything that life brings me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I've travelled extensively in the course of doing my work. I am financially very okay. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values. I am comfortable in suits and tie as well as a pair of jeans. I am neat and clean in my living and my appearance. I cannot say for sure if you did view my profile before my subscription expired .If you did not, here are some information which were in my profile

I am 6ft3
Athletic and toned
Blue eyes
I do not smoke
I am learning to cook
I am a social drinker, widowed for ten years
I have a daughter that lives away from home. She is presently in Italy with her grandma
I am white/Caucasian
Christian catholic, had my graduate degree and speak English, German, Spanish, Italian fluently
I have dual citizenship, American and Italian.
I like and have a dog. My birthday is on the 17th April.

I don't want to sound over excited but I must confess that I am so happy to have come across you and I know that you would want us to take this slowly but I will try to be positive and consistent. I pray that you will not see me as moving too fast or being so direct. I know you will not understand how happy I am to get your response after going through your profile for 55 minute and I made up my wind to write you hoping that you will write back and you did. I have come to understand that I will need a serious relationship in my life.

People say that I play with everything except my work. But what they don't know is that I can play with my work but not with my love for someone. This is why I prefer people that will appreciate my humorous attitude. I am fun to be with and believe in the saying, "the older the wine, the better" so I don't believe in age being a hindrance in a relationship.

I like to Ski, playing golf and Tennis, movies and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains thou I have only climbed once in Dublin. I am currently attached to Capital Fund Investment international as a Senior Consultant Fund Manager, but would want to be self-employed in near future. I am a trained educationist and learnt the Fund Management trade under Robert Kiyosaki. I worked with him for seven years speaking on investing, fund management and teaching on how to benefit from the content of his three major books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant, and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. It was while on a tour with him to Aberdeen Scotland that I was made on offer by Capital Fund investment International. I worked with them for 6 years before I returned to United States and now work as a Consultant Fund Manager.

I have to stop here so that I will have another thing to say in my next email. I have attached some of my pictures which I uploaded on the dating site but since my subscription has expired, I don't know if you were able to view them. I took the pictures when my daughter came to visit me from Italy. She needed new pictures of me so we used her camera to take the pictures and she printed it on getting to Italy and sent these ones to me. All I can assure at this point is that you will never regret meeting me if it works out for us; my late wife never did, so you will not. I promise!!! Let's see how it goes.

