Romance scam letter(s) from Brian to Mahalo (USA)
Letter 1

How are you doing and how is your day going ?
Letter 2

Well day went well am here in my room happy and smiling despite the quiet lonely was yours and how is your night going?Tell me your name and age ?
Letter 3

my day was great and night is okay but as I said lonely..
am in my room all is your dad doing now ?
Letter 4

Yeah I live all alone,no family here,all my family in Great Britain and Brother in about you?am citizen of Great Britain
Letter 5

I came to do business and have little rest before I go back..but am in Kansas now from here I would be going to New York or if the counterpart comes here then I wont have to go to new york anymore bu we spend a day and move back..
what work do you do and why are you still single?
Letter 6

Oh I see,,so can I see you picture and I being widow for 5 years now
Letter 7

Yeah,you look great,so tell me,how old are you ?and you mean you dont work currently ?and do you have the google hangout where we can do instant chat ?
Letter 8

How are you doing and how is your morning,hope you slept well and had sweet dreams?The sky is clear and blue.The only thing that could make this morning more beautiful would be reading your message knowing you are happy,smiling and safe.. Good Morning.
Letter 9

Good Sunday Morning,how are you and hope all is well with you.
Letter 10

I understand that sometimes things comes our way unexpectedly that needed to be taking care dont worry..But am grateful you had the time to write me to inform me after all the busy schedule and and tiredful day..hope you had fun with dad..didnt kno you gamble how is dad fairing..?I feel so special to know you think about me Vicki..I am short of words and have to end here...But can still say Good morning and hope you had sweet dreams and a sound sleep..
Be safe and say Hello to dad for me..Always thinking about you here.

Letter 11

Hello Vicki,
How are you doing ?Sorry for not emailing this early as you may expected or wished to..I had problem with my laptop and connection...but am okay now..hope you understand and hope to hear from you soon as you can Malaika..
Well about my trip I would be leaving tomorrow morning around 10am.. Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart We can make it a reality..I can understand your caution and do not blame you for your trepidation. Be safe and take care
Letter 12

Hello Vicki,
Hope you had a fun at the casino last night,Am writing to know you had fun and safe back home to also getting my things ready for my trip and always keep smiling and know I have here thinking about you all of last safe and take care..regards to dad
Letter 13

Hello Malaika, I will says am so sorry for the delay reply or emailing you after my trip..The trip was very busy one and couldnt have the chance to get access to the internet but despite that It was good to hear from you and know that you had fun and enjoyed yourself at the casino and also the luck of winning some money.. I'm in Accra the capital city of Ghana..I being here two days now and I wasnt able to get on here to talk with you because I lost my laptop and cell phone whiles in Malaysia by a gang of Credit Card and cheques are all gone with the in my back..Now am really worried and dont know what to do and hope you will understand and forgive me for keeping away from you for the past days without even saying a hi to know am okay on my trip or for me to rather know how you and dad are fairing..I really dont know what to say now as I feel like my bad or failure..I want to know you are safe with dad and your days are blissful and you got beautiful real smiles on your face Malaika..Please write me as you as you get the message for me to know you and dad are safe..God bless you and Stay safe for dad and I..
Letter 14

Hello Vicki, Is nice hearing from you again and happy to know your feelings about my bad trip..
Thanks so much for your condolence..I really do appreciate it so much..Good to know you and Dad are both safe and happy.. I hope everything goes well with the wedding and the plan for it would get better and very perfect..I wish them the best marriage in life and full of blessing..I hope someday we would also get together and get married if we ever decide on that to happen between us Malaika.. I want you to always be safe and happy for Me,Dad,friends and all love ones.I hope no matter how bad things may get we would still keep in touch and be happy..Say Hello to Dad for me and wish you all the best of life..Stay Bless and Safe
Letter 15

Hi darling, hope all is well with you?I have being thinking and missing you so much...
I cant wait to hear from you soon
Letter 16

Hello my dear,all is going on will with me just that its has being very busy and slow here in Ghana due to the rains in Ghana..right now I the hotel I live in had being robbed and all my CC cards have being out at my reach and nothing to do.
I have being help by some couple of friends I could get a hold they are also short and no way of helping..I want you to do me a favor my trying to help me..the only friend that is willing to help me right now has also being blocked from sending money due to the lot of transaction he has being making..I pray that you look how good we are to each other to help me..and you will be paid back..its either he uses pays off your utility bills for you so that so that you can send me the money you will be used to pay for them yourself..I hope you understand..this the only help I want from you sweetheart..Say hello to dad for me...
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