Romance scam letter(s) from Casey Adriano to Jeanette (Sweden)
Letter 1

My name is Casey Adriano and i am 52 years old, I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland. I am intelligent, mentally stable, physically fit, with good sense of humor, warm, caring, honest, good listener and a positive person who can be very naughty sometimes and very difficult to deal with, and that is because I just need someone to scold me , or just be a bit harsh on me then, i will comport myself again. Other than that, I am a good man and very responsible.... I love travelling and also I enjoy chilling' with my friend/family in my house, I like sea and mountain, I like watching movies, listening to music, reading books and also I'm a good cook. I like to laugh and just be happy .I am a single man with one daughter i really do love kids so much.but for some reasons she is living with her mum, as she elope with my our child but i do speak to her and play my role as a dad in her life.. I am seeking for an honest, loving, caring woman whom i can spend the rest of my life with.. I know it is not gonna be easy but then it is something we can achieve in as much as we know what we want... You really captured my fancy and i want to believe we can figure something out no matter how difficult it may seems or appear to be....I am a man, with positive mental attitude and i always try to mix up with people with the right attitude . people i can learn from and improve my own behavior and be a more better person to my love onesI want you to know that i am the kind of man that would listen to you, and respect your feelings and always give you the shoulder to lean on.. I want to LOVE and be LOVED.. care and be cared for.... i need and want a woman like you to share my life with as you captivated my mind immediately i set my eyes on your profile.. life is too short for us to be wallowing over the past and grief over our relationship that did not work out in the past. it is best to move on and hope for the best to happen because i know there are good women out there as well as there are good men.I want to enjoy my life with that special woman and make her always happy..I have a small company where i deal on antiques, sculptures, and artifacts...i am will willing to relocate to Sweden, and start a new life and be happy once again. I know Sweden very well and i love your country, the food, and the Swedish people.Once again, i want you to know that i am interested in you..I look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2

Hello.,I was quite surprise to open my email and got a message from you. That really put smile on my faceand i want to say thank you .I slept sound but i did not sleep on time because i was just rolling from one edge of the bed, to the other just thinking on how i can woo you and possibly meet you in person as i have not done this before.I must say that you really captured my fancy and i admire you to the core. You are a very beautiful womanand as such you seems to wear the garment of my ideal woman.I would like us to take our time out to get to know each other very well as i am very sure that is gonna bea positive outcome knowing that we are both adult and know what we want in life at this moment in time.I will write you subsequently to tell you about my myself in totality.Do have a pleasant day at work...Casey
Letter 3

It,s just how i feel for a woman that i have not even meet. it is the best feelingever.I do go to badoo and keep looking at your pictures and i would like you tosend me some pictures of you okay...You possess an enviable charisma and there is something unique about your personality.How you are single i don,t know. or are you a very choosy woman.Well, i am very attracted to you and i bow to your beauty and grace.As you go for a walk, Just fantasize me holding your hand as we walk on the park.Have a pleasant stay.Casey
Letter 4

Hello Dear,Thanks for informing me of what someone commented on profile. Such accusation is very bad.I have never in my life done a thing like that but i don,t want you to think this is true.pleaseget to know me. i know this will give you a matter of concern.
Letter 5

Hello Dear,I am very sorry for my inability to not write you since morning, reason being that my internet hasbeen very bad, as a result of the adverse weather here at the moment.I want you to know that non of what these women has said about where true, and i have never inMy life done a thing like that. I don,t see any reason why they should make such comment aboutme because i did not chat with them, or respond to their messages, so they assume i have for financialassistant from women. This really hurts me so much and i thought it would be wise for me to opt outmy account because that is blackmail to the highest order.Jeanette, I am not a toothless bull dog, and i am not a weak man. I am a hard working man and i haveachieved a lot in my life. I really do like you so much and i want you in my life because you seems tobe a good woman. You are the kind of woman i dream to be with and share the rest of my life with.Please, do not be sad because what they have said about me is not true. I want to be where ever you are and prove to you how much i desire you.I am thinking of you.kiss,kiss and hugs.
Letter 6

Hello, Thanks for your message. are you on face book?It will be better for us to chat
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