Letter 2

How are you my princess? I am sure that you must have expected to hear from me again yesterday after sending me your address but did not because I had a very long day. Well, I know you hate it when I say this, but I'm going to say it all over again; you are the most intelligent, kind, understanding, beautiful woman I have ever come across in my life and I have been so blessed to have you in my life. Granted, we have seen our share of drama. You will always mean the world to me. I can't believe we're doing this all over again. I can't wait until I have the chance to hold you in my arms. You're the most wonderful woman in the world, but I long for nothing but to keep you happy. You're always in my thoughts and in my heart. Thank you for loving me no way anyone has ever tried. Thank you for knowing all the little things that means so much to me. Thank you for understanding that I am human and can miscalculate sometimes, thank you for your advice and support in a time like this. Thank you for everything you are, and mean to me and everything I am becoming because you are in my life. Thank you for bringing your good luck into my life for I have had many breakthroughs in business life since I met you. Thank you for all the things you have done in my life both the one I mentioned here and the one I could not remember to say, thank you! The love that I hold for you in my soul is greater than an ocean or the sky above. This make is greater than any material thing. Thank you for the Trust and support. What else can I say from here than to say thank you! Today has been such a busy day for me as we wanted to conclude two day program in one day. We had a long successful meeting today where the transaction detail was stipulated with most people present with their attorneys so it was more like a legal environment. When the attorneys started speaking their legal Jargons, I noticed that they wanted to take over the environment by making us understand that they are very important to this transaction. They tried to impose advice and direct us on the legal and business means of the transaction. As a fund manager, this is something I have known attorneys do all my life as a Fund Manager and once they start doing it, they make the investor see you to be less important if you don't prove them wrong. That is why today you see some people being advised financially by their lawyers who never had one day financial education. When they started all their constitutional theories, I stood up and just used my normal word that I have always used to calm them down. I told them, "The law does not put money in an investors pocket; it takes from our pocket and pay the state. This is when lawyers are then invited to fight for the investor's right of losing money to the State because lawyers are like law brokers as I am a stock and financial broker. This is not yet the time for law brokers to show their knowledge as the law is not yet taking anything from our pocket rather we are about to gain from the State and Country .My learned gentlemen (I continued), I believe that each and every one of you have seen this papers before and studied it privately before we agreed to sign it. I know that you were all advised by our lawyers to sign it as my own attorney did advise me that it was a good deal. Our appointment here this morning is to sign the paper work and move on with the bussiness and not to show how good our attorneys are .The only reason most of us invited our lawyers is for them to witnesses the process and we continue with our business which they are not part of and cannot do. I am sure after today when the business proper start, none of us will be here with his lawyer. I think the best thing for us to do now is to start the signing while you lawyers witness so that you learned gentlemen can go for your various business while we continue with our investment plan. This is to avoid us wasting this whole day arguing legal implication which we have all been told that there is none in this deal. If I am wrong on what said, I will not mind to be corrected but it will mean that I am at the wrong place." When I finished my statement, I discharged the lawyers and we started our business arrangement; that was when I told the Investors what I just did and why I did it. Lawyers always want to make us look ordinary when they know nothing about business other than defend you in court and you pay them. They can never run any business a year without the business crumbling but they will always want to advice you on all aspect of business. Most of them have also turned into Real Estate Managers and very soon, they will take over the business of fund management but the last economic crash has been discovered to be caused because most big investor, companies and Wall Street use lawyers as their advisers. Anyway, that is why my company always say that I am a professional in what I do because I believe that you can only do yours and let me do mine. After saying this, the Investor gave me a wonderful round of applause which I dedicate the glory to my wonderful life partner….YOU I have known you only a short while, a month precisely, but in that time your love has brought me such happiness. Happiness I haven't felt in a long time. My heart skips a beat every time I think of you. My heart has reached a whole new level of love and I owe it all to you. Thank you for letting me know what true love was and how it was supposed to feel. I just hope that the love I give to you is enough for what you are worth for you are an angel. Thank you for accepting the little that I can offer now which I know is definitely not enough for your kind .I hope to improve when I am settled down and not distracted by my work and Investors. When I can dedicate my time for you all day, when I can cook for you and feed you while you are still on bed. I love you for real! I love you with all my heart and I will say it again and again! My Princess, I am thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love all this period. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go. This is my way of showing you how much I truly care for you. I can't really find the words to explain the way I feel whenever I hear your name. All I can say is that I like the feeling that I feel. I wish I didn't have to miss you. If only you could be with me always, I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you and I won't have to lose sleep. So many times I thought life is so unfair. I know there are reasons why we are not together, reasons that I am trying to put a stop to by building a business of my own, but this will not be the reason for me to forget you. You really know how much I love you and care for you but there is nothing I can do more. Even though we're apart, this will not be the end of our commitment. You are the best thing that ever happened in my whole, entire, damn life. Just always remember that I really treasure your love and cares for me. I also want you to know that whenever I leave here and come to meet you, it will be the last I will be away from you. Even if I need to travel for a business appointment, it will be with you. I miss you, my darling, as I always do. I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter, and I can smell the scent of wildflowers that always reminds me of you. But at this moment, these things no longer give me pleasure I really wish that you were near me for real. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there. That is the thing that will give me pleasure for now. However, knowing that you love me is enough for now, and if I can be your husband then I would wait forever to be with you for you are the only one that I want. Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me beautiful. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me. Last night, in my dreams, I saw you on the beach. The wind was blowing through your hair, and your eyes held the ocean. I was speechless as I watched you sitting on the sand. You are beautiful, I thought as I saw you, a vision that I could never find in anyone else. I slowly began to walk toward you, and when you finally turned to me, you smiled! I noticed that others had been watching you as well. "She smiled at you?" they said to me in jealous whispers, "Please can you sign me an autograph" they pleaded. Wow! Honey, just by smiling at me, you made me a super star that people now ask for my autograph. Then I woke up and smiled but the difference was that with my smile, I could not make anybody superstar. You are just the best and I love you! It doesn't take a genius to work out how much I love you, but it takes a very clever man to work out why. You are the gentle breeze in my world of chaos, the calming presence that tells all to be still. When I am down you lift me up, when I am tired you spur me on. When I sleep I snuggle in the warmth of your embrace and feel safe. You are my security blanket, from the everyday rigors of life. I cherish the day we met, and the love we share. Thank you for being my rock, my confidant, my friend and my gentle breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! .I know you can feel the serenity in your environment by just reading this. This is because you are what I said you are. My love is unconditionally so never you think that I may change my mind because of one thing or the other. Never suspect my love for you for any minute because it is for real. If for any reason I am not able to contact you any day, I want you to know that I am not happy where I was at that moment and have struggled with my last strength to do so. The only thing I can assure you is that I will climb to the stars to make it possible the next day. I will not do any other thing until I do so. You are the best and I love you, no matter what! Love
Letter 3

