Romance scam letter(s) from Frank Peter Neizer to Jennifer (Ireland)
Letter 1

Hello beautiful,
Glad to read from you; Sorry for the late reply, had a busy work day. After dinner with my colleagues I had to work on some paperworks for tomorrow, not yet done but taking time off to reply to your email.
Looking at your picture and profile I keep wondering if the men on the dating site are serious, how come none of them have snatched you off already? Lol... What qualities do you look out for in the man you seek; interested in a long term relationship or just casual friends? I've been divorced for nearly 6 years, no kids but I have an adopted daughter who is 8 and is living with my sister. Tried 2 relationships after my divorce but both didn't work out well; I seek a serious relationship and they seem to have different agendas on mind. I don't like the bar scene because I've met women who have confessed their love for me after only 2 meetings whiles I barely knew them, which I find quite weird; I chose to try online dating because frequent chats through emails, texts, phone will help us to get to know each other before taking any steps towards commitment.
I've attached a few pictures, a few already on my profile, they were all taken this year and last year. I hope you like them; I look forward to seeing more of you. Tell me about yourself, your relationships and what you look for? I look forward to your response. Good night beautiful. Franck
Letter 2

Hi Jennifer,
I have read your email more than twice and I keep looking at your pictures; I must admit that you are a very pretty lady, Wow, you've got very pretty eyes and your lips are so cute. I bet you smile every minute of the day, you really are a beautiful woman. Thanks for the compliments though but I like your pictures more, I would love to see more of you, if any. I enjoy very detail in your email, I like your honesty and your straightforwardness. I like women who know what they want and wouldn't settle for anything less.
To answer your questions, I am not a lawyer; I am a Project Manager for a firm which supports the protection of the environment and also Agric- NGO; my job offers me the chance to travel around a lot and I enjoy it, it pays well too. I am not an Irish, I was in Ireland before the Easter holidays for 10 days and I enjoyed my stay there and I intend moving back there before the end of the year, it's a nice country with some of the most fun and nicest people on earth. Glad you are interested in a long term relationship, we seem to be on the same track here.
What do I enjoy in a woman? Sweetness of nature, responsible and protective, someone who laughs easily and gives of herself with passion and not afraid to step outside her boundaries and learn something new or yield herself to an answering sweetness in the man she is with. Someone who leaves other people with the impression that she is a woman of intelligence and integrity. Laughter and light- that kind of woman who is gorgeous inside and outside. For I have known pretty looking women who were empty inside. So the jury is out Jennifer I suspect we might have interesting conversations, maybe there would be chemistry, a friendship that might catch fire who knows. Do you dare, Care, to explore further?
Will send more in the morning and probably some pictures, it's quite late here and need to get some rest. What do you do for a living and which part of Mexico are you from? Good night beautiful. Franck
Letter 3

Hi Jennifer,
I checked your email on my phone in the morning and after logging onto my email on the laptop now I viewed your picture. Sorry about getting fired from your job, it's so unnerving; haven't experienced that but I pray I don't. Glad you have a side business which is fun and which you enjoy especially working with teenagers though I know it's lots of work. I wish I were closer so I could come see your shows on Sunday. I must admit I like you already (no offence), your conversations are mind engaging. You really are intelligent. Sorry for keeping you hanging all these weeks and also delaying in replying to your emails, I will be prompt in responding to your emails now, my Beautiful Friend! I just had to be selective in whom to respond to on the dating service before subscribing. I might just allow the subscription (1 month) to run out so I can concentrate on you and see where this leads to. How many men are you currently in contact with from the dating service?
My dad is German and my mom Canadian, they met and married in Mauritius where I was born so I do consider myself Mauritian. Have 1 sister, we both grew up in Mauritius. I enjoy traveling and I've traveled around a few times. Glad you have two boys and you've done some traveling too, we seem to share some interests; I don't smoke neither do I drink alcohol but occasional wine, I exercise a lot to keep me fit and healthy. I enjoy dancing and spending quality time talking with my special woman. I will turn 46 in the coming month. I have no interest in younger model-like women. I have attached 2 pictures, one was a picture taken at an event in Mauritius and the other, me and my adopted daughter Mikayla when she was 3. Named her Mikayla because I believe she is a gift from God, she was very sick when I adopted her and everyone thought she was going to die but she survived and she is very healthy now. I hope you like them, I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for the lovely email. Oh I forgot to mention, I keep looking at your selfie, your Lips and Eyes...!!! Will send another email tonight. How are you doing and how has your day been? Franck PS: You look good in that Arabian outfit, smile :):)
Letter 4

Hello Gorgeous ,
Reading your email has really sparked the humor and love within me, it's been so long I've read an email and laughed out loud; you really are fun and I love your sense of humor, definitely the type of woman I would love to be by my side. This is the longest email I've received in my inbox besides work related emails and I like it, you just brightened my day with it. And your pictures, your are Smoking Gorgeous; Mexican men need some reality check... Lol... Just kidding! Would enjoy admiring you every minute of the day if we lived closer, I like you, really I do! Accessing your relationship with your previous boss and how she fired you, that was inhumane of her but you taking it in politely and thanking her it shows how professional and courteous you are. I respect you for that, keep it up!
I am delighted your subscription auto-renewed on the site, if you had cancelled it I wouldn't have found you. Will thank my Stars for this . You are the only woman I have interest in and currently in contact with from the dating site, I have no interest in any other. They seem to be only interested in coffee and flirts; I would like to get to know you alone. I have no problem with the distance.
About you having 2 boys- LOL- I just read what I sent you and I noticed I didn't complete that sentence; wanted to say 'glad you have those 2 boys who look like Sinbad and Aladdin on your team'. Forgive me, can you please grant that VIP seat back? I would love to watch your plays. I have a 'Deal' in mind, if you grant me that VIP seat I won't tell the Irish you don't drink beer, so they can allow you study in their beautiful country... Lol... Hahahahha..
My favorite bands would be D12 (the Eminem band) and The Script; currently I have on my playlist: Hall of Fame- The Script, Pompeii- Bastille, Take me to Church- Hozier and Hometown Glory- Adele; just to mention a few, what about you? What'ts the name of your dog? I have one back in Mauritius, his name is Max. You've never discussed your likes, your hobbies, family and friends and where you live? I had a yahoo messenger which I used to chat with my sister (Mary) a couple of years back; I doubt I can remember the password. I will try and get it working so we can chat there, if you have one. If you don't have the yahoo messenger, can you download it; I think chatting on the messenger will help us have more fun and engaging conversations. What do you think beautiful, any ideas? What have you done today and how is the weather in Mexico City? Hope you've been concentrating on your studies and not looking at me? I have your photos on my phone and am doing the opposite- concentrating on getting to know you. I look forward to your reply, I will send another email before I retire to bed tonight. Regards,
Letter 5

