Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Allen Reid to Carmen (USA)
Letter 1

Hey babe, how is your weekend? Hope good anyway I understand all what u wrote perfectly. I will urge u to know that I am not on here to hurt u. It was never my intention and it is still not my intention. I love you okay. Only that u met me a. Terrible condition and it sucks really bad. Text me on my mobile number +2348130240851. Looking forward to reading from you. Xoxox Hugs
Letter 2

Letter 3

Hey babe, It's nice reading back from you, how are you? Since u are less concern about my health.
If u must know, here is not as civilized and developed like home okay u can find. More than a hundred persons answering the same name in a city,that is one thing I have gotten use to.
Secondly,there are loads of private hospitals that are not online and not well known. You definitely can't expect the same services provided over there to that of where I am. If u must know all he tried doing was to notify u about the accident, anyway I am getting better now. How are u by the way! Its been a while? Are u back home now or where are you?I miss you and our conversations I hope u will be able to reply me often onhere or. Text messaging. Take care of yourself okay. I care Chris
Letter 4

Hey darling, The connection when off, the phone service is really critical.
Thanks for the videos u sent, they helped a bit. About the phone, there are phones which works only in the U.S alone.
There are others that are enabled/work anywhere is the world. I went to see my doctor yesterday, he said he cannot be of any further assistance until I pay up the bill I owe him.(For my treatment) and he threaten of stopping the services of the nurse that comes to check on me everyday which is sad. If u should send a phone I still need money which I don't have to claim it from the courier service. The last package I received was through DHL, I received one while the other was missing. I was thinking while don't u go take out the money with your credit card from an ATM machine, you can give it to anyone close to you to send it. That way your wealth managers won't see or know where it went . Let me know what u think. I am happy the first presentation went through as planned, textme before u leave tomorrow.
Talk later I guess. Kisses and hugs I love you carmen. Chris xxx
Letter 5

when I’m talking with you You give me hopes and dream With each passing day There is a smile on my face. You bring a joy to my heart, That I never felt before, Every word you say ’s I like you more and more. I will cherish within my soul How much you mean to me … You’ll never really know, How much happy I am. Even we’re far away Always remember that, That I’m thinking of you And you’re always in my heart... I feel like I’m floating way past cloud nine, how did you get to be so wonderful, I can’t say that you’re any ordinary woman, because I’ll be lying you way past that even
extraordinary, I look to the sky and I thank you, because bringing someone into my life so amazing has to be a gift because babe you ’re a blessing, I can’t wait to hold your hands as we stare into each others eyes Hugs xoxoxox
Letter 6

Good morning darling, I have missed you a lot my darling, u have to forgive me sweetheart. i forgot my phone on the charger the day before yesterday(Wednesday). i was filled with rage and needed somewhere to calm down, i went to a friend's house for the time been. He is happily married with 2kids a girl and a boy, same age like that of your grand kids. been with them have helped me calm down and realized what i have been missing for a while, which you darling, i did miss you a lot. i love you ah Anyway,the main reason i left my home was to go spend time with my friend and his family for the new year. and my house Agent came around that morning, he made me feel more upset than i have been. he came with an eviction notice! Since my accident i have paid for where i live. he gave me the grace of December cos of the accident pending till when i get better. he came this morning informing me i have until 12th of this month, that if i cant come up with the rent fee, then i am out. i so hate myself right now. When i first got here i paid for 5months upfront, i paid almost 738,750 Nigeria Naira.approximately $4,920. at the rate of 147,750Nigeria Naira($985) a month. it is a very nice apartment though. 2Bedrooms, 2Baths,a kitchen and a sitting/leaving room. I owe the money for 3months which is approximately $2960, i am trying to raise to funds though. i have some valuables i still possess that will help out with a little bit of money. i want to sell the Apple Mach-book Air i brought along with me,when i took it to a pawn shop shop yesterday i had a better offer on selling than exchanging for a smaller notebook laptop computer.And i have a necklace and bracelet that will help out a little. maybe my dead phone too. And i am hoping i get my money back, i am having a meeting with the company by next week Monday, I am very positive that a project will be given to be too to execute, there is this place i go sometime. it is a gathering of engineers, i have some people who have discussed business with me. i do hope i hear from them this coming week. Anyway, i will be home from now on as i got back home today from my friends. i do hope you are alright sweetheart. least i forget how is NY? i hope you are having fun. i love you sweetheart. kisses n hugs
i love you darling, Chris xxx
Letter 7

the land is a plot and the building contain 12rooms and 6baths plus other little structure attached to it. only half of the piece of land was used for the building, i will send you the pics of the project i am working on when i get to the site later okay.. i love sweetheart.
Letter 8

Yes darling. It's an unfinished structure/building, both have take that decision on what doing with the land sweetheart.
Letter 9

I didn't get the first part of your text,* some text missing* but I got the part about you needing keith approval. Pls make up something darling. I need this pretty urgently darling.
Letter 10