How are you today? I hope you are having a fun filled week. I was lonely yesterday when I got back to my hotel room and wanted to speak with you on phone. I knew you may not be expecting my call and since it was Wednesday and my evening here in Dubai was noon your time. My mind told me that you may be out of the house and may not be able to take calls so I decided that when I email you today, I will tell you that I miss hearing your voice and will call you today with a call card since i don't need a phone here because i will be leaving in few days, so that you will expect my call. I have also noticed that most times, the internet server at the guest house here is mostly slow which make me wonder if all my emails deliver to your email box. The only way that I confirm that you received my email is when I get a response back from you. I will also try to be calling you on phone any day I round up my program early just to hear your voice and let you know that I love and miss you. We are making progress on our business here .We signed the settlement papers this morning regarding the commission payment. The business agreement was that they will sign commission settlement agreement the moment the vessel start loading. The Vessel Loading Terminal Clarence (VLTC) was obtained today so hopefully the vessel may start loading by tomorrow. The moment that is done, the payment processing, fund approval release papers will be signed by us with settlement authorization through Capital Fund International. If this is concluded, it means that one of my directors from the office in UK will be needed here in Dubai. I had to involve Capital Fund International when I realized that the money from this transaction will be channeled through Capital Fund International to secure Capital Fund shares in the name of the investors involves in this transaction. This few days that I have been with these people, I discovered the trick most rich men use. The main reason why the needed me in this transaction as partner is to have as Fund Settlement Partner .Being a license Fund manager with Capital Fund international which is a worldwide recognized investment company, it will stand as the reason why the payment of the transaction proceed will be done in UK. The idea is to use the fund to acquire Capital Fund shares which is a fast and high selling shares. After they have acquired the shares, they will then place is back into the market after few days under the Capital Fund share selling policy that any share purchase cannot be resold until after 7 days. Most of them sell these shares immediately and wire the money back to their country as income from their investment abroad and not from direct business transaction in their country. This way they get tax reduction from their government as the law of the country gives you a very huge tax reduction for bringing money from investment abroad and investing it in the country to create job opportunities in the country. According to them, this law was made by government to attract investors into the country and that was what led to the new Dubai that I see today. By doing this, they have not done anything illegal, they have done nothing against the law; they have also gotten credit and praise from their government. They will tell you that they use their brain to make money. The funny thing is that because they invest most of their profit from investment they have abroad back into their country; their government sees them as being patriotic and gives them more contract and control over some major sectors of the economy. They told me that they have studied the law of the country and they have figured out a way to use it in their favor; nothing illegal. Anyway, let me not bore you with business terms though I just want you to know that everything is going fine. After sending you the email yesterday, it became clear to me who you are. I have come to know you and have known happiness even when my work seems difficult. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. You are the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with .That is who you are. Every day I wake up happy for us. You have given me so much, and I don't know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock. Sometimes I feel lost and out of touch but by the mention of your name I feel safe. Yes, your name soothes me. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can't find the word. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms. I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be everything you wish to you, because you are everything I wish to me. I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be there for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, Each day when I wake up, a smile comes up on my face unlike before. I have tried to find out why this recent morning smiles and yesterday I came to reality why I smile every morning. I smile every morning because of you since this smile started since the day we met. It started increasing recently because my mind discovered something before my body did. My mind realized that by each passing day, my meeting you gets closer. I know for sure i wil be coming back on the 8th of August but one thing I can say for sure is that it gets closer by each passing day, each new day and each morning .every day that I wake up the distance between up gets shorter, our relationship increases and our love multiplies Darling I have you tell you this, the investor that invited me here gave me a ring yesterday to give you. He said, "Nick, use this and propose to her". When I asked him how he knew about you, his answer was simple "have you forgotten your display in the hotel the day you arrived? When you wanted to email her? That day told me everything about your love for her so propose to her the moment you get home" The moment he said this, my mind became jubilant and I WISHED that I was with you, and on my knees, asking you "Will you marry me? I LOVE YOU! Love
Letter 4