Hello beautiful,
Sorry for not replying to your email last night, I had finished typing the reply email to you but noticed the internet signal on my computer had gone off. We received some rainfall in the evening which caused the problem; I stayed up for over 2 hours waiting for it to work so I could send the email, I was tired and went to bed as it was very late here. I've had quite a busy work day but you've been on my thought all the time. You are the first to come onto my mind in the morning when I wake up and the last to leave my mind at night, you've really changed something within and I like the feeling. How did the IELT oral interview go? I have been reading about the course on the internet and even visited the ielts website. I hope it went well?
Sorry about the death of your dad. It's very thoughtful of you to go live with your mom and keep her company, I know your presence means a lot to her. I am the eldest of 2, my younger sister lives with my mom in Mauritius. I almost applied for an online course with a University in the US last year but looking at the frequency of my travels due to work I stopped myself from paying for it; I will give it another thought. I am a fitness freak, I train every morning and sometimes in the evening, I enjoy running and jogging and spending time in the gym but I don't like the treadmill much. I think it was invented for the ladies and the matured, I prefer jogging and running to doing the treadmill; I've always had a problem with men who will drive all the way to the gym just to walk on the treadmill then drive back home. Lol.. Oh, I forgot to tell you- I co-own a fitness gym in Port Louis- Mauritius. I am a good swimmer, average dancer and a book club freak, I read a lot. Good to know you enjoy reading, what are some of your recent reads? Currently reading the Snowball- Warren Buffett and the Business of Life. Last month I read Steve Jobs biography, The King of Oil- Mark Rich and the Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris.
I don't have lots of friends but I do keep some very good ones, I've always been described as a very sociable person and my work affords me to meet people from all walks of life. I've met some of the most amazing people you will ever come across who live in the remotest part of this planet. I am lucky to have met you, you are 'exceptional' Jennifer.
Not sure what phone you use but if it's android you should go to the google play store and search for ''Skype', do the same on the itunes store if you are using an iphone. I just installed skype on my computer, I can log on with my outlook account, it's that simple. Maybe you can find me there with my name or ( Franck Neizer), let me know your skype handle so I can add you. Not sure if my laptop supports video calls, never used skype on it before. Sweety I bet you will look extra sexy if your hair is messy, hahaha.. I would love to hear voice but from some negative experiences from the past I would prefer we get to know each other before talking via phone, please understand me! I don't know if my voice matches my smile but I do have the Mauritian- German accent which many people seem to like, honestly I don't know how I sound but I definitely don't sound like a girl; amongst my work colleagues I have the more masculine voice. Hehhehe...
Guess what I found today, I was looking for some old project files on my old hard drive and I stumbled upon some pictures of Waffers (Mikayla's nickname) and me. I hope you'll like them, the black and white is my favorite.. How are you and how has the weather been there? Regards,
Franck PS: Had to leave this for last, I will turn 46 on MAY 10; Mikayla's is on MAY 18. Happy now!!!
Letter 6

Hi Jennifer,
Reading your email this morning was a good start for my day, you got me smiling all morning. I am glad you are happy and your interview well. It's such a privilege to hear that I was the one you named as the handsome person you know, thank you very much, you've got me blushing.. Hah.. You should take it easy when rehearsing, I can tell you are a very energetic person and you put lots of effort in your work; don't overwork yourself and I promise I won't upset you so you can come after as a She- Hulk... Lol... I love watching women who lift, it just amazes me, it proves that women can do what men do and can do better. My sister used to lift in the gym in Port Louis but I had to stop her after she twisted her ankle from a bike crash. I will ask my assistant on Monday to locate a book store and find me the book "Calling In the One", just read the review online. Sorry about the relationship with your friends, I understand your concern.
I just added you onto my skype and I look forward to chatting with you there, I know today and tomorrow will be busy times for you; just let me know the best day we can chat and let me know the time you are usually home. There is a 5 hours time difference between us, if it's 6:00am in Mexico City- it's 11:00am in my location. I am an evening owl and I can stay up in the night to talk with you even if it's 8:00pm there.
For you to know Mauritius is a country and a Paradise on earth I am attaching a few pictures so you can see, I pulled some off the internet and some I had on my old hard drive. I have attached 2 maps: the first is the map of Africa, when you look at the bottom right of it you will see I've circled the island of Mauritius with red color, I know it's tiny and you wont see it quite well, it's very tiny. Sometimes I wonder if Mauritius ever exists on the map, lol. The second map is the blown up map of Mauritius, so now you see it's not so tiny after all... Hahahah. The other images are pictures of the island and it's crystal clear turquoise waters and an image of Port Louis (capital of Mauritius) at night. The other is the Seven Colored Earth which is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country, it's breath taking, you should see it someday. So now you know Mauritius really exists; take another look at the map of Africa, my work has taken me to more than 20 countries on the continent mostly the northern- Saharan countries where desertification has eaten up most of those areas. Ever since we started the Plant a Billion trees project, I have traveled to almost all of the northern African states and some parts of the middle east. I love my job!
Now to your pictures- your selfie, one word: Sweet and Breath taking (Oh, those are 4 words. LMAO). Glad you've accepted a religion different from what you were accustomed to, I've read some Buddhist books in my 30's and I respect their teachings, maybe you'll help me understand more and who knows. I am a Catholic and I attend service frequently. The whole family is Catholic.
Sweety I like you for who you are and always will, I think I like you more today than I did yesterday. Are you sure you've totally forgotten me today? Hmmm... How is your test going, hope you are excelling? Keep me informed. Going out for dinner with 3 colleagues, I will be thinking of you, there is no escaping you. Hope you are well and your day has been better as mine? Take care....

