Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Kitty (Netherlands)
Letter 1

Hello dear, am new to this online dating and you are the first person that am communicating with.. i will like to spend all my time on you and see what the future will lead us too.. about the distance i don't think that is a problem. i hope all is well with your condition of health.. well my Dear i work in the US army force as a soldier and i'm a Major General in the army.. and i have been in the army for about 27 years.. and i have been in Afghanistan for about 9 months and i have some few days to leave here, so i have plan to resign in the army so that i can met someone that i love, and i don't care about the distance or the age because distance is a way and age is also a number. all is about who can make you happy and also trust you and treat you like a queen. i will relocate you when i retire from the Army. well am the only son of my late parents. all my dream was to get a sister and also brothers but is not all dreams that comes true... i don't need to rush... i will like to tell you little about my self.. i'm pretty much a trusting person, for the most part, however, i have found myself to have people abuse that and make a fool of me.. however, i believe each person deserves their own chance and don't judge anyone.. in fact, i try to keep an open mind with everyone.. at least as much as a human being can.. i believe in romance! i love romance and being romantic.. i enjoy pampering the my woman when i have one that is. am constantly told that i'm good looking and both look and act far younger than my years while still being responsible for the most part.. am considered intelligent, honest, capable of carrying on conversations on a variety of topics, kind, caring, giving, passionate, compassionate, a leader with a commanding presence, successful, possessing a quirky sense of humor and so much more! you will find me a contradiction in terms.. i can be intense yet laid back, intelligent yet do some of the most stupid things, outgoing yet shy, a leader yet not afraid to take directions and be a role player, funny yet serious, etc.. i do have one son Sam, 14 years who mean the world to me and have been my focus since i lost his mom.. i do not seek a replacement mother for my son.. rather, i seek one amazing woman who not only accepts my relationship with my son but won't feel threatened by nor jealous of this relationship and who can meld seamlessly into our family unit.. the reality is that i truly do seek a lasting relationship.. for this to happen we should be come Sociable, emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically call me shallow but looks do matter and, yes, sexually.. even with all this, love must exist and there must be that ever elusive spark.. in essence, i seek the proverbial total Package.. rather than settling for someone i could be happy with, i seek someone i cannot imagine living without a subtle yet important distinction for a lifetime together filled with passion both in and outside the bedroom, intensity and bliss.. i guess i'm looking for a woman who can love me as i am good, bad and ugly.. someone who can relate about life and it's ups and downs and will want to share them.. i want my match to be able to work together to obtain goals that we've both set.. i'd like us to be able to grow as individuals as well as a couple.. i'd want our relationship to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other completely without question. i would want to be her everything and she mine.. i want the WHOLE package.. a friendship that grows into the ultimate loving or caring or passionate relationship that one only dreams of.. i don't want to just live with someone, i want someone i can't imagine living without.. i hope that makes sense.. i guess i'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle.. i'd want my woman to match on all levels.. i am at a great place in my life now and want to share it with a partner on all levels.. i agree there must be a physical attraction as well.. i always say that it's what on the inside that counts and that always makes a person attractive on the outside as well.. i want to be with someone that i miss when we are not together and i can feel the electricity running through body when we touch.. Someone who likes to cuddle i know this probably sounds corny, hold hands, hug, kiss for no reason, i want to be the couple when were 80 walking down the street and holding hands.. i just love that when i see it.. like you i just won't settle.. i do not have a particular physical type that appeals to me.. rather, i tend to look at the entire package, especially personality.. i am not the jealous type by any means.. i believe that in a relationship you have to be a family regardless if the children are not biologically yours a family is a family no matter what! i would never try to be a replacement father it just can't be done, but to be there for that child and support them and be a part of there life is a important thing. Dear, i hope that i didn't bore you with all this information.. i do know what i want.. i did not date for close to 7 years after my wife's death all because i wanted to make sure that i knew what i want and that i was in a good place in my life and ready to share it with a partner.. i am at that place. i am willing to relocate provided that the relationship is moving in a long term or serious direction.. i am not interested in hopping around trying women out. lol. on a more serious side, i am not about having sex with just anyone.. i must have feelings for the person and she for me.. there must be that deep seeded trust before it would move to the sexual phase.. there's just too many diseases out here and to be honest, i've seen what they can do to a life if you're careless sexually.. i wouldn't want that for anyone i know or care about.. don't get me wrong though, if the relationship were to get to that phase, i am completely into pleasing my woman.... COMPLETELY! hopefully i have intrigued you to some extent.. and i do hope to hear from you soon! take care.. Please feel free to ask me anything you like i will be more than happy to answer your questions.. tell me a little more about you and what you looking for.. well, i will let you go for now. I have sent you friend request in skype? have a wonderful day . thank you Mark-xx
Letter 2

