Romance scam letter(s) from James Andrino to Sharon (Canada)
Letter 1

Good Evening Sharon, I am very delighted sending you this email for a sincere friendship with you and I believe that it's going to mark the beginning of our never ending relationship, I really hope so because that is what I am looking for. I am a person who is ambitious, optimistic, playful, hardworking, devoted, honest, and easy going. I am very passionate in all areas of my life, responsible and try to eat right, work out and live a healthy life. I stay active and have a good time doing it. I believe in healthy relationship, I value honesty and trust. That's what I'm all about and I think it's important to accept each other’s strength and weakness. I was born in Dublin (Ireland) in 1956, but I am Italian heritage and have been living in Austin Texas, USA for over 20 years, where I got married until I lost my wife 7 years ago due to cancer and it was like my world has come to an end then, but now I need a woman to love and love me in return...I am a Vet for large animals, it's important to have passion, romance, physical attraction, a playful attitude with lots of laughter...I strongly believe all that. I have strong family value and morals and love my son and my mother. My son is 18 years old; he is the most precious thing I have now. Should we have a relationship and you ever have the opportunity to meet him, I bet he will steal your heart away before I I wish to meet a wonderful woman who is willing to open her heart, someone who deserves to be loved and ready to love in return, and someone to bring back my most desired smile, a woman that will love, cherish and respect me. I don't want a short term relationship; I want someone we can both grow old together. Distance are no hindrance to me, it can be covered with speed and time. Tell me more about you and I pray things work out well between you and me...I hope you have a pleasant day and looking forward to hear from you soon. Best regards.
Letter 2

Hello Sharon, How are you doing? It was really nice to hear from you. Well I really want you to know much more about me, Unconditional Love and Respect - I am the type of person who gives my whole heart to my partner. I am thoughtful, considerate and affectionate. I like to be free to show my love and not have that stifled (of course, I behave in public! lol). I like to show my affection - hugs, kisses, cuddling. My partner will have no doubt that I love her. Loyalty - I am very loyal and trustworthy in my partnerships. I am loyal to a fault, which sometimes gets me in trouble but would explain my "little shred of hope" for the fairy tale romance. Fun and Laughter - I love to have fun and laugh - it's good for the soul. I can be very spontaneous and goofy but serious when need be. I'm not silly all of the time but I do like to joke around and have fun. Life is so boring without laughter. MORE ABOUT MY SELF. 1. My country of origin;
Well, my origin is from (Italian). 2. Telling you about my family back ground I am the only child who grew up in a respectable home. I was born 13th October,1956 in Dublin Ireland , my mum told me that I weight 10 pounds when she brought me into the world and I never gave her pains.
I am 6ft tall and I weigh 195 pounds. I have been in America for over 20 years right now. I am a man of my word, I was born into a Christian Catholic family and I believe in God. I do support all religion that believes in God and any religion that teaches it's followers to be good citizens in the society we are living in. I believe that for a good relationship communication is best key, and when someone is upset or feels offended they let it out in a calm manner so that the other party can understand and rectify the mistake.
I want a relationship filled with trust, understanding and I think that includes trust not to hurt each other’s feelings even by repeating offences unaware. 3. Telling you about my profession; I am a Vet Doctor by profession; I love animals and respect Human lives. Well, I am proud of my accomplishments and profession, taking care of animals is a pretty good experience that is subjected to understandings. For sometimes pets have been like families to my profession and I have always loved animals from the onset... And had few pets has a child. I am also an animal lover. We grew up with beautiful, big English Mastiffs! Some of the highlights of my life have been swimming with dolphins and manatees, catching a surprise sighting of beautiful black seal just yards from the shore. I support several wildlife causes (such as the Gorilla Foundation). My dream is to one day see the animals in the wild, and to visit Jane Goodall's Sweet water chimpanzee sanctuary. 4. What are my future plans? Well, I intend to have my own ranch and I also want to enjoy my life with a responsible woman. 5. What I like in a partner? I would like someone who has loves and understanding. I so much love someone who is honest and truthful to herself and others. Someone who will not tell lies even if it will hurt no one. Someone as responsible and family oriented as me. I am not saying I am perfect but I know I am honest and sincere and I give all my heart and soul to whom ever I love. 6. Well let me tell you every other thing you need know about me When in a relationship, I am quite content to be at home working on a project or help with cooking dinner or relaxing. My lifestyle is usually relaxed and pretty quiet. I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert; however, I can hold my own at any social function. You should also know that sometimes I can be irreverent :) I can be silly and pretty childlike, but could be very understanding with good sense of humor when it comes to sharing of thoughts and ideas... I enjoy pampering/surprising my partner, and I also love to be nurtured in return. Sensuality is important to me? some of my favorite things are the salty taste of lobster simmering in a beurre blanc sauce, the smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion on a summer day, the cool, velvety softness of well-worn cotton sheets on a hot summer night, the gentle touch of a lover, the beauty of a home which has been designed to be inviting and welcoming, the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet in the Fall. Love thunderstorms, the smell of a campfire, fresh cut grass, and horses. Well, I hope I have been able to unveil my self to you so you should have an idea of the kind of man I am. I hope it was not so boring for you, reading all about me...Here is my cell # 512-865-5298 Regards,
Letter 3

