Romance scam letter(s) from Jude Clark to Vikki (South Africa)
Letter 1

How are you today,if i am to guess,i should say you are doing great,let me start by apologizing for intruding your privacy,as i know it isn't easy to take the step we both are taking and i want to commend you for your courage and maturity and understanding to endeavor into trying to communicate.I am very happy that i have your E-mail address now, and i can always send you mails from time to time now , Thanks for allowing me have your email address,I really appreciate it.Its been a long time since i have ever want to have a friend,it could be very lonely when all you do is work and have no one actually to talk to,laugh with and says does things you wouldn't want to say in public to,been a in a long time now since i lost my late wife,that's the past and i don't want to get you mess in it right now,you are the first woman i am talking to now with this much effort as i see you as a woman of integrity, I thought every woman on there just wanted sex, as the young girls on the site, just come around to play on there, and make games, and all they just talk about is just sex, I think maybe they have no ideal of what real love is all about, and its not all about sex, I want the best out of a woman i will be with again and secondly the whole identity theft as made it difficult but with the grace of God all this are possible with faith and believe and love is the most powerful source in life my new friend,i hope i can refer to you as a friends,your responds simply differentiated the difference between a woman and a girl,Thanks again for your polite respond.,I really appreciate it. I am new to all of this internet thing, you are the first person i am ever writing this long to,I wouldn't want to start telling you about my sad part in my first mail to you as everybody have a story so i would rather we start by moving forward and knowing each other as friends first, we need to know our likes, compatible, we need to be sure about the things we want,we need to know more about each other , and see where thing will get to without any rush .. I hope i am not saying too much about me already,i guess for now i might not know where to push the stop button as i am a novice to this and as the man i would want to take the lead to make it easier for you,telling each other about us will help us get to know about each other and if we can be friends, I am ready to give all of the time,I am ready to give this friendship of ours a try,we still have a lot to talk about so i wont just sit here and pour put all in just one mail,i am sure as time goes on, you will get to know me, and we will be able to talk all of the time and get to know each other much more, what do you think about that ?over to you now , tell me about you , we need to know about Family, Work, Kids if you got any, your likes and dislikes,things that makes you think and all you are also looking for again in a relationship.. I will have to go now,but i will get back to you later again, I will get online from time to time to check for your email, and i will send you more about me again once i get a reply frm you and also some pics.. I just hope we will give this our best to make things work out well for us ok .. *a friendly handshake* , Your new friend.. jude
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