Romance scam letter(s) from Ryan Cecile to Susan (USA)
Letter 1

here i am i would like to confirm if i have the right email.. i am richard we met on zoosk.. write me back if you get this and i can tell you more about myself..
Letter 2

Hello Susan, I was happy to receive your email.As you already know my name is Richard,am single fun loving,passionate, loyal,caring and honest person,am an easy to get along with somewhat quick witted humorous man.I fall in love like a mad person when i have to love someone,I love to hang around with friends when am less busy,Swimming,camping,paying a visit to the beach,watching football,ice skating and traveling are my hobbies.. am an architect,I also have a daughter Her name is Sandra and she is 7yrs and she is all i have for life since the death of my wife,I am new to this online dating,i was just given a trail searching for a companion with the same interests, values morals and goals as myself,.. Going beyond just physical attraction.I would like to meet someone that is very realistic and understands the Importance of Communication in a Relationship I would like to meet someone that really wants and understands what it takes to have a relationship..and is willing to do what it
takes.. It’s very nice to meet you, and I am hoping that all is well with both yourself and your family.Above all about me,am a God fearing man . I would be honored to correspond with you and to get to know you better. I feel that you are an attractive, intelligent, serious minded, and desirable female. I desire someone who will be my loyal lover, soul mate, and lifetime companion, with no secrets between us. I believe that fidelity (total faithfulness and loyalty) is the most important factor in a marriage and that all else depends on this. I also feel that a true meeting of the minds is crucial for the ultimate success of a relationship.You can call me on..816-743-4219 or text me on...918-984-0295 If you will permit, I would like to ask a few questions. Can you tell me something about your education, your family, your life, and your future desires? Do you enjoy cooking and what are your favorite foods and dishes you like to prepare? Do you have any full-length (head to feet), standing position photos, which you can email to me? If we are to develop a serious relationship and decide to later meet one another personally and consider marriage, we will need to get to know one another as completely and deeply as possible. Therefore please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. I want to list some of my interests for you to see if you feel that at least 50% of them coincide with yours: bicycling, nature, sightseeing, travel, moonlight beach walks, romantic dinners for two, antiques, art, music, movies, photography, literature, exercising at the gym, and planning activities with friends. I believe that a couple must share and if necessary
develop some common interests, and also have common goals. I feel that these are the kind of necessary attributes in a relationship that keep people focused on one another. There is a saying I believe, “People who play together, stay together.” One of my hobbies is collecting and restoring antique clocks. In addition, I have a great love of the outdoors, including bicycling, hiking, and exploring new places, the beach, etc. I like beautiful natural places, historic buildings, and sometimes museums and art galleries. However, I do not want us to be only friends, but possibly much more. I may not be a rich man and definitely not the most handsome guy in the world, but I have a heart filled with love to give to the “right woman.” I will be awaiting your response. Please take care. Sincerely.
Letter 3

How are you doing today,i hope drive home safely?just came back from work this evening,read your email and that has brought a big smile on my face.i really am not hungry so i am not sure i will be eating dinner and want you to know that i have been thinking about you all day.below is a poem i composed for you,i hope you like it,its just the way i feel about you. In the morning
When you awake
Yawning and stretching
At dawn's early break...
I want you to know
That miles away
Someone is sending
Smiles your way...
These smiles they are
Not just for today
But for every morning
When you awake...
They are specially sent
From Me to You
For all of your kindness
And laughter too...
Just want you to know
Your smiles shine through
And to know each day
I will be thinking of you... Hope to hear from you soon baby... Thinking About you always and forever.
Letter 4

A little voice
whispers in my head
those are the 'words' in my heart
that should be said
for my heart cries out
to thee
and my soul has such a hunger,
can't you see?
I sit and I wait
for some kind of sign
that I am not alone
and I am on your mind
this love for you runs
deep within my soul
If I could only say the words,
can I be so bold?
I am afraid my love
may not be returned
but if I don't speak my heart
I may never learn
I pray that if our two souls
are meant to exist as one
let me know your will Lord,
and it will be done. How are you today, You have become a necessity in my life and I know that I love you. I love our private world, free of limitations and full of expectations. Our place where we can express emotions so full of life they burst into a million stars, lighting up the heavens where love is born. You will always be able to take me to that place and I will always cherish it. When your eyes meet mine, it will be as if your soul passes into me. I cannot wait for the time when, finally, in my sleep I reach for you, I find you near and submit myself to my dreams knowing your love will be there in the morning. I have never known such a beautiful and flawless happiness as this love you give to me. You overwhelm me and you exhaust me. I am so much in love with you Susan. Yours
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