Romance scam letter(s) from Christian Mark to Cheryll (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Cheryll my great Friend,
How are you doing? I really took my time to write you this letter in a special way because you are so special. Special people are very hard to find. when i looked into your your profile i knew you are a true friend. I came across thousands of profiles and yours captivated me and I stopped after reading it took me away and I had to stop viewing other profiles. i know it might sound so funny but its the fact.Well I must say you are wonderful and I will really want to
know more about you if you don't mind. I had the opportunity to find a soul mate once but death took her away from me 5 years ago. I am widower with one great Son and I am ready to trade in the path of relationship again, you will agree with me that there is nothing to compare love and the sweetness it brings. Let me tell you more about me.
My name is Christian Mark, I am originally from Finland but never stayed long to enjoy my Finish, when growing up, my father and mom relocated with me when i was 15+ to start a new life in Ankara, Turkey. hence my dad had a job offer there. its quite a long story, to short it i was raised as a youth in Turkey where i spent much of my time and energy as a youth. I am the only surviving son of my parent both parent past away many years ago. I came to America after marrying my wife who was from Florida. I have a Son who lives and study's in Florida. His name is Mario. I live in JBH, Sandton to be precise but presently working in Cape Town some weeks back.
Despite the death of my wife I still know how to love, I know I can still love again because I still have burning desire for love and affection, I know how to treat a woman right that was the reason I had a well relationship with her. I am not a saint but you should not let your bad side overshadow your good part, we all have bad and good side, but I am more on a good side than the bad side. I think I would stop here and tell you about my likes and dislikes.I like the gathering of Christian brothers and sisters as we get to encourage and build our spiritual life. I play Basketball and Golf. I love going to beach, love to listen good R&B, Country and Slows music. I love being with gentle
hearten people that takes life easy with a right vision of what the future holds for them, ones that are sincere with an attitude of self-control. I hate liars, cheaters and self-centered ones. I don't like people that feel they are far superior to other, with a spirit of pride in them. I don't smoke. I have no tattoo. I love the sound of thunder storm but they also scare me when I'm alone, lol. I hate being idol. I don't tell lies. no matter how it hurt i rather speak the truth and expect complete honesty since i give it. My favorite color is Red and Blue. My favorite food is hard to decide because I love most foods. I usually go eat Mexican or Italian if I'm going out to dinner, or steak. i love Idaho Potato. I love to cook. I'd love for someone to cook with me or for me. I love the mountains. I enjoy yard work, only mowing the yard is my least favorite chore with regards to the outdoors.
Chocolate is my favorite treat, I love flowers. They all smell so beautiful and sweet. I love to snuggle up and watch a movie, When I love a woman, I love her with all of my heart and soul, I want to love someone so much that it hurts when she's not around me, I love God and all He brings to my life. I have lots to offer someone in the way of love, support and tenderness, I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. I am afraid of heights. I love to fly though.....I enjoy going to the movies, I enjoy going somewhere just to sit and people watch and I enjoy spending much time at the fireplace late at night. I love to sing, and dance. Hmmmm! my hands are getting weak in typing.
Some people come with so many flattering words of love but how true are they with their stories of love? Some time I wonder where this world is going to, we have so many deceitful people out there looking for whom to hurt emotionally and all that adding to the already inflicted heart, well I really wonder if love still exist. I am still going with the faith of God that says there is man for every woman and there is a woman for every man, but that Mrs. Right is all I am still looking for.
This is the much i can write now; I hope you are having a good afternoon . I believe there is a need for a constant communication so i will want us to keep our communication strong for a better friendship. I will be hoping to hear from you. .Here are attached photos of mine.
Bye for now, Mark (from dating site) Sorry I will be out of the site cos I care to know more of you. Lets chat via email
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