Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Carlton to Jewel (USA)
Letter 1

I am just an easy going lad, My friends describes me as handsome, successful, intelligent, and a good communicator. I am athletic, passionate, well-educated, caring, loving and sensitive. I highly value honesty, integrity, and openness and truly care about other people's feelings at all times!! I PROMISE you won't be disappointed in developing friendship with me and seeing where it goes. I love the feeling of a sensual kiss that comes from a relationship that is built on honesty and trust. I am passionate about life and what life has to offer. I love the pleasure of giving, which yields a great potential of awareness. I do not play games with people's emotions.I have boundaries that are made up of grounded substance and I have nothing to prove, which leaves me to being me. I like traveling & exploring new places, I like going on cruises too, I like just about anything that is fun! I want to be part of a family, I am tired of treading life's path alone. I've done that on my fair share of global adventures- always thinking that I'm missing a close partner to enjoy those adventures with. Happiness can be shared and amplified through the companionship and love of others. I don't believe that a relationship should be "worked" at. I already have a job and so do you. I believe that love, empathy, enjoyment, caring, mutual respect and all of the other things that exist in a worthwhile relationship must be completely NATURAL. Love creates its own energy and all that flows from it must be freely given.I am a person of high moral values, family-oriented and loyal to a fault. I believe in unconditional love and have a lot to offer the right woman. You are happy, self-assured and capable of commitment to a relationship for the rest of your life. You believe in marriage and all that it entails even if you have been in an unsuccessful marriage in the past. The future is more important than the past and you are capable of breaking with whatever negativity you may have had in past relationships. You do not pre-judge men based on the past or due to bad experiences you may have had through on-line dating before, I am not "that guy". The ideal woman, hmmmmm....let me see ..intelligent, honest, simple, nice, caring and loving. A woman i can talk to anytime about anything. She must be genuine and sweet, articulate and intelligent-and goofy and playful. Someone who has experienced enough in life to know who they are and what they want. It is also important that she treats everyone as equals, race, class, etc..., and has a spirit of giving to those less fortunate in the world. What makes me different? Well, I wont mess you around- I'll be straight forward, open-minded and constructive about most ideas you might want to share with me. Lets see how we get on together! If you think you would like to be with me then I'd like to hear from you write me back even if you just say "HI", I will respond. I am open-minded about the future and what we will do-because I don't know who I'm going to meet, and what her dreams are. I am not a selfish person-so tell me what you'd like to do, if I am not for you then good luck in life and your search.
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