Romance scam letter(s) from Ross Nelson to Jane (Netherlands)
Letter 1

Good morning lovely ,It was so nice chatting with you yesterday :)
I'm feeling blessed right now that you chose to talk with me and hopefully get to know each other.... A little more about me and my son..My son name is Martin, he's 12 years old, and is a great kid.He is gentle with smaller kids and girls plays well with all kids.He doesn't ever pick on anyone or start a fight,but he won't allow anyone to mess with him, he is sweet sensitive yet very confident and brave.He is respectful and doesn't ignore what he must do, he likes to have conversations about things, anything.I'm telling he's a great child,if you meet him I know you'll adore him. Well my wife passed away from cancer, it was not easy,Martin does not remember that terrible times, He remembers his moms long hair and he has sweet memories only, he looks very much like his mom which is a good thing for him as he sees it...
He does want me to be happy again, has been bugging me lately, so I am trying now...
I am single because after my late wife passing, I couldn't bare to think of dating, I was only concerned about my little boy's health n safety and raising him as best as I could. I didn't feel anything in my heart to think of dating. My son was the one that changed that when he kept on asking me questions and telling me he wants me to be happy and wants me to find someone to laugh and kiss as he said. My sweet boy kept on saying that he wants to see me with a nice lady and we can go out together all of us, and be a family, so I decided to open my mind and heart and start thinking about how nice it would be to feel love again. It was a long process lol, for me to feel the need I feel the need for love again in my life. I had met a couple of women but they were unfortunately not okay with me having a child, so they were not for me at all. Our children are everything....Don't you think so?
I do love to cook and I do cook quite well also, I would love to cook for you one day beautiful...
My little boy is my pride and joy literally. We do alot together and its important to be there for him.I work many hours because I choose to really I always take on many projects, I am selfish that way I want to be the one to complete them in perfection...I have made a good life for us and I just enjoy working because it is what fuels me really... I don't date much so it is what I put all my time in haven't found something to focus on that will make me happy it has been a while since I felt love and honesty, real trust and belief in someone....I am very passionate about life and focus on everything that makes us happy and the people that I love happy... My folks have both passed away, they had me at a very late age and they were always very much in love and connected my loving parents gave me everything to build me up to be strong happy secure loving and fair and I will always love miss and be grateful to them or everything.... Such is life..... The only family I have are my late wife's parents who live pretty near and they adore their grandson... My late wife was a twin and her twin was stillborn so we were both only children. I keep in contact with her parents they have always been supportive and loving and never meddled I never once remember getting annoyed with them at all.... I try to take care of them and we see each other once a week I am there for them and they only wish and urge me to find someone to be with,someone who will love me for me and I can be complete one day..... who knows.... Its not that I want to talk about the past not at all, but it is part of me of my life and it explains me so I only talk about it to show myself to you slowly of what has made me to be and was part of our life....
You have brothers and sisters? Are you close to your family? Is there anything you want to share with me?
