Romance scam letter(s) from Rodolfo Robin Quinones to Amy (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks for your response . You put a smile on my face . This is my first time trying out online dating and I don't know much about it . A friend told me about it and I decided to try it out. My name is Rodolfo . You have a very attractive smile . Are you really 60 ? Yes that's my daughter on my profile . Thanks for the compliment . Did you have a good day ?
Letter 2

Good morning ! Glad I got your attention..I read your profile so I decided to comment on your pic which is so cute . I like the smile you put up and I see you got swag....the shape of your mouth is gorgeous and unique . I am glad we both used the online dating if not we wouldn't have connected . You really look very sweet and young for your age . I think I need some of those young genes... Thanks for your concern about my late wife . I know she is in a better place ..Yes my daughter is my life . Thanks for the compliments ..Tell me more about you and what kind of man you re in search of . I can text you if you leave your number , that would be faster and easier ..Can you tell me your name ? I hope you have a great day ..Hugs
Letter 3

Hi Amy..
Hi Amy,how are you doing today and how's ur day going so far ? am into construction , am the only son of my family my dad is late, mom is from Argentina and currently living in Argentina and dad from Texas United States , I have one daughter , she currently lives with my mom in Argentina , I was married before now, my wife died from a Ghastly car accident five years ago , My daughter is 12 years old. i look forward to bringing her back to the states if i find a partner . i am looking forward to a long lasting relationship , someone i'd grow old with and live the rest of my life with . tell me more about you .. your likes dislikes , sure i'd like to talk to you over the phone soon. send me pics. yes i work out ... i keep fit ... my jobs requires me been fit ...
I hope you reply..
Letter 4

Hi Amy ,
Am obliged to read from you , am kinda getting used to reading from you , hmm lunch break , what did you had for lunch ? quiet nice you had fun during the weekends even though you got exhausted . aww you're a sweet mother, i bet and your kids would be so proud of you and would welcome you . I hope to meet them all someday or sometime soon . Well i last visited Argentina in December , my daughter had been there for the past 5 years , my mother who's 85 years old is taken good care of her , she's a big gurl now smiles thats what i call her when we speak over the phone . True we all have past, either good nor bad , for me i dropped my past to enable me move forward , i have never been in many relationships , my late wife was a childhood friend before we got married , thats by the way , sorry i needed to tell you a little about my past am moving forward now . am honest transparent and keep no secrets from my partner , am down to earth , i have a great sense of humor and i do believe in freedom of humanity .. well for me age is just a Number , what matters most to me is the heart and my partners feelings towards me . Secondly trust is very essential to me , Trust they say is an essential Glue to a long lasting relationship , if you dont trust then there should be no relationship thats my own point of view . Family is so important to me , i love a situation when i get back home from work , we all eat together in the dinning laugh , gist go to the movies etc , in everything i do i put family first , I am a one woman MAN, i love to hold hands while we walk . I like Vacations too , go on a Cruise ship , ever been on One ? Well i understand it's difficult with the distance but , there's this saying it's Adventurous when the woman you love is your destination , as stated earlier nothing GOOD COMES EASILY . Handsome ? hmmm thanks for the compliments you're a Beautiful woman , nice smiles.. can you send me more of your pictures ? What time do you get off work ? Hope to read from you ... Kisses and Hugs
Letter 5

