Romance scam letter(s) from Adams Williams to Stacie (Mauritius)
Letter 1

Hi dear, How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Thank you for your email, I appreciate and I will like us to keep the spirit of knowing each other high, so that we can be able to enjoy the dividend of a true and honest relationship. I'm just attaching my picture to you and I will write you in details about me when I hear from you. But just a quick throw of little light, I'm a Canadian citizen, but of Indian ancestor, currently I'm in UK for a company project. I'm a PhD holder in engineering related field, which I will explain to you in details later. Naturally I have a good heart and I believe in the happiness of me and my partner and in relation to what I told you in my email in shaadi, my friends say that I always bring endless happiness to them when ever I'm with them in my spare time and I have a lot of expectation toward true love and marriage, because I believe I can find the right woman one day and we lead a happy life together. I hope I can tell you whatever happens in my life when I receive your reply. At the same time, I long for your story in your life. I don't care how far we are, how big our age difference is. What I really care is that we can love each other wholeheartedly and never abandon each other whatever happens in the future. I will be glad to hear from you so that I will tell you more about me and attached herewith is my picture as I promise to send and I will appreciate to have your picture as well and thank you for providing your phone number for our easy communication and is fine that you have whatsapp, we will always be in good communication over there as well. Hope to hear from you. Have a nice time.
Letter 2

Hi love, I hope you are fine honey and everything is moving successful with you, I'm always happy when ever I communicate with you. I thank you so much for all your love and understanding of our relationship, you are the best quality of wife for me because I can see that you have a very good heart, I'm thankful everyday for having you in my life, I will love you till eternity. I'm always glad when ever I send you an email, I can't wait to be with you soon and always see you smile in my presence as I will always make you happy. I really miss you so much and very much happy that I will spend the rest of my life with you. I will always give you the best love that you will need in your life and be happy with me as your future husband.
Actually I did not want to be updating you with concrete aspect of my claim process, until I confirm you as my wife, but now that I see that we are very serious to each other and will be settling down together as husband and wife, I feel is right that I be updating you in every aspect. Attached to this mail is the document that was released to me by the financial institution holding the fund, with the request of my lawyer as we fully requested for them in order to have first prove of this fund been with them, after presenting death certificate of my father as a prove of his death.
As requested by the law of the country and inline with the financial institution, we will be proceeding to provide every legal requirements and evidence necessary and as requested for the claim by law. It has to be proved that I am the right person to inherit my late father's fund and that I'm the real son of my father. Love, please keep these attached documents safe, I'm sending them to you as to have back up for security purpose. I know that the claim process is so much demanding, but all the same, everything will be fine soon and the whole documents/certificate will be provided and the fund will be released and I come over to your country. I will be proceeding to court for affidavit, I will also be letting you know the condition of everything as I proceed with every step of the claim. Missing and loving you so much and please always pray for me for success as I proceed with the claim process. Hope to hear from you and happy to be with you soon. have a nice time. love you forever. Always and forever yours.
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