Fond regards,
Letter 7

Good afternoon beautiful,
Returned from lunch a couple of hours ago, met a regional youth director whom we're trying to invite to a workshop we are organizing for the youth in farming. You are always on my mind even when I am eating, like you said it's a good addiction and I really like it. You are such an amazing person, organizing 4 shows in a day in a space of 4 hours is wonderful, I am so proud of you. I am glad your co workers appreciate you, I appreciate you more than they do; keep up the hard work and the sky is the limit for you. I hope lunch with your coworkers was good and you guys had some fun. I can't wait to hear about the show, I know you are still exhausted. You need enough rest, I wish I were close so I could massage your back and feet; I wouldn't brag that I am a good massager but mine would definitely provide some sensual stimulation instead of helping relax your muscles. Lol.. I like your job and I respect you a lot for what you do and your beliefs. I am the guy who will grab hold of you and help you calm down when you turn into She- Hulk, I like your energy.*
You don't need to apologize about the Mauritius joke, you got me laughing as well. What I love about you most is your sense of humor, I never stopped smiling and laughing when we chatted on Saturday. We are here to learn from each other, I have learnt a few from you since we kept contact and I just learnt something about the Aztecs from you, I have read about them but never knew the ruins was in the state of Morelos; thanks for the pictures. Sweety you definitely have to enlighten me further about Buddhism, I respect the whole philosophy and what the religion stands for. I see myself and my current job as a way of fixing what others have destroyed and still are destroying and I believe my little contribution is making a difference.
I just re-read something from the above paragraph: do you mean Hulk, like the green, mean giant? Oh shite, I think I will definitely run and scream in tears... Lol... hahahahahahaha..
Listening to these songs now, check them out if you get the chance: I should be home around 8 - 10pm my time, which will be 3- 5pm Mexican time; you should check your skype between these hours. Let me know if you are Ok with the time! Hope you've had enough rest today after all the chaos yesterday and you are feeling much better? I hope you like the songs, I look forward to hearing from you and chatting with you. Thinking of you. Take care... Fond regards,
Letter 8

Hi Jennifer,
I arrived home about an hour ago and I just came out of the shower; I've had a very long and stressful day but it was successful. The workshop went well and the people seem to respond positively to us. We had a few issues when we arrived at the location, it took us close to 2 hours to get the whole program started so we stayed longer than expected.
How are you doing and how is your knee and back today? Done anything special? I am online now, incase you are home and want to chat, we can chat for a while. You've been on my mind all the time even in the midst of all the chaos; what about you? How is the weather in the beautiful city of Mexico? Awaiting your reply. Fond regards,
Letter 9

Hi Jennifer,
I hope your course is going perfectly well and you are having a good day yourself? I've been thinking of you a lot since our short chat in the morning, I've missed you a lot and you've been on my mind. Work was fine today but a bit hectic as Francis and I were out on the field inspecting transplants; 5 of the colleagues are away on a trip to the northern part of Ghana to get some soil samples for research so we can identify the best tree type to plant there. The rest have been working on the field with us and doing paperworks. Whiles out with Francis today I made him film a video of me with my phone (iphone 4s) but there is a problem, there is no sound; he filmed over 5 videos and I even tried screaming to see if it will work but it failed. I realised the fault was with my phone, it's old and it has crushed over a million times. It has traveled with me to every corner of this planet so I don't blame it if it's malfunctioning now. In the video I was trying to express how grateful I am for meeting you and thanking you for bringing happiness to me; due to the lack of sound I wasn't able to make a longer video, I would have shown you some of the young trees and would have told you more. Forgive me for the lack of sound but I hope you will like it. I have also attached a photo which was taken last December, 2014 (Christmas). It's the annual donation I make to the orphanage where I adopted Mikayla from in Mauritius, I know it's not enough but the kids love it and they appreciate it a lot. Proceeds from my co-ownership of the gym back in Mauritius goes to them and another orphanage somewhere.
Do you have any shows planned? How is the schedules for your course planned? Any other plans made for the week; let me know what best times suits you so that we can chat. I have missed our chats! I will look for your reply in the morning before leaving for work; don't bother replying if you are tired and need rest. Ok. Thinking of you now... Fond regards,
Letter 10

Hi Jennifer,
I have really missed you and our chat, all the laughter and intelligent conversation from you. I just finished working on some financial paper works which we will be reviewing in the office tomorrow with the representative from Turkey (Kassim). After we left the office 3 of my colleagues and I took him to dinner, we had fish in vegetable sauce with fried rice for dinner and it was so tasty, we had lots of fun and there was lot to talk and laugh about. I wish you were here so you could dine with us, you will have lots of fun; with your sense of humor and openess you will blend in quickly with us. We don't bring our work to the dining table so you wont get bored; we are like a family.
We've had lots of rains this week but it was really needed for the transplanting, on Tuesday the whole team was out on the field and we all got our hands dirty. We had some volunteers from our last workshop who assisted, it was fun as we offered free beverages. A multi-national beverage company which invests in Africa supports us and they offer us free beverages whenever we request it. We've completed 2 phases of our project so far and it's been greatly successful.
Francis returned from the post office yesterday with the parcel my sister sent from Mauritius, after opening it I found a very nice Cartier belt, it's one of my favorite leather goods brands and I just love this belt; I already own the brown color of it and getting the black as a birthday gift is so wonderful. The other gift is something which just brought tears into my eyes, Waffers is such an angel. This is the best gift I have ever received for my birthday and I will forever cherish it. All my colleagues said Wow when they saw it and everyone loved it. Am glad my little angel has been blessed with so much artistic and creative attributes. I have attached the pictures, what do you think of them?
How is the course going so far and how are you coping with all the stress of going back and forth always? Tell me the news about the job? It's been a while I saw a new picture of you, send some if you have, I would love to see a full size pic of you. Going to bed now as I am very tired, it's past midnight here and it's cold. Looking forward to reading from you in the morning, enjoy the rest of your evening and my fondest regards to your mom, I hope she is in good health? Take care... Missing you... Regards,

Letter 11

Hi Sweety, I was about to sign out my email when I refreshed it to see if there are any new emails for me and there was one from my sister. I opened it to find these photos of my little angel and her adorable Britney; I've had tears in my eyes since I got the email. I've missed her so much. I bought her Britney for her 8th birthday and the other picture was taken in her school with her friends, reading the photo name, it seems it was taken for me on my birthday.
So now you have seen her now; what do you think?
I LOVE YOU Jennifer...
Letter 12

