Romance scam letter(s) from Ronald Thomas Campbell to Barinda (South Africa)
Letter 1

My Darling Elsie,
My love how was your day ? i am sorry i wasn't able to write you earlier, i did sent the money to my daughter and i'm glad i did. I also did pay the workers to carry on my work.
This would probably be the hardest email that i would ever have to write in my life but i pray that that if you read it you would understand why i say it is the hardest email.
I got a call early hours today from my late father lawyer in London, United kingdom and as i write this email to you i am at the Toronto international airport waiting for my flight to London, United kingdom. I am on the British airlways flight that leaves 9.40pm
This is a matter of family urgency and i have to attend to it. i will give you more insight into this when i get to London as i would call you from there and explain in details to you but the issue is that an art painting left by my late father that worth a whole of money is about to be auctioned out on Monday morning by someone else without my consent for an undisclosed amount of money and we were just lucky enough of that my late father's lawyer was able to get through to me and i am the only one that can file a stop order on the auction. He had our old house number in the USA and so he was able to speak to someone around who in turn gave him my number here.
As soon as i get to London i will make contact with you. I am sorry to break your heart this way but i hope that you know this is family emergency and my family is depending on me and i know that if you love me like i love you then i'm sure you will understand and wait for me.
You have been the best thing that happened to me in a very long time and i will never let go of you and as soon as i sort this thing out in London with the painting i would come to you and be with you and make you happy. Please trust me as i have never felt like this with any other woman since i was a teenager. You are special and i want to make you happy and treat you like a queen and spend the rest of my life with you if we meet and bond which i am positive about. But as soon as i get to London i will email you and talk with you. Please don't give up on our love and i promise to be back home and soon as possible, make things right with you and i want to hold you and make you feel me as i am feeling you and i cant wait to look in to your those eyes and tell you how much i Love you. I know you should be asleep by now please have a good night rest.
Thanks in regards
I love you my Darling,
Letter 2

My Darling
How are you and thanks a lot for your care and support. I was able to get a court order today against the auction.
I am thankful to you for your love and care tenacious understanding as regards my sudden trip to London and i just hooked up internet now and i decided to send you a detailed email as regards my journey here and how far i have gone. i have been able to finally find out how my late father's painting got into the hands of the gallery owner in the first place as i just finished having a long deliberated meeting with him. My late father was contractor and he sold equipment's and he was always in London and apparently had bought the painting form Mr Bernard Shermana at that time the painting was used as a payment for the job my father did. Now my father took a loan from Mr Farouk Omarjee ( The gallery owner) for 500k USD dollar payable within a 1 year and he used the painting as collateral and they had a MOU (memorandum of understanding) duly signed by magistrate court here in London. My father unfortunately died after a couple of months later without any of the family knowing about the painting or the loan. I was just lucky that the lawyer is still alive and knew about the painting and the name of the artist and when he found out that same art was up for auction he immediately contacted my old house number. If we had left America we would have never known about this development. The name of the painting and the artist is LUCIO FONTANA and the name or the art work is called ConcettoSpaziale 2 and it was the artist's last work before he died in 1968.
The court has decided that we sort things out with Mr Omarjee and come to a conclusion as regards to the loan and MOU
Now this is the situation the gallery owner offered me $1.7million dollars to buy the painting off me today and i was almost conned into accepting the price but as at yesterday i had made inquiry with Christies international art and they contacted me this morning while at the meeting and they were the one that intimated me that the ConcettoSpaziale 1 was sold last year for about $7 million dollars and as such the ConcettoSpaziale 2 would be worth about the same amount if not more. I also contacted another buyer from dubai who also showed interest in the painting. So i told the gallery owner to come up with a better offer than the one he was giving me or i would just have to pay him back the $500k dollars my late father loaned from him and take my panting. My Darling what do you advice i do ?
The gallery owner refused my offer and he is demanding 60% interest on the money my later father loaned from him because it was about 3 years back and he had promised to pay within a 1 year. The Huge increase in interest is outrageous and i have decided to file a motion against him in court immediately so tomorrow morning i would be in the court.
So it really hurts me to tell you that i might have a be here for couple of days longer depending on how fast i can get judgment from the court because the Gallery owner is just being unreasonable. The painting has been kept in a safe security vault on the orders of the judge and it would be there pending the resolution between the gallery owner and myself.
I was really upset today and exhausted from all this but i just have to make sure that i sort this thing as my late father would have done. I really miss you so much and i hope that you can understand and i would try to get this over with on as soon as possible. Due to the love and trust that i feel for you i have been able to open to you as regards all this and i hope that the love and trust remains the same.
Thanks a lot for the your love and care and i would try to call you later as soon as i can.
All my thought are with you.
Letter 3

How are you doing ?
i got your email... firstly all that you have said i understand very well both your feelings and your health issues, All the things i said to you i was very serious about it and that is why it hurt me more because you are making look stupid with all this delay and stories...I did not break your heart neither did i do what i did to hurt you i only wanted to give you some space because you don't believe all i have told you about helping you pay up your bills but i have to get beack to work then the money can be available for you when you need it i don't understand why you are delaying just to call the bank to find out how much is left in your account is that a big stress to do for someone you claim you care about or is my staying here in the united kingdom accumulating bills daily going to help me ??? You have the money why delay i did not ask you to give everything only what you can afford let me see how i can manage myself to pay up the bills here, leave with the next available flight back to work is that too much to ask?? Do your best for me and i will make sure i do my best for you to get well we both need each other... I am a gentle man but then i can't remain a gentle man and let things go wrong to the time no one can get it fixed. If you love me as you as please do this for me and i can assure you i will do my best for you too! I don't have time anymore to keep waiting except you want the supervisors of the contract to come on site and not find me there you know thats gonna be a big problem for me. I must tell you i am not happy because delaying me won't help but damage things more...
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