Hi Dear , am glad to read from you once again , lately, i look forward to reading from you , and it puts a smile on my face too .. How are you doing how was your day today ? hope you had a wonderful day , my daughter has not been here since she went to Argentina i go down there to visit her , and am hoping to bring her back sometime soon , when we get to know each other and go deep , i think we can both travel down to bring her back will you come with me ? I miss her a whole lot , mom loves Argentina so much that she would say she wants to be Buried in Argentina whenever she dies . Yes i have been on the Royal Caribbean Cruises Multiple times , it's nice believe me you'd like it , we sailed the Mediterranean Sea and also the Caribbean Sea as well Visiting Bahamas and St Martin , lots of Island to be precise , though that was years ago havent been on any lately , hope we can go on a Cruise together ... smiles.. yes age is just a number , You're a Gorgeous lady i must confess and i like you and want to establish a relationship with you .. am making it official this time .. Knock !! Knock !! Knock !!., it's Me Rodolfo , are you going to open your heart so i can come in ????? for me my heart is open , do you care to come in ?
well at this moment i am currently in Texas , my dad had just a sister who died last year , currently my mother's cousins and the rest of them are my family .. i take care of them all the best way i can .. i live alone , been lonely for a long time , now am feeling like the space is going to be occupied soon by Amy .. Well for now , am sending contract request and hoping to receive a final contract approval from the Dominican Rep , aside that nothing more ..Do you live alone ? what a coincidence i love rice , shrimps , prawns , precisely sea food is yummy , Barbecue ... Amy are you very emotional ? what makes you cry and what makes you smiles ? do you like surprises ? ever been on a date and never meet the person ?? whats your sensual spot ? what trips you in your man ? me i love to smell my woman .. and i appreciate my woman and think the best for her , do you wear cologne ? me i like TOM FORD cologne .. thats what i wear , hmmmm i'll stop for now else i'll keep writing smilessss... writing to you makes me want to continue ...anyways ... kisses and hugs reply Rodolfo
Letter 6

Good morning Amy, How are you doing , hope you had a sweet night , hmm well during the weekend i hang out a bit and drink some beer , sometimes i go alone and sometimes i go with Pablo ,during the week i sort for new contracts and send applications , the closest right now is that of the Dominican Republic which i haven't received an approval yet , yes sure i did show your pics to Pablo , guess what he said , She's Gorgeous , Yes i do have an accent and a deep voice lol you'll hear them soon smiles... am dominant with ENGLISH , forgotten most of my Spanish too .. smiles , lately mom would say How's Amy are u getting along .. lol she likes gossips , My day is doing good so far , how is yours going ? Hope you;re having a good day . Rod
Letter 7

Hi Amy , How are u doing ? how was your night ? hope you had a good rest , Hmmm i bet you had a fun-ful weekend , did you ? Yes am self employed , awww thank you so much for your prayers , I supervise the workers to ensure the job is done well as i do not like dirty jobs , when you do neat jobs you get recommendations , i Draw as well , am the Boss , smiles ..Pablo has 1 kid , he's divorced , no he is not the guy in the pics , the other guy is a friend , he is Argentine he just came here , Smiles yes mom likes Gossip lol... yes she is looking out for her Only Child and Son .. it's bored been an only child ..lollzzz u make me laugh Her son with the accent and deep voice heheehe u funny .. you got a great sense of humor .. Am relaxing today it's Holiday .. just home watching Tv Movies later i'll go out then i'll also check for the contract approval if it came in ... I hope you're doing good ..Miss u Rod
Letter 8

Hi Dear , How is your day going ? hope you're having a goodday at work , sure i do eat lost of protein , i dont Gym soo much , no too much muscles smiles.. just a lil of it , Viber is another means where we can text each other , on your phone click on the Viber , it will ask you to Continue , then next it'll request your Number you go ahead and type in your number and a code will be sent to your phone and you will be asked to type in that code , then it comes up . you can as well add me up on there , when you do the above let me know i can find you on viber and we can chat and make calls too with it . Take care dear... Write me back Rod
Letter 9

Goodmorning Sunshine , i keep smiling when writing to you , yes he has plans for us , i said a lot of prayers before i got on the site and here you come so fast just few days on the site and immediately i left the site , i knew it is you , my instincts never fails me , except when i dont listen to me . yes i feel very loved and am feeling like i have known you a long time ago and am away for work so we just missing each other .. , i love this feelings it puts so much joy on my face .. there is a saying the most Valuable things are not seen or touched at first , they are felt in the heart ... yes what we have will continue to grow ,it's in our hands to make it grow , we ought to understand each other , TRUST is the most important , it's a glue towards a successful relationship , I have the feelings i can trust you .. and to be Honest i trust you .. i dont know why but I do .. even though i haven't meet you .. Yes i did steal your heart and it's safe with me i will cherish it , keep it , respect it , more importantly love it .. .. if you could give me your heart this means you developed trust for me're a good woman Amy ... am in Love with you .. Ped..
Letter 10