Hello my Beautiful Lady,
I LOVE YOU and I've missed you so much; I keep thinking about your voice and laughter; whenever I am alone in a quite place your laughter echoes in my head and it feels like you are right behind me. I've realized how much I am committed to you and how crazy I am about you. I Love you with every fiber in my body. You are the woman I've always loved to be with and spend the rest of my life with and I thank the stars for bringing us together, I promise never to let go of you as I have no interest in getting to know someone else. Je t'aimerai toujours Jennifer.
Thanks for your advice and I will take it, I need to spend enough time with her before she nears adolescence; all my colleagues have been saying that. 5 of them have met her and those who just saw her photos recently said she is very pretty. I will send the evidence to you when I do visit Mauritius, a picture of the two of us. That's a promise! I have attached the 2 pictures Mary snapped of her today, both were taken inside my parents house but I don't know who hanged that white cloth for her. My mom must have allowed her to do that; she spoils the kid whenever she visits them. Waffers is growing and I don't want her to be treated as a kid no more, but my mom just wouldn't listen. Hummm...
I know you find it difficult expressing your feelings but you should be confident about that now, being with me gives you the space to dream big and do more; you are very intelligent. You should be confident when expressing your feelings to me because you trust in yourself and your feelings. Your presence in my life has added so much meaning to me and I will always cherish, love, respect and treat you with all the best that you deserve in the world, Voila une promesse.
You made me happy this morning when you said your foot was healing, I want you to get better soon. I want you to be strong and healthy for me when I come there because there's lots of Kissing, Cuddling and Love Making to be done and you don't want to miss out on any as I have a to-do list prepared; you should make your own. I hope your day is going well and you are making good progress with your class, please keep me updated. Any news from the companies where you attended the interviews? I need to work on our financials and do some personal writing too. Let me know how your day went?
Lots of French today, forgive me, I had French meal for dinner.. LOL..... Te Amo,
Letter 13

Good evening Sweety,
I Love You and I am really missing you, your new pictures has got me thinking about you all evening and now I want you to be by my side more than ever, you are among the most special people in my life and I cherish every moment we spend talking, chatting and texting. I cant wait to finally hold you in my arms and kiss those cute and pretty lips of yours. Te Amo Jennifer.
You have no idea how happy I felt when you told me you were going to sign the contract with McGraw Hill, I've read a bit about them on the internet and I know it's a reputable company. It's such a good feeling knowing that my Princess is part of a reputable company; your entrepreneurial spirit is very high and the sky is the limit for you Sweety, trust me. I hope their conditions favors you; how long will you be working with them?
I was sorting through the files on my old hard drive and I came by one of my most amazing pictures I've ever taken; it was taken in 2012 in South Africa at the Lion Sands Kruger National Park; it was an honor to drink water from an earth bowl with Simbad and his family. Oh memories, I really miss that vacation. Our South African colleagues invited the whole team for a vacation in South Africa where we visited this amazing wild life reserve. Simbad (male lion in the middle) was a home trained lion and was released into the wild when it matured, it's a very friendly but stubborn animal. The park keepers gave me the opportunity to snap a once in a life time photo with them, mind you I had to keep a distance from them as the younger females aren't so friendly. All my colleagues were terrified and they stayed in the safari van and kept their distance from them. I like nature and I love animals and I think some animals like me but others don't. All my colleagues have a copy of this picture and some have it in large prints hanging in their homes; so now you see this is the only and biggest achievement and recognition I've ever had, poor loser. :( The other picture is what I have printed on a large card for you, it's one of my addictions and it's Waffers favorite photo of me. I like the batman character, I guess maybe that's why I often stay up so late. I paid a friend who had this replica of the batman costume made for me all the way from China, it's made of plastic though but it looks very real from a distance. I have it placed in my bedroom and it's something I look at for motivation and strength whenever am down, crazy I know, and the other thing about it is, if I wake up in the morning and I can't figure out what to wear I look at it and sometimes feel like wearing it.. LOL... Now you know you are in love with a crazy gentleman with a good heart. It was taken last year by a friend photographer. I wish I could carry the replica with me wherever I travel to.
I Love you Princess and I want to be yours forever. I look forward to your pictures and the details about your new deal and how you are feeling? Not sure if I understood you well about the email from the volunteers, have you replied to them yet? If not, please take the time to contact them and find out how you can assist them. Francis and I will go back there on Saturday morning, I promised them some school items and some other small stuff and I picked up some of it in town today, will find the rest before Friday. It will mean a lot to me if you could assist before the end of the week; it's very sad to see how some of the kids there are living.
I have one project report sheet to write for the night then I will go to bed, your pictures are right beside me and I take a quick glance anytime I write a line, it's not a distraction though but a good addiction... Lol... Says you! Good night Sweety, TE AMO... Forever yours,
Letter 14

Good morning Mi Princesa,
So lovely to read from your you in the morning, I love the Black Eyed Peas song, never heard the one you sent me. I have been listening to it all morning and I had it playing whiles I was out jogging at dawn. I Love it. Here is one special one for you too, I like this one; I hope you'll enjoy it. Missing you and Loving you so much; I love you more today than I did yesterday and will love you more tomorrow till the end of my day, I mean our days. LOVE YOU,
Letter 15

Hello My Love,
I Love you and I am really missing you, thanks for the song you sent me, I had never heard of Jesus Christ Superstar until you sent me this song. I have listened to it over 20 times already this evening and I like the lyrics a lot. Thank you Sweety, how come you know how to touch that soft spot inside me? You are an amazing and unique lady and sometimes I always wonder what I did to deserve you: Wonderful, Lovely, Loving, Smart, Genius, Compassionate, Stubborn, Sexy, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Straightforward, Hardworking, Creative,... do you want me to continue, I can go on and on, and still words alone wont be enough to describe you. I am looking forward to our first kiss and hug, I know it will go on to be the beginning of the most loving and wonderful love life for us.
Thank you for your advice and support for me and Waffers, you know I can never get mad at you; I will knock my head against a tree before I do that. I will always love you. Don't you say you are crazy because you hit your head when you were a kid; I would love kissing that spot on your head where the accident occured. (I hope I wont have hair in my mouth afterwards, Lol). I Love Waffers and will always love and cherish her till the end of my life. You are part of me now and you are among the most important people in my life (Family) and I will rather slit my throat and veins open before I disappoint or hurt any of you. This is a Promise I've made to my family a long time ago and now I make it to you too Jennifer. Thank you for being a true inspiration and motivation for my life. I will always Love you and I Love you more each passing day.
Tell me about your day and the whole offer from McMillan, you've already signed the McGraw Hill contract, right? Hmm... This is Awesome, now two super powers wants the services of my Genius Girlfriend. I hope your foot is better today, how does it feel? Tell me every detail please. I Love You,