Has it been long since you were in love or had that someone special in your life???I wonder how come noone has snatched you up yet? You look so smart, honest, strong beautiful sweet and adorable......(please don't be offended, I mean this is the truest sweetest way)
I really do hope to hear from you soon
Many smiles and positive thoughts your way
Letter 2

Good morning beautiful Toni,with the beautiful name,It was wonderful reading your message :)
My son is healthy strong and very close to me and he wants me to find someone to love and who will love me as well, so he is a great kid on that end as well.He has few memories and all happy one of his mom, he is a great boy. Leaving that aside for now,just reading your notes makes me like you even more and excited to get to know more about you. Sounds like you've had some tough times in the past year but have come through on the positive side. Am sorry that you are single but not so much, because I may be the one, possibly be lucky enough to have a beautiful woman like you talking to me with a slight possibility of it becoming more maybe, hopefully time will tell... I like to say things how they are and I usually express things, I like to speak my mind and I am pretty open.I am not open to letting too many people come into my world, but I will let someone know who I am and about me because I like to be real and not play games, and then if the other person is real and we understand and respect each other then we have more to find out about each other and we just become closer and will bond.I know who I am where I am going and what I have seen and done and life is short in the sense we have "time" set there's an available certain amount so we must know ourselves and be real and look forward to what makes us live in the true sense.My parents gave me good foundation and had made me into who I am today and I am grateful and blessed to have had them in my life as my parents.I owe it all to them. By the way I can't wait to cook for you one day, and don't worry I will cater to your needs and specifications, I have learned to cook from both my parents and I so enjoy it really...I make delicious roasted chicken with baby vegetables and baby potatoes, my salmon is finger licking good as I have been told, and grilled pork chops with lemon sauce and fried rice....You will love bbq'd vegetables including, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and more, you will not believe the amazing taste, with juicy jumbo shrimps and steak. Pasta dishes, fish everything,I will enjoy to cook for you one day, I could go on, but I will make you desire my cooking hahaha!!!!!! Whenever am in the state and not working,Martin and I go to the city often, there is so much to do, there are some great spots we get dinner, we love going to central park, roller balding and bike riding.We like going horse back riding and doing things like bowling, we are a couple of funny clowns, we have a great time. I am looking forward to hearing from you
With love
Letter 3

Good morning lovely,
Chatting with you makes me smile and everything you choose to share with me, it makes me think positively, and I am happy to have met you... More about me....Well Martin looks like his mother very much, he is a very good looking boy, but he does have my eyes, his hair is brown....He is a tall boy, he may have my body...It's funny sweetie, but even though this is kinda weird to say all this, I feel comfortable to share everything about us with you.... Martin and I try to get in as much fun whenever am in the state as we can always. I know I work a lot but always make time for everything to enjoy. We have a pool also and whether he has friends over or it's just us we have a blast, swimming, playing water polo and just goofing around. We enjoy playing games, pool, (yeah he is learning how to play everything, and he is great at it all) We have a game room and it is easy to enjoy even we are home when we are not out enjoying. We love to play and watch soccer of course and are fanatics about soccer so it can be crazy fun, we may enjoy such fun all together one day who knows.....To give you an idea on our days whenever am in the state, every morning, when it's not vacation time, I get Martins breakfast on the table, get him ready for school, give him his snack, and hugs, and take him to school (the bus drops him off after school) After that I sort out my day n get to work. I'll start working making calls, go out to meetings if I have any scheduled. Oh very important, on Monday nights I do laundry..... yup...not on the weekend..... I keep that free, so on Mondays I take care of laundry, and go to the market as well do the grocery shopping, I actually rather doing it my self instead of having it delivered, I like picking out everything.....I thought that was the best plan, been doing that for years, very smart don't you think??? lol Doing that leaves the weekend free for seeing the grandparents, for fun, kids parties or play dates, going out, and of course whatever comes up that needs to be done. After Martin comes home from school, he'll wash up have a snack, relax for at least a couple of hours before he gets started on homework, which is the time for me to get started on dinner.... Check homework, and relax as much as possible playing a game, talking or reading. Martin n I will play PlayStation, Wii or board games, read a book, talk about his day and get him bathed and ready for bed.... After he is tucked in and peaceful, I listen to music before I go too bed lol.... I called my ummm folks Jane and Greg...I know we have had our share of sadness yet through it wonderful memories) Since my wife passed away as I mentioned, I have remained close and loving with her parents because they are kind sweet people who never meddled never complained, were always sweet and giving and adoring to me and my son and to the family we had. The father in law is ill for the past years and the mother in law is a lovely woman who adores her grandson so tremendously that I can't keep them apart at all.. It's as though they are the parents that I am missing and I can't turn my back on them at all, I have no reason to do so...... They have been on my case for a while now to find a good woman to be with and share my life with, and that is the sweetest thing they could have wanted, they of course miss and mourn their daughter but they are good people and understanding and know how much we meant to each other and how much I honored loved and respected their daughter, we don't stick to the past as the only way to live our remaining lives, and they basically know what kind of man I am so I believe that is why they feel like real family to me, and I am there for them.... Jane really often tells me she wants to see me with a good woman to complete my home, and that make me mush hearing it from her, how can I turn my back on them? I hope this isn't strange to you and you find it normal and acceptable.. It's like they are my only family, and I wanted to share this with you, and hopefully you understand it and find it normal and maybe one day accept it as well as part of my life....and you don't see it as a terrible hindrance in any way..... I really want to slowly build things and I am happy right now and as tough as I am, I am also sensitive with a lot of feelings and want the best for you, for me and for all concerned... Smiles and positive thoughts..