Hi Sharon, Thanks for the note and I am indeed grateful. I school in Scotland and A&M Texas University. I have my own house. Send me your phone number Have a lovely evening. Marco
Letter 4

Hello Sharon, Thank you for your note. Subject to your e-mail, I don't have a clinic, I work in the farm or ranches. My work is on contract basis, so i go to different farm or ranches to work. I have been to Canada before, Toronto. I live in Austin,Texas. Thank you for the lovely pics. Hope to hear from you soon. Marco
Letter 5

Hello Sharon, I appreciate you for sharing so much with me, for your interest and effort to keep this communication... I believe that there comes a time in everyone’s life when you start thinking of the next level, for example, what do you really want out of life and what is left behind as a journey through life and what would be accomplish when we go away...that is what life is all about, but out of all these what really matter are the feelings, the kind of feelings that will last for a lifetime, that’s what I am searching for. We all had past relationships that we've learned and that are what makes us human…we should think of knowing each other better and see what future have for us...I am so looking forward to learn much in the future to come about you. I have a very close relationship with my son, he is in final year in high school and he wish to become an Oncologist, which makes me very much proud of him…we do almost everything together, play tennis together, and he love gardening alongside with me….About my profession - I'm a Vet Doc. I specialize large animals but I build my career around horses or cows, I work in a farm/barn, I start work 9 am and finish 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays and Saturday I work 9 am to 2 pm, but I am on call…that is can be called at any time for work and free for private consultation by other clients. I like to express how I feel and want you to know as we are physically apart; sharing openly is the only way we can know each other better.Some of the things I like doing/Hobbies; spending quality time with my soul mate, watching movie together, swimming and traveling to golf, playing tennis...I'm a good swimmer. My type of music: Christian and gospel Musical instrument, Jazz, RnB, countryside/folk: I enjoy watching sports, reading newspaper, and more... I love animals as you know...I sometimes play piano and flutes.
Some things I dislike; selfishness lies, having sleepless nights, excessive drinking and when my time is wasted over nothing.
Some more things I look at in a woman; Intelligence, her smiles, sense of humor and her eyes...
General builds, how does she treat others? Is she a nice person not just to me?
Is she matured enough to do the right thing?
Is she over her previous interest?
Is she capable of unconditional love?
I have to be number one in her life and after...
Does she like to cuddle and talk?
Is she good at other fun things? I understand that we need good communication, respect for each other’s opinion, understanding, honesty and trust to make this relationship successful…because these are the basic fundamentals to a successful and healthy relationship... I want to know everything about you, how challenging is your Job and how long have you been into it? Have you dated anyone on-line before, how much free time do you have for yourself and how do you spend it. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hear from you and have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams. Sincerely,
Letter 6

Good Morning Sharon, How was your night? Subject to your e-mail. I live in the city and a black lab. We must try to have a close communication to enable us know more about each other more better. Thank you so much for the compliment of my pictures. You look pretty too. Have a great day and hope to hear from you soonest. Marco
Letter 7