Letter 16

Hey Sweety,
This was the photo taken yesterday after I left the office; I took a colleague's scooter motor so they could use my car to get home; 5 of them live in the same area and their car had a fault so I borrowed them my car so I could use the scooter (it's the world's fastest scooter) Lol.. It took me more than 90 minutes to get home. I had to pack my project files into the green travel luggage to prevent it from getting wet. I had the latest and the very best rain coat (polythene) on, it's my invention and am currently in discussion with some Chinese manufacturers to mass produce it.. Hahahahahaha. My colleagues later caught up with me at the fuel station and took this picture of me. This was my reward for being so nice. LOL
Now you know why I haven't been well today after getting wet on the field, I rode on a snail-like scooter to get home. I am the project manager and always have to make sacrifices for the team. I LOVE YOU and I miss you. Franck
Letter 17

Hey Sweety,
I purchased some gifts online (backpack) for you and your nephew. It was shipped on the 29th of last month and it was supposed to be delivered days ago but I just tracked it and it says incorrect address. You'll find the address I entered when ordering it, please check and verify if I entered the correct address. You can click on the link with the tracking number below to verify it. Not sure what is going to happen now, they might return it if the address is still wrong.
I wanted this to be a surprise for you, will call the shipping company to see if something can be done about it. I love you, let me know if the address below is correct.. ok
Missing You,
Franck The following items have been shipped. We hope you enjoy them! Please allow 24 hours from the receipt of this email to track your shipment. ITEM QTY
CLARK MESSENGER - DEFAULT / CARAMEL / 10.75"(H) X 14.75"(W) X 2.5"(D), 9.8 L 1
If you have any questions regarding your order, check out our online contact page. Tracking Number: 773718893108
Shipping Status: Note: Orders exceeding $100 in value require a direct signature upon delivery.
Thank you,
Herschel Supply Company
Letter 18

Hello honey,
As I told you I really was tired and I had to take a 2 hours rest in the office, I began dozing off immediately I arrived at work. I Love You. I just opened my email and I've been all smiling looking at your pictures, Wow... you looked pretty in that Melificent horns.. Hahaha. I love all the pictures and I can imagine all the fun you guys had, I wish I were there; now I think my batman costume needs to be sent to you before I come there. Would love to see you in your favorite Rapunzel costume and me in my Batman costume, it will be mad fun with Waffers by our side. I Love you so much Darling. I owe Pansho a big Thank You when I come there as his wife 'Miss Mauritius' was just the perfect birthday present for me. Lol. All your friends are very nice but in the group photo you were the Golden Fish amongst the dolphins, hahaha, no offense to your friends Honey. But I am just being truthful, you are the most beautiful woman on earth to me and I will always care for you, Love You and make you the happiest woman ever, and wife if you agree to marry me. I LOVE YOU
Those paper clothes look hilarious especially on Pablo, Lol. I bet he won because if he didn't then the judge (whom I believe is you) cheated. The photo of your mom passing the life saver candy to Danny is very nice, she is a very beautiful woman, and I have to admit you resemble her; I said it, I know you will argue but it's the Truth. Thank you for sharing these wonderful friends and family moments with me. You are the best...
Regarding the Paypal account set up: I just read something on it, when you go to the Paypal website click on the 'Register' or 'Open An Account' button, on the next page select the 'Receive Payments with Paypal' option which is for people and businesses. Use the email ID I created for Anna last night to sign up and on the next page use the lovely password as the password, Anna can change it later. Use your name as the first and last name and your name as the business name as well, you cant use 'Realize A Dream' as the business name as it's not in Mexico but Anna can change all that later. Use your home address and mobile number and at the 'Primary Currency' column you should select USD. At the 'Account Holders Info' page input the necessary details and after that you will be registered onto paypal. But it doesn't end there, you will have to verify the paypal account first before it will be activated and can apply for the master card and also receive payments into it. This link will help you with that:
You know I am always here to answer any questions you want to ask. I Love you and I hope we can make this happen for Anna and her kids, she will be more than happy and I know it will go a long way to benefit them and the charity organization.
Going out for lunch now, I should be back to the office in an hour. The rep will come over later this afternoon to have a meeting with the team. Francis had to take the day off as he is very tired. I Love you Jennifer and I always will, you are the best lady for me. We complete each other in so many way, I am not going to name but you already know... LOL... Hahahahaha
How has your day been so far, what have you been up to? Love Always,
Letter 19

Hola Mi Princesa,
I hope everything went well when you went to see the cardiologist? Honey I hope you are alright besides your foot and your blood pressure? You've visited both the physiotherapist and the cardiologist and the doctor in less than 10 days. I hope you aren't hiding anything from me, please don't because I care about you a lot and I am not there to babysit you. Just keep me informed about your health. I Love You.
I hope the rest of your evening has been nice? I have slept for a while after we signed off Skype; just woke up and I remembered that I haven't sent you the email as I promised. You've done well with the PayPal set up, you've done very well. I haven't informed Anna yet and I don't intend until we are able to verify the account and get it up and running first so she can use it straight away after we give her the details and she changes the necessary details. With the verification of the account you should use a bank account which you know you don't use often but don't intend closing it, an account with at least a maximum of $20 in it; do you have online access to any of your bank accounts, If you do you should check it regularly because PayPal will make small deposits which is not up to $1, you will enter that at a colum they will provide you on the PayPal page. After entering the amounts in the column a Facebook representative will call you on phone, I hope you used your mobile number. All these will not happen in one day but it won't take too long.
Once the verification process goes through then you can apply for the MasterCard debit card which will help ease the withdrawal processes of all donations for Anna and the organization. When you log into the PayPal account you'll notice under the 'Hello Jennifer' you will see status unverified, after the verification it will change to verified.
I hope this is a bit helpful Honey, will still answer any questions you have regarding it as I've read a bit on the Internet. I Love you very much. Jumping into bed now, will send you a text in the morning, good night and have a sound sleep. Love Always,
Letter 20

