Romance scam letter(s) from Nathan Carl to Diane (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Customer

We have received your I.D and confirmed it. Attached to this mail is your delivery slip please download and keep safely as you may need to present to the delivery agent along with your I.D to claim your package.

We also attached a receipt of payment made on your behalf for she shipping fee of your package.

Please refer to the receipt attached to this mail and attend to balance payment as soon as possible.

Letter 2

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation is just trying to make you to understand that you must finish the process with (John Barry from BENIN REPUBLIC. within 3 working days to get your fund to you Safety.

From the information we received here in our office, you are required to go ahead and send him their required amount which is the only hitch to the finalization of the delivery you have with diplomat.Then after three (3)three working days from Today, your $20m usd to you as scheduled from our investigations.

You are required to receive your package once the clearance certificate charges of their required fee is been confirmed paid from you immediately and We the (FBI) Federal Bureau Of Investigation will command the diplomat as soon as you comply with the said amount your will be delivery to you within 1 hours of their delivery time. ASSURANCE: From our investigation and final conclusion with the (diplomat John Barry) in Kuwait, your delivery will get to you immediately within 30 min, or he will be under arrest. Therefore you are also required to keep us update as soon as you finalizes with him in the Moment to enable us give him go ahead order.

Note that the requested Amount need to be paid off within 3 days from today, which is the deadline days given to you or we would have to radio you Our local Police Authority to inform them about this and also fax them a Warrant for your arrest which would be effectively made and also you would have to be charged for Money Laundry which is punishable under Article 13 of Section 109 on the US Constitutional Federal Law.

Investigated and we have assured you that you should stop any other communication and Contact only him, diplomat John Barry)

ASSURANCE; After you have send the requested clearance certificate charges to them, just Email us back here in Washington D.C/ Soonest.

Thanks and hope to read from you soon. FBI DIRECTOR Robert S. Mueller, III
Director FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
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