Good evening my dear, how are you and how was work?
Thank you so much for your mail and it is nice to read from you. Am very proud of you and we need much time to know each one better and see how good the future may hold us too. We need not to rush for now but to be in step by step working hard to know each one better. Sam is a boarding school student in America since my depart to Afghanistan for almost 9 months. I only have the opportunity to contact him when he sent me an email. He is a wonderful son.I love and adore him so much. Sam is my only hero and i really miss him... I hope sooner things will be done so that i can spend my walking moment with him again. I was living together with Sam when i was in the State. I used to base in New York City - Bronx. New York is my home base but now in a Afghanistan for a peace keeping mission. I will like to share with you my family and it background. My late parents were living at Amish Lancaster community. My late father was David Ballard Brown and my late mother was Sabrina Fallon Brown. Am American by Nationality from the Amish Pennsylvania Dutch Country Lancaster city. I was born on the 13 March 1960 at the Amish Community hospital. The people of Amish have a strong sense of community spirit and often come to the aid of those in need. Their barn raising are a good example. Neighbors freely give of their time and their skills to help one another but i don't practice their traditional norms.. Hope you understand everything and always feel free to ask anything you will like to know about me. I would like to share with you what i want... I'm excited to see new places and new things. I'm not a fighter and i don't argue,life is too short but i do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship as honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy swimming and have a deep respect and love for children.

I am fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them. I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky. They are usually interesting. I want to meet someone who is kind and enjoyable to be with. I know love takes time and am in no hurry. I have the rest of my life with enough time. My woman should be a woman of integrity, honest, confident, kind and with a sense of humor. Needless to say an intelligent woman who is able to converse on several subjects without getting into passionate arguments all the time.A woman who is very affectionate,easy going, understanding, trustworthy, family oriented and supportive. She should be fun loving and love to laugh...

My philosophy of life is to always try and find the good in people and be open minded. I am a passionate, intelligent, fun loving man who has a touch of class and a young point of view. I have learned to take life as it comes, knowing who i am and where i am going. I love to have adventures, large or small and am looking for someone to share them with. I enjoy doing anything that keeps my outdoors in the sunshine and wind especially anything near in or on the water. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable. Honestly I have all that it takes to be a man. I don't really need anything from my partner maybe in terms of circumstances there might be some kind of help from each other helping to make things right. Affectionately yours Mark
Letter 3

Depart 24h 35m
This flight leaves on Thursday (Jun 11) and arrives on Friday (Jun 12).
Emirates – Flight 641 (economy) 3h 00m
3:30p Thu, Jun 11 KBL Kabul, Afghanistan
6:00p Thu, Jun 11 DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Airbus A340-500 (Wide-body Jet) | 3h 00m | 9+ seats remain
Change planes DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
13h 30m
Emirates – Flight 787 (economy) 8h 05m
7:30a Fri, Jun 12 DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11:35a Fri, Jun 12 ACC Accra, Ghana
Boeing 777-300ER (Wide-body Jet) | 8h 05m | 9+ seats remain Depart 15h 30m
This flight leaves on Friday (Jun 12) and arrives on Saturday (Jun 13).
British Airways – Flight 78 (economy) 6h 35m
10:40p Fri, Jun 12 ACC Accra, Ghana
6:15a Sat, Jun 13 LHR London, ENG, United Kingdom
Boeing 747-400 (Wide-body Jet) | 6h 35m | 3 seats remain
Change planes LHR London, ENG, United Kingdom
7h 40m
British Airways – Flight 396 (economy) 1h 15m
1:55p Sat, Jun 13 LHR London, ENG, United Kingdom
4:10p Sat, Jun 13 BRU Brussels, Belgium
Airbus A320-100/200 (Narrow-body Jet) | 1h 15m | 9+ seats remain
Letter 4