How are you today my love? First of all, thank you for the lovely email. It's another Friday and I miss you like always. I pray that this coming weekend will be my last weekend without you. Our business here is rounding up and from all indication, I will be returning back to UK before the end of the week. I am doing my possible best to conclude my part of the transaction by tomorrow so that I can travel back and let them handle the rest if all is not completed by then. Everything regarding the financial stipulations on the transaction was completed this morning as expected. The Capital Fund representative that I was hoping that will come into Dubai today for the memorandum signing came into Dubai yesterday night so we did the official Share Purchase Sum Declaration (SPSD) and MOU signing, this morning. During the meeting, the memorandum was given to the directors from Capital Fund that arrived yesterday. The memorandum stated how the fund disbursement should be done through the Capital Fund share purchase arrangement in the name of the partners .One of our director was wise or should I say stupid enough to ask the question about the only female partner not being present. The answer came from my client, the investors. He told them that you can see that she is based in US as her address shows. He also told them that she left back to the US and requested that she can be well represented by her fund manager Mr Nick Riva as she was already and investor with Capital Fund Investment international. The total transaction was worth 2, 000,000 (Two Million) Barrel of raw crude at the sum of $73 Dollars per Barrel. That makes the total purchase and investment value to the sum up to $146,000,000 (One Hundred and forty Six million) Dollars. I had to process the investment deductions for International Investment subsidy, investors deposit commitment, government settlement, external vat and other miscellaneous expense. With my license, I had to negotiate with the UAE Petroleum commission (UAEPC) on Investment Refund Sum Discount (IRSD). I negotiated and drafted it, which was part of the reason why I was invited in the team. After all said and done, we submitted it and got the approval to go to the capital city Abu-Dhabi to register it with the government of United Arab Emirate .With this Negotiation and investment calculation I drafted, I was able to save them over $27,000,000.00 (Twenty Seven Million USD) .This was Their main reason for making me partner and giving me 10% commission.
Having settle the states requirement, the total offshore fund remittance by the buyer to the Capital Fund Investment account rounded up to the sum of $81,000,000.00 (Eighty One million) Dollars. From this total transaction sum, I am only entitled to 10% of the money as the financial broker and estimate consultant, Discount Negotiator, and fund receiving and disbursing partnership body . Let me cut the long story short as it may take me more 50 pages to explain all this. The summary of the transaction is that when the company receives this money, they will make purchase of Capital Fund shares on ground for trade on our behalf on the percentage stipulated in the memorandum .What this means is that the company will be purchasing the value of $8,100,000 (Eight Million and One hundred Thousand) Dollars' worth of Capital Fund shares in our name as the transaction deed stipulated. This amount will acquire the total of 128,571 Capital Fund shares in your name. By giving me $8,100,000.0 ((Eight Million and One hundred Thousand) Dollars, they have saved $27,000,000.00 (Twenty Seven Million USD) giving them a profit of extra $18,900,000 (Eighteen Million, Nine Hundred Thousand USD) after settling me. This is why I said that these men are so intelligent but the good part of it is that I am happy with what I will get and they are exited and grateful for what I have saved them. Being a direct share buy, the company (Capital Fund Investment International) will contact you to confirm if the name and address that they have is correct before thy issue the investors' certificate .They will not be contacting you by phone rather they will email you. All you will need to do the moment you receive their email is to email them back confirming to them that the information they already have in the memorandum is correct; this is all you need to do. Let them know that the information contained in their email request to you is correct as stated. This is all they need from you and it is all you need to do. Let them know that they should hand over the copy of the Investors certificate to Your Fund manager Mr Nick Riva to deliver