Romance scam letter(s) from Albert Lucas to Grace (Philippines)
Letter 1

How are you? So i guess you would want to know more about me i am on a slightly broader sheet I'm originally from Midland Georgia in America, but i moved to the UK a couple of years back and have almost become one of them.... Of course i haven't forgotten they were once our Honey please make sure you always read my mail and understand me very well, I am certain that this will strengthen our relationship. Truthfully, I never wanted to go into any relationship until I was introduced to online dating by a marriage counselor, and a few hours into our bonding i am beginning to sense something here.... I can't particularly place my finger on it though. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, I formerly worked with one of the Oil Multi-National company here in the UK, before I quit to face my art Gallery personal Business I serve as the field manager in London for 3 years, more so now I am the C.E.O of Moonlight Art and Craft Gallery which was established in June 16th 2009 it is a remarkable day because that day is Anita (my daughter's) birthday. I am a Christian (Catholic) and a God fearing man, and i do believe He plays a very important part in every single thing that happens to us every single day. Without blowing my trumpet and with all humility i am a very ambitious person, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going man with lots of joy, love and happiness to offer to my true love and Mrs. right. I'm very passionate and emotional in all areas of my life. I am very responsible and try to eat right; hence I make sure that I keep fit so I don’t get a pot belly . I have always believed in a healthy relationship though I have not had one in a long time, It is important to be passionate, romantic, caring, with lots of laughter to keep the body and soul going. Please darling if you know you are interested in me please I will like you to remove your profile from the Dating site so that we can concentrate on each other and avoid distractions, I have deleted my profile. I will also like you to snap some photos and send to me Hope to hear from you soon. Here are some pictures of my precious daughter Love Lucas Albert
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