Romance scam letter(s) from Gary Bircher to Jan (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Jan, My condolence for the loss of your mother for i know how devastating it must have been for you and your family. I am new to the online dating scene but i gave it a try since i hear nothing but positive things about the venue between i gave it a try because i tend to think out of the box. I am a firm believer that we sometimes have to step out of our comfort zone to find happiness and i wouldn't want distance to deter me from finding my soul mate. I hope we can continue to learn about each other and hopefully trust one another but i understand trust has to be earned and it may take time. I am serious about finding someone special and i am ready to love again . I have been widowed for 4 years and i do not intend to spend the rest of my life alone. My late wife's name is Cheryl and we met Cheryl at LAX Los Angeles airport on my way to New york for a business meeting . We dated for for 2 yrs and was engaged the third year and then got married few months after our engagement. We had a wonderful relationship and a lot of memories were built at our home in Los Angeles at that time . My late wife would sometimes go on business trips with me and we thoroughly enjoy each others company .You sound like a beautiful person both inside and outside.How come someone has not yet sweep you off your feet ? I have 2 sons and they were born and raised in Los Angeles CA, they are presently working on their degree in Switzerland (by choice) and they planned to return back to the states after completion of their degree. My boys are very intelligent and i am proud to see the kind of gentlemen they became. They encouraged me to give dating website a try and i am glad i did. I am serious about finding someone that will be my last and final story. Till i hear from you again, Gary
Letter 2

Dear Jan , I want to assure you that i like what i see and i think you are a beautiful woman. What you have within your heart is what truly matters to me and you can always count on that. We appear to share similar interest and as far as living anywhere in the world,i really dont have any preference but i would love to be close to water. In my free time,i like to go on a walk, read, swim or just go sight see. Jan trust is essential in order for any relationship to blossom and a successful relationship is based on trust and honesty . I just want to be loved and i will love back in return. I want a partner that can share mutual respect, trust, sincerity and of course lots of love & affection. I do not want to be neglected and i don't mind if we have our own space every once in a while to do our own thing either by ourselves or with other friends, but we would always keep our relationship as the highest priority. Any disagreements should be resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible . In other words, we should definitely be in at least a truce before bedtime...
Talk to you soon and waiting to read back
Letter 3

I like kayaking, skiing and horse riding . I would love to go to many places but it is no fun without someone special .
It is always nice to hear from you and i hope had a good day today? I always look forward to your emails and i look forward to learn more about you. I believe a relationship is not 50/50 or some other percentage.It is 2 people working together toward similar goals.It would be nice if you are the one I could trust and cherish as I miss the companionship the most but then time will tell. I would like to know your dislikes and likes and i would like to know what you like doing for fun and what you do in your spare time ...
Letter 4

Dear Jan , I understand emailing can be a little time consuming but i think it will give us the opportunity to get to know one another better before we meet in person . I look forward to having an inteligent conversation with you about a wide range of topics and i think alot can be said when we communicate in person rather than emailing . My project in Philippines is coming to an end soon and i look forward to return back to the states in about 2 weeks or less. My dislike are
inequality of any kind, rudeness,dishonesty, infidelity, offensive remarks, or behavior, brutality in any form, and greed. Quickly likes..
Compassion,generosity, understanding, ability to listen, and comprehend, ability to give and receive, love-knowledge,fidelity, honesty,equality, acceptance,good manners , courtesy, intelligence-open heart-mind,ambition, willingness and desire to help others What I like to do for fun -- I enjoy going to the movies and definitely have to have my popcorn and a coke. I also love staying home and watching a movie. Movies I like --- top of my list of course would be a good romance, I enjoy action and suspense, comedy, some westerns. I enjoy listening to music with the lights down low snuggling and cuddling. Love to dance especially those nice slow cuddly and close dances. Gary
Letter 5

Dear Jan , I have been to at least 10 different states and lived in 4 due to work or family and for more than 6 months up to 22 years. I lived in California, New York , Washington and Maryland . I am excited to return back to the states and i look forward to meet you in person. Jan I attached within this email few pictures of my project which was taken few months ago and i am trying to give you an idea of what i do . The exterior part of the building are completely finished and i am currently working with my on interior fixtures and furnishing with my team who are all locals from Philippines . A final inspection will take place once my project is complete and a final meeting will also take place. At the meeting , my final payment and taxes will be discussed including the finalizing all red tapes associated with the building . Living and working in Manila , Philippines has been a wonderful experience and i was lucky to be able to meet variety of people from different ethnicity and background . Gary
Letter 6

Dear Jan , I love what i do and it gives me a sense of joy to change other people's lives in a positive way . Thanks for sharing the pictures with me , it is very beautiful . What makes me happy is when i'm happy if I see a smile on your face if things get to work out between us.I'm happy when the sun is shining and the birds are singing in the trees..Good friends...People with a sense of humor Because I like to make people smile and laugh. When they do I know I've brightened their day if only for a moment. Music makes me feel good. I listen to it every day at home.What makes me sad are things like not having someone that really loves me because i have a whole lot of love to give and it's a shame not to have someone to give it to as well..People who lie to me. People who use others. People who hurt others on purpose. And it makes me sad to know you are so far away. Wish we are closer then i could have bunches of flowers delivered to your door step.

Letter 7

Dear Jan , I am positive i would love to retire but i would still love to work on small remodeling projects that doesn't require traveling. I like almost all kind of music except rap and heavy metals . I have experienced the euphoria of love before and i know its possible to love again . Prior to the time i joined the website, i attempted to date a lady here in Philippines but it didn't work because she was only looking for a casual relationship which is not what i want at this stage of my life. How do you see a first date with someone new? where would you like to go and what would you like to do ?what are some of the most important traits you look for in a man and what are your turn on and turn off? Yours
Letter 8

Dear Jan, Thanks for your email and for sharing more about your self with me. First date could be somewhere quiet most likely a dinner to linger over with quiet conversation. This would be a time to commune and share. My "turn on" are candles and a romantic evening with just us, talking, kissing, I love kissing and touching and laughing, at ourselves, each other and trust within the relationship that even if we laugh at each other that it is understood that is just silly fun. I love knowing that when we wake up, everything will be o.k My "turn offs" are someone who is controlling, not willing to try to see both sides of a situation and a closed minded mentality. Life is not black and white, and we must be forgiving to the extent that we can. I am very turned off by a macho mentality or sarcasm. I find no need to be judgmental. God will take care of that. The most important traits I want to see in my woman are patience, calmness .
Talk to you soon
Letter 9

Dear Jan, You sound like mu kind of woman and i am excited to meet you in person . I forgot to mention that some supervisors came around today in order to do their last inspection on the building. They were absolutely satisfied with the result of the building . I will be able to finally wrap up my project on Monday and my final meeting will also take place on Monday .The meeting entail discussing my final payment, taxes and handling necessary paper works to the government so as to receive my final payment. Once my taxes are paid in full , i will receive my final payment and i will be set to leave the Philippines. I am so excited and i cant wait to finally leave Philippines after 2 years of hard work .Whats the name of the closest airport to you ? Gary
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