How was your night! Sorry for not replying yesterday. I slept at the hospital to ensure all is well with my employee. He is in a stable condition now, I'm a bit calm myself.
Thank you for making the effort for me darling, you are indeed very special to me. Muah I spent more than $1500 yesterday, when I had no alternative I had to take out from the money for my company registration which I am suppose to be paying for the final approval phase. Don't know how to get it back yet, but I have faith God will provide it. Well it has been a long and frustrating weekend for me,I got home few hours back and I'm so tired and exhuasted. I love you darling. Muah

Letter 11

Hello darling Thank you for trying to helpme raise the money needed, I really do appreciate it a lot. I know if you had it, you wouldn't have hesitated helping me out. Keith is kindof strict with managing your wealth, he acting that way has it advantages and disadvantages too. But either ways he is doing a great job for you.
You have to make him understand your wealth is for your family up keep, he can't just be managing your wealth when important people like your son or any other person needs financial backing.
You need to caution him on that. Anyway, my employee is getting better and responding to treatment. I'm abit relaxed as he is doing better now. I didn't want someone else blood on my hands. It won't be funny. I had to deposit some money for my company name registration with hope of balancing before thursday.
Babe you can still try and see if anything can be done, even if its not upto what I asked for. As delay is not accepted. Love you babe. Muah
Letter 12

Well we promised each other just few months back when we re-united that no matter what goes wrong be it good times or bad that we will remain together. I'm not leaving you. Yes I need money, I know that. But you on the other hand is not my personal bank account. You have been helping me out of good will and I appreciate that a lot babe. I love you for that more and more and I will always do. You trusted me when no one did, you met me in hard time and you are still with me. So I won't leave you now because of an unforseen circumstance.I love you babe.I will always do. Have a nice day sweetheart, and don't stress yourself out too much thinking like I do everyday. Muah
Letter 13

Hello darling, How are you doing this morning!! I hope you are alright and doing great. I just got back to the office now after a long day, I'm sorry I was not able to stop by the office before going to my project site.
The traffic was something else, I couldn't risk it. I will go to the government office on monday to request for permission to travel, darling the money you promised me will do a lot of help you know. I will go for my medical checkup as I said earlier maybe take the report along with me, with the excuse of going for treatment back home. This way they wouldn't want to terminate my contract before i return.
You requested for my name, its REID CHRISTOPHER. But I will advise you don't send it yet until I have confirmed the date I will be able to leave okay. How are you and what are you upto today? Are you going out today!
Its time for me to start heading home now darling, blowing kisses to you darling. I love you Muah muah muah
Letter 14

Good morning darling, Good morning from my end darling,it another beautiful day and a new week for me. How are you and how was your weekend? What where you upto?
I hope you went to mass to thank God for the gift of life, because there is nothing more God wants rather than praise and thanksgiving. Re wire Medical treatment back home is only and excuse I hope to use for my leave application nothing more darling, you don't worry about any bills okay.
Well now you know what I meant, when do you think you will be able to send it? Time to go now darling, you have a goodnight rest and sweet dreams.
Blowing good night kisses to you darling as you goto bed. I love you, Muah muah muah
Letter 15

Hello darling, How are you feeling this morning? I hope better, I was worried when I read your last email about you not feeling well due to the antibiotics that were prescribed to you. Have you called your doctor to let him know about the situation of things? Maybe he will probably refer to different drugs which won't make you sick! Please let me know how you are doing okay. I was at the local government office until noon before I left for project site, I couldn't meet with the Project manager/director. But I dropped a letter for him, I will stop by tomorrow to discuss with him hopefully. I will then give you an exact date of departure(I'm thinking this saturday 19th July) but i am not sure yet. You have a nice day darling and say hi to the kids,I remember you telling me they will be arriving today. You remain safe okay, I will remember in my prayers tonight before going to bed. I love you darling. Muah muah mauh
Letter 16

2 Bedroom Terrace in Phase 1, Ikoyi Property Details
2 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Terrace Property Description
2 bedroom Terrace house with service quarter, generator, security,
fitted kitchen, etc, for rent at Phase 1, Ikoyi. Rent: 1,600,000 Naira per annum.
For more information please contact me Thanks Chido . D Chido estate management
40B Ifeoluwa plaza(wing 2),off Edidi lane
Idumota,Lagos Island. Lagos State.
Tel: +2349036424235
Letter 17

The rent needed for half a year(6months) is 800000 Nigeria Naira which is equivalent to about $5000 depending on the conversion rate. All we need to do now is make some deposit so agent Chido will know I am serious this time, what do you think darling. It is really late for me now darling, take care of yourself mylove and try not to stress your knee too much...okay. I was unable to watch the video(the smartest dog) you sent me due to connectivity problem, but I will tomorrow and I will reply all your other mails as well. Blowing kisses to you darling, I love you
Letter 18

Hello darling, Good morning from my end, it is a beautiful and sunny day here this morning. How are you darling and how are your sons,grand children and friends? I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with fun. where you able to go fishing yesterday? Re hotel Wow, I can't wait to cuddle on that king sized bed with you darling.
Thank you for the hotel reservation, I will give you a specific date before the end of the month on when I will be able to leave. I have been very busy myself darling, I was stressed out during the week. I couldn't goto sunday mass yesterday, I stayed at home to make sure I had a good rest to ensure all my muscles are well relaxed. It is bed time for you now darling, have a goodnight rest and sweet dreams darling. I love you.....muah muah muah
Letter 19