Letter 4

Good morning sweetie, You know I am starting to think about you a lot since we started talking online and I can't wait to hear your sweet voice......Thanks so much for sharing a lot about your girls :) I think you are really a wonderful mom and you did a lovely job bringing them up and now they are making you a proud mom.. I am happy with my life now I have come to terms with the past and what has happened and now look forward and plans for the future. I am stable and aware of who I was, who I am who I have become and am happy for everything that is going in my life...I would love to be the one that you have been looking for all your life, the one that would be your lover,friend, honest, sweetheart,caring husband and everything. I am very honest and to the point. I love down to earth people...I like to dance.. I like playing bowling even though I am not great, and I like to play pool when I get the chance of course....
I like action movies like the :Rush, Transporter, loved the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Avatar was interesting and cool, like all Stephen King movies and books of course, I enjoyed Bourne Identity, loved the movie Blind Side, what an amazing movie... I love soccer and basketball but am not that of a fan of football..I love rock n roll, but I also enjoy listening to pop music and classic rock.I like different kinds of food, love a great BBQ, pasta, roasted chicken and shrimp with rice............. what can I say I like ice coffee, but love tea!!! Yup, I love tea, earl grey, english breakfast and herb tea as well. What??? nerdy??? too british???? sorry but I loooove my tea. I really like fresh fruit juices also, and I enjoy making them, will love to make them for you too baby. You already know that I enjoy cooking, I will love cooking for you, for all of us and can't for you to tell me what you think. I like any fish, seafood generally, broiled and stewed beef n chicken, vegetables steamed broiled and yes... barbequed, if you've tried vegetables bbq'd wow just delicious baby. Rizoto and pasta dishes, so basically I am not choosy.. haha... except I don't like sushi at all!! What about you honey? what is your favorite food and colors? What movies do you enjoy best and what do you like to do if you have free time? What is something you would love to do if you had time but can't now??? I was born in Peru, and moved to Flushing NYC. My father was a New Yorker with round Lennon glasses and a full head of hair till the late years, and my mother was from Peru, with latin roots from her dad's side. She was a really beautiful woman with long black wavy hair as I remember her until it turned gray and even then she still took care of her curls ...makes me smile to say things like that. She had come to US with my dad and funny enough she had a heavy accent which passed on to me... Even though I was raised here, listening to her liking her accent I picked it up and thus now have a little hint of it, not heavy but it's there My father was a lawyer and my mother was an accountant whose passion was painting, she had her own studio in the house in the attic which has great windows all around for light... I still have her paintings hanging on the walls and many in the attic, I can't get rid of them, they are quite good.For years we urged her to contact a gallery and go public but she refused saying "not as long as I am alive, they are ours and mine".... Maybe I will try to do something in her name we will see..... I can't tell you what a wonderful relationship my parents had and how in love they were until the end, I speak about with love I know they were wonderful parents, very giving, loving and we were all so close, they never insulted each other let alone fight. I am sure they had their arguments, just never in front of me, and they always kissed each other good morning and goodnight till the end.... When my father passed away my mother didn't wait too long before her heart gave in, I think it was the strong love they had for each other that made them leave close to each others passing. They gave me everything as I learned to do with my late wife and my son and hopefully with someone special in my life again..... I wish so! Anyway I am sure we have much to talk about and learn even more, even when we see each other. I am very tough and strong, but I suppose my parents have blessed me (as I consider it a blessing) with a gentle soft side and when I seldom feel comfortable with someone as I now do with you I give of my self and I think I feel ok about it.Idea..For now, I am thinking of you and wish you a good rest, and be safe.
Thinking of you my sweet beautiful darling......
Take good care of yourself please :)
Many smiles, a gentle innocent hug and warm loving thoughts to you darling.
Smiles n a kiss, Yours if you will have me in the future
Letter 5

Good morning Honey,
What will had last night was great and wonderful and I can't wait to be with you soon..