to you on his return to United states and that they should contact him if they need any more information on your transaction as you have authorized him to handle it for you, being the person that represented you during the transaction in Dubai. Why I want you to add this to your email to them is for them not to bother you again with any further request so that I can take over the transaction from there and conclude it. Like I said earlier, I will be leaving here at the end of the weekend so that I will conclude my part of the transaction and for Capital Fund to confirm the investment fund in the Capital Fund Offshore Bank Account. When the share purchase of completed by Capital Fund Investment after they have been funded, we will apply for the resell of the shares from the company which I know most of my partners will be willing to buy. Once we sell of the Capital Fund Investment shares and the other 60,000 shares I have with them, I will be making over $11,000,000.00(eleven million dollars) form there. After that, the fund will be released in your name since the shares are in your name. The moment the share sell and share sell proceed is disbursed; I will then fly down to United States for a new life with you. This may take about 6 days to complete after I return to UK, then come back home on the 14th. On my return to United States, we will sit down and have a long discussion about us on where we will live, where we will buy the new house, starts a new business and settle down in our world and get old together. We will settle down into a life with no disturbance from Capital Fund international, where I will be my own boss and make my trips with you. One place I will like us to go first is Dubai UAE, for you to meet the man that gave me the ring that I will use to say "will you marry me" .To meet the man that gave me the opportunity in a business that afforded me the needed finance to be self-employed and have a financial secured future. Where I will no longer see you in my dreams but touch you in my bed. Where I will do a lot for you and the only question you will not be able to answer when I ask you is-WHAT ELSE? Honey, I did not tell you that I am a pretty good cook. I know there are some key steps to any great dish. If you wanted to make a great stew, for instance, the first few things you put in the pot determine the flavor, the texture and the overall greatness of the stew. The first thing I would like to put into "our pot" is a little compassion sauteed with understanding, sprinkled with care, and topped off with a nice piece of smoked tenderness. Let that simmer, (cooking time varies) and then add in everything else. Then savor the creation of our love. I know If Love is basketball then I'm Michael Jordan In My Dream last night a beautiful figure approached me with her back to me and called my name. When i answered, "She asked me if she was pretty, I said no because I could not see her face. She asked me if I wanted to be with her forever, I said no. She asked me if I would cry if she left, I said no. She had heard enough. As she walked away I grabbed her arm and realized that the figure looked exactly like you so i told her to stay. I said, 'You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you left ... I would die, because I am completely in love with you" and then I woke up and realized that it was all a dream. Some of the most superb feelings and tingling emotions come from what love an Angel, such as you, and it makes our world, as we have come to see it, has no bearing and an infinite boundary when we are locked lips to lips. No one person can sever that bond of nothing but pure affection and intimate passion. We are the Angels of Our own and with merely our names to live with. A name, which consists of nothing more than symbols of a language taken for granted, a true test of love of which we have accomplished merely by the elucidation in our eyes. Earth moves with such apathy that only Our own can keep the pace of our devotion for one another. Why would the world seem so passive? I believe it is a chance for us to make our own time to spend together. It is love. It is what binds the thoughts of all beings trying to understand it. It appears that you and I have fallen into love, without having looked for it. "We are the Angels of Our Name....I enjoy thinking about you the most when I have moments where nothing else matters but you. They may not be "normal" but they are from my heart and soul. This is the only way I know how. Please bend a little and accept my love for what it is ... a simple love from a simple man. I love you as always.
Letter 5