Hi My sexy Queen , How's your day going ? Hope you're having a wonderful day and everything moved on well as planned been thinking about you , am worried are you alright ? anyways am still excited about the good news today , sweetie i'd tell you everything and not keep anything from you , no secrets this is how i am .. I am attaching to this email copy of the Approval letter i received today friom the Dominican Republic . I need to know if you're home now ... I love and miss you so much , you're a blessing , thanks for your prayers ... You're so sweet i knew before we started to communicate that you're out there somewhere and i prayed over it here you are ... Am so in love with you Amy .... Love u .........Always Only You .. Rod

Letter 11

Goodmorning sweetness Am currently at the airport now, my phone started to malfunction again and i could not get on Viber am going to fix it or get another one , i fixed it already and it malfunctioned again. Honey I'll miss you but i promise i will fly down to you from the Dominican Republic as soon as i am done with this job ... I will ensure i always speak with you .. and please do put me in your prayers ..I love u so much Amy ...i'd i'll remain faithful to you , respect you in every-way .. You are a rare gem and rare gems are hard to come by , you're a blessing to me as well Amy.. I love you ALWAYS ONLY YOU Rod
Letter 12

Goodmorning sweetness, I know you're fast asleep now , i can see you holding your pillows from here , smiles i wish i can fly down to your room right now and hold you tight kiss your lips gently and care-ace your beautiful body .. anyways soon i'll be home and we will be together ... All equipment are in place right now , work is starting today but first i need to get me a new phone , are you going to send me one from home ? lol .. I miss u so much so i have to fix my means of communication first it's important because you are more important than anything here so thats my priority this morning before i start working . Thanks for your prayers my flight was safe , am a man of my words i promise you i will fly directly down to you as soon as am done with my Job here , remember after this job i intend buying a Home still looking at residing in your state , i can move offices but just considering it because i have lived in Texas a long time , i think i can move , when am ready i'll let you know and you'll start looking at houses for sale . Yes everything will be fine sweetness and your prayers matters more than anything to me , I love u so much , and i did tell my mom when i arrived that am so inlove with Amy , she said to me hmmm i can feel that , then she said , you sound like Amy is a good woman , i replied yes of course .. i told her you said Hi... sweetie are you going to come with me to Argentina when am done with this job , that would be after i get a home , we go bring back Melody together .. anyways sweetness we will have enough time to discuss that . I love u so much sweetheart.. Kisses.
Letter 13

Goodmorning Gorgeous , am sorry i woke you up this morning , besides you said you were awake thinking about me , i looked at your picture once again and kissed you through my phone when i got to the site .. i kept smiling to my self , you're such a beauty and i can see your heart from your face , you're a kind and a loving woman and i appreciate ever words you write to me and i hold you so close to my heart .. and missing you , you're my adventure babe and am working hard right now to get done within 8 weeks , i am praying on the weather to be friendly so it does not make the days linger much .. workers are doing their jobs and everything is going on well so far , i got the materials i am working hard so i can complete the first 15% of the job to enable me receive my first payment , then i will pay my workers till the end of the job to motivate them and also get some Materials to last till the job is done after that i'll receive my balance of $650,000 ... Regard to my workers as soon as i get any job available , i call them they all come down , they dont work in the office they are all field workers and i pay them based on contracts i do not pay them monthly , if a job is available i call them all and they assemble and we all leave for the job depending where it is .. sweetness International job pays more but i am thinking when we live together , i will focus on local jobs that is i dont have to leave the United States as i do not want to stay far away from you and Melody . Yes i need you to have your passport ready before my arrival .. sure we would go house hunting but for now you'll can start looking into some , i like a house with a yard .. if possible with a pool , do you like pools ? My employees are loyal and they respect me a lot , they say respect is reciprocal , i respect them too and that's the most important and i ensure i pay them without owing them .. need to get back to work honey , I love u so so much and am thinking about you right now ... kisses and hugs my sexy hot stuff. Love u Always Only You Rod
Letter 14