I know we are both having feelings we have never felt before. Because we have not met yet and we have taken the time to really think about who we are and what we want in a relationship and sit down to express it in words from our hearts I feel that we have been truly authentic in our expression. Everything that you have shared with me and how strongly and clearly you have expressed it to me without holding back or having any fear has filled my heart in a way I have never felt. I as you are hoping that it is as magical in person as our chat and conversations have been. You say that you are falling in love with me.. I just have to tell you, Baby, to share with you that secret part of my inner, secret life, the thoughts I think that everyone has but does not always say. I know that sometimes pride gets in the way of expressing emotions. I believe that is the cause of my reticence in telling you how I feel about you,I think of my feelings, my love for you not with craving or with hope or even desire, but just with a kind of wonder that such things could be. You have opened my eyes to how love should feel. I can promise you this,I will always love you with all my heart. I know that we haven’t met yet and we are “a few miles” apart, but I can't help the way I am feeling…..“chatting” with you has given me so much happiness and filled my heart completely, like I haven’t felt in a very long time……It has been many years since I allowed anyone to “see” me and open up about so many private things from my life, but I just feel so comfortable as if we were meant to meet and be together.. It is as though I was meant to “fall” for you and give you everything I have to make you happy and complete the cycle of life with you….
Everything you shared with me has made me adore you, everything you said, your beautiful face, your beautiful smile and loving eyes have captured me completely.
I like everything about you, you are the perfect woman to me, and I feel so blessed to have met you online…..
I know we meant online, but my thoughts were that when we do meet and realize if we both feel this strongly about each other and everything goes as well as I know it will, I would not hesitate to move close to you until we realize we can’t be apart….I would not miss the opportunity for a second chance in love and life,I would do anything to make you happy complete and to see you smiling always…. You are my angel that I have been waiting for, for a very long time….
I am afraid I may scare you with this, but I feel so strongly for you, that I feel I am falling in love with you and there is no turning back for me…. My only fear is not getting the chance to hold you in my arms and kiss you sweetly and love you with all that I am, with all that I have to give…..
I am not one to hesitate with what I want and feel especially if I know in my heart it is real, true and just wonderful, and I do feel that way….I hope I have not said much more than you can handle, I hope you feel something for me and this is not completely one sided….If I have stepped over the line, I am sorry, I felt I wanted to open my heart to you…. No matter what the outcome, I will not stop thinking about you
I adore you my sweet wonderful precious Toni, and I hope that I haven’t rushed to open my heart, I hope I have not lost you Honey… I think I will mail it now, before I consider what you might think of it.I love you and am waiting for the day when I can feel your arms around me..
You have my heart from now on……
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Letter 6

Good Morning My love my sweet flower, I love you very much..You are my lottery ticket honey and I hope am yours as well? reading your email and chatting with you makes me smile, getting to know you more and more makes me want you so much, I love everything you have shared about yourself with me....THANKS TONI.....I love your voice and I'M happy to say that I adore you even more, you are my beautiful sweet flower.... Uuuuummmmm Honey This feeling I have for you is wonderful! I'm scared but I'm here and I want to give you everything and make this work. It's like we are long lost souls and have found each other. I'm nervous, excited, happy and anxious until the day I can physically see you. When that day comes I'm going to have sooooo many butterflies and be a nervous wreck! The anticipation will be so great that I will be unable to breathe! lol You are my knight in shining Armour. I love you so much already that I can't imagine loving you anymore Just want to tell you that you are amazing and I adore you ...........You make me melt...I feel wonderful when I heard your sweet voice or text with you I want you for real in my arms in my heart in my life, for real in my bed and to suffer being away from you...I love you so very much.....I can't wait until when we are together and I am finally yours and you mine baby.... .. I will make you feel whole, complete, sexy and I will make you feel things you haven't, I will love to please you and make you melt in my arms every single night and day as we please baby, I am looking forward to the moment that I can hold you kiss you, feel every little part of you, and make you scream my name over and over in hard pleasure............ I want to be with you and love you the right way, soon my love, my flower soon............I am yours only yours and you are mine...
We will be together and everything will be perfect. You are the one for me, I will put all else behind me and just think of our life together, the life we will have baby.
I love you
Garry ..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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