Hello darling, How are you and how was your day? I hope it was alright and not too stressful? Re chris I can imagine the stress of working in africa countries, you know only those strong at heart and have a good vision of what they want to achieve can survive in African economy. I now have a civil defense officer following me everywhere I go, he was assigned to me in the early part of this month by the local govt chairman. A lot of individual derives pleasure in creating havoc at this time of the year and they target mostly foreigners.
I something try to escape/leave him in the office, because i am not very comfortable having someone around me all the time every where I go. I can't imagine Chris with 2 or more guards, I won't be able to work/think under such protection. I wish him(chris) good luck and success with his new business plan, would he be around all through the holiday period or he will be going back home soon? It is bedtime for you now darling, blowing goodnight kisses to you as you goto bed. Have a goodnight rest and sweetdreams darling. I love you, muah muah muah
Letter 20

Hello darling, How are you and how was your day? I hope alright and not too stressful? It seems today is going to a rainy day, it is cloudy this morning. I hope the cloud clears out and make way for the sun to comeout. Re Guard Nothing specific happened to me darling, no threat or anything of such. They were concerned because the criminals target the foreigners who live in the mainland,not like the Island which have only few exit,they will be caught if they try anything of such on the island.
when the festive period are approaching criminal tends to look for means to carry out there evil act in order to have money for the celebration. It is like Hell down here you know, I don't think they will look my way because I don't dress or wear anything flashy and too expensive. I dress and act like every normal person, but I am happy though I will be moving to the island soon plus I won't be around during the festive period. So they can do whatever they want with their country while I am away. Re chris Wishing him a safe trip back home, was he able to reach an agreement with the yacht club management board?
Finally Kk and family will be able to join you guys on board valley girl, you all should have fun darling. Re deposit You should send the rental deposit to my P.A, Mr Wale should be able to goto the bank for me. Name: wale george
City: ado-ekiti
State: Ekiti
Country: Nigeria It is bed time for you now darling, blowing goodnight kisses to you as you goto bed. I love you.
Letter 21

Hello darling, How are you and how was our day? I hope alright and you reached your goals. I got to the office not too long ago, traffic wasn't really moving fast due to the heavy rainfall early this morning. Re Guard I have no faith neither do I believe the officer assigned to me will be able to protect me from harm or danger, rather his presence attract more attention of my worth and importance. This is why i always try and leave him at the office, I don't like extra attention.
The Nigerian government have to make a move, because when any foreigner working for the government is kidnapped they are the one who pays the ransom and the news will be all over the media and this discourage a lot of investor coming down here. So I guess they are trying to do their homework. Re chris I am glad he was able to reach an agreement, wishing him goodluck and a safe trip back home. Re birthday My birthdate is Nov 29th, I guess I will be having a double present from you. Because Collins will be bringing with him the last 2 packages you sent containing the ring. I will think of something nice to buy from here(local) for your birthday present and maybe add another. I am still thinking though. Re ETC/ Goose What is your current case about?can you share or its against the rules and regulations? Anyway what you do is nothing compare to mine, you need to have a clear head and mind all the time to be able to interview and write a conclusive petition. Instructors are meant to push us more than what we can do, but we on the other hand should know our limits and not push ourselves too hard.
So you need to watch your limits darling and not always wait for Goose to tell you so. It is bedtime for you now darling, blowing goodnight kisses to you and have a goodnight rest. I love you, muah muah muah
Letter 22

Hello darling, Thank you for fulfilling your promise, I have sent Mr Wale to the bank few minutes ago. I love you darling
Letter 23

Everyone close to you, both family and friends should know by now you are very stubborn. I have told you things work differently over here, but you wouldn't want to see my point of view but think everything is easy like back home. I have lived in both economy, I didn't allow u book for the flight because I don't want to give myself un-necessary stress. Why won't I be mad when you kept saying all kind of trash and you went ahead saying I am not wise like "Brewer" you think if I was after your money I wouldn't have think of a better way to get it.............SMH. In this economy is where you will have a meeting scheduled for 12pm and you might have left your home earlier probably like 9am to get the to venue on time, but sadly you might find yourself stuck in traffic until 2 pm if not more than.
This is a city where you plan to execute a task within 24hrs but you end up finishing that task in 3 days, I am the one who have been living in this country and I know what I meant when I told you cash at hand is easier for me. Because I will know how to bypass all the necessary checkpoints. But you won't listen to my reasons and I said to myself, why is she acting this way! Then a thought came through my mind that "you are you" and no one can change the way you think or react to situations, plus you always look for a someone to take the blame and I wasn't ready as I was going through a lot at that point. Last week was interesting having Collins and his family around, although my plans was not to have him around when I am still here. But who cares, everything happens for reason as the saying goes........
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