Romance scam letter(s) from Ronnie Westphal to Nory (USA)
Letter 1

Central Hospital
24 dele omorulo
Crecent, Ojo Lagos
Nigeria. PMB 1414

To whom it may concern

Good day to you, we would like to notify you that a man was brought to my hospital today by a good samarita he was involve in a vital motor car accident along the apapa, mafoluku express road(Air Port Road). The driver of the car died at the spot. After all means to get in contact with his family, We got your contact from his diary and also found your mail address,so i decided to mail you.

we search and found his ID His name is mr. Westphal Ronny a british national by identity.

Please if you know him kindly report back to us for further treatment because right now he can not speak or eat, as a result of being in the state of colma, and he as short so much blood and if proper treatment is not being carried out, he might loss his life.

We also discover that, he is a forienger so we pend the treatment till we receive message from his relatives wife or folks, But he is under intensive care unit (ICU) kindly report back to us if you know this man well so that we can proceed with the treatment. Thanks for your urgent reply towards for the effect on his life

Dr. Sola Adeniyi
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