Hi Gorgeous , . . . I need you to pray for me as well , so i'd win the case in the United Kingdom , i did a job there and am yet to win that case and when i do , i am going to receive a balance of $400,000 usd .. Eyesha Jane my attorney , has to appear before the judge on Friday , please pray i win the case sweetness. I Love you endlessly sweetie ... Always Only You. Your Booo Rod.
Letter 15

Hi Sweetnes, Am glad u had a safe trip back home , i did pray for you as your safety is my priority , smiles... anyways ..I miss u boo boo .. You're the finest ... How's ur day going ? you working huh .. work is going on fine here so far...Hopefully by the weekends i'd receive my first pay and buy all materials pay all workers ...motivate them... I have attached to my email copy of the letter i received from my attorney , I think a check will be mailed to me soon , but am not around to receive it , i am thinking it should be mailed to you .. then you keep it until i arrive.. it will be in my name all you have to do is receive it for me and keep it safe .. until my arrival back home .. will you ? I miss u babe... Rod..
Letter 16

Hi Sweetness , Am so delighted to read from you , i feel like you're so close to me , smiles i did turn you on ? i always wanna turn you on as i know i cannot resist you , your touch would be magical i bet .. sweetness my priority is to bring you happiness ... am so grateful to have you as my partner , you're my family now and i will not and never keep anything away from you .. you're my partner i'd surely tell you everything.. awww thats so sweet you receiving it and keep it safe for me , I trust you sweetness the day passes by we grow deeper and deeper it's a good feeling... am so in love with you Amy ... You're Special .. Kisses my love Rod
Letter 17

Holla Mi Esposa, How was your night ? Hope you slept well, am feeling much better now , am sorry we havent communicated long lately am fine now and will be going to the gym today and then rest and next work , How are you doing ? still keeping fit huh , remember am fit as well .. and will ensure i complete all doctors prescriptions lol ...I just finished saying my morning prayers and you're included in it ..I miss you sweetheart and i will do my best to ensure a constant communication more especially when we both in bed .. after work , we gotta spare 2-3 hours to chat either on YM or Viber ... Am so in love with you promised , Always Only You .. Rod..
Letter 18

Sweetness , I know i havent responded to you textes on Viber , my phone is messing up today , so i had to use Pablo's to email you ...I have one thing to say to you Amy .. you're one good thing that happened to me and i appreciate you .. so much am not trying to make you feel good ... this is a fact and not a compliment... I know i love u more than you do love me ... and i look forward to writing you name as a tatoo on my body .. i know it seems absurd but ....i just want u to note that I love u endlessly .. and it's u i'll grow old with .. I love u Amy .. i swear i do...
Phone messing me up ...
Letter 19