Good morning Honey,
Thank you for the fun link you sent me this morining, you really made my morning and that of my colleagues. They kept asking me if I was in Love with a Mexican, you know I can't deny you. I am a very private person but I can't keep you a secret from my colleagues, they are like family to me. I said 'Yes' I am in Love with a very beautiful Lady. I will never deny you and our love; you are my number 1 priority and I will always Love you. They said then I need to get used to all that is on the list, especially number 1; what is michelada? Lol... I Love you and I know I can adapt to the Mexican kind of life and culture and I hope you can get used to mine also, we will survive, trust me.
Regarding your questions about Paypal, if you have checked the Paypal global site then you would notice that Paypal account can't be created in most parts of the world, they are still spreading into different countries. It has reached a few African countries but not yet in Ghana. I asked you to create it there as Mexico is in North America. Regarding you being uneasy with verifying with your bank account, after the account is verified you can go back to the paypal account profile to check if you will see your bank info there; paypal doesn't save that. Before any withdrawal can be made from your bank account or credit card, your details needs to be re-entered before a withdrawal can be made from your account or from the Paypal account to your bank account. I read the paypal security policy and they don't store bank or credit card details for the safety of their customers; so trust me honey, you are safe. If you still have doubts I am willing to give you every detail about myself- home address in Mauritius, family address, bank account numbers and info of every project I have ever worked on and the locations, so you can have the security service on my tail incase a single Mexican Peso is withdrawn from your account.. Lol. I am serious honey, you know I would never do anything to hurt you or jeopardise our relationship. I just want us to give a helping hand to Anna and her volunteer group and the kids especially. Forgive me honey, I didn't know this would make you feel uneasy in someway; I wouldn't have asked you to do it in the first place.
In case you are uneasy with the whole process I think we should end it here, just saying. I don't want this to ruin our love for each other. If you still want to do this then you should input the 4 digit code which paypal will send to you in your bank statement. Do you receive your statement online or through the mail? Which ever way when you receive it you will find the 4 digit code in the statement. I will forward the email which paypal sent to the gmail I created for the paypal account so you will understand better.
Te Amo Princesa, I hope you trust that I won't do anything to ruin our love. Just have faith in me. Let me know what your uneasiness is about and we can discuss that later when we chat online. Hope your day is going well? Will you be able to send the money today? Send me a text if you can. Take care and remember that I care about you a lot. Love You,
Letter 21

Hi honey,
I've been thinking of you ever since you left to go watch the movie, thought of you crying because of dinosaurs have kept me laughing a lot. You should be courageous, let your sub conscience understand that they aren't real and the spirit of fear must leave your thought. You are an amazing lady and the best woman to ever come into my life and I Promise With All My Heart To love You Till The End of my Life. Thank you for giving me the chance to love once again, and giving me a reason to smile always. I thought of the topic you learnt at the center and I came up with a few ideas but it will be best we discuss it when chatting, maybe your way of understanding will make it clearer to you and me. I like the topic.
It was a very emotional afternoon with the Realize A Dream charity group, it all began with Anna when she began sobbing after I told her about the progress we've both made regarding the PayPal account set up. She was so pleased and she was full of praise for you. I explained all the processes involved to her and she said you've done well for being so kind and thoughtful. She also explained to me that after she contacted the other site where you tried making the donation and it was declined, she was informed that their payments processors was malfunctioning and they apologized. She said she had cancelled all links to that web page including her Facebook page. One of the funds raising sites which she applied for her campaign to be launched was approved so with the help of Francis (Tech genius) they managed to link the PayPal account to it using the login email ID. It was quite simple. She explained to me that their target goal was to raise US$3,500.00 to complete their orphanage and furnish it. Honey let's try and get people to donate to their project before the deadline date. Francis said he will make a small contribution to see if this site works, if it does we will see it when we check the link. I saved the websites link on my phone and here it is below, you can check it out and if you see any donation then it's probably Francis. You should also try making a small donation to see if it will work from Mexico before you spread the word about it to others. The downside with this fundraising site is Anna can withdraw the money only when the target amount is reached, that is if met before the deadline; if the amount is not reached before the deadline then she will have to wait till the deadline in order to withdraw whatever amount they raised. In both cases she will get the donations made to the foundation.
Thank you for caring about me and my health as I do about yours. My shoulder is fine and you don't have to worry about it anymore. I worry about your foot rather, have you started the hot water treatment? You should if you haven't, you'll start working on Monday and I expect you to look fit and strong so that you can work effectively. Te Amo Mi Amor. I have to go to bed now as I am feeling tired and sleepy, I will be dreaming of you darling. Don't forget to send the photos of you and your sister. Good night.... Love You A Lot,

Letter 22

Hello Mi Amor,
Glad your foot is healing and you can walk on it without the bandage and the crouches; you should take it slowly and not do anything stressful to make it swell again. It has taken too long and it should have healed long ago, I hope this time you wont do anything to cause it to swell. How are you doing and how was your weekend? Mine was very lonely and sour without you as I really missed you even when I wasn't well. Last Thursday I got bitten by a green leaf snake whiles out in the field, it was just a small one and it's not poisonous; when you get bitten by those type you just suffer stomach pains for a day or two and then it will heal when you take some anti fulgidus medications. That was the reason why I stayed home on Friday as the pain was really hurting me, I didn't bother telling you because I knew you would worry and wouldn't concentrate. The last thing I want you to do in your new job is to lose concentration. I couldn't text you on Friday night as I began throwing up a lot, I had a very terrible night, I could not do anything. I called Laura at dawn and she came over with Francis very early in the morning to take me to the clinic. I was still throwing up when they came over, I had lost some weight due to all the throw ups (I still have lost some weight) but the medication which was given to me at the hospital will help me regain my usual weight. I warned Francis not to text you as he had my phone on him when they picked me up from the house; I know you were worried. I had the phone on me all afternoon and I saw your texts come in but I couldn't read or reply them as I wasn't too comfortable. I am recovering now and I should be very healthy and able to return to the field tomorrow, but I've been asked not to work for more than 4 hours at a time because I need enough rest to heal completely. So I will listen to your advice and take a day or two from work within this week. Te Amo Mi Princesa.
Now I would like to open up to you completely about what is going on; I haven't told anyone outside my business circle because it's work related and I prefer keeping my business issues professional. First of all let me make a confession, last month alone we received 2 seperate reps from different funders. The Uruguay rep arrived exactly 2 weeks after the last one departed, he came from Spain. The reason the reps have been coming down is due to some funds embezzlement at the top of our company, since the beginning of this year there have been rumours of the embezzlement of more than US$ 1 million. Funds for our projects are transmitted to a holding company in South Africa and that is where the embezzlement orignates from. Since the end of February no checks have been received from our directors. The reason why my bank account and debit card got blocked was because I had exceeded the withdrawal limits on both my business cards for the past 2 months; I have been paying each of my colleagues half of their salaries from my personal account. My directors invited the reps to Ghana to witness our work with the limited funds we've received since February. The reps have been pleased with our efforts and they are currently holding seperate meetings to find a new funding means for us, which will go directly to our directors. My colleagues appreciate what I have done for them so none of them has complained for a while since they all understand the situation coming from the top. Honestly, our Saturday reviews are used to discuss this subject as its a great concern to every one on board. The reps have all sent me an email to assure me that everything is going accordingly as we discussed and they are in contact with the directors constantly. This is a pain which all my colleagues are enduring but my assurances and sacrifces to them is what has kept all of them going for this long. I hope this wouldn't surprise you, I have been through such situations before and I can handle it calmly.
I chose to send this email late because you would worry when you read it especially about my health. I know you are almost closing from work so it's Ok if you worry when you get home. Hope your day is going well and you are having a productive day. Te Amo Jennifer and I have missed your love this past week. I haven't really felt the real you whom I fell in love with. Please make us a ok again because you are my source of motivation and love and I want to love you till the end. Let me know how your day went and how you are doing? Te Amo,
Letter 23