Good Morning Sharon,
I truly admire your honesty and beautiful spirit of peace and sincerity, I find myself reading your email with great interest.
You’re pure and kind nature compels to seek your friendship and knowing that we have a lot in common. I will never disrespect you in any way, shape or form, so if I ever say something that makes you feel uncomfortable please let me know. I like to treat my partner like a queen and make her the happiest woman, because when my partner is happy then I can also be happy because her happiness is my concern and I can only do this by being honest, respectful and loyal to my partner. I don't have my own horse because I don't have enough space to keep one but in the near future I hope to have one...I am very glad the way we are taking our time to know each other, I think this is little bit better because we'll know more about each other before we'll meet each other face to face... I took some time to answer the same questions I sent you below this email; perhaps you can go over mine and see if you like my answers. I like to drink coffee (and only decaf) when I am at friend or at a restaurant and at home. I occasionally drink green or herbal tea. I drink water in the mornings and most of my days because of the weather. I like to have a glass of white wine when I go out to a restaurant. And I enjoy a dry martini once in a while! Favorite holiday: Every day is a holiday! When I'm with the one I love, the surroundings are irrelevant really! I've done quite a bit of traveling, I did enjoyed time in Cyprus the Cyprian people are so gracious. I recently took myself for a short holiday to Ensenada Mexico, it was lovely to be in the tropics during summer and it was a bit lonely, being in such glorious surroundings would have been so much more fun sharing it with someone! I have been to a lot of countries in Europe and I also love San Francisco and many cozy towns in southern California. What scares me? Not much scares me!! I would be afraid to go to prison, from what I've seen on TV, looks like a scary place to be.
When I lived in Ireland with my mom, I spent time visiting patients at a hospital, who did not receive visitors that was so rewarding and exhilarating for me and I also knew I did not want to be in that position myself. What I always love about my job is being with remarkable people! Lots more to talk about on that subject, for another time! Saving life despite the fact that it’s animal’s life. My Favorite season spring, summer and early fall I do not like cold weather! Spring is lovely to see plants coming to life, summer I love warm weather, so we do not have to wear so many clothes and can spend more time outdoors at the beach etc. I love the smell of the ocean Spring and summer makes me feel so much more "free! Can leave the windows and doors open at home feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Hobbies - Gardening is my favorite hobby, I have a small garden at my back yard! I love being with the soil, and seeing plants grow, plus lots of beautiful flowers. I'm an avid reader, so not sure if that qualifies as a hobby. Snacks I'm not much of a snack eater - I have a savory tooth, so if I do eat snacks, it would be organic corn chips and sometimes I eat Cheese and Onion potato chips! Oh, I do like chocolate cookies!
How do I start my day? I get up early, usually between 5.30 am and 6.30 am (love the quiet and stillness of the early morning). Before I get out of bed, I usually thank God for all that I am grateful for and also I check my emails to see if you sent me any; do some workout, listen to the radio, make my bed and have a shower etc. And get dressed for the day! Routine before going to bed: Sometimes have another shower, sometimes not always wash and care for my skin, floss and clean my teeth. What car do I drive - I drive a Honda CRV 2010 and a BMW 2013. Favorite place to visit: Being with friends anywhere! Other than that, I do love to go to the beach and walk breath in the ocean, watch people love to see children playing we can learn so much from children. What physical features do I like/dislike about myself? I guess I like my eyes and smile...My feet is what I’d like the Genie in the Bottle to change ! My hair, now it’s much shorter, is okay - but when I’ve had it longer, it’s such a chore to look after. What makes me happy? To answer in summary, I get enormous joy from giving - be it my time and energy, or a material gift. I have never been happier than being in love and knowing I was loved in return and the greatest joy for me is to give my love and feel the love is being reciprocate I dislike dishonesty - I think that’s my number one intolerance. Also, I dislike unkindness to people or animals, selfishness, inflated egos, pretentiousness. I really want to share my thoughts with you and hope you have the same idea about what I am saying here. I want you to know that if it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. I am really anxious to get to know you better... Here are some questions for you;
What is your favorite holiday?
What scares you, or do you have any fears?
What do you like most and least about your work?
What is your favorite season…winter, spring, summer or fall?
How do you start your days?
What is your routine before going to bed?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Where is your favorite place to visit and why?
What physical feature do you like most and least about yourself?
What makes you happy?
Okay, I am sure that is quite enough for you to process. Sincerely,
Letter 8

Good Evening Sharon, How was your day?...…my dear Sharon. How are you doing this beautiful morning out there? I must say thanks you for your sincere answer to my question. My dear, you are very warm and there is nothing to compare to the attentions you've shown me... Thanks for being so open and sincere with me. Our meeting was more than fate. You came at the right time. Now we share a bond so strong. The times we share reading and replying emails mean so much to me and I cherish it...Each moment shared with you in different means of communications, intensifies the need to touch. Your thinking has reached my deepest soul...May our friendship continuously grow forever. What do you like in a partner? What is your future plan? Everyone has a destiny to find a soul mate, your type of woman is all I ever wanted…God loving and easy going, that's what caught my interest and your cheerful innocent look...I seek Someone who truly believes in a partnership, being strong when I may be weak, not afraid to tell me I am full of it when I might be, being my anchor as I am when things are tough and challenging and when things are going smooth too. She’s willing to do things that she may not want to, if they are important to me and vice versa. Understanding is very important in a relationship. Someone that enjoys public displays of affection and the importance of intimacy and wants to work and play together understanding that you have to work at it to be successful and never being afraid to communicate and never going to bed angry...I am very health conscious and workout in the gym at least three to four times a week and I hope you maybe share this interest in physical health, that’s my secret to looking young. My dear, time will prove to you and cement my place in your heart forever. For time will give me the credibility that I need to convince you to want to spend the rest of your life with me and that I am worthy of such a commitment from you. This is the starting of a journey in which we both shall be a reflection of each other, for all eternity. I can't wait to meet you so that I can wipe away these blue tears with a warm hug…I guess I'll keep dreaming of you until the day I will meet you then everything will be golden. Remember I care for you with all my heart and I spend my night thinking about you. I went to the Toronto Zoo and I was married for 20 years. Take good care of yourself and I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous Weekend. Sincerely yours,
Letter 9

Good Morning Sharon, I'm so sorry for the news. I will always hug you prays. God is your strengths. Stay blessed. Marco
Letter 10

Glad to hear from you. I went to Church this morning with my family. I hug you in prayers.I took my mom out to a Mexico restaurant for lunch. Have a lovely evening and hope to hear from you soon. Marco

Letter 11

Hi Sharon, I am the one who message you. But you sound so mean because I ask for your help. That is way too bad.
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