Romance scam letter(s) from Ryan Cecile to Annie (Philippines)
Letter 1

Hello My Dearest Mary
Thanks alot for introduced more about you to me,let us trust and sincere to each other i believe we will make it I am highly stunned and do not know what to say than to keep going and see what the future may bring for us. If my communication with you shall be fruitful let it be so. More important is for us to empty our thoughts and allow our feelings to lead and direct our paths. Hope you get what i mean?

At times, we might be expecting to meet someone that is within our vicinity, but some how,we will meet someone from afar, from different country we never dreamt of having contact from and all we can do is to accept them for there is a reason and such person might be a blessing for us, distance won't be a barrier at all for i promise to meet you in person which is the best way

because internet communication only is not adequate.I really wish to meet you in the future because it would help us alot as i promise to meet you there as i am preparing for a trip Asian soon. That would be a good opportunity to meet you so that we can talk face to face to know more about each other.

In my life I need someone who will be beside me,someone i can share my love and live happily life with. It does not matter where the person come from,for as God brings us together, we can be there to assist each other in every part of life. For the couple of months now I am having the feelings and my heart assured me that i will meet a partner with whom

i would spend the rest of my life. God is so kind,He really blessed my family both financially, and otherwise, but all is not complete without a nice sincere and kind woman. Please dear, I am not being so fast, but I need to express myself and disclose to you my heart desires.

I am serious with you and not here to play games as i said before.Some Men are here to have fun and play with women. My main aim of being here on net is to find a sincere and honest woman to be my soul mate. Someone i can trust and share my love with. I wanna know you better and want you to know me too my dear. I pray that if its God's willing that we shall be together in the future,i don't mind bringing you here with me to spend the rest of our lives together.And Nothing shall stop it,culture or whatever. What matters is our heart,if we are happy That will be happiness forever. Looking forward to hear from you again when time permit you. My regards to your family.Mine are doing good, Sending you my pics i hope you will like them hope to see your as well.
Sincerely yours
Letter 2

My lovely Wife Mary Ann
Thanks for every things we have shared together stronger,l strongly believe that you are my future and nothing can ever keep us from what God have planed for us two.It has been strange to me that l have a thing of missing you more every day. I am here with open arms and mind where you will some day finally come in,a place that is called your home,a place where you will spend the rest of your life and grow old, My Love, As i told you that i am waiting for me friend could only Try help me with ?4,000, and i try to told manager here about my problem he said that don't really have enough but will try help me ?2,000, and now i just looking ?1,000, to finish every things Please Try to Help me with this Remaining ?1,000, for me to settle and get my money release to me i will send it back to you once i am done i have no one to ask for this again.
Your Sincerely
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