Babes ,

Sorry that our day started this way , I really didn't mean to sound rude or raise my voice over the phone earlier ..I want you to forgive me...I promise it will never happen again sweetie ..I feel so terrible right now ..please forgive me ...I'll do anything anything for you, my love. Through thick and thin, I'll try my best to keep you happy by loving and respecting you for the rest of outlives ..I know you wouldn't like to hear that I'm depressed. I am just stressed out that's the reason I came out that way ..I felt you didn't trust me for a min so I feel disappointed . Love heals ...I never want to make you sad no matter what . I wish I'd never called this morning ..I wish I could rewind the hands of time and that I never called , then this wouldn't have happened . I haven't slept , my headaches and my eyes hurt so bad ..Please don't take your love away from me ..A healthy mind needs a healthy body — and vice versa. Depression weakens the immune system; which will make you prone to a number of debilitating diseases. The last few days have been killing and I am glad to still be alive ..I didn't want to stress you so bad because I believed that help was coming and I stood firm with my faith . I prayed and I said to myself You must discover, within yourself, the cure for your depression.Financial difficulties and other family problems are not enough reasons to be depressed. Melody will survive and we all shall be one family that we have planned for ..As a Christian’s my outlook in life is very much different from those who are not knowledgeable of God’s word. I will say to myself that the secret in fighting depression is to be content in whatever situation we are into. My daughter , our daughter Melody will be made whole again ..I have prayed so hard and I know God will show his face and stand for her ..He will not put me to shame in this time of need . I have repeatedly read the two verses below and I have taken strength from them ...You can read them if you want to .. (Jeremiah 10:23) "O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that Walker to direct his steps." God is greater than all my problems and miseries. (Philippians 4:11-13) "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." The secret is, if we are content because of our trust in what God can do for us in hard situations in life, we will merit His mercy and His loving-kindness. I prayed so hard before I met you so I know he answers prayers ..I will cling unto him and in him I trust . I don't have any problem answering your questions . I trust you and I let you know all about my business and you been a part of it from the very first day ..I just felt you didn't trust me for a min ..Questions are good because we learn each day from asking questions . I'm not a anything close to being perfect . I am still a work in progress in Gods hand ...I miss you so much honey .Nothing is going to make me happier than coming back home to you ..Honey,I am just so sick and tired of this situation here .I don't think you will understand what I am really going through honey .Its so heartbreaking that I am here going through all these and not yet with my woman or daughter to talk to and laugh with ..I miss you so much honey ,I just wanna be back home ..OMG !!! Wish manners could fall from above right now ..Honey,this is so killing !!! I am just tired of being lonely...OMG !! Sweetie , Please don't feel bad at all that I sounded that way ..I'm crying as I write this message to you , I have never been this free with anyone apart from you ..all I think is you and when I'm going to be with you and we can start our family ..I can't stop crying sweetie ...Its coming down my face like never before ..I'm so sorry for spoiling your day ..I LOVE YOU MORE EACH DAY .. My full Names : Rodolfo R. Quinones
Address : Calle Pedro Clisante 78 Sosua Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
Letter 20

Babes , Been on the phone with Mel's doctor , she's doing alright and the surgery was successful , i had promised i will send the balance today Thursday but unfortunately i didn't fulfill my promise , i said that because i wanted the doc to go ahead , a promissory note was signed by mom's cousin on my behalf , Mel needs to leave the Hospital today mom's is crying . Argentina is a third world country and not the United States , The States is far more advanced than Argentina . I dont want to ask you for this , i have nothing right now at hand , until next week . can you send it down across to Argentina ? I will be grateful as i need Melody to leave the Hospital right away , i am depressed at this juncture . if i had known this was going to come through wouldn't have paid all workers in advance , i did finance this job when i first started with my personal funds then i got paid the first payment and i had to pay all workers . This is the reason i have nothing at hand i sent the last i had , i would use for my self until i am done here but my daughter is a priority, i had 4500 , sent 4000 to Mel and kept few usd to my self . This is the first time i am in such a situation . Thank you. Rod
Letter 21

Goodmorning Babes, How are you , how was your night ? hope you slept well , your night was short i know .. are you at work now ? busy ? tried calling you it rang you didnt pick up .. text me or write to me when you're less busy . spoke to Mel's doc .. call me so i'd tell you what we discussed am preparing to meet with the inspection people Love u Rod
Letter 22

You Broke my heart i cant concentrate .been crying .
Letter 23

you accuse me ... i wont call you names ..i can send you whatsoever but you wont control me ..i wont say nothing bad to you ... i never did anything bad to you... you called me names ... you hurt me months of establishing relationship with you .. you threw it away without remorse i still love you but cant push u to loving me back.. Rodolfo Robin Quinones
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