Hello, I want you to know this always and don't forget this.. For millions of years nature embedded in us the notion that the past can teach us a lot about the future. This is very useful for survival. And it is also mostly true with inanimate objects. With humans the story is somewhat different: it is reasonable to learn from someone’s past behavior about his future behavior (even though this proves erroneous most of the time). But it is mistaken to learn from someone’s behavior about other people’s. Actually, most psychotherapy is nothing but the effort to disentangle past from present, to teach the patient that the past is gone and has no reign over him anymore, unless the patient lets it to. Our natural tendency is to trust, because we trust our parents. It feels good to really trust. It is also an essential component of love and an important test. Love without trust is dependence masquerading as love. We must trust, it is almost biological. Most of the time, we do trust. We trust the Universe to behave itself according to the laws of physics, our army not to go mad and shoot us all, our nearest and dearest not to betray us. When trust is broken, the feeling is that a part of us dies, is hollowed out. Not to trust is abnormal and is the natural result of bitter or even traumatic life experiences. Mistrust or distrust are induced not by our own thoughts, nor by some device or machination of ours – but by life’s sad circumstances. To continue not to trust is to reward the people who wronged us and made us distrustful in the first place. These people have long abandoned us and still they have a great, malignant, influence on our lives. This is the irony of the lack of trust. So, some of us prefer not to experience this sinking feeling: not to trust and not to be disappointed. This is both a fallacy and a folly. Trusting releases enormous amounts of mental energy, which could be better invested elsewhere. Naturally trust – like knives – can be dangerous to your health if used improperly.
You have to know WHO to trust, you have to know HOW to trust and you have to know HOW to CONFIRM the existence of a functioning trust. First let me state clearly: people often disappoint and are not worthy of trust. They are often arbitrary, treacherous and vicious, or, worse, offhanded. You have to select your targets carefully. He who has the most common interests with you, who is investing in you for the long term, who is incapable of breaching trust (a good person”), who doesn’t have much to gain from betraying you – is not likely to mislead you. These people you can trust. You should not trust indiscriminately. No one is completely trustworthy in all areas of life. Most often our disappointments stem from our inability to separate one area of life from another. A person could be sexually loyal – but an utter danger when it comes to money (for instance, a gambler). Or a good, reliable father – but a womanizer. You can trust someone to carry out some types of activities – but not others, because they are more complicated, more boring, or do not appeal to his conscience. We should distinguish between people and allocate our trust accordingly. Then, we are not likely to be disappointed. We should not trust with reservations – this is the kind of “trust” that is common in business and among criminals and its source is rational. Game Theory in Mathematics deals with questions of calculated trust. We should trust wholeheartedly but know who to trust in which field. Then we will be rarely disappointed. As opposed to popular opinion, trust must be put to the test, lest it goes stale and staid. We are all somewhat paranoid. The world around us is so complex, so inexplicable, so overwhelming – that we find refuge in the invention of superior forces. Some forces are benign (God) – some arbitrarily conspiratorial in nature. There must be an explanation, we feel, to all these amazing coincidences, to us, to events. This tendency to introduce external powers and ulterior motives permeates human relations, as well. We gradually grow suspicious, inadvertently hunt for clues of infidelity or worse, masochistically relieved, even happy when we find some. The more tested, the stronger our pattern-prone brain will embrace the trust established. Constantly in a precarious balance, our brain needs and devours reinforcements. Such testing should not be explicit – it should be deduced from circumstances. My husband could easily have had a mistress or my partner could easily have stolen our money – and, behold, they haven’t. Trust is based on the ability to predict the future. It is not so much the act of betrayal that we react to – as it is the feeling that the very foundations of the world are shaking, that it is no longer safe because it is no longer predictable. These are the throes of death of one theory – and the birth of another, as yet untested. Here is another important lesson: whatever the act of betrayal (with the exception of grave criminal corporeal acts) – it is always limited, confined, negligible. Naturally, we tend to exaggerate the importance of the event. This serves a double purpose: indirectly it aggrandizes us. If we were “worthy” of such an unprecedented, unheard of, major betrayal – we must be worthy, period. am going to bed now till tomorrow bye. Mark
Letter 5

Hello my one and only love,

How are you doing and how was your night? Hope all is well with you by the grace of God. I have missed you so much and thinking much about you. Because you mean a lot to me and you are always in my mind. My love, Sorry is taking me too long to write this to you. I want you to know that i have arrived here safely in Africa-Ghana but i wasn't unable to pass through the customs as there has to be a security checkup on the package from the immigration service and according to their knowledge i am suppose to make the necessary payment for the renew of the package stamps. The Ghana Customs Service are demanding for 7500 Euros to renew the yellow tags stamps on the package. They said my stamps has expired. Which i don't have much money to pay for the yellow tags stamps because of all the payment were made earlier on. I have made a payment which is 5000 Euros in-which i need an extra 2500 Euros in order pay the Customs and get to you soon. My love I need to take my flight as soon as possible. I am now in Ghana to make my transit to London I need your responds as well as possible as i don't have to spend much time here. They are working with time and the longer i remain in their custody the more i will pay. my love, I am here by asking you for your help to me to make pay the customs so that i can make my way through to you before the end of todayas soon as possible... I have limited time to make that payment to them. I will be very glad when you get this money to me as soon as possible. and i promise to pay you back with interest when am there with you in Belgium. You can send the money through my name through Western Union or Money-gram Money Transfer.. Here is the information you need to send the money. Name: ( Mark Wilson Brown )
Code: 00233 THANK YOU.
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