I just came back from Abu-Dhabi (Capital city of UAE).A lot of people think that Dubai is the capital which is not right though it is the financial capital of the country UAE .Anyway,that is where all the government offices has their head office so we went to tidy the government end in our transaction. The thing that surprises me most was that your name keeps coming into my mind even when we are in a serious discussion.

This makes me wonder what would have become of me if you were not right with me. Your love is the sunshine that shines every day of my life; you are the rain that showers in my soul ... love are a magic; it works like a miracle. Your love is magic, I am so glad you are mine. The number that displayed in your phone should not be a correct number because i used a call card to call you since i don't need a phone here. I miss hearing your voice, i will try to call you again today but it depends when we finish our meeting in Dubai today. I know you may have asked yourself why I chose you ... what is so special about you? Well, the reason is simple; I chose you because you are YOU!!! I have never had anyone treat me the way you do. I have never had anyone make me feel the way I feel about you. You do that to me! You make me feel special and wanted. As liberal as I can be, I would never do anything to hurt you. You mean more to me than you realize. I am hoping that one day I can prove all of this to you! I want you for you! The feeling I have now, my baby, is really indescribable. I was fighting the existence of this great distance between us and yet it came to me striking hard where it hurts the most - being away from you. I want to cry, you know, in fact I did, I need to. It hurts me so much to know you that when I get back to my hotel today, you will not be there, the fact that I am not with you. How useless, heartless, worthless am I.I just want to tell you how sorry I am. Terribly, terribly sorry! I was like a child crying in the shadows, like I want to hit something or shout. I miss you, Babe, I terribly do. Yet that longing cannot equate the love I have for you. And you may be thinking by now that all I tell you are mere words without proof. I will be home soon my love. I love you with all of my heart and soul. All that I am, I owe you. I will be there. "I'll walk in the rain by your side, I'll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand, I will do anything to keep you satisfied. I love you more than anybody can, for that is nothing compared to the joy, satisfaction and completion that the mere mention of your name brings me. For to hold that pain for you shall be my honor and privilege for I have come to read and learn many things about love. I have come to know that Love requires no proof or expression but it demands to feel it. Love was only a word until I found you to give it definition. Love is not blind... it just opens up your eyes to what others do not see. Love is a miracle was created for two wonderful people; I and you. Love is a hard rock between two people and can't be torn apart. Love is a beautiful red rose given for no apparent reason. Love is a fire that reigns in the heart. Love is the only game never postponed due to darkness. Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots. Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time!"Love is an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. You just need to feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love. Love is not measured on how long you can wait but on the kind of sacrifices you can do for the sake of love. Love is the sound our hearts make, love is the happiness we feel, love is what makes us do the strange things we do. LOVE WAS WHAT I FOUND WHEN I FOUND YOU. I know that if I continues, I will write a book because I still know that Love is too strong a word to say it too early, but it has too beautiful a meaning to say it too late. Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones. Love is like salted water; the more you drink the more your thirst increases. Love is like the air we breathe. It may not always be seen, but it is always felt, used and needed. Love is not love if it is conditional."Love is like a flower, give it some time, patience and lots of tender loving care; and watch it bloom into something wonderful before your eyes. Love is like a rose, the special one grows in the winter. Love is what you make it and with whom you make it; it is what it is."If love is music in its purest form, then you are the notes on the page and the melody in my heart. Love is when the things you detest, you become in love with. And, when your views are wrong the one who you love will hear you out and understand you. Love is not sweet talks and flowers, but love is forgiving and compromising. Love is a joy that fills your heart with wonder and excitement every time. Love doesn't make the world go around; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. LOVE IS A PARDONABLE INSANITY .Love is passion and fire; it haunts and enchants the one who touches it. Love is like an image, a lasting image that will always remain in your heart, your soul, forever a part of you I can't explain love the way other people can, I don't even know if I've ever been in love, but I do know the feeling I get when I hear your name or think of you. It only makes me want you more. You do something to me - I can't really explain it, but whatever it is, I don't ever want to forget it and I don't want it to stop. I don't care whatever that have been mentioned by others about love If the most important word is not said because for me love remain you and will only be you. I have nothing to be proud of but you. My existence has no purpose but to be with you. I will be home soon; I will be home with you my love. All that I am
Letter 6

