Romance scam letter(s) from Benoit Williams to Sofin (Sweden)
Letter 1

Hi Sofin,
how are you doing and how was your day today..? Sorry I have been out all day am just coming back to my apartment, I have re-added you, please let me know if you get it, Or you add me with
I hope to see you soon,
Letter 2

Good morning sunshine, How was your evening, I hope you slept well and with a lot of beautiful thought when you wake up this morning, I enjoy every bit of the moment we spend the last night to share some wonderful things about each other ... I thought of you after our conversations before going to bed and in my mind I was thinking, you're such a nice lady and always come back disappointed and hurt by sacrificing your heart and time to make people happy. You treat people right and get back hurt, I understand that you are the type of person and it is therefore difficult for you to trust people and you are always careful. you really have to be careful, I'm not against it. I just want you to know that you have nothing to worry about, I certainly think we can work something out between us. I will do my best to ensure that this work between us, I will give this a chance to see where it goes. I promise that no one or nothing can ever try to come between us. Not even our past experiences. You are a great woman only because you have not encountered the right partner, everyone deserves someone to love and care for them, all deserve to be happy, especially angels like you. I will always be here for you when you need someone to talk to, our happiness all that matters I understand your Internet was so bad last night, it's okay, I waited a while before I offline. I think it will be fixed tonight, so we can be able to speak, one thing leads to another, I do not finish my lerture again, I hope that we will have some time for it tonight .. Regarding to what the company lawyer told us, we will be going to the European Commission this morning for the registration of a foreign company. I look forward to an awesome conversation with you later.
Have a great day. You're always in my thoughts.
Letter 3

Good morning sunshine, How was your night, I hope you slept well, wish you could see my smiles after reading your letters. I'm very grateful with your understanding, you are also the kind I want in a woman. I totally agree with you every relationship has arguments and disagreements sometimes, but the understanding of the proposals are both partners. For me mutual admiration is a characteristic of mature love, despite the respect, passion, ability to forgive and kindness but the most important ingredients for a healthy relationship is how we treat each other. You have captured my interest too, I hope we stay in touch and talk to each other. Because I like to talk to you and I hope to chat with you soon. Glad you had a wonderful dinner with your parents, you're also in my thoughts, I was very tired when I came back yesterday and I could not reply to your letter, it was a productive day for me at the EU Commission and I hope that everything goes well again when I go back there today. How long will your parents stay, I hope your internet work so you can be able to chat soon ..? What finish my lerture again, means? I mean Lecture about my kind of job, sorry for the mistake "lecture" not "lerture" I send you this special prayer in the hope that the day will be fine without a tear or care. May the day give you hope and many reasons to smile Do you really have to go to your neighbour to write me, wow that very kind of you. Please talk to the phone company so you wouldn't have to stress so much.. I really appreciate everything about you Sofin, I promise to do my best to make you happy.. I will leave now, do have a wonderful day,
I look forward to talk with you later,
Letter 4

Good Morning sunshine
How was your night, I hope you're feeling great this morning.
My night was good, i wake up this morning with a thought of you on my mind..

We've become very close in the past few days, closer than either of us can even imagined.
I am willing to give us a chance and see how it goes, thou i am sacred, but if i allow the fear in me, I don't think I can ever found that happiness that will lead me to the world of Love and True relationship.

There's something between us. I have no idea what it is, but I do know that it's good. Whatever it is that makes it so easy for us to connect, Sofin, is definitely something good.

I wish I knew more of what to say to you, something, ANYTHING more to say, that will make you understand that your happiness is all that matters to me. We will soon be leaving to meet with the company lawyer, I look forward to talk with you later.
Do have a wonderful day and be Good.
Letter 5

Can’t trust my emotions they’re running out of control talking to you Constantly making me smile, You’re just so cute I don’t know what to do I get nervous but I keep my cool, I just want you to know I feel for you. I can tell you that because I’m not embarrassed to say it, to say that I do cherish you and I care for you and your emotions. Love when we talk even if it’s about nothing but random thoughts It’s so much fun, when we are talking I’m filled with happiness I just wanted you to know You’re the reason I’m so happy now you make me smile as if you’ve been doing it for a while I can’t help but giggle, when you make a funny smile perverted innuendos make me laugh I do cherish u, but I’m sure you already know but it never hurts to show Just how you feel, to show that it’s real. This is real and i promise to always keep My feelings and emotions real for you I hope you're having a wonderful day at the Mall, don't forget my chocolate..
Letter 6

How I feel for you is so hard not to say but I have the fear to chase you away, of times we spend together I treasure in my heart, but to deny my feelings I just play a role I want to hold back, but think it is hard to do .There is something so special to spend time with you, I can ignore things that I do not want to see, but I can not close my heart to things I do not want to feel. I would rather risk my heart to the possibility of pain than to never know the joy of love again. You always on my thoughts Lately. Hope you had a wonderful time with your friend.
Letter 7

Dear Sunshine, Lately, you keep asking why am so sure about you. I'll explain my feelings as well and hopefully you will truly understand what i mean. I am looking for a heart but not any heart, a heart that can share the hard times we are living to go through every test. I am looking for a heart that can be soft enough, so soft to feel other’s pain and make me feel it too. I am looking for a heart with a light rhythm but at the same time controlled to help me to be patient for the things I think are unfair and I cannot change. I am looking for a secure heart that give me the courage I need to face my destiny and know everything has its place and its time and nothing happens by chance. I am looking for a heart that just love because love is the key to everything the beginning and the ending to stop or go on to live or die. I am looking for a heart and I know you have one. I wish to know what pleases you, love is not easy to find, but when you find that heart you're looking for, you secure it with all you can. I will call you later when am done with my lunch..
You're always in my thought.
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