Good morning Mi Amor,
Woke up this morning to see your email and trust me you've really brightened my day, even though it's been cloudy here all morning. You've always been the prettiest from birth, you looked so cute and beautiful when you were young and now you look Beautiful, Sexy and Lovely. I am lucky to have met you. I love the picture. Can't see the face of your dad well but I bet he was a very handsome man, now I know why you miss him a lot. There is a little resemblance between you especially your cheeks. Will say a prayer for him to show appreciation to him for giving birth to the Lady of my life, the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with and the lady whom I can't wait to hold in my hands and kiss her all over. I want to do more than just kissing and cuddling with you Mi Amor, you know that. You will be the happiest and the most loved woman when we are together. I Promise. I have had some very bold and passionate thoughts about us and it makes me smile anytime I think of you, i have even had some very crazy thought of the two of us out in the field whiles you are helping me plant trees... Lol.. Hahahahahaha. You look sexy in the black dress in the other picture. And the other one, Hahahahahahahahaha, why were you hiding behind those bushes. You surely look like an Irish Santa clause. Trust me when I show this picture to Francis he will laugh out so loud. Lol. I need to get myself one of those beard though..
It looks like both the first doctor and the physiotherapist you used didn't help you heal but rather made your foot worsen, I am truly sorry honey. I wish I were there to massage your foot each morning before you get ready for work and evening when you return home and I will also give you the healing kisses on the swollen parts so you will heal completely. And in the evening after I pick you up from work to the house I will carry you in my arms into the shower and wash your whole body for you, dry you and carry you onto the bed where I will lay you down on your tummy and massage you with some warm oil all over your body (naked though, if you would prefer) lol.. But I will wear my boxer shorts. Hahahahaha. Will massage you to help relax your nerves and get you ready for a whole night of kissing and cuddling. Te Amo.
It hurts to know that you aren't well whiles I am not there with you. Never thought there were bad doctors and physiotherapists in Mexico, I only thought they could be found in Africa. Lol. Will contact my gym partner in Mauritius to see if he can get some picture guides or video of basic exercises or stretches for the foot. Will call him immediately I send you this email.
I checked the PayPal account this morning and there was the message that it has been verified, I will call Anna this afternoon to let her know so she can update us with what she intend doing next. You are an angel honey, I know this little help we are doing for the kids in the foundation will go a long way to help them in so many ways. Me and you are one of a kind, I will admit that today. I am so happy to have found a lady who completes me in so many ways, you are helping me become a better person than I was previously and the basic teaching you've been explaining to me is helping me grow in spirit as well. Thank you Mi Princensa. I hope you had a sound sleep and you are feeling a lot better this morning? Is your sister and nephew still there? Say 'Hola' to them for me before you leave the house, and to mom as well...
Te Mi,
Letter 24

Good morning Mi Amor,
I enjoyed reading your email and I love the pictures you sent me, lol, I didn't believe you will use my picture as your desktop wallpaper on your office computer. Won't you be questioned by your boss if he/ she finds out? LOl. I am madly in love with you Jennifer. There are some smaller things you do which really shows how much you love me, you might not notice them but I do and I appreciate it a lot; such as you hiding in the toilet to respond to my skype messages even when you are very busy. Mi Amor, don't apologize if you delay in responding to my messages, I know you are very busy. Even if you are able to respond to only one text or skype message in a day I really appreciate that. You are working in a big corporation and I understand the demands. You are a strong lady and I am proud of you. You are always learning something new.
I love the pictures you sent me, you are so sexy. Been staring at those cute eyes and lips of yours for over 30 minutes and I've imagined so many passionate stuff. Francis came into the office to distract me, and I feel like ripping his skin off his body... Hahahahahaha. I love you my beautiful Princess. Looking at the time you sent the text that you were home and the time you sent the email it looks like you were home around 9pm your time and that was very late. Whenever I imagine the time you get home from work and all the stress you go through it saddens me a lot, your foot is not very strong and you shouldn't be going through all that stress. How is the physiotherapists sessions going, is it helping you heal? Please if you return home late and you are tired don't bother sending me an email, just take your shower, eat and if you've got some stuff to do, complete them and then go to bed and dream of us. Just a short text message from you that you are home safely will be more than Ok for me. Last night I was awake when your skype message and your email came in. I threw up once in the night and I didn't feel like sleeping again, my tummy didn't hurt though. You know BATMAN doesn't sleep much. Lol. I wish MALIFICIENT was here with me.
Te Amo honey. Waffers is fine. She said the swell on her jaw has reduced and the pain is rescinding. Hearing that made me happy. All I can say about my dad's health is that he is Ok, we keep praying for him always. You are so unique, though your relationship with God hasn't been the best you still keep track of some very good bible verses. That bible quote is one of my moms favorite, whenever she sees me worry about something she just quotes that for me. Thank you honey. Hope you had a sound sleep and you are much better? Send me a text when you are up and on your way to work. I LOVE YOU,
Letter 25