I have Good news, and the good news today is that the deal with my partners became partly a success. Capital Fund Investment International confirmed the capital purchase fund in the Capital Fund Investment Offshore account today and contacted the investors. They said that the Capital Fund Investment share transaction schedule notification will be sent to the investors

I just returned to my hotel to park my luggage for our trip back to UK this evening. We will be arriving UK very early in the morning tomorrow .We will not be stopping in London as the meeting will be in our head office in Kent. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm tomorrow since my some partners are Muslim and will like to have their worship which ends by 1pm. After the meeting tomorrow, I will be going to the Admin Department to check my Capital Fund Investment work calendar and to finalize my resignation. I will then email you to give you the specific date that I will be back to YOU. I was blunt to even tell my Directors that I will be flying back the moment I am through with my work specification and if they try to delay me further with any urgent work I will not mind to resign without following due process. They told me that it will not be necessary and that we can sort this out when I get to UK. They were nice enough to also mention that we have had a very long and good working relationship to end it in a bad note. Anyway, I will see for myself at the Admin office by tomorrow.

Once you get an email from Capital Fund Investment, email them back with the confirmation that they requested. I will not be able to access my email until I get to UK tomorrow so don't wait for an email from me before responding to them, Just handle it the way I told you. Tell them that the name and address is correct and that they should give the original copy the Investors certificate to your fund manager to deliver to you on his return to United States since you have business to discuss with him.

They asked me about sending yours by courier and I told them that you made the request that I deliver it to you personally because you have some investment issues you will like to discuss with me as your fund manager .I also told them that you have authorized that all your shares be on one investors certificate and that the investors certificate should be issued with information on the memorandum that was given to them when they came to Dubai. I want you to know that I have agreed with my directors that once I have concluded all that I have to do here successfully and conclusively, I will go back to you and that will be it for the year so I have the remaining part of this year with you. If by any means I have any reason to travel, it will be with you and must be a leisure trip, not for work.

Darling, do you know that the sweetest word i hear recently is your name and the greatest thing is your love. Here is a woman I thought I'd never know, the one who stole my heart so innocently, but with care and grace and perfect love. The perfect thought is us together forever. Every silent prayer that has left my mind, all the empty words that have left my mouth and chased my lips, and all the lonely tears that have escaped my eyes have made me who I am, one to love you more. All the times I felt I've found the one, and all the times I've mourned over a bleeding heart, all the times I've given it all I've got is are as many as I have found my face in the mud. All the things I've wished I've done, and all the things I wished I hadn't helps me love you with purity and certainty. I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all my faults and all my achievements. I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you, you know just what to do. You listen to hear my voice echoing how much I love you.

I had no idea that things would end up how they are now. I would have never guessed that you would be mine, and I would not change a thing. I love you with all my heart, my soul, and life. You fill me with so much happiness. When I come home every day from work, there is only one thing that keeps me going day to day, and that is the thought that I will get the time to spend with you. Just knowing the fact that I will get to spend the rest of my life with you fills me with so much joy that I want to cry. You mean the world to me, and I never want to lose you.

Love is huge. I will work hardest to reach it. My love is only for you. I will present it just for you - just for you. When I met you, my heart shook. I haven't been able to escape you. I will hold you all my life, it's my promise. I want to show you how very big my love is for you - every day, every night, every time, and all my life. I love you!

My love, something happened few minutes ago that got me angry was walking into the hotel lobby and I saw this two couple walking down the staircase .I waited for them to come down before I start climbing and I heard the wife call the husband "Darling, please walk fast so that this gentleman can go up" Immediately, I realized that a lot of people call their love one darling! How stupid I was to call you a name that everybody uses, a name that is not specially made for you. I realized there and then that as special as you are, I should have a special name for you, a name which is not used by anybody because not all are special like you. A name that qualifies you for who you are; A name made for you alone; then I came to conclusion that you will be called "MY JOY"