Today in the morning I linked a bank account to the pay pal account as you suggested on Thursday when we talked. Then, I went to the bank to deposit some money so that I could do the donation. I don't know if the pay pal account is not working or if we need to wait for some time after linking an account.
The thing is that I tried making the donation with 2 different cards and I was not allowed. A pop up message stated that I needed to use a different card I have tried without any success with different cards. Could you please go into the pay pal account and check if everything is Ok? What I mean is could you check if I provided the bank account in the right place? It was great being able to listen to your voice, though listening to you sad made me wanted really bad to be by your side, hug you, kiss you and comfort you. I'm sorry I am not of much help now. I am a failure when it comes to understanding dead but the one thing I know is that crying heals our soul. So if you need to cry, cry and know that I am always thinking about you, I love you.
I understand you don't feel like eating so eat something light. Remember that if you really want to help you need to be fine first. Nobody can give what they lack. If you are healthy you will be able to help others, if you are happy you will be able to make others happy, don't be selfish take care of yourself so that others can continue enjoying having you in their lives.
I adore having you in my life. Te amo con todo mi corazon, Franck. Attached you'll find a picture of me and the movie I watched with my nephew and sister. I know it's silly but I hope it helps to make you smile. Here's a link of the movie trailer, please take a minute to smile.
Letter 26

Hi Honey,
I have missed you, sitting here in the office thinking of you. I wanted to sing for my colleagues but Laura told me not to try it else all the roof will come down; she thinks I have a horrible singing voice and Alex says the same. Don't worry when I come there I will sing a very lovely song in Spanish for you Mi Amor. Lol.. I hope your day is going fine and your foot isn't hurting a lot? Are your schedules for today very tough as yesterday's, I hope not because if they are going to overwork you then I better employ you as my personal assistant. All you will do is just be by my side whiles I work and kiss me when I am tired and advice me about my health. That will be lot of fun honey. Te Amo.
Been sitting around going through my emails and checking my old hard drive for some old work files which I will need tomorrow when I resume work. Yesterday at the hospital I was given 2 separate anti-venom IV's, one was to cleanse any venom within my blood stream and the other to replenish any body water I have lost these past weeks.The first IV made me very weak and I could barely move my fingers, I guess I slept off for a while. I felt better after the second one was administered to me which took a while longer before completion. Francis picked me up from the hospital, took me home for me to change and then took me back into town so I could be around the team as I was feeling very bored. It was a cold evening so I didn't stay out for long; I only had an apple pie and pineapple juice for dinner. The doctor advised me to stay off work till Friday but you know I want to complete this project early so I can come and be with you. I will resume work tomorrow but I promise I wont do much, just paperwork and maybe go to the fields to supervise. I was given some medications and another list which I need to purchase during the weekend. I think I am feeling much better already. Thank you for suggesting that I should go see another doctor, you are an angel honey.
I have attached 3 pictures to this email, the first was taken last night after I had dinner with my colleagues; from left to right: 2 of the local youths who work with us in the field, they are twins; and next Ruby, she is the only Angolan on the team, and next you will find Batman, he is the only crazy guy I know who drinks water from the same silver cup with lions; and last is Alex, he is a South African and a very good guy and friend. Oh before I forget your best friend 'His excellency Francis' took the photo; he prefers snapping than being snapped. Lol. The other picture was taken in Port Louis last year in my home, not sure where I was going to. And the last my little angel and her adorable Britney. The dog has grown big, the last time I saw it it hadn't grown this big. I hope you like the pictures, now you owe me a couple of pictures too.. Hahahaha.
I will be leaving for the house soon, I need to get some rest before I take my final medication for the evening. Missing you a lot... Te Amo Carinos,
Letter 27

Hi Liz,
How are you doing and how is your foot? Hope you are applying the pain exercises and it's helping you heal? Let me go straight to the matter at hand. I know what you mean by you have found something on the internet relating me to being in contact with another 'or' other women. I have noticed this since the day the lady posted that there. Honestly I am not in contact with any other woman, you are the only one I have been in contact with and if you want proof I can give you the login details of all my personal and business emails so you can verify this for yourself. This is how it happened, before I began contact with you on the Irish dating service there was one lady who was sending very frequent messages to my inbox on the dating site expressing her interest in me, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt by giving her my email so we could keep contact through there, I was very busy by then and I was only responding to her emails only once in a week. After I met you and started keeping contact with you I ignored all emails from her and never bothered contacting her again. After I deleted my profile from the dating site she sent me an email to inquire why I was no more on the site, I told her I have met someone whom I have interest in. I was expecting her to cease emailing me but she kept sending more than 3 emails per day professing her affections for me. To prove to her that I had seriously met someone, I forwarded an email you sent me with a picture of you to her; it was an email you sent me after I had sent you the email you see on the site (
I received no email from her again for more than a month until one day she sent me an email to tell me 'She really wanted me to be hers' and she is hurt by me finding another woman. She sent me a link to visit only to find out that she had posted both my pictures and yours on the site with our emails; Yes initially the pictures of you with the kids in the Arabian outfit during rehearsals which you were sitting on the floor was also on the site. I got furious and sent her lots of emails threatening her to get rid of everything from the site, she never replied again. I told Francis about it and showed him the site, he said the programming of the site would only allow only one picture and a few details to be taken off the site. You were then applying for jobs and doing interviews; I didn't want your job chances to be ruined so I opted for him to take your photo and email details off the site. I have personally contacted that site countless times but they have not replied to me; Francis told me not to worry because usually such complaints will be deleted totally from the site after 6 months. I can provide you with the email contact of the lady so you can contact her to verify.
I decided not to tell you when it was happening because I didn't see anyway it will be related to you and since Francis had assured me that it will be taken off someday I thought it was Ok. The only people I told about this was Waffers, my sister and my colleagues who have known about it. I know there is no way this will ruin my job; I plant trees and there is no damage this can do to me now or until it is deleted.
Lizbeth, what you have just read is the truth and nothing but it. There is no further explanation to give to this incident and it hurts me so much for you to come across this when our relationship was at it's peak. What hurts me the most is: why did you not confront me with this immediately you found out? We always discuss everything and even if you had decided to stop loving me, don't you think I deserve the chance to explain myself before we part ways so that we won't carry the hurt and regret in our hearts? Have I not loved, cherished and respected you in anyway, even with some of your decisions? Have I not respected your decision that there are somethings you don't ever want to talk about, do you think that will ever change my affection for you? Even if I came to Mexico and you decide not to talk about it, I will still love you and pretend I know everything about you. I am only asking you to make the best decision after you read the above explanation. If you decide you want to move on without me I wont be disappointed because I know I have told you the absolute truth; and I will forever keep you dearly in my heart and always remember you as the 'One' lady who came into my life and helped me become a better person than I was a year ago. Thank You Liz. I will forever Love You... Franck 'Peter' Neizer
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