Since you are the one that make me happy, the one that her name is the only name that I want to hear, the one that is created to put smiles on my face, the one that comes to me in my dream to make me smile while sleeping, the one and only Queen of beauty, My Venus; since you are this special person, I will hence forth call you the name that only you deserve, the name that explains the reason why I love you so much "MY JOY" That is who you are! Please wish me safe trip back to UK. It's me.
Letter 7

How are you today My Love? We got back to UK by 4am this morning and had little rest before going for the first meeting by 11am. The meeting today was a short one; The Investors' Certificate was issued to the investors with your own given to me. One of the investors has indicated interest in selling off the shares with Deduct sell commission to Capital Fund Investment International. The company has agreed for a quick share sell bid for tommorow. I am also looking at us applying to place ours for Sell bid if they can arrange it .I spoke to my directors about my Capital Fund Investment work calendar and my resignation.We concluded that it will still be on the 14th .Two of the investors have made their Sell bid interest known to the company and the company has scheduled an early Share Sell for them to impress them with their services. They assured me that i can travel the moment i conclude the investor's transaction not minding the date. Let us hope that this happens early so that our shares could be sold and payment concluded so that I can return to you without further delay.

You did not tell me if you have heard from the company. All indication now shows that it is the sale of this Share that is the only thing holding me here and since we have ours to place for sell too, I will not have any problem waiting to see it sold. I will let you know later today how to apply for this Share Sell Bib (SSB) so that we can do it with the other two investors. I will get more information on this before the end of today. I want to be sure that it will really hold tommorow so that I will let you know how to send them an email request tomorrow. I will draft it and send to you so that you can send it to them requesting that yours be placed for sell. Once you send the request, i will handle the remaining part of the Application process. I have come to realize that when two people love each other, they don't look at each other; they look in the same direction .While I was in the aircraft flying back to UK last night, out of loneliness, I picked up my pen and paper and started to write down the things that I will like to do with you in this life time till death do us part. Here is the wonderful list I made. I hope you can add to it to make it complete. Lol
HERE IT GOES……… Be your best friend.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
Have our picture taken together.
Eat ice cream with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table.
Go for a walk at dusk together.
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.
Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.
Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together
Give you a backrub just because.
Always being honest with each other
Go hiking/camping together.
Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.
Marry you.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my Lancelot.
Go on a road trip across America, Europe and Asia.
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul
Cook your favorite meal/meals
Know you better than you know yourself;
Go to a Renaissance Fair
Plant a tree in our yard together
Look over at you during an office/family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.
Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you.
Love Always,
Be myself
Be Nick Riva Always I love you so Much
Letter 8

My Joy, I was informed this morning that the share sell bid will be up by 5 pm today being , 11th August 2015.Two of the investors that came with me from Dubai are also putting part of their shares for sell so the bid has been arranged. I will like you to email Sylvester Duran of the Admin Department informing that you will like to post a share sell bid for your share. That they should inform you of the procedure or if possible provide you with the application form if any. Below is the outline to use in writing the request letter. You are to just send it to them. USE THIS:

My name is Karen With Investors Number 666840; controlling 128,572 Capital Fund share under my Capital Funds Investment. I wish to request for the release of my Capital Fund Share Sell Bid (SSB) as soon as the company can arrange it. I will appreciate if this is done as soon as possible due to my urgent need for the money for business engagements .The original copy of my Investors certificate is with my Fund manager Mr. Nick Riva incase it is needed for share sell transfer(SST). I will expect your quick response on the possible share bid and the procedures on how the share sell proceed can be released to me. I am presently aware of the decline in Capital Share value and do not mind to sell at the current Capital Fund share value. I will wait to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,
Karen After you have arranged this letter above, you are to send it to the Admin Department through the email bellow:

You are to address the email to the Head of Admin: Sylvester Duran (MS Please try and send the request letter the moment you get this email so that they can include the share sell bid for today. I just got this information from one of the investors now so I decided to send you this email before going in for another meeting. Let me know by return email when you send the request letter. I love you Mrs.Riva!

Letter 9

Yes, my love my number is +44-797-825-8268. Call me anytime but if i didn't pick up. it means i am in a meeting.
I